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Found 6 results

  1. Assuming I am applicable for the agpa calculation, does the AGPA calculation mean the lowest 30 credits on your transcript are dropped or only the lowest credits in one particular year? Are summer courses counted in AGPA calculations?
  2. "BC applicants with an overall academic average of <75% and out-of-province applicants with an overall academic average of <85% (based on the adjusted academic average, if applicable) will not receive full file reviews" I'm an OOP student with an 86.5% AGPA and 84.76% overall. If I qualify for the adjusted academic average, does this mean that my adjusted must be >85%, or must be overall academic average still be >85%.
  3. Hi all, I just have a question about possibly taking a 5th year in Undergrad at the U of M. Does anyone know how the U of M medical school view this on their application? Do they look down upon this? Does the U of M also consider the grades from the 5th year in their AGPA calculations? I was looking to take a 5th year since my current GPA is waaaay below the minimum requirement (even if AGPA is calculated). Please help! Thank you all!
  4. Hi! I recently made the decision to aim for medicine, and am currently completing my 2nd year undergrad in sciences at UBC. I was just looking through the timeline for UBC's med school application - and let out a gasp of slight horror when I realised that for getting into med school the september following the end of fourth year, the application process is more or less completed by the time your fourth year grades are out - so how can these grades be anticipated in the application process? I'd like some confirmation if I'm interpreting this correctly: A med school student who gets accepted after 3rd year in fact went through the application with only their grades from years 1 and 2, and an applicant who gets accepted after 4th year got accepted through the application with only their first three years of GPA? (And as such, their aGPA that they would have at the end of summer is never considered?) This is a major buzzkill for me, as I did poorly in first year (76%) and while I've been lifting my average up right now (with 90%s, more focused, motivated, aware, etc.), when I apply in my fourth year, getting that first year dropped isn't possible? (I'd have to wait for the following year's application cycle... doing a year of who knows what)
  5. Hi all, Long time reader, first time poster. Thanks for all the great info. For the TL;DR people, I’ll post my questions first: Have people with an aGPA of 3.36 and strong NAQs ever gotten an interview and/or accepted? Does going back to school to take courses boost your overall GPA? (If so, how much for 8 courses?) Have any non-science or non-premed majors applied and got either an interview and/or accepted? For the specifics (or those who like to read): I wanted to get your opinion on whether or not I stand a chance of applying in future years, or if it’s just a pipe dream that I need not even pursue. I earned a BA in English in 2010 from a liberal arts university in the USA. My aGPA is roughly a 3.36. I completed an undergraduate thesis, first in my program. I worked over 50 hours a week to support my family and the HIGH tuition cost. It took a toll on my GPA, naturally. (For those doing mental math, I’m 28.) After many years of going back and forth, I’ve decided to go back to school for ALL the science courses that UBC will no longer be requiring as prerequisites (to prove I’m capable and to help with MCATs). My hope is that I’ll do well in the “prereq” courses, and bolster my GPA. I’m wondering how much that would push it up to take all 8 science courses, and if I have a shot of getting in with the aGPA that leaves me with. I’ve even discussed it with my spouse (yes, I’m married), and I’d even move to BC ahead of time to get residency to increase my chances if I have a legitimate shot. (I live in Toronto, now.) My NAQ is as follows: DURING UNIVERSITY Entrance Scholarship for ~100k University Writing Center Tutor - 3 years Relay for Life Captain - 3 years Writing Consultant of the year Award CRLA Certificate in College Level Reading and Writing Designed/Branded/Worked on International Literary Journal Worked at Apple Computers - 1 year Server at Restaurant - 5 years Won a political essay scholarship from university given to me by the state Governor Won secondary scholarship from former University President POST-UNIVERSITY High School English Teacher - 3 yearsCross Country Assistant Coach - 2 years Junior Class Sponsor - 2 years Co-Sponsor School Newspaper - 2 years Literacy Committee Member - 3 years Scholarship Committee Member - 3 years After School Tutor (all subjects) - 2 years Gold Award in Excellence of teaching (rookie year) Teacher of the Month (3rd year) Valedictorian’s Most Influential Teacher Award (3rd year) School DJ at Pep Rallies Volunteer Supervision at Football and Basketball games (180 hours) On Summers off from teaching, taught a cycling class for new female cyclists JET Programme Assistant Language Teacher (Taught abroad on rural island in Japan) - 1 year Volunteered to teach English Classes - THREE different ones - in Japan Volunteer working with Kagoshima Prefecture Tourism (Japan) Volunteer working with Kuchinoerbu Tourism and Translation (Japan) Volunteer with Yakushima Yaku Sugi Museum Translation (Japan) JET Kizuna Ambassador Award presented by Japan CLAIR Volunteer every week in teaching Adult Literacy at local Community Center - 1 year HOPING to get a job at a local health center that is moving to a new clean injection site And because nothing says commitment like diet, I’ve been a vegan for almost 17 years, and I taught myself Japanese by studying hours upon hours a day. (I didn't know Japanese before moving to Japan.) Don’t know if they’d care to know that or not. Note: My university requires 140 hours to graduate vs 120, with each class being 4 credit hours. I graduated with 141 hours, with 130 of them as GPA hours. Thanks for any insight you might have!
  6. Hey so I just had 2 general questions that myself and many others in my friend circle at my uni had regarding UBC admission procedures, which I was hoping i could get help for here. Firstly, does UBC use a transfer credit conversion to convert my universities credits to their own ? Or is gpa calculated using the credits that my own institution awards ? Second question, it says on the UBC website that typically students with 120 credits qualify for AGPA but there are exceptions. In an instance for say, if a student who has completed 3 years of uni worth more than 90 credits (not quite 120) upon applying in june to ubc , would they get the extra bad credits shaved off their worst year ? And again would those credits be the ones that my own institution has for classes ? sorry for the big blurb.
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