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Found 115 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm currently going into my third year at McMaster and have yet to take a biochemistry course - which some of the potential med schools I'm looking into specify needing. Many of my peers have taken Biochem 2EE3 but due to another required course and limited course listings, I cannot take it due to a conflict. Instead, I am considering Biochem 3G03 as an alternative. Both courses (according to course reviews) cover different material. To my fellow Marauders or Alumni who have gone on to pursue medicine, is either course particularly more beneficial or liked/needed by Med Schools? Or would either suffice? I think the general requirement of a 'biochemistry course' without further specification is leaving me double minded as to what kind of course exactly, since so many are offered under the subject. Any insight is greatly appreciated, as academic advising is a little hard to get ahold of during the summer. Thanks a lot!
  2. auditore25

    Mcgill Or Mcmaster

    I have been accepted to both McGill Biological, Biomedical, and Life Sciences and McMaster Integrated Sciences programs. I am torn between where to go for my undergraduate year. Since my ultimate goal is medical school, GPA is an incredibly important deciding factor, and from what I have heard, Integrated Sciences does offer an easier mark. However, I feel as if I would enjoy my time at university more at McGill, as it offers a more enjoyable environment and a biology centred program, which is something I would enjoy more. Both programs are research focused, although Integrated Sciences has a research component that is more guided and intensive. McMaster's program is focused on interdisciplinary science rather than biology, which is something that turns me off its program. It is also very restrictive, in that electives are limited, while McGill has more of a traditional university schedule. I have 2 weeks to decide. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone could comment on UofT and McMaster, and the pros and cons of the two schools? Thank you!
  4. Hey, I was accepted to McMaster's BHSc program and I was wondering if the content of the Biomedical sciences specialization has the amount of science I would learn in another program or if I should minor in some other science field while at Mac or if I should just avoid mac all together Here's the courses for the specialization in second year: CHEM 2OA3 HTH SCI 2A03 - STATISTICS HTH SCI 2D06 - INQUIRY II (TRANSFERS ONLY) HTH SCI 2G03 - EPIDEMIOLOGY HTH SCI 2K03 - CELL BIOLOGY BIOCHEM 2L06 BIOCHEM 2B03, 2BB3 HTH SCI 1BS0 There's also these 2nd year BHSc programs that I'd like to take but idk how many courses I can take in one year yet HTH SCI 2F03 - HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY & ANATOMY I HTH SCI 2FF3 - HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY & ANATOMY II HTH SCI 2G03 - EPIDEMIOLOGY HTH SCI 2J03 - HEALTH, ATTITUDE & BEHAVIOUR HTH SCI 2K03 - CELL BIOLOGY HTH SCI 1BS0 - BIOSAFETY TRAINING Third: HTH SCI 3E03 - INQUIRY III HTH SCI 3G03 -CRITICAL APPRAISAL OF THE MEDICAL LITERATURE HTH SCI 3V03 - RESEARCH AND EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN 6-9 units from: Level III/IV Biochemistry courses BIOCHEM 3D03 - METABOLISM AND REGULATION CHEM 2OB3 Fourth: 6-9 units from: Level III/IV BIOCHEM HTH SCI 3SB3, 4II3, 4J03 MOL BIOL 4H03 BIOCHEM 4E03 9-12 units from: BIOCHEM 4F09 - SENIOR THESIS IN BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY, OR HTH SCI 4R12 - SENIOR THESIS I really enjoy science so I would be willing to work hard for a good GPA but I just want to know if this is a good program as my goal is to be a physician-scientist. I was looking at UofT's MD/PhD alumni and there were a handful of Mac BHSc holders so I guess that indicates that this program can prepare you for a career in science? idk Edit: there's also this on the site: A ‘research intensive' option, available to students registered in this specialization, offers additional laboratory research experience through completion of HTH SCI 3R06 and HTH SCI 4R12. This option is intended for students planning to pursue graduate studies or a career in research and development. Enrolment in the courses is limited and admission is by selection.
  5. Hello! Here's the thing, as a fellow pre-med I share the same ambitions as many of you, but am completely lost as to which degree I should pursue. In terms of the schools alone, both are appealing in terms of their campuses, environment, student life, etc. I'm just unsure of which to pick. The main concern with me picking is my 'dilemma' with biology. I understand biology is 'the study of life' but I am far more interested when the study is applied directly to the human body. Medical Sciences offers interesting modules related to this in their third and fourth year, yet their first two years require a lot of 'general biology'. In comparison, Kinesiology offers you this from the get go. However, a lot more people from Medical Sciences, just statistically get into med school. I am willing to put in the work no matter where I go. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again. EDIT: A concern I had with Kinesiology is that I have no interests in sports at all, I picked Mac because they focus primarily on the scientific approach to Kinesiology.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if I should rewrite the MCAT this summer or if I should apply with my current score and write it again next summer if I don't get in. Any advice or new information you could provide is much appreciated! Here is some quick information about my application: ECs: I would say fairly strong GPA: ~3.85 MCAT: Wrote it three times, with final score being PS 11 VR 10 BS 12 Total 33 My reasons for rewriting: I'm mainly considering rewriting due to my Verbal score. I feel like it will be really hard for me to get an interview from Mac with a 10 in VR. 10 in VR also means I can't apply to Western. So by not writing, I'm automatically removing two Ontario schools. My reasons for not rewriting: I've already written the MCAT three times, I don't know how writing this test 4 times will look on my application (especially because I'm also planning to apply to US schools). Secondly, I'll have to write the new form of the MCAT and I have never taken any psychology or social science courses in my undergrad, so am not too confident about this section (as of now). Once again, any advice would be much appreciated!
  7. Hello! So, as some of you might remember, I was trying to decide between uOttawa Biomed and Western Med Sci. At the time of the application, I decided to apply to Mac Arts and Science to keep my options open, but after first semester I decided I wanted a pure science education. However, after taking Grade 12 English this semester, I love the idea of the Arts and Science as I don't have to give up my love for english and the arts for my love of science. I am aware that no university education is easy, and I am prepared to work extremely hard in university for admission into medicine. However, I am unsure about the Arts and Science program at Mac -- I get the feeling that the marking is very subjective and therefore pulling off a 3.8+ GPA seems almost impossible. Also, the structure of the program (given a minimum number of electives in 1st year) worries me, as I might not be able to fit the prereqs (or the courses needed to do well on the MCAT). So, basically, is anyone in the program or does anyone know someone in the program? Specifically people who want to go into medicine at the end of the program? Because it is such a small program, I'm having a very hard time finding people in the program! Sorry if this is a repeat thread, I searched the best I could and the last forum was started in like 2008 or something! Please correct any of my points if they are incorrect as I am not in the program, obviously. Thanks in advance!
  8. Was anyone else that applied to BOTH McMaster's OT and PT program asked to complete a survey through surveymonkey? If you have, what was it all about? It seems strange to have to fill out a survey... Thank you
  9. I am currently in my third year of undergrad. I had a shaky first year, and mistakenly chose to write the MCAT this summer although I was working at a lab full time. My scores were very discouraging, and for a while my hope of getting into medical school was crushed. I know medicine is something I'd definitely want to pursue; however, I don't know if it is worth applying next year or should I redirect my path to medical school via a masters degree? If my chances of getting in are low, I'd rather not spend next summer studying for the MCAT and instead travel and try something different. My stats are: GPA 1st year- 3.31 2nd year- 3.76 cGPA (without a summer course)- 3.53 cGPA (with the summer course)- 3.6 MCAT ...(24: PS7, VR7, BS10) Extra-curricular Winner of a national and regional science fair in grade 12 of high school Awards for modern languages, and science in high school University Dean's Honour List-2nd year Multiple admission scholarships Research experience in multiple labs Currently doing undergraduate research at the same lab I have been in for two summers now Mentor undergraduate students in physics Volunteer at a hospital for over 2 years Music for over 5 years On the executive team of university club for 2 years Any tips and advice on how I could tailor my application to become a more competitive applicant, or whether I should set my goal on pursuing graduate research would be immensely appreciated!
  10. Hello All, I was wondering if anybody knows the competitive GPA and MCAT scores for Queens U. They explicitly say on their website that they do not list cut offs as they fluctuate from year to year. However I would like to get some insight so I know if I should pursue this option. Also, I realized I'm not in the race with Western or U of T. Therefore that is why I am really only considering McMaster and Queens. However if if Queens doesn't work out, what do you guys think of just studying for Verbal to apply to MAC since that's all they look at? My current cumulative GPA is 3.43/4/0 via OMSAS Regards
  11. BumMed_about_MCAT

    Casper Studying

    Hey everyone! I was just wondering what one would be expected to know for the CASPer. For example would we be expected to know specific cultural beliefs which would relate to ethical treatment? Also what is the breakdown of the questions? Are the questions many medical situations? or ethical situations in general? and lastly any suggestions to prepare? Cheers!
  12. http://www.caspertest.com/casper-sample-questions/ Hello! I am really nervous for casper and am trying to prepare as much as possible (as my completely unexpected and abysmal physical score ruined my chances everywhere else *ouch*). To do so I started by reading some of doing right and trying the practice questions in the link above (using the 5 min limit). I was hoping some of you might be able to share your own answers so that I could have some way of assessing what I wrote. Particularity if you have reason to believe you scored well on capser previously. I would very much appreciate some feedback! If you don't feel comfortable posting here feel free to PM me. Any and all advice is also welcome. Thanks!
  13. Hello! I've seen this question answered before but the search for it is not bringing up any results so excuse the double post but I just wanted to double and triple check. What is the last date that you can write the MCAT and still have it be accepted by McMaster (since they look at your most recent). Can you write any date up to October 1st? Or do the results have to be IN by October 1st? And does it say this anywhere on the site? All I could find close to that is: The most recent MCAT Verbal Reasoning score will be considered valid up to five years preceding the application deadline of that admissions cycle. For instance, for the application deadline of October 1, 2013, any MCAT Verbal Reasoning score dating back to October 1, 2008, will be deemed acceptable as long as a more recent score is not available. No exceptions will be made to this rule. does that mean you have until October 1st to write one? Or October 1st to get the score in? thanks!!!!
  14. Hello Everyone, I just received my mcat results and I am utterly disappointed I got a measly score of 24: PS 7 VR 7 BS 10... I know that I would definitely have to re-write the mcat but I am having a hard time deciding whether I should book my exam in January so I could still write the old one, or whether I should just spend next summer full-on studying and write the new one. If I write in January I wouldn't have much time to study considering I will be a full-time student with many demanding classes and of course EC's.....What should I do?!? The schools I am interested in applying to next year are: uOttawa, Mac, Queens, Toronto, McGill My stats are: cGPA of 3.56, 2-year GPA of 3.76 All input and advice would be TREMENDOUSLY appreciated!