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Found 85 results

  1. Hi I was filling out my CV this morning, but I found out that I have to list all education, volunteering, EC activities, and publications in one page. For me as a NTP applicant, I have variety of work experience, Volunteering, and publications. What am I supposed to do as one page would not be enough to list everything? It is not a great idea from the admission office to restrict the CV to one page.
  2. This forum is for anyone who has applied to the University of Melbourne, Australia DDS program for the 2017 intake!
  3. Like some of you on here, I have been cursed with the Ontario disadvantage. Basically by being born/raised in Ontario, one has one of the worst odds for getting into a medical school since all provinces but Ontario hold seats for residents of their provinces. So this means I'll be looking to applying to a few out of province schools; however, applications are pricey so I would like to apply only to those OOP schools that have decent odds. What I'm asking is: What non-Ontario medical schools do you all think will give one the best (and worst) odds of being accepted as an OOP applicant?
  4. Hi, I'm a student currently residing in Montreal. I'm about to complete my bachelor of science in psychology at McGill University and I'm interested in applying to pharmacy in Ontario (at Waterloo and UofT) for the Fall of 2017. My current CGPA is a 3.71 which I'm hoping to increase by the time I've graduated. 1. However, I am still missing some pre-requisite courses for my application, namely: Genetics, Organic 2, Microbiology, Biochem for Waterloo and Organic 2, Physical Chemistry and Biochem for U of T (these courses are not required for pharmacy applications in Quebec). I will most likely be completing these courses as an independent student during the 2015-2016 calendar year. However, I know that having a full course load is important for both U of T and Waterloo and so I am wondering whether or not I'll be disadvantaged for completing these courses on a part-time basis after having completed my undergraduate degree. Furthermore, during my undergraduate degree (which is 3 years long here), I withdrew from one course (for reasons that I can explain in an interview) and took a class in the summer to make up for that withdrawal. Therefore, in my 6 semesters as an undergrad, I will have had a full course load (5 classes) in every semester except for one. Could this hurt my chances? 2. For anyone who was once in my situation, I'm curious as to where you think I should take the remaining prereqs: at McGill, at Concordia or maybe even in a CEGEP (if the courses are offered). I'm assuming McGill courses are tougher than Concordia courses so it may be smarter if I simply become an independent student at Concordia. 3. Does anyone know how these pre-req marks will be counted in the overall CGPA? Are they simply added onto my undergrad CGPA? As for the CEGEP pre-reqs (which I suppose they look at as well), how will they be counted, considering a different marking scheme is used in CEGEP? 4. Would you say that a 3.71 (and hopefully 3.75 by the time I graduate) is a good CGPA to be considered for an interview and even for admission at both UofT and Waterloo? The websites don't seem to specify what the average GPA of admitted students has been in the last few years...or even what the GPA of the last admitted student was... 5. Does anyone know of any other Canadian universities (outside Quebec) with a pharmacy program that don't have any quotas or restrictions when it comes to out-of-province applicants? I know Dalhousie or Saskatchewan barely take any out-of-province students for example. 6. This question is mostly for Quebec residents/students: I'm applying to pharmacy at Universite de Montreal and Universite Laval this year as well but I know I'm somewhat disadvantaged because the CRU for psychology is rather low. I'm still going to give it a try because who knows! But if I were to start another undergrad at UdeM next year to hopefully boost my grades and apply to UdeM and Laval AGAIN (and forget about doing the pre-reqs for universities outside of Canada), what undergrad would you suggest I do? I'm assuming I should complete an undergrad in the "connexe" category to have greater chances. Do you think this would be worthwhile? Or should I simply focus on the pre-reqs for UofT and Waterloo and just forget about pharmacy schools in Quebec in general? Any help would be appreciated!!! Thank you!
  5. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on this site, and I am hoping that the collective wisdom of this forum will be able to give me some feedback and insight into my situation. Thank you in advance! I am graduating from my honours B.Sc program in Neuroscience and I applied to 7 medical schools for the 2016 application cycle. I applied to UofC, UofA(I am an Alberta resident), as well as Queens, McMaster, Western ontario, Northern Ontario, and Ottawa. I did not receive any interview offers from any of these schools and I suspect my GPA and MCAT had something to do with this. My GPA is as follows: Year 1-3.74 Year 2-3.14 Year 3 3.14 Year 4-3.85(projected) My MCAT2015 score:(written June 20th, 2015) CARS-127 Bio/Biochem-124 Chem/Phys-125 Psych-127 Total-503 EC's(1000+ hours combined-summary) ​-Hospital Paediatrics Department Volunteer -Boys and Girls Club Youth Leader -Student Council President -Malawi Global Health Field Study -Air Cadet Flight Commander -Project Homeless Connect Volunteer -Youth Advisory Council Member -Quebec Exchange -Rotary Youth Camp Counsellor -Youth Symphony Orchestra Violinist Additionally, I have won many scholarships and awards, and to summarize this I put down 17 different awards in my application which included volunteer awards, scholarships, and awards related to my extracurricular work. Research -honours thesis, no peer-reviewed publications yet however I hope to have a manuscript or two done by the end of this summer! In light of all of this, I realize that my GPA and MCAT are most in need of work as I've done a lot of work on EC's over the years(and possibly at the expense of my GPA). I will be re-writing the MCAT this July, and I have decided to take on a second undergraduate degree program at my university, of which I will only do 1 year to raise my GPA and hopefully knock out one bad year from my total undergrad GPA. Whereas many people do their worst in their 1st and 2nd year, I seem to have slipped up in my 2nd and 3rd year(way to break tradition, haha!). With this year of raising my GPA, if all goes well my cGPA for UofA and UofC (who drop the worst undergrad year) will be 3.75. Essentially I have three questions for you: 1.General thoughts on my application and any areas that I can improve? and what might the best way to improve those areas be? 2. With my GPA situation as it is, I will be doing a year of upgrading in a second degree program, however would there be any merit to completing that second degree program to raise my GPA more extensively? Would that make sense in my situation? 3. I am also doing research work at my university and I initially was considering doing an MSc as a way to continue my education and improve my application. At the end of this upgrading year starting in September-April 2017, I am struggling to decide whether or not to pursue an research, thesis-based MSc, or whether to pursue a different course-based masters in Counselling Psychology, Social Work, or Public Health. Would that be more beneficial toward my application compared to a second degree? 3.5. In addition, I am also considering forgoing the masters degree and instead going into the field of EMS, and building up my application that way. Would that be a better way of improving my application compared to a masters? My thinking as this is an allied health care field this would be a way to earn a living while continuing to apply. In the end, my goal is to become a physician, and like many of the people on this site who are in the same boat, there is more than one way to get there and I realize this. However, I am greatly appreciative of any feedback and suggestions you may have as to my 3(and a half) questions regarding my application and my "pre-med" situation. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything else that I might have missed and I hope this covers it all! Thank you so much! You guys are the best
  6. Hey everyone, just curious about my extra-curriculars and what your opinions are as to how UBC's AdCom might see them. Thanks in advance for the input! Awards: 2 small entrance scholarships 3 high school bursaries research: directed studies (single semester research project, kind of like a half-honours) Honours thesis 3 poster presentations for my honours research, one at national conference, one university level, one department level Volunteering: assistant hockey coach for 10 yr olds for 1 year in gr 12 lab volunteer for 2 years doing genotyping and training new volunteers hospital volunteer for 2 years volunteer with autistic individual helping them with their favourite recreational activities for just under a year member of a club that fundraises and plans for a yearly trip to honduras to bring medical aid to impoverished community for 2 years work: science tutor during my last year of university, employed by the faculty of science to assist first year students forest fire fighter for 3 summers gas station for 2 years dairy queen for 1 year minor hockey referee for 4 years in high school other: tutored a girl for 1 year in high school certified as emergency medical responder in BC organized yearly kids day event at the fire fighting base i worked at avid SCUBA diver, hockey player, and backcountry hiker mcat: phys/cars/bio/psych 131/130/131/127 for total of 519 (98th percentile) aGPA ~90% prereq GPA ~82% (had a rough first year, very strong upward trend) IP applicant Thanks again!
  7. Hey guys, So I got an e-mail from McMaster's University (as I'm sure everyone else who applied did) asking to create an account using certain codes they provided. It also says to check the school e-mail regularly. I see what my e-mail address for the school is (example@mcmaster.ca). This might be a really easy answer, but where do I check my e-mails? I cannot find a link anywhere on the school website to sign in! Help would be GREATLY appreciated
  8. So I know it's hard to give a full picture on here but I'll give a brief overview I'm currently in 3rd year Life Sci (psych minor), and my MCAT scores: 129/128/127/130 (514 - 90th+ total) My OMSAS cGPA so far is 3.85, but I only took a full course load 1st & 3rd year (and I expect to next year). I only took 4/5 per term in second year (made it up over the summer) due to illness & surgeries. My extracurriculars are pretty typical (president of a club, member of 2 other clubs, part-time job during the year, full time manager work over the summer, hospital & soup kitchen volunteering, musical theatre and a few less significant things). However, it is all but impossible to get any research experience at my school and I'm worried that it's going to screw up a) my chances overall, and any shot at getting a reference letter from a prof. Research positions (even just volunteering in a lab) are reserved for students who are in the grad school pathway, which I am obviously not in since I have never had any interest in grad school I'm not sure how to get to know any of my professors since all of my classes have at least 150 students, and none of my profs hold office hours (you're expected to just speak with TAs if you have questions). So I'm wondering whether its worth applying for the 2017 cycle, or if I should wait another year and hope my 4th year grades & profs are better?
  9. It states that for non-academic requirements, you require a contact for each activity so they can verify the information. For the contact, does it have to be someone of greater status than yours? For example, in an non-profit organization, would you need the contact of someone at the executive position or is it okay to obtain the contact of a co-worker/member ? Thanks
  10. Bonjour, J'ai un question consernant la declaration des notes. Avant mon bac, j'ai etudié un an dans un autre programme, mais je n'ai pas transfere de credit pour le nouveau programme. Pour la déclaration des études, est-ce que je dois remplir le parti GPA, meme si cela n'est pas sur mon releve des notes car 0 credit etait transfere? Deuxieme question, pour la partie de l'emploi, est-ce que cela doit etre rempli? J'ai fait 3 stage pendant mes etudes, mais je ne sais pas si le veut pour medecine et pharmacie. Merci
  11. For the first question on McMaster's Health Science supplementary application - what are they looking for? Passion? Qualities like leadership? Experiences?
  12. Hey everyone! I hope everyone is on the final parts of their OMSAS applications. Best of luck to everyone As you see in the picture below, I having trouble inputting the weight of some of my classes. I took a few year long courses and I cannot select their weight under the Credit Value/Weight tab. I've attempted to do this on Firefox and IE11. Should I leave it and hope that they'll reconcile any differences with my transcripts? Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers! Mark
  13. Hi everyone! So I'm going into 3rd year, and I wasn't planning on doing any applications this cycle because my GPA isn't anything exceptional (cGPA 3.84 on OMSAS) and I wasn't expecting anything from my first MCAT as I worked full-time this summer and wasn't able to do as much practice as I wanted. But my scores came out today, and I got a 514 (129/128/127/130). So I'm wondering if I have a realistic chance of getting an interview anywhere? My ECs are pretty average for a "pre-med", variety of volunteering, 4 year musical theatre program (hobby) and multiple jobs. No research though Any advice?
  14. Does Queen's consider letters of extenuating circumstances or would they consider your GPA from your current year of study due to extenuating circumstance?
  15. Hi guys, Do you have any recommendations for medical schools in the US that Canadian students should apply to, if they are planning on coming back to Canada to practice after school? Thanks!
  16. Hey everyone! I was a YorkU student who is going to UofT med next year. I got accepted out of my third year. As you all know, tuition is very expensive and I need to make some money on the side. Thus, I am offering different services such as OMSAS application review, tutoring, interview prep, general consultation sessions etc. Here is a link to my kijiji ad: http://www.kijiji.ca/v-tutor-language-lessons/markham-york-region/premed-services-for-anyone-who-wants-to-get-into-medical-school/1083977349?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Message me if interested! The official email I use is in the ad
  17. Can someone please provide (or link me to) a step by step for how to begin my application process? How did you all get all the guidance you needed for making deadlines etc..?) I have: - written the MCAT (PS:8, VR:9, BS:10) - have a 3.85 GPA - am going into my last year of university Thanks so much, it's nice to not be so alone in all this!
  18. I'm in my third year (5 years program) and just recently started volunteering at a hospital and club works. I won't be applying until one year after graduation, which is 3 years from now. Do you guy think it's enough time to build up volunteering experience comeptitive enough to be considered? Thank you so much everyone.
  19. Hi everyone, first time poster here. I have a few questions with AMCAS opening up soon. 1. The AMCAS app opens up May 5th. Does this mean I should tell my references to start sending in their letters after this day? OR, since the app can actually get submitted June 2nd, is this the date I should be aiming for? The reason I ask is that people seem to emphasize rolling admissions for American schools. 2. How does it work if I get accepted to both an American and Canadian school? I know American acceptances are way earlier on, so am I able to hold my spot down with a deposit, and essentially wait until May for Ontario acceptances? 3. What exactly are secondaries? If you get a secondary from a school, is that one step closer to getting an interview? Or does everyone who applies get a secondary? I've read the guide to applying to American schools before, but these are some of the questions that I couldn't find as definitive answers for. Thanks for the help.
  20. Hello all! First off, congratulations to all those accepted for the class of 2019 and good luck to those waitlisted! For the rejected applicants, myself included, don't give up hope and keep trying. Given that some of us won't get feedback from admissions until May/June, I thought that us unsuccessful applicants who plan to reapply could start a dialogue on why our application didn't hit the mark and what we plan to do to be more competitive for this next cycle. That's what I'm trying to do now by addressing what the weaker points of my applications were. This is my first time posting on this forum and if I've breached any of the policies, please let me know. My score breakdown: GPA & MCAT = 18/25 Supp/EC = 17/35 Interview = 28/40 For a total of 63/100, first time applying, NS resident. For this next cycle I can't do much about my academics (this will change if I have to apply a 3rd time) and though I felt good coming out of my interview last time, there's clearly room for improvement. I have my interview prep plan laid out (generally, as it's still 7-8 months away) but to be honest, I had expected a higher score for the supplemental category. I thought my essay was quite strong. I took months to write it, poured my heart and soul in, and had lots of people review it, including medical students, a physician and friends who have their PhD in English. My impression of having such a low score is that the listed activities I put in employment, extra-curricular, medically-related activities and volunteering were not sufficient for this year's adcom to view me as competitive, which may have brought down my essay score and likely netted me 0/5 on the discretionary criteria. Or admissions just didn't "buy" my story. At first I thought that a verifier of mine had torpedoed my application, but that was just the denial phase which lasted all of 10 minutes. I realize now that my application was not up to snuff and I'm simply lacking some things they're looking for. Now to get into the details of my EC's. Awards: Just Dean's list for one and a half years. Employment: Worked a restaurant in Halifax for the last four years (overlap into undergrad, graduated from Dal 2012) to present Worked in a bar in France for eight months (to learn French/travel/work etc.) Worked in a bar in Germany for four month (three years prior to France, during summer between 3rd and 4th year undergrad. Learned German and the ins and outs of service industry). **Did not list having worked for a landscaping company for the two summers prior to Germany. Seemed even less relevant to medicine than work in the service industry, though maybe it couldn't have hurt to mention it Extra Curriculars: Listed "work exchange to France" and "work exchange to Germany", used the work references as verifiers here (they likely did not give me points for this, might have considered it a repetition of Employment) Two years of Muay Thai Listed having completed the Bluenose Half-Marathon Listed an ongoing campaign raising funds for Canadian Diabetes Association, ending in a full marathon (not complete) This "ongoing" campaign may have been a red flag as it's not a completed activity Volunteering/Medically-Related Experience: I have three solid volunteering activities listed totalling over 400 hours over years, but all three were clinical volunteering, and I don't have a single non-clinical volunteering activity to list. I was told by a few people just to list those activities in both categories, but in hindsight I should have been seeking out more diverse activities instead of being happy with what I had. I've already begun pursuing several non-clinical activities this month in my city, but that's unfortunately only six months ahead of when secondaries are due for the next cycle. Hopefully that's okay. I also plan on adding shadowing to my next application. Research: None. Not much to do be done about this for this cycle. If I need a third attempt, I'll likely be doing a Masters and studying for the new MCAT (since Dal only accepts that starting 2017) and taking a year or two being applying a third time. So I would be able to get some research in if this the course of action I have to take. For the sake of privacy, I've kept certain details obscure, but other than that I've laid myself out pretty bare here. Any insights, comments, concerns or general feedback about what I plan to do and what I've done so far would be appreciated. Anyone else who would like the share like this please feel free! Strength in numbers, right? Cheers!
  21. I am currently in my third year of undergrad. I had a shaky first year, and mistakenly chose to write the MCAT this summer although I was working at a lab full time. My scores were very discouraging, and for a while my hope of getting into medical school was crushed. I know medicine is something I'd definitely want to pursue; however, I don't know if it is worth applying next year or should I redirect my path to medical school via a masters degree? If my chances of getting in are low, I'd rather not spend next summer studying for the MCAT and instead travel and try something different. My stats are: GPA 1st year- 3.31 2nd year- 3.76 cGPA (without a summer course)- 3.53 cGPA (with the summer course)- 3.6 MCAT ...(24: PS7, VR7, BS10) Extra-curricular Winner of a national and regional science fair in grade 12 of high school Awards for modern languages, and science in high school University Dean's Honour List-2nd year Multiple admission scholarships Research experience in multiple labs Currently doing undergraduate research at the same lab I have been in for two summers now Mentor undergraduate students in physics Volunteer at a hospital for over 2 years Music for over 5 years On the executive team of university club for 2 years Any tips and advice on how I could tailor my application to become a more competitive applicant, or whether I should set my goal on pursuing graduate research would be immensely appreciated!
  22. Hi guys, Im wondering after the process of submitting our referees on the ORPAS online application. I know most if not all of the Ontario PT schools are only looking for two referees/references but I have a dilemma. I currently have three referees: #1) academic #2) professional #3)practical (someone from a health care setting such as a physiotherapist, or someone who supervised your work with people who have special needs) I am applying for Queens MScPT, which requires one academic and one 'practical' reference ( so want to use reference #1and #3). But then im also applying for UofT PT, which requires one academic and one professional reference ( want to use #1 and #2). My question is can I submit/register all three of my referees on the ORPAS application,and then have the option to choose which two of the three act as my referees for each school? Or does ORPAS not give this option and I have to narrow them down to registering only two, and those two are sent to all of the schools? Hopefully this question makes sense and thanks to everyone in advance!
  23. I was just wondering if anyone knows how it would work if you were to apply third year? Would it be a poor decision to apply to only schools that do not require MCAT and take MCAT summer of 4th year and then apply for remainder of the school?... Hopefully that didn't come off a bad way, I was curious to how people generally went about applying.
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