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Found 26 results

  1. Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an Alberta university student of African descent, and I am obviously as seen with my post interested in applying to pharmacy. I am currently completing my third year of studies in Biological Sciences and I am just wondering out of curiosity what the racial demographics of the U of A pharmacy school are? For instance, have the incoming classes been predominantly white, are there black students, are there Asian students, etc.? Also, I am wondering if there is a relatively even split of male-female students? I don't want to be the sole or one of the few minority students during the time I spend at U of A pharmacy school if I do eventually get accepted. Thank you all who answer for your time. Regards, An inquiring soul
  2. Hi guys! Planning to write my MCAT later this summer. Anybody with previous experience have any suggestions for test sites? Even bad experiences would be helpful to me. I live in the GTA so Toronto/Hamilton would be good for me. I really value all your inputs.
  3. I recently wrote the 2015 MCAT and unfortunately scored an unbalanced score with my lowest section being the CARS section: C/P: 128 CARS: 125 B/B: 129 P/S: 126 Total: 508 I know the UofC basically looks exclusively at the CARS section (with exception to academic merit); thus, I'm planning on retaking the test in April. I'm not to worried about the other sections because I feel like I won't forget much between now and then if I do some light review, but I'm looking for someone to help tutor me on CARS or suggesting a proper way (or a book?) to studying CARS so that I can be ready for it by April. I'm not completely lost when I write CARS. I actually scored an 85% when I did the AAMC FL and didn't think that the CARS section I wrote was exceedingly tough either. Maybe I had an off day, but I don't want to take any chances here because having to retake that test again is expensive. For reference, I studied for CARS and my other sections almost exclusively using the Examkrackers books as well as the all the practise materials that the AAMC provided. Thanks!
  4. Anyone doing or have done the CASPER this October? What're your thoughts on the following scenarios: (Oh and these are not real questions on the casper, so don't worry about breaching confidentiality/legality) (Oh and if you are one of those people whose generic answers to any query on this forum run along the lines of "nothing you can do about it now" or "don't worry about it so much," please do so elsewhere lol. You're not helpful and are full paternalism). 1. "Imagine you've tasked with determining who should be allowed to view a patient's charts. What criteria should be used to determine which individual should be provided access to that information?" I thought of those directly involved in patient care - doctors and nurses treating him/her. I thought of the medical secretary and receptionist, if they have to liaise with the pharmacy. Who else should be able to access charts? Apparently more should be involved - can you think of any? And what should be the outline or guideline surrounding who can/can't access the charts? 2. So you see a family friend at the clinic you're interning at (you're on call/duty). You're concerned, but you know not to go and approach them. Now, why is maintaining confidentiality important? (Apparently my response on maintaining privacy and confidentiality (to not go and say hi) could have been supported with a why). 3. You're a nephrologist at a kidney transplant centre. A wealthy patient of yours doesn't want to keep waiting on the (long) transplant list, so contemplates going to India to pay for one. Comes into the office seeking your opinion. What concerns, ethical & medical, would you have? (I said: Legally = no such law against it exists. Ethically, I said richer patients might thus have differential access. Medically = I wouldn't be part of the operation and so can't say with confidence the safety/success of it, and that I would have to look into it more before giving advice). Thoughts? <-- BUT, "do you think tax payers should be responsible for paying for complications involved? explore further." Also: Currently there are no policies against patients seeking transplants outside of Canada. Should such policies exist?
  5. Hello everyone, I was wondering if you guys purchased the question bundle from AAMC. I have heard that it may contain questions from old MCATs [which may even make it unsuitable for the new MCAT]. How helpful [if you got the bundle] do/did you find the bundle in your MCAT prep? What other materials do/did you use to prepare for the 2015 MCAT [and wether or not you purchased any practice full length exams]? <<< Thanks a lot for any contribution. I hope this thread will be helpful for people starting this new wave of MCAT exams, not knowing what resources to use to prepare themselves. >>>
  6. Hi everyone! I wrote my MCAT this summer and did fairly well in all sections (129/130/131), except for CARS (126). The CARS score makes me ineligible for most schools out of Ontario, as well as possibly Western and Queen's, based on their cutoff scores from the old MCAT (though I guess the 10/10/10 cutoff for Queen's is really just rumoured). Does anyone have any feedback on whether the lower CARS score will be detrimental to my application in the upcoming cycle? Any help would be great! Thanks.
  7. Hi guys, Just wanted to start a thread for those who have received either: a) An offer of admission Rejection or c) Waitlist offer If you could post which of the above you receieved and when you receieved it that would e great! Thanks!
  8. Brand new Chemistry Review book for $20 - no marks (pics in link) http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1094386145 Brand new MCAT In-Class Compendium for $10 - no marks (pics in link) http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1094386526 Brand new MCAT Science Review Questions and Solutions for $20 - no marks (pics in link) http://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?requestSource=b&adId=1094387152 Please contact me via email listed in kijiji ad for more info. Thanks.
  9. I thought I would start a thread for McGill OT applicants (QY) since interview invitations are coming out!
  10. I am looking to form a study group. If you're interested please reply here or PM me!
  11. The MD Backpacks are coming soon! The MD Financial Management Facebook page features a new video about this year's backpack colour. Stay tuned! James@MD
  12. Just wanted to try starting a thread for anyone who might be going to uOttawa this September for OT/PT. I noticed there aren't many of us who are on here but it would be nice to meet a couple of classmates that I'll be seeing next year So excited for September! I also went to uOttawa for undergrad and have lived in Ottawa for most of my life so if you have any questions let me know. I'll answer as best I can I also have a friend who was in PT so if you have any questions about that I'll answer as best I can, too!
  13. Hey guys, this thread is for those on the waitlists for all PT schools, post your rank, school, status (accepted or still waiting), and if accepted when you heard the good news, as well as any other comments you have. I'm #26 on Mac's waitlist and still waiting and kind of going crazy, I thought I would have heard some news today but nothing yet. Hopefully a lot of people comment in this thread to give us some more information and allow us to see where we stand, of course it could also serve to stress us out even more .
  14. Hi guys, Just wanted to start a thread for those who have received either: a) An offer of admission Rejection or c) Waitlist offer If you could post which of the above you receieved and when you receieved it that would e great! Thanks!
  15. Hello Everyone! Well I thought since the application for PT opened on November 15, there might be a few of us with some questions. Post them here!
  16. I was so upset to see that there were no more Alberta seats left for writing the MCAT. If anyone is looking to reschedule their dates, has received an offer to a med school, or is unable to write in August for any reason, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me. I do not want to have to leave the country to write because I just can't afford the added costs! I would really appreciate it
  17. Hey guys, Has anyone heard from U of A OT or PT program? Same goes for McMaster? Thanks
  18. Hi, everyone, I wanted to known if you received an answer regarding your application at mcgill OT's program (for the undergradued program). and do you know aroud which date we should be reciving an answer? Bonjour à tous, je voulais savoir si des personnes parmi ont reçu une réponse pour leur demande en ergothérapie à Mcgill. et est-ce que quelqu'un sait quand nous devrions recevoir une réponse de l'université? merci d'avance
  19. Was anyone else that applied to BOTH McMaster's OT and PT program asked to complete a survey through surveymonkey? If you have, what was it all about? It seems strange to have to fill out a survey... Thank you
  20. I'm planning on taking the MCAT this summer. In addition to a prep course I was planning on purchasing a set of Review/Prep books. From what I've gathered, the predominant MCAT prep book companies to have published their 2015 editions are as follows: The Princeton Review: Princeton Review MCAT Subject Review Complete Set: New for MCAT 2015 ($143.57) Kaplan: Kaplan MCAT Complete 7-Book Subject Review: Created for MCAT 2015 ($163.01) Examkrackers: Examkrackers Complete MCAT Study Package (9th Edition) ($274.94) The Berkeley Review hasn't released any 2015 material yet as far as I know. I've tried scouring the internet for evidence supporting one over the other. While TBR has a great following, I'm hesitant to purchase their current books as they don't pertain directly to the new material. However, EK has received lots of praise across the board (especially here) and TPR has is generally well-received. Kaplan has received positive feedback, but I have come across a couple of negative reviews as well. Overall, on the Amazon links posted above, they all seemed to have done the job for people at one point or another. I'm seriously deliberating purchasing the entire set of TPR and EK but that price tag looks like it's going to hurt (total = $418.51 before taxes, shipping etc.). I figure if it means I have a better shot at admission to med school (in addition to the potential resale value) it'll be worth it long-term. I know there is technically no "wrong" decision as all have their strengths and weaknesses, but does anyone have any particular insight/advice/knowledge/experience they could share that would help me out?
  21. Hello tout le monde !! Je panique un peu présentemment car je viens de recevoir un avis de refus pour mon admission en Pharmacie. On me dit qu'il me manque le cours préalable de chimie organique.. «J'ai le regret de vous aviser que votre demande ne peut être retenue pour la (les) raison(s) suivante(s): Vous n'avez pas complété le(s) cours préalable(s) pour l'admission à ce programme. Le cours manquant: Chimie organique Cet avis annule tout avis déjà émis pour l'admission à ce programme. » Pourtant en ce moment je fais ce cours au cégep et j'aurai fini en mai 2015.. J'ai écris un courriel à l'admission, mais je me demandais pour ceux à qui ça serait peut-être déjà arrivé, Est-ce qu'il fallait le préciser en faisant la demande? J'avais pris pour acquis qu'ils vérifiraient seulement si on a les préalables au mois d'août avant de commencer. En ce moment je suis aussi au Bac en psycho à l'udem et je fais mon cours de chimie en même temps au Cégep. Est-ce que quelqu'un sait s'il est encore temps de corriger cette erreur ou bien si lorsqu'on reçoit ce courriel il est vraiment trop tard? Si quelqu'un pouvait me rassurer ça serais très apprécié !!! Merci
  22. Hello everyone, I was wondering what you guys personally thought were the best review material for the MCAT. I'm looking at either the Kaplan or TPR sets for the new test. Which has in the past been better review in your opinion, and why? If anyone has gotten the new set(s) do you like them, why or why not? Thanks for your input
  23. Is Western likely to raise the MCAT cutoffs above 9-11-12 (PS-VR-BS) for 2014/2015 non-SWOMEN applicants? I have a 12-11-12 (PS-VR-BS), but I am nervous that they will raise the VR or BS scores again (even though 11 for VR and 12 for BS are both 95th percentile).
  24. I was wondering if anyone here had any input on either of these two companies when it comes to their MCAT prep courses. I'm aiming to take the MCAT this summer and both are running courses in my area during May/June/July. Upon a quick scan of their respective websites, there doesn't seem to be that much difference between the two. Both will cost me upwards of $2000 with tax, both have classes in the evening should I have a conflict and both include over 100 in-class hours. But is there something about one or the other that I should know about before I invest the two grand?
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