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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone! I was hoping you guys could help me out. I was successful in securing a seat at a dental school in Australia and am now in the process of trying to obtain a student line of credit to pay for my studies, but I don’t have a co-signer (my credit is excellent though). Can anyone point me in the right direction? Is it possible to secure a LOC without a co-signer? Many of the major banks seem to offer great options, but they seem to be reserved for students studying dentistry in Canada and/or require a co-signer. That being said, seeing that there is a reciprocal agreement in place between Canada and Australia I’d hope there would be some leeway. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks everyone and good luck!
  2. Hey everyone, I'm really stressed so I apologize if this sounds very scatter brained. But I'm finishing up my 5th year at Western in Health Sciences and my GPA is just okay, around 3.6-3.7. MCAT is poor, 501 (125/124/126/126). I'm likely going to retake the MCAT this summer though as well as take Organic Chemistry since I currently do not have this prereq for Ottawa and pretty much every med school everywhere else. 1) Is my GPA scored differently to US MD and DO schools compared to Canadian MD schools? (Just wondering if UWO gets weighed differently or anything) 2) Are there any Canadian-friendly US MD and DO schools that do not consider sGPA? I have a total of 4 actual science courses and one of the marks was awful so my sGPA is abysmal. 3) Are there any international options for medical school that consider wGPA and are more lenient on course prequisites? (It's not feasible for me to do a 6th year or second undergrad to get math courses and english) 4) Is a research based masters beneficial to US MD and DO schools or any international schools? I know in Canada it really only makes a difference with U of T and as such, I haven't really considered it but now I'm wondering if that's a good idea Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  3. Hey guys, I'm at a cross-road for where to go if I want to continue the dream of getting into med school. I really goofed up my first couple years leading to an ~3.4 GPA after 6 years (5 years of BioSci and 1 year Psyc minor). The last 2-3 years were decent with a respective 3.6, 3.96, 3.8 GPA. Unfortunately I can't seem to get over the MCAT hump having written 3 times with a 500, 501, and 502 scores. The last one (502) had a 126 in CARS so I decided to apply to UofC and UofA being from Alberta (although definitely not holding my breath). I have very good ECs including fluency in 3 languages, lots of travel experience, and varsity soccer for what it's worth. I've all but given up on the Canadian dream and deciding what my best shot is for med school with hopes of returning back after I'm done. The choice is between USDO, Australia, and Ireland and from the numerous threads I've read so far, it seems like Australia has the slight edge over the others due to the fact that they give MD degrees as well as residency if I am unable to match back to Canada. So I want to get some advice on what you have all found. I'm biased in that I don't want to travel a full day across the world to Australia especially if I'll need to make that commute several times for blocks in order to establish networks here for a possible return. This other thread made USDO sound equivalent to the Australia and Ireland IMG path but that sounds too good to be true. I feel there is bias against USDO degrees rather than USMD or degress from Ireland/Australia. I'd obviously love to stay within North America but I want to maximize my chances of matching. If it helps, I'm aiming for family medicine which is supposedly the least competitive anyways. TLDR: With a 3.4 cGPA and 502 MCAT, what would you do if you were me? USDO/AUS/IRE??? Thanks!
  4. I got accepted for Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Sydney, James Cook University, Curtin University, and University of Newcastle in Australia. I am more towards either for USYD or JCU. I want to hear what others think, please leave your comments down below.
  5. I was recently accepted into the DMD program at U of Sydney and I'm wondering if I can find anyone else who was accepted. Yet to receive the letter in the mail but looking to connect with others/join a Facebook group. Looking forward to starting in January 2018.
  6. Hi, I have a BDS degree. I know that to work in Australia, I have to clear the ADC exam but is ADC exam necessary to work even if I get a Masters degree from Australia?
  7. This forum is for anyone who has applied to the University of Melbourne, Australia DDS program for the 2017 intake!
  8. Hi Friends, I am a 4th year student at the U of A hoping to go to into Med either here at the U of A or in Calgary in the next couple of years. Last semester I participated on an Exchange through Education Abroad to the University of Sydney in Australia. I completed 4 courses while I was there and have been approved for transfer credit for all 4 courses. I was wondering if anyone has any sort of idea how my Australian grades will transfer for my cGPA for my application to U of A Med, because my exchange classes were only counted as pass/fail for my undergrad, but I am almost certain they will count towards my med application. Even if you don't have information for Australia, information from exchanges to other countries would be mucho appreciated! I've emailed both the Faculty of Medicine and the Registrars Office with this question, and they have both basically just referred me to the other! Here is how the Australian grades are broken down at the University of Sydney: High Distinction - 85-100% Distinction - 75-84% Credit 65-74% Pass 50-64% Thanks for your help!
  9. Hi there whoever can help would be a great help. I'm a fourth year BscKin student at UNB Fredericton but I will be graduating hopefully December of 2016. My main goal/dream job is becoming a sports physiotherapist. Growing up I loved sports,loved playing them and loved watching them. I always felt sorry for when players would get injured because that would either end their career or they would suffer for a very long time. So when I would see these sports physiotherapist helping these athletes I felt that it should be my responsibility to help as well. I just have many questions, with the many forums I've read Physiotherapy is quite difficult to get into in Canada for Canadians but its a little bit easier in Australia hence we become international students and we pay more. So my dilemma are my grades, as of now my CGPA is a 2.55 but I still have one more year left. The thing is at UNB if you fail a class and you re-take it they keep the failed grade on the transcript with the recently passed one so that plays with your GPA quite significantly and I think its quite stupid because you've already paid for the course. I know that my my GPA isn't as high as it should be but I'm trying to get it up to at least a 2.8 by the time I'm finished with my undergrad. I also have experience volunteering at the rehabilitation department at my local hospital with a 128 hours under my belt so maybe that can compensate for my GPA. I have been looking at a couple schools like Dal, Manitoba, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Alberta, UBC, Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney. If I can't get into Physiotherapy School yet, my plan B is to get my Physical Therapist Assistant Diploma as well as on the side get my CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) certificates as personal trainer and exercise physiologist and work a little bit in that field of health then apply again to do my masters in Physical Therapy, but I feel that would be going backwards. Would it be a good idea to go from PTA to PT if your grades aren't high enough? Would love to here from whoever can help Thanks
  10. Hi guys - here's a blog written by Dr. Jiayi Hu, a plastic surgery resident in Hamilton, about the choice between going the Canadian undergraduate route or applying to Australia/UK medical schools right out of high school. What are your thoughts? http://mdconsultants.ca/should-i-go-to-australia-or-the-uk-for-medical-school-after-high-school/
  11. Hello! I was considering applying to medical schools abroad. My GPA right not is like 3.2 maybe and i'm currently doing a second degree to try to raise that, but even so I will only be able to apply to schools that look at best years or second degree. Also, i'm in Ontario so :\ Nice to dream of backup ideas... So I have a few questions, especially about Australia (I have family in Australia so living there would be not quite as shocking.... maybe) If I were to go to Australia for medical school and want to match for residency in Canada, but want rural family medicine, is that completely unrealistic? There's two new doctors in my home town (small northwestern ontario town) who just graduated from Caribbean schools, so I know it happens, but is it ridiculous to hope for or is it the more competitive residencies and geographical locations that are of concern? Second question, if I were to go to Australia for medical school, the whole thing would be taken on as debt (I have 0 savings or financial support from my family). How do people do this? Can you do it if you aren't able to pay for it up front? Could you get a line of credit form a Canadian bank to attend and international school? Is that the most stupid idea in the world? Third question, what if I go to school in Australia and love it and just want to stay there or don't match in Canada? Can an IMG going to med school in Australia match for a residency there? How would that work? Thanks for any and all advice:D
  12. Hey, I just thought I would start a thread to see who/where people are applying to in Australia for the 2016 intake. So far I've applied to UQ, USyd, ANU, and Deakin. I'm thinking I might also apply to Griffith since its in such a nice location. For reference my stats are: 30 MCAT (11 VR/ 10 BS/ 9 PS) and 3.08cGPA, which would be a lot higher if I didn't get a 0.58 GPA my first year :/. Also, if you are applying to anywhere outside of Australia, you can post that too because I have also applied to Jagiellonian School of Medicine in English, in Krakow, Poland.
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