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Found 118 results

  1. Hello, I am finishing my first semester of university in a kinesiology program. I like it, it's okay, but I don't love it like some of my peers are loving their programs and schools. This bothers me because it is so expensive, a lot of effort, time and stress. I know I want to stay in a program like kin, but I have also had nursing bothering me in the back of my mind since applying to schools in grade 12. Some of the things I really like here are: the campus and surrounding areas, the vegetarian-friendly community, my volunteer placement and the content of most of my courses. However, compared to other schools I find this school to be boring & somewhat disorganized. Not many clubs, campus becomes a graveyard on weekends, not a good party scene. I just feel like I am not having a good time and all I do is school work. I don't know if this is me adjusting, or something else, but I just know this university is not as great as I thought it would be, and it is kind of upsetting. I want more out of this experience. Should I look in to other schools/programs? Should I wait another semester or two to see if this is where I want to stay? How do you know if you should transfer/consider transferring? Is it WORTH it to transfer?
  2. Hello, I am planning on applying to PT at UfoT, McMaster, and Queens for Fall 2017, and just want to know what my chances of getting in are. My subGPA (last 10 undergrad classes?) is ~3.9, and cumulative GPA is ~3.7. This is not including my graduate level courses for which my avg GPA for the 3 courses completed is around a 3.7. I'm currently completing a research-intensive master's program (ending Aug 2017) and was awarded a CIHR scholarship for my Master's thesis (which is highly related to PT). I've got a couple conference presentations/publications under my belt, and have worked a few summers in a PT clinic as well as volunteered plenty of hours in the past. My biggest concern is the fact that I got a really crappy grade in Human Physiology (61%) since it was taken in first year.... I did, however, input my exercise physiology grade (kin physiology course, which I did much better in) on the ORPAS application. I'm not sure how this will be accepted, but I figured I would try my luck with that. Any input is appreciated!!
  3. Has anyone used APE for Casper prep and received a report with feedback? If so, do you want to compare feedback as the report was not very comprehensive.
  4. www.MedsHousing.com Listing ID #0005483 Recently renovated 1 BEDROOM SUITE on ground level of house, available for rental/lease by the month, week and/or daily It is beautifully furnished and comes with free cable, internet (wifi) and parking. Perfect for Residents, Physicians and Fellows practicing in Hamilton. It has a private entrance and is on a bus route. It is located on the central mountain with easy access to hospitals and shopping. Approximately 15 minutes from McMaster University/Hospital, 5 minutes to St. Joseph’s and Juravinski. Free house keeping weekly and laundry services.
  5. Hey guys, Wondering if I have any chances for McMaster; GPA = 3.83 4th year MCAT CARS - verbal = 125 Is there any chance for me? Does anyone know anybody who got in with those scores? I think I can do fairly well in the CASPer section, do you think I would at least be able to get an interview if I do well on the CASPer? Thanks
  6. I recently graduated from McGill with a 3.39 cgpa. I have a 130 CARS and my home province is Saskatchewan. Not sure if it matters, but I'm Metis. Is it worth it to apply to McMaster as an out of province student? Or is my gpa too low? Thanks
  7. Hamilton Elective? Stay with two *surgical residents* Listing #0004849 www.MedsHousing.com Available October 1st: One room available in a lovely and updated home (built in 2007) located directly behind St. Joseph’s (Charleton Campus). It is ideal for medical students or residents. The house has all amenities (parking, dishwasher, Nespresso, washer/dryer, air conditioning, outdoor space, and security system) and is located within 10min of all Hamilton hospitals. ***The house will be shared with two current surgical residents at McMaster.*** Short term price: $350/week. Monthly price can be negotiated. If interested, please contact Alex to further discuss details and/or set up a showing.
  8. Hey, so this is my first post on this forum and its basically a few simple questions... 1. do you think McMaster Life Sci is a good alternative to Health Sci?? 2. How does it fair against western's medical science? 3. Is a high GPA attainable? 4. Has anyone gone to medical school through mac's life sci? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone, I am coming to McMaster from Vancouver, BC. I am in the OT program and I have been looking at places to live. I found a great place and here is the link: https://macoffcampus.mcmaster.ca/classifieds/32-broadway-ave-4/ The listing ID is 99474 on the offcampus housing website. The landlord is looking for a group of 3 so if any of you guys that are interested, please email me! I am a female so I will possibly like females to respond.
  10. Idk about you guys...but I'm already majorly stressing waiting to hear back..... it's gunna be a brutal 2 months
  11. Hello, I am a high school student looking to get into a good pre-med program - one that will put me in the environment to exert myself and produce a high gpa. In other words, which program is better for med school hopefuls? I didn't so too well first semester, having no motivation to study at all and ended up getting very low 80s. I started actually studying in the second semester and all of my courses are in the mid to high 90s. However due to my first semester marks I couldn't really get into programs like Mac health science or Western med sci. Instead, I got into *Mac life sci* and *Guelph biological sci*. I can't seem to make a decision at all, I heard it is much easier to achieve a higher gpa in Guelph tho, is that true? And "prestige" doesn't matter, right?
  12. Hey everyone, My name is Daegan and I'm a first year medical student over at the Niagara regional campus. Let me know if you have any questions from a student's perspective. Please note that the views I represent here are my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of McMaster University or the McMaster Niagara Campus. Daegan
  13. https://medshousing.com/properties/striking-two-bedroom-luxury-condo-suite/ Hamilton-2 blocks to St. Joe’s- Striking two bedroom luxury condo suite 85 Robinson Street, Hamilton, ON, Canada Posted on May 20, 2016 Listing ID #0007748 look on www.MEDshousing.com Striking two bedroom luxury condo suite fully furnished with new contemporary furnishings. Quartz counters in kitchen and bathroom; stainless steel appliances including microwave, dishwasher; Italian leather sofa, housewares and linens included; TV with DVD player. Enjoy settling in to this lovely space with your own private balcony and an unobstructed view. This suite is two blocks from St. Joe’s and a short walk to the acclaimed Bruce Trail. Underground parking is included with this unit. Easy bus ride to McMaster, and has Hamilton’s infamous bike rental units directly across the street. Rent includes water, Geothermal heating and cooling, Private Washer and Dryer in the suite. Tenant pays for electricity and internet/cable/phone. Exercise room, theatre room, and bike storage are accessible from the main lobby and a large patio is available for BBQs and sunbathing! $1870/month furnished. This is the perfect apartment for an eco-friendly bike lover! Close to all amenities including groceries and a plethora of entertainment options. No pets; no smoking; Tenant insurance required. Credit and reference cheques will be completed. The option to purchase is available now or in the future. Available June 1st. Serious inquiries only please – let’s respect each other’s time.
  14. Hey Guys! I am currently in gr 12 and still deciding which university I should I attend. I applied to two small schools (UOIT life sci and Nippissing bio) and two big schools (Mac life sci and Queens sci). Now I'm hearing mixed opinions about small schools ( by that lower rep, small student pop etc) like, easy gpa, smaller class size etc vs big schools where its more competitive, a better reputation etc. Now I understand that Med schools do not care where you did your undergrad and what your degree is. I already got accepted to UOIT and Nippissing in Dec 2015, just waiting on Mac and Queens. I'm considering a smaller school for smaller class size, smaller line up for the prof. I would like to hear about your opinion, particularly the programs I applied to? Thanks to all in advanced!
  15. Hello all, I have a very clean, quiet, maintained and updated student house available. I have one room available starting May 1st, and one starting September 1st. I am willing to take short term lease for the May start for the summer. Here is a link to my kijiji add, there are pictures and videos. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-room-rental-roommate/hamilton/beautifully-maintained-and-updated-mohawk-student-house/1145116400 Brock, 289-921-6667 PS: If it helps I am an awesome landlord, I work full time as a paramedic and actively applying to medical school so if you move in and help me get in I'm open to passing along some nice discounts
  16. Hey guys, So I got an e-mail from McMaster's University (as I'm sure everyone else who applied did) asking to create an account using certain codes they provided. It also says to check the school e-mail regularly. I see what my e-mail address for the school is (example@mcmaster.ca). This might be a really easy answer, but where do I check my e-mails? I cannot find a link anywhere on the school website to sign in! Help would be GREATLY appreciated
  17. If you were offered a $48 000 scholarship to Queen's as well as admission to McMaster health sciences, which one would you choose?
  18. Hi all, Given that Mac weighs an applicant's GPA and CARS score equally (33.33% each), how high should an applicant score to offset a lower GPA? (assuming Casper performance is average among those interviewed) Personally, I have a 3.29 cGPA from a competitive program with a strict grading curve (not engineering) . I simply wasn't passionate about the subject at times and unsure about what I really wanted to do after. What is the lowest cGPA that you have seen from an applicant invited to interview? I reason that if GPA and CARS are equally weighted, then they are pretty much interchangeable variables as far as interview invites go. If someone with a 3.8 cGPA and a 9 on the old VR could get an interview then couldn't another person with a 3.0 and a 13 or 14 on the old VR have similar odds of getting an invite? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
  19. I'm trying to decide between these two types of programs. I am fascinated by the human body and that is why I am interested in Kinesiology, however I am not interested on the sports/coaching aspect of it. Life science would give me a better science background, but I heard it generally looks at biological things from a molecular level.
  20. For the first question on McMaster's Health Science supplementary application - what are they looking for? Passion? Qualities like leadership? Experiences?
  21. pros: - already familiar with question styles and format - taking it same day as USask test-takers, meaning questions will be fair - can apply what you learned from your mistakes to new test - doesn't put you at any disadvantage for Mac and UofO's application process - Altus is taking full accountability of the situation and is being understanding cons: - website may crash again for USask test-takers - having to re-take the test and make new arrangements around date - potentially have to re-pay fees (not confirmed) what are others? has anyone made a decision yet?
  22. Anyone doing or have done the CASPER this October? What're your thoughts on the following scenarios: (Oh and these are not real questions on the casper, so don't worry about breaching confidentiality/legality) (Oh and if you are one of those people whose generic answers to any query on this forum run along the lines of "nothing you can do about it now" or "don't worry about it so much," please do so elsewhere lol. You're not helpful and are full paternalism). 1. "Imagine you've tasked with determining who should be allowed to view a patient's charts. What criteria should be used to determine which individual should be provided access to that information?" I thought of those directly involved in patient care - doctors and nurses treating him/her. I thought of the medical secretary and receptionist, if they have to liaise with the pharmacy. Who else should be able to access charts? Apparently more should be involved - can you think of any? And what should be the outline or guideline surrounding who can/can't access the charts? 2. So you see a family friend at the clinic you're interning at (you're on call/duty). You're concerned, but you know not to go and approach them. Now, why is maintaining confidentiality important? (Apparently my response on maintaining privacy and confidentiality (to not go and say hi) could have been supported with a why). 3. You're a nephrologist at a kidney transplant centre. A wealthy patient of yours doesn't want to keep waiting on the (long) transplant list, so contemplates going to India to pay for one. Comes into the office seeking your opinion. What concerns, ethical & medical, would you have? (I said: Legally = no such law against it exists. Ethically, I said richer patients might thus have differential access. Medically = I wouldn't be part of the operation and so can't say with confidence the safety/success of it, and that I would have to look into it more before giving advice). Thoughts? <-- BUT, "do you think tax payers should be responsible for paying for complications involved? explore further." Also: Currently there are no policies against patients seeking transplants outside of Canada. Should such policies exist?
  23. I've never lived in Ontario and have virtually no knowledge of McMaster University or the surrounding area. On the very slim chance I do get the option to rank my campus choices, how would you describe each campus, and the pluses and minuses? My current city has a population around 300,000 but I have lived in smaller towns as well (~30,000). Thanks for any info!
  24. Hello, we have a room to rent for short term rentals in our charming brick home. This room features a sofa bed which pulls out to a double, a desk and chair, and a huge window looking out onto our lovely backyard. Bathroom is shared. Price is $200 per week. If interested, please email me and I'd be happy to send photos. Thanks!
  25. Just a quick question, my MCAT score was 514 (130/126/128/130) and I was wondering if there's any chance for McMaster or Queens in terms of CARS? I don't really get what their cutoff is and I don't really want to retake the test haha since I did well on the other sections. Also, is this a good score in case I want to apply to US schools? I'm not sure what the requirements are like there. Thanks!
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