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Found 11 results

  1. I'm currently at the end of my first gap year and planning on applying to MD/PhD programs next year. I was initially planning on going the PhD-only route and therefore have quite a bit of research experience but not much of the traditional clinical/premed ECs. What are considered "good" ECs for MD/PhD applications/how much experience do you need? Are clinical ECs (eg volunteering, shadowing etc) as heavily weighted in these applications compared to MD-only? I know some schools are considered EC-heavy but which ones put less weight on ECs?
  2. I'm about to go into my 4th in biomedical science at uOttawa and I'm in a French extended program. Here's my info: - 1st year GPA: 3.3 2nd year GPA: 3.9 3rd year GPA: 3.86 wGPA with OMSAS: 3.78 - Applying to the French stream at uOttawa and NOSM - EC's: French/English tutor, pianist at a church, choir, band, physiotherapy clerk, volunteered at a hospital, piano teacher at elementary school, private tutor (very brief), Sunday lesson teacher for kids, etc. - I live in Ottawa A lot of my EC's are centered around music and tutoring. I don't have 32+ entries like most people and honestly, I feel like my GPA is quite mediocre for med school. I am going to try my hardest to raise it in my 4th year and then write the MCAT (so I can apply to more schools if uOttawa doesn't work out). But, right now what are my chances of even getting an interview? Thanks a lot in advance!
  3. Hi guys, I am very new to this community, so sorry if this question has been asked before. I saw in many of your posts that students have publications (as leading or 2nd, 3rd authors) and conference papers which is really amazing. I wonder if anyone can provide some insights on how can undergrad get their research published. (i.e. is the published work done in summer or you have to stick to a project longer). Thank you so much in advance!!
  4. Hi I have applied to several private schools Northeastern US schools, U of T and western, and Irish schools. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on my chances. I have not yet received any interviews from US schools and don't know if I have missed the boat. Degree: BScH in Life Sciences with Minor in Computing Academics: cGPA: 3.51/4.0 science GPA: 3.48/4.0 Best two years for western: 90.75% Canadian DAT: AA: 20 BIO: 19 CHEM: 20 PAT: 22 RC: 20 TS: 19 ECs: -100 hours shadowing -1 summer working in dental office -1 summer in neuroscience research -1 summer in human mobility research with computing element -President of club that raises money for children with CHD (started club's first conference) -2 (going on 3) semesters as TA in computing
  5. What exactly do first and second year students generally have on their resume/CV when applying for such programs? As they generally tend to have minimal work or lab experiences, but they just put their ECs? Moreover, how much of the likelihood of finding a position is based off your GPA. Would I have to maintain my GPA and ECs the way that they are to would I have to add something else into the mix?
  6. Hi guys, So of course I would love to get into medical school on the first try, but to be completely honest with myself, my application is severely lacking. (No ECs, No volunteering, One summer of research, No pubs, No Submissions, Average GPA, writing MCAT next month). I would be devastated if I don't get in, but I wouldn't be all that surprised. I know this is really what I want to do, so even if it takes me 3+ tries, I'll do it. What should I do with my time until reapplying the year after? (Or for the 2-3 years it takes me to get in?) I was thinking about applying to college to get some practical training, or maybe getting a Master's. Does anyone have any input on how much of an asset these would be to my application? Of course, I'll go find a long-term volunteer placement and commit to it. Any suggestions? Anything I can do to improve my GPA despite already finishing undergrad? Should I keep hunting for research ops? (I know that I really don't want to do research my future, though.) Good luck to everyone this coming cycle, and thanks for your input! ♥ (My first choice is UofT, if that matters at all.)
  7. So I know it's hard to give a full picture on here but I'll give a brief overview I'm currently in 3rd year Life Sci (psych minor), and my MCAT scores: 129/128/127/130 (514 - 90th+ total) My OMSAS cGPA so far is 3.85, but I only took a full course load 1st & 3rd year (and I expect to next year). I only took 4/5 per term in second year (made it up over the summer) due to illness & surgeries. My extracurriculars are pretty typical (president of a club, member of 2 other clubs, part-time job during the year, full time manager work over the summer, hospital & soup kitchen volunteering, musical theatre and a few less significant things). However, it is all but impossible to get any research experience at my school and I'm worried that it's going to screw up a) my chances overall, and any shot at getting a reference letter from a prof. Research positions (even just volunteering in a lab) are reserved for students who are in the grad school pathway, which I am obviously not in since I have never had any interest in grad school I'm not sure how to get to know any of my professors since all of my classes have at least 150 students, and none of my profs hold office hours (you're expected to just speak with TAs if you have questions). So I'm wondering whether its worth applying for the 2017 cycle, or if I should wait another year and hope my 4th year grades & profs are better?
  8. Hi, I just want to ask though, does U of T Medical School accept the EC's being done in other recognized university? I was already on my third year of studies and I did a lot but then we migrated in Canada way back in 2013 and started at YorkU as first year again. Thanks!
  9. Hi everyone! I was just looking for any tips/advice for engineers applying to med school. If any of you are engineers/know ones that have gone through the application process, I'd love to chat! I would appreciate absolutely any insight. I know that the University of Alberta states that they have no preference for degrees or any of that, but I've heard rumors that they can be a tiny bit more lenient when it comes to GPA for engineers? Does anyone know if that's actually true? I get the feeling that they might take it into consideration if they're really thoroughly looking at your application, but if I don't have a high enough GPA to even get to that point, then that could be a problem. I was also wondering if anyone had advice in terms of how to make my application stand out... My engineering background could add a lot of diversity and a different perspective on things than typical applicants, so I was thinking I should try to play that up a bit. Would engineering volunteer experience be just as valuable as something more related to medicine (e.g. volunteering in a lab or hospital)? My GPA will hopefully be about a 3.7-3.8, so I'm thinking that I really need to excel on the MCAT and in my ECs to land an interview. The MCAT might be tough coming from an engineering background, since it seems like students in sciences learn a lot of what the MCAT tests. One last question... If applications are due the October 1st of my 4th year, do they not take into consideration my GPA for my fall and winter 4th year semesters? Do they still drop the lowest year's GPA? Since my lowest year was my first, it seems odd to only consider 2nd and 3rd year in my application.. And I really need my 4th year to count to bump my GPA up. Maybe I'm misunderstanding how it works.
  10. Hey! First of all, I'd like to thank the premed101 community and I'd like to appreciate all you fellow premeds here and the valuable knowledge I have gained through this forum! I graduated from grade 12 last year and permanently moved to Canada. I'm currently preparing for the MCAT and plan to write itbefore this fall so I'm also free to do some extra volunteer work before starting with my bachelors. I'm quite anxious about this part of my application , I have no awareness of where I stand in terms of my ECs. I'm about to start with my first year of undergrad this fall and here are my ECs, please tell me how you feel about them(average, below average etc). -Founding member(press secretary) of an NGO in India working towards betterment of children and women, both health related and economic. -My work includes over 1000 hours over a year in my grade 12 and around 1200 in grade 11 of on site volunteering with my co members and 200 hours of administrative activites like looking for and interviewing new members to join our NGO and advertising our organisation to raise funds. - Organised a free of cost polio immunisation program in a remote village with funds from multiple sources and with the help of medical interns from a local medical college at a rural location with a popuation of 3000 people. The program was targeted at children below the age of 5. We provided around 200 children with free polio immunisation. -Language proficiency in 4 different languages learned over 3 years. (I don't know if this can count as an EC) -Weight lifting and athletics about 5 hours a week for the last 2 years(I'm not even sure about this if it can count as an EC) -Hospital volunteering in Canada since the last sept and I think I'll continue doing that through my undergrad. -Volunteer cook in a free of cost community kitchen since last few years in India. -Work as a part time server during summers in Canada. -Nothing academic related though I'm yet to start with my undergrad and hope to work in a research lab over summers. You might say that I have quite a lot of time to think and work on my ECs but I'll be applying after 2 years of undergrad to UofA because I don't think I can afford all 4 years of undergrad due to monetary reasons. So I just have these 2 years to work on my app. Please tell me what you think about my application. I have done this stuff quite genuinely with self interest before deciding that I want to become a doctor. Since I'm new to Canada I'd also like to know what other types of activities are there that can be done to enhance my application. Any help is deeply appreciated. Thankyou in advanced!
  11. I have done 5 different university intramural sports throughout my undergrad, for the past 3 years, for varying numbers of semesters for each sport. Any idea if I should clump them together into one EC, or keep them all separate? I don't want to seem like I am artificially expanding my application. Thanks!
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