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Found 6 results

  1. I'm sure I'm asking the same general questions that have been asked a million times, and I'm still a few years away from even thinking about applying to med school but I'm really starting to consider what my next steps should be. I'm in my last year of a Bachelor of Science degree, majoring in Psychology. It will have taken me approx. 5.5 years to complete my degree by the time I'm finished (I've had to work a LOT during my degree to support family members who were struggling). Due to a family loss, my first year GPA was awful (1.85 on a 4.3 scale, or something like that). However, I've had a strong upward trend and have had achieved 3.2-3.7 every semester since. I'm expecting to graduate with a cGPA of around 3.26. I attribute this to the fact that I gave up on the idea of medical school after my terrible first year, and aimlessly wandered through the rest of my degree. I did not enjoy psychology (which was my 'back up plan') and therefore did not feel motivated to continue pursuing it. That said, I've wanted to go to medical school for years, and I'm looking for a way to achieve that goal. For this reason, I'm thinking about pursuing a second degree. I want to make myself as competitive as possible to as many schools as possible, while realizing that realistically, a lot of schools won't overlook my less-than-stellar grades in my first degree. I've already got a few ideas of what I really want to major in (as in, subjects that would give me a viable backup plan if medical school doesn't work out), but I'm just having some troubles with the logistics of going forward. I have a few questions specifically: 1. Would it be acceptable to complete a two-year degree, provided I am able to get approx. half my credits from my first degree transferred to the second? I've read that it is usually fine, but I just want to check. 2. How can I get involved in extracurriculars that would improve my CV? I haven't done much over the course of this degree, except for work an extreme number of hours at an irrelevant job, but will be focusing solely on studies and extracurricular activities during my second degree. I don't really know where to start with getting involved. 3. Would it be advantageous to study for, and write, the MCAT early in my second degree so that I can get an idea of where I stand and rewrite if necessary? 4. I have a few withdrawals on my transcript... Most from my first year, but one from this current semester. I was going to re-take first year calculus due to a low grade but decided against it as I felt it would affect my other grades and I would not significantly improve my marks. How significant is this going forward? Thanks so much in advance!
  2. hello everyone, I'm no special snowflake...my story is pretty much similar to all other brave souls on this thread. ill try to keep this short and to the point... finished 1st degree in human bio and neuro-took 5 years at UofT, cGPA 2.63 (spend a lot of time studying, but not studying correctly). in HS I volunteered at several hospitals that landed me at SickKids in a research training program so I did that for about 2 years + I did work study as an RA at at a hospital for 2 years until I graduated. after graduation, spend an entire year looking for work with no luck, at the same time decided to apply 2-year fast track with no real hopes of getting in. as luck would have it I got hired by the same research group wherebi worked as an RA working as their research coordinator (started 10 months ago) and boss allowed me to go back to school and work part time-ish. I just finished my 1st semester in my new program got A's in all 6 classes + 2 new publications in major medical journals from research at work Second semester will be starting soon but my classes are pre-scheduled and I can literally only work 1 full day (this will surely not be acceptable to my boss + I have bills to pay) I work with doctors day in and out (specifically anesthesiologists)..they think I'm crazy to go back to school and waste all this time and money just for more years ahead in med. working with them has fueled my dreams for a med career that much more but I also have to be realistic. I could finish the 1st year of my second UG and apply, or I could just give it all up and continue working and making a descent salary-maybe go back for an MSc in biostat or epidemiology. I know the last 2 options will not make me happy and I have to try applying to med at least once. I'll be finishing my first year in April 2017, writing the MCAT in September and applying in October would MAC (they seem to be more wholesome), Ottawa maybe? or should I just complete the degree-then apply to western, queens and Ottawa this turned out or be longer than I wanted, so thanks for reading this far any advise is welcome
  3. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on this site, and I am hoping that the collective wisdom of this forum will be able to give me some feedback and insight into my situation. Thank you in advance! I am graduating from my honours B.Sc program in Neuroscience and I applied to 7 medical schools for the 2016 application cycle. I applied to UofC, UofA(I am an Alberta resident), as well as Queens, McMaster, Western ontario, Northern Ontario, and Ottawa. I did not receive any interview offers from any of these schools and I suspect my GPA and MCAT had something to do with this. My GPA is as follows: Year 1-3.74 Year 2-3.14 Year 3 3.14 Year 4-3.85(projected) My MCAT2015 score:(written June 20th, 2015) CARS-127 Bio/Biochem-124 Chem/Phys-125 Psych-127 Total-503 EC's(1000+ hours combined-summary) ​-Hospital Paediatrics Department Volunteer -Boys and Girls Club Youth Leader -Student Council President -Malawi Global Health Field Study -Air Cadet Flight Commander -Project Homeless Connect Volunteer -Youth Advisory Council Member -Quebec Exchange -Rotary Youth Camp Counsellor -Youth Symphony Orchestra Violinist Additionally, I have won many scholarships and awards, and to summarize this I put down 17 different awards in my application which included volunteer awards, scholarships, and awards related to my extracurricular work. Research -honours thesis, no peer-reviewed publications yet however I hope to have a manuscript or two done by the end of this summer! In light of all of this, I realize that my GPA and MCAT are most in need of work as I've done a lot of work on EC's over the years(and possibly at the expense of my GPA). I will be re-writing the MCAT this July, and I have decided to take on a second undergraduate degree program at my university, of which I will only do 1 year to raise my GPA and hopefully knock out one bad year from my total undergrad GPA. Whereas many people do their worst in their 1st and 2nd year, I seem to have slipped up in my 2nd and 3rd year(way to break tradition, haha!). With this year of raising my GPA, if all goes well my cGPA for UofA and UofC (who drop the worst undergrad year) will be 3.75. Essentially I have three questions for you: 1.General thoughts on my application and any areas that I can improve? and what might the best way to improve those areas be? 2. With my GPA situation as it is, I will be doing a year of upgrading in a second degree program, however would there be any merit to completing that second degree program to raise my GPA more extensively? Would that make sense in my situation? 3. I am also doing research work at my university and I initially was considering doing an MSc as a way to continue my education and improve my application. At the end of this upgrading year starting in September-April 2017, I am struggling to decide whether or not to pursue an research, thesis-based MSc, or whether to pursue a different course-based masters in Counselling Psychology, Social Work, or Public Health. Would that be more beneficial toward my application compared to a second degree? 3.5. In addition, I am also considering forgoing the masters degree and instead going into the field of EMS, and building up my application that way. Would that be a better way of improving my application compared to a masters? My thinking as this is an allied health care field this would be a way to earn a living while continuing to apply. In the end, my goal is to become a physician, and like many of the people on this site who are in the same boat, there is more than one way to get there and I realize this. However, I am greatly appreciative of any feedback and suggestions you may have as to my 3(and a half) questions regarding my application and my "pre-med" situation. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything else that I might have missed and I hope this covers it all! Thank you so much! You guys are the best
  4. i wanted to do a second degree in the bachelor of science in kinesiology, but after seeing what classes I have left to complete after all of the transferred credit it seems daunting. I really can't mess up my GPA in the next 2 years and have to keep it as close to perfect as I can. These are the classes i have left below. Any input would be appreciated as I'm really stressed about this decision.. Mostly I'm concerned about how I have to take them crammed into 2 years. For all of you who have done the kinesiology degree or are currently in it and have done these courses, how are they? Will it be difficult to balance these classes? Any input from other kinesiology programs not at the U of A would help me out so much! Year 1 1. PEDS 100 2. PEDS 101 3. PEDS 103 4. PERLS 104 5. PERLS 105 1. HE ED 220 2. HE ED 221 3. PEDS 200 4. PEDS 203 5. PEDS 209 Year 2 1. PEDS 240 2. PERLS 207x 3. PEDS 303 or HE ED 321 4. PEDS 306 5. PEDS 311 1. PEDS 334 2. PEDS 335 3. PEDS 401 4. 9/15 Professional Practicum
  5. I'm currently a fourth year in neuroscience at DAL. I'm not sure if I should do a 5th year and try to apply to grad school or graduate this year and start a degree in nursing or health promotions before applying to Dal med. I know I will have to work harder and that even having the grades might not get me in, but I'm willing to try. Here are my stats: Grades based on OMSAS: 1st Year: 3.8 2nd Year: 3.58 3rd Year: 2.56 (failed course) I plan on writing the 2015 MCAT. ECs: 2 years of hospital volunteering, 1 year volunteer tutor, work during the year, leadership positions worked at camps. Here are my questions: 1. If I do a second undergrad degree does Dal look at grades from the first one? 2. I have taken quite a few classes in health promotions, so assuming I finish my second degree in two years. Will I be able to apply after the first year of the degree or will I have to wait until I graduate from that degree considering Dal looks at the last 2 years (assuming they only look at my second degree). 3. Am I lacking ECs? If so what specifically and what do you recommend? 4. Has anyone ever been accepted with a second UG degree? Sorry for the long post. Any guidance will be appreciated.
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