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Found 43 results

  1. Hey guys, Wondering if I have any chances for McMaster; GPA = 3.83 4th year MCAT CARS - verbal = 125 Is there any chance for me? Does anyone know anybody who got in with those scores? I think I can do fairly well in the CASPer section, do you think I would at least be able to get an interview if I do well on the CASPer? Thanks
  2. Hey guys, I really need some help/tips/advice. Ok so, I wrote the MCAT this september, and I did pretty bad. Now with the sciences, I think I can prepare that on my own, but I really need help with the CARS section. My situation: I got 125 in the CARS section. I will be writing the MCAT again in August of next year. I have 1 year essentially, (I am also doing university this year, full-time; but I will also have the 4 months of summer to essentially work on the MCAT). How should I practice/prepare for the CARS, to make it 128+? Should I be reading a lot? What should I read? Should I do practice passages? Thanks
  3. I was born in quebec but I studied at the university of saskatchewan. I took my prerequisite classes there. I unfortunately do not do very good in my organic chem and my physics class my first year. I got a 53 in organic chem and a 57 in physics. At the university of saskatchewan, a grade above a 50 is considered a pass, however, according to the McGill gpa scale, anything above a 60 is considered a pass. My question is, would I have to redo organic chem and physics at before January 15th in order for them to be considered as my prerequisites? If I redo them, would they recalculate my cgpa as well incorporating the new grades in the redone organic chem and physics class? (I'm taking about my cgpa not the science gpa) Thanks
  4. Hey guys, wondering if I have any chance/shot at all with my scores. last 2 year GPA - also my best = 3.95; cumulative gpa = 3.83 MCAT = 122/125/121/124 ;;;; Ya, I know they are pretty low; will have to re-write if I get nothing at all. EC's pretty good I think; 1 publication on the way, good leadership, etc... Do you think that I at least have a chance for the MCAT cutoff? Will they just outright reject me with my low MCAT score, and not look at the rest of my application? Thanks
  5. There isn't much information about the French Casper thread so I thought I'd start one. I'm guessing it's a lot more difficult than the english one since french is wordier and takes longer to type. How do you even prepare for this? Does anyone know how heavily uottawa evaluates spelling and grammar?
  6. Kinda embraced to post this but I just got a 120 on cars..... horrific! I don't even know how that happened honestly. I did decent on the rest of the sections. I just can't do reading comp. My GPA is high and I have tons of ECs. It's too late to redo the mcat this year so should I just save my money? Or gamble applying since it's mcat is only worth 10%?
  7. I am assuming this is where we talk about our ECs? Do we just describe what we did and what we learned from it? I am a little confused. I was wondering if anyone was able to give me some examples of top 10 experiences that worked in their application to know what sorts of things we are expected to talk about. Thanks
  8. Hello people, I am a grade 12 student who's planning to attend McGill University majoring biomedical sciences. I have a question regarding attaining Quebec residency/ Canadian citizenship. I am a permanent resident since 2008, and I lived in British Columbia ever since. I noticed that acceptance rates for med school, scholarship opportunities, and tuition differs by a lot for Quebec Residents from any other residents, and I was curious if there is any way to attain Quebec Residency. I have went over the 14 situations listed by McGill, but I am still confused of how to obtain CSQ, and if I am eligible for it. Also, if I am trying to apply for Canadian citizenship during my school years in Quebec, will the process be any different from applying from BC?
  9. Does anyone know how many out of province the medical program takes? Also, how high does your average have to be? (I lived in quebec until I was 15 so I do speak French)
  10. Hello everyone. So I had an extremely rough first 2 years of university. and I did my bachelors of bio sience in 5 years. First year, first semester i had four Ws and a C+, SO i was considered as part time, second semester 3 Fs, second year mostly Fs again. So my second year GPA was 0.45. I had a turnaround however. 3rd year, 4th year and 5th year with a gap of 4, MCAT score of 37. 3 years hospital work, more than 2000 hours of volunteer work, great letter of references. Now I know some universities calculate all full year studies' gap, however I've heard some consider last 3rd year, like ottawa, last 2 year, like queens, and worst year dropped like some others. So with all being said what universities you think I should apply, (cause if a university also wants each years' gpa as well I won't be considered) and what are the chances that I get accepted? Also wanted to say that I am willing to go to states as well. please help out, I can't even sleep anymore.
  11. Does anyone have any advice on how to answer MCAT science based passages? They are so lengthy filled with crazy scientific vocabulary and I am really struggling with answering them. Any techniques or methods that anyone could share? Thanks
  12. Alright so I've completed two years at McGill University.. First year my GPA was a 3.1 (but I really did not work) Second year I tried and got a 4.0. If I continue this trend for the 3rd and 4th year and get straight As again (barring one or two unfortunate classes), how do my chances stand? I do research in History, play a sport at a competitive level and have a good volunteering experience as well as letters of recommendations from doctors. (I plan to give my MCATs next year and lets assume I do well in them too)! Which universities should i be focusing on? Or - which universities drop your worst year, or a few worst courses or have GPA calculations that would benefit me? American and Canadian! Thank you all and goodluck!
  13. Hi guys, I am a Canadian (Well, Korean but PR in Canada) high school student, and I will be attending McGill University for Biomedical Sciences next year. I plan to major either Immunology or Anatomy and Cell Biology, and hopefully then into Med school. Though I can't speak French, I've heard that there are some places near Montreal that med hopefuls can volunteer and gain some work experience. If that isn't possible, I can visit BC or South Korea where I am originally from (where I lived for 7 years) to volunteer in a hospital or something. Can anyone give me some advice how to survive in McGill, gain some extra-curricular experiences that med schools might look at? Any advice, criticism, sarcasm are welcomed, and if this forum isn't the right place to post something like this, I am so sorry :C
  14. Hi, I'm a first year student who took management in first semester, realized it wasn't for me and switched to a Biochemistry, Psychology double major. Anyways, my first year course load is all screwed up because i finished with 2 courses in Fall and I'll have 5 this Winter. But I'm still behind, my question is, is it a big deal if I take certain prerequisites this Summer 2015 term? I planned all my four years out so I have all the pre-reqs for Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Medicine, and I can always apply to Law School. But because these are first year courses and are therefore pre-reqs of pretty much everything at UTSC, and graduate school, I'm wondering if it's okay to take courses in the Summer. For example, at UTSC, I'm taking MATA36, which is a pre-req for pharmacy school. Will it count if I take it during the summer? Sorry, I'm kinda new to this and my experience in highschool was that nobody really cared if you took a course in the summer, or as I was told "it's frowned upon". So will taking this course and a couple others (CHMA11, BIOA01, and maybe STAB22) hurt my transcript when graduate schools look at my transcript and see that these were taken in the Summer? Thanks.
  15. Our interview seminar in collaboration with the UofT Career Centre was a great success! If you weren't able to attend but would like a copy of the slides, please PM us. Also, we are having a couple of MMI practice sessions. PM us if you would like to enter the draw for a free spot. Best of luck!
  16. Hi guys, There is an interview prep session organized by University of Toronto Career Centre on January 13, 2014 (6-7:30pm) at St. George campus. This is for UofT students, and you have to register at https://cln.utoronto...ts/sgevents.htm. The session will feature effective interview strategies for "must-know" questions. They will also distribute most up-to-date interview prep handouts edited by UofT Faculty of Medicine alumni. Best of luck!
  17. I have just completed the first semester of second year. Unfortunately, due to a rigid work schedule and a course notorious for failing students, I now have a big ugly 70 something glaring at me from my transcript, which otherwise is filled with 89s and 90+s. Realistically, this 70 will hinder my chances of being a 3rd year applicant, which i really wanted to try to be. I'm really sad that despite all my hard work in first year and in all my other courses, I've burnt out at just the right time to bomb this one final, setting myself back tremendously. I was wondering if any successful med school applicants have ever been in a similar situation? I am also looking for some advice. It seemed like I had the potential to be a good applicant before, but now the 70 is going to be a red flag and it will also prevent me from getting scholarships or research grants. Its seems like all I can do now is quit my tiring and stressful job so I can focus on keeping my grades consistent, as well as study for the mcat. I think I will still apply in 3rd year more for the experience than anything as I still meet cutoffs. Hopefully I can learn from this and not mess up so badly in the future.
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