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Found 118 results

  1. Hey guys, This is for a friend of mine: Does anyone know if we can dictate into our MacBook instead of typing the answer ? Are there any restrictions or guidelines in place for this ? It seems that it is possible from a technical perspective, when we do the system check on CASPer website. Thanks Edit:Test done. No need for further comments. Thank you.
  2. Hey guys, This is for a friend of mine: Does anyone know if we can dictate into our MacBook instead of typing the answer ? Are there any restrictions or guidelines in place for this ? It seems that it is possible from a technical perspective, when we do the system check on CASPer website. Thanks, Edit: Test was done. No further comments are needed. Thank you
  3. Hey guys, Me and my friend have booked their CASPER for the 25th of October. Anyone down to get at least a few mock sessions down before the actual doomsday? Best regards and good luck!
  4. Hello, I have a 3.67 GPA currently (2nd year IG going to 3rd) and was wondering what my CARS score would have to be if I want to have a decent shot at McMaster this cycle. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Hi guys, Basically what the title suggests. When are we supposed to write CASPer? I think scores are due by November 8th, according to the CASPer website, but how far in advance do you have to write it?
  6. Hi guys! I'm a nursing student going into 3rd year, but after some thinking recently I realized that I want to apply to med school, specifically to McMaster. Since I'm only going to apply there, I thought I could just do the CARS section on the MCAT this summer and get it over with so I can focus on extracurricular activities from September until my graduation, as I can only apply after I've completed my collaborative BScN. My question is, would it be ok to do the just the CARS section and skip all the other ones? And if so, should I do it this summer or would it be better to wait until next summer in case anything changes with the application requirements? Thank you everyone!!
  7. hi, i was hoping to get some insight into McMaster's OT program? How are you liking it, the pros/cons. Anything would be helpful!
  8. Electives in Niagara Region? Niagara/Welland-Short term rental close to 3 Niagara Health System Hospitals Stay with a medical professional in her brand new home. www.MedsHousing.com Listing # 11513 Looking for medical students doing short placements at one of the three Niagara Health System Hospitals to rent a room in my new house. I am open to discuss to pricing for a week or month placement. It is a new house that was built in February 2017. It is approx 1900 sq ft with 4 bedrooms. I will be living in the house and am also a medical professional and travel for my job. The bedroom will be furnished and you have your own bathroom. I have a small hypoallergenic dog. The house is at the end of two quiet dead end streets with the Welland Recreational Canal directly across the road. This offers the opportunity for kayaking, canoeing etc as well as a great trail for walking, running, biking etc. The house is close to the mall, grocery stores and banks. The house is 8 minutes from the Welland Hospital, 20 minutes on a quick access highway to the new St Catharines General and 27 minutes from the Niagara Falls hospital.
  9. Starting this forum for anyone with questions... And I guess I'll start it off: Is anyone else having problems logging into mosaic? I've tried for 2 months now and the page just won't load. I've tried on multiple devices and web browsers (FireFox and Safari). Is there a problem with the server?? Thanks
  10. I have been admitted to the following programs, and I'm trying to decide which program to enter: Western Medical Science McGill Life Science/Biomedical McMaster Life Science Queen's Science University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences York U Kin/Life Science I've looked at the courses of all the programs above, and I love them all. I wouldn't mind campus environment, scenery, and location. So I guess I'm just asking which program has the best student to professor ratio and is the easiest to achieve a high GPA. My end goal is med school (LOL, like everyone). Currently, I'm leaning towards Western's Medical Science, but I'm turned off by the extremely large class numbers and high student to professor ratios. I also applied to McMaster Health Science and iSci, but sadly got rejected from both So if there are alumni, current students, or anyone else who knows about the programs, please help me out. THANK YOU FOR HELPING A CONFUSED PRE-PREMED P.S: I understand that you can get into med school from any degree and school, but I would like a low student to professor ratio.
  11. Room for rent McMaster short term suitable for electives. find it on www.MedsHousing.com Ideal for first year medical students starting at Mac and going to regional campus or staying at Mac full time. Also ideal for medical students or residents completing an elective at MUMC. Previous experience with all types of renters Bedroom available in a two story home on a quiet street in Westdale. Utilities and wi fi included. Laundry on site. Driveway parking. Walk, bike or bus to Mac. Grocery store up the street. Tenant has own bathroom. Common areas shared with a 31 year old male live in landlord that works in healthcare. Furnished with furniture seen in picture. Queen size bed, electric fire place, desk, chair, dresser and large closet. All other housing necessities available to the tenant. $200 Weekly or $800 Monthly.
  12. Hello everyone! I am a third year Biochem student studying at Uni of Ottawa and I just recently learned about the PA program and the more I read about becoming a PA the more I fall in love! However I just want opinions on my chances of getting into U of T and McMaster for the PA program. Currently my gpa is 3.6/4.0, however my main experience has been working in a Cancer Research Lab (as a research assistant) since Summer 2016 until present(I was working part time in this lab as I was studying full time this year). Considering I do not have the 910 hours in healthcare required for U of T that is not an option this upcoming February 2018, (any suggestions in getting these hours would be greatly appreciated!!) but how about McMaster? Any feedback is appreciated!!
  13. I want to apply to MD schools but i've had an abysmal first 2 years of college and I'm currently in my winter term of 3rd year GPA 1st year: 1.98 (F, Fsummer, 2D+s, Cs, 2Bs) GPA 2nd year: 2.75 (Cs and Ds, As in 2nd term) GPA 3rd year: 3.9 (?) ive had all As so far and 1 A+ MCAT: 518 (best: OrgChem&CriticalAn, worst: Phys/Math) ECs: Im doing 1st year of research (research component) I worked a part time job (first 2 years) I'm trying to get my book published (nonfiction/social-political, this process costs looots of $$$) I volunteered at hospital 3 years I volunteer with my church, public library, teach english etc in my community I've run a health blog for 5 years now (mostly mental, I make a lil cash from it too here and there) I speak 4 languages outside english fluently (? is this even an ec) I'm almost positive I have to do either a post-bacc or a Master's but even then are my chances too dim? Do I need more ECs? Another Bachelor degree? I have retook some of the courses should I retake all? Reasons for my failure is 2015 was a horrible year for me and my family, but I take full responsibility for not dropping those courses Thank you for your time!
  14. Hello premed101, I am a student from McMaster University who has yet to declare a major. I have narrowed it down to two subjects, Physiology and Biochemistry, and of course, as with many other students, the goal is medicine. I love anatomy and all the physiological processes, but biochemistry is also high up there in my favourite subjects. I did well in my chemistry and biology courses in 1st year. I know both prepare you good for medical school, but would anyone like to offer any advice as to which major I should study? Thank you for your time.
  15. Hi everyone! I am graduating with a BA (Hons.) in Music this spring. A couple of years ago, after a couple of life-changing diagnoses, I decided that I want to work in healthcare as a physician. Unfortunately, my cumulative GPA is NOT competitive (it's a 3.7) and I do not have a science background (just a few life sci courses I took out of interest). My dream school is McMaster because their values align closely with my own and I love Hamilton! I applied to McMaster this past application cycle so I could get a feel for the application process. As I expected, I did not receive an interview. My OMSAS GPA was a 3.7 My CARS score was a 128 I felt as though my performance on the CASPer test was probably mediocre I have no lab experience, but I have ethnomusicological fieldwork experience with older adults (LTC/retirement home residents) I have decent ECs - 4yrs in a competitive university chamber choir - 2yrs Volunteering in the ED and Day Surgery unit of my local hospital - Facilitating sexual wellness workshops for high school students - 3 semesters with Student Accessibility Services (multiple roles working closely with students who experience disability) etc. My current plan is to rewrite CARS this summer and to prepare better for the CASPer this time around. If I have to apply again after that (which is very likely), I will have to make some big decisions about how I want to move forward. I could try to improve my GPA by taking first and second year science courses that many traditional premed students take (I am getting my high school match/sci. courses this fall), I could do a post-degree BSW program to boost my GPA and gain knowledge that could be valuable to a physician, I could do an MA . . . Many of your success stories on this forum have been SO inspiring to me. I would love ANY words of wisdom form other applicants who graduated with a BA and who might have more experience with this process than I do. Thank you!!
  16. Have any of you here gone to Uvic for your undergrad, and gotten into med school? I know that UBC doesn't favour their own undergrads, but they take so many more from UBC in comparison to uvic, sfu etc. I'm also just wondering if it is a smart decision to not go to such a large school for undergrad when med schools don't care. I'm also considering going to UofA, UofC, McMaster, and Western and just want to hear your opinions on the opportunities they offer to get into med school. It's always said that McMaster's Health Sci program is the place to go or Western's bio med, but is it worth it to go to school in Ontario (I'm from BC) for those programs when Med Schools do not care where you go for undergrad?
  17. I wanted to make a list of medical school requirements (what/how many courses you need, what year they look at, any special eligibility to drop grades (e.g. UofT if you take a full courseload, you get to drop your lowest mark during that year), if school looks at your summer GPA. I have a makeshift list so far, but if anybody could add to it that would be great <3 When people starts adding, I'll finish with a nicer looking chart. Just need help with UBC Dalhousie (NOTHING): To be eligible to apply to Dalhousie Medical School, a full course load of five full classes in each of the two most senior years of the baccalaureate degree submitted for assessment is required. This must be the case regardless of the course load required by the program in which you are enrolled. Only fall and winter terms are used for assessment. Summer courses do not count towards GPA or course load requirements. No specific courses are required, but students are encouraged to pursue challenging and diverse topics, and to have a natural progression in their course selection of the degree being completed. McGill: 2 biology, 2 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 organic chemistry McMaster: An overall simple average will be calculated using the grades from all undergraduate degree level courses ever taken (with the exception of credits taken on exchange outside of Canada/USA). Work of different years is treated equally. This average is calculated by the applicant on the OMSAS Academic Record Form and verified on the OMSAS Verification Report which is sent to applicants. McMaster University may also review and revise this average. The marks from supplementary and summer courses will be included in the GPA calculation. Courses for which a "Pass" grade is assigned are counted for credit, but will not be included in the GPA calculation. In order for the GPA to be evaluated, independent grades from a minimum of 5 half-year or 5 full-year courses in total, are required, without which the application will not be considered. Queens: Degree programs or individual courses are not considered a factor in the calculation of GPAs Calculations include grades from all courses included on the transcript, including repeated courses Courses with Pass/Fail grades or transfer credits (including International Baccalaureate, Advance Placement and CEGEP programs) are not included No adjustments are made based on course load or course levels Calgary (NOTHING): The Cumming School of Medicine does not require that students undertake a formal pre-medical program. No specific courses are required for application or acceptance to the MD program. The admissions committee recommends that applicants consider taking as many of the courses listed in the Applicant Manual as their schedules allow, as the content of these courses will be helpful in preparing for the Medical College Admission Test and during the MD program. Whether or not an applicant has taken these courses at the time of application will not be taken into consideration in scoring the academic record. Students should ensure that the courses they choose satisfy the degree requirements of the undergraduate faculty in which they are registered. Manitoba (what?): The College of Medicine welcomes applicants from all provinces and territories. Up to 5% of the class will be selected from this pool. The Admissions Committee defines Out of Province as those who are a citizen or permanent resident of Canada, but are not a permanent resident of Manitoba. Eligibility requirements remain the same for this applicant pool and you are welcome to apply if you meet or exceed the minimum requirements. However, the Admissions Committee discourages individuals from applying who have an AGPA lower than 3.94 and an operative MCAT score lower than 10.75. If you fall into one or both of these categories, you have a low chance of receiving an invitation to interview. You will need the science courses Chemistry 40S and Biology 40S or 40G in preparation for university studies. Many students also take Physics 40S in preparation for the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). In addition, you will need Math 40S (pre-calculus or applied) and definitely need English 40S or French 40S. Ottawa (need org chem for an equivalent of 2 full year courses of chem): One full year course (or two semester courses) in General Biology including laboratory session; One full year course (or two semester courses) in Humanities / Social Sciences; The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session. A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) full-year courses is taken is accepted and counted in the WGPA calculation only if the missing course/credit is completed either as an additional course within another academic year or as a summer course. Individual courses taken during a summer session are accepted for the credit value in this instance however the mark obtained is not counted in the calculation of the WGPA. Any year with less than four full-year courses will not count as a full-time year of study. A full-time summer semester does not replace a semester of studies within an academic year. AP, IB and transfer credits are not recognized as fulfilment of full time studies requirement. Toronto: two full-course equivalents (FCEs) in life sciences and one FCE in a social science, humanities or language UBC: The fuck? 6 credits in english. How does this work. Is that 3.0 credits in English??? Western: Applicants must meet the minimum GPA in each of the two best undergraduate years with a full course load of 5 full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours) taken between September and April. Each of the two years used for the GPA requirement must have at least 3 full course equivalents whos e published level is at or above the year of study. For example, in your third year of study, 3 of 5 full course equivalents must be at the 3rd year-level or above. Academic transcripts must clearly show that applicants have met this course load/level requirement.
  18. What are your top choices for OT or PT and why? I want to go into OT but the programs seem similar to me in terms of curriculum. Does anyone have any helpful info/links distinguishing the programs from one another and what factors would personally influence your decision to choose one school over another? I've applied to UBC, Queens, Western, UofT, Alberta (all OT), McMaster (OT and PT).
  19. I'm currently in grade 11, wanting to go into sciences (specifically bio/biochem) in university, and hopefully med school afterwards. I'm mainly looking at UBC, Uvic, UofA, McGill, McMaster, UofT, and Western. I'm really undecided and just want to know what your experiences are at your universities. Not just the academics, but the social life and your thoughts on the city and dorms. Also any cool classes that you enjoyed. Basically just what you love and hate about uni to help me decide lol. Sorry if this kind of thing is already somewhere in the forum, I just joined Thank you!!
  20. Hey! I just got an interview with McMaster I was wondering if anyone was interested in practicing for the MMI through skype or something?
  21. Hey guys, I'm looking for a small group (3-4 people) to practice for MMI at McMaster campus. We can stimulate the real MMI but also just spend time debating topics, exchanging feedback, improving non-verbal cues, etc. I'm looking for a small group (even just two or three of us) so that we can go through more questions, we have more time to give feedback and we can really focus on each other's strengths/weaknesses. Let me know if you're interested! Shoot me a message on FB: Thulasiie Manokaran Thanks!
  22. Hello all: I was wondering if anyone would like to get together to practice MMI structure and content?? I'm looking for a few people out in Durham Region if possible! Regards and best of luck to everyone.
  23. Niagara-Bright spacious 1BR+den apartment for rent. Caroline Street, St. Catherine's, Ont. As listed on : MedsHousing Listing ID #0012615 Completely renovated, including heat- and sound-proofing, brand-new kitchen and bathroom, new flooring throughout, 1BR + den (has doors, can be used as an office or a second small bedroom), abt. 1000 sq ft. Forced air heating, central A/C, separate entrance and security system. The lower floor of a family home, owner living upstairs. Windows are above ground, facing a wooded ravine with a creek, a separate entrance, on a quiet cul-de-sac, minutes from shopping (Pen Centre), Brock University (McMaster Niagara Campus), St.Catharines and Niagara Falls General Hospitals; 17mins to Welland Hospital. Suitable for a professional couple; graduate and medical students welcome. Unfurnished, but can help with partial furnishing if needed. No pets. Utilities and use of carport included. References, credit check, last month’s rent required. Price local currency : $1,200/mo Furnished and unfurnished.
  24. So, I'm a non-traditional applicant with probably little to no chance (hence the username). I'm in my final year and will be graduating with a Honours Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a minor in health and aging from McMaster. Truthfully, I've coasted through university with no direction and my marks reflected this (hovered around a solid B ). When I started university I had just been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and had not been keen on taking my medications (long story short, I developed injection anxiety and had not been on disease modifying medications for upwards of 4 years). Because I started to experience intermittent exacerbations, I convinced myself early on that medical school was not an option due to what I thought was certain disability. However, I've made a complete 180 in my mindset and my physical health has followed. I have been maintaining good health and allowed myself to make plans and have goals instead of submitting to the POSSIBILITY of disease progression in the future. In terms of grades, my first year was completely wiped under the shitty guidance of a counsellor that told me I was better off canceling the entire year rather than one course in which a professor failed to honour my academic accommodations because it would "look better" to have them all cancelled on medical grounds. Subsequent years I hovered around a B as mentioned but since allowing myself to make plans for the future, I have maintained an A average last term and anticipate the same for this term. Basically I meet the cut off for McMaster and although I know that they do not weigh years differently, I feel it will help my case that I am maintaining a higher GPA. I have 4 years of employment counselling experience with at-risk populations, I volunteer with the Ronald McDonald House, I am a peer support facilitator for the MS Society and I have volunteer experience with the McMaster Children and Youth University in which I have been a part of an interdisciplinary team that delivers a workshop focusing on cardiac health and the social determinants of health. I plan on only writing the verbal reasoning section of the MCAT as I only intend on applying McMaster. Halp plis. I'm hoping experience and circumstances can explain away the obvious disadvantage that is my GPA. Oh, I'm also turning 25 this year. Had my offer rescinded from McMaster in grade 12 due to a drop in GPA (health-related) but got in the following year, Mac cancelled my first year, and then I took an extra year. So yeah, been here awhile (5th year but technically 6th because of the first year mishap). Thanks
  25. Hello! I have a question regarding the specialty focus of MPT programs in Canada. I was told that UBC has a neuro focus while Alberta has a sports focus and Western has an orthopedic focus, is this true? Also, what do Queens and McMaster focus on? Thanks!
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