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Found 23 results

  1. Hi Everyone, As the MMI comes nearer I was wondering if people who have given it in the past or who are planning to give it can share what their experience was like and what kind of mindset helped them to approach it. Also what makes Alberta's program unique? Why have you applied there (Apart from convenience of location) Andddd... which location have you applied to and why? I look forward to hearing from and engaging with all of you <3 Thanks
  2. What's up people, I know this forum has people from all over Canada and just wanted some opinions on these cities. What are the best / worst things about each. Also some specifics: Cost of living, people/social life, proximity to activities/other cities, enviorment/nature, climate, highlights (parks, resorts, resturants), job oppourtunities, etc. Anything relavent to the living experience. Would love to be in close proximety to both parks and downtown. Love to get away from work and go have a bite to eat and then go hiking. Big fan of nature & nightlife too. Would love any input (even on cities not mentioned here!) would like to get a grasp on the different cities in Canada. If any has an advantage in medical oppourtunities that would be great too, ie: big hospitals, research, etc (from what I gather: vancouver is really expensive and rains a lot but has really nice views, lakes, mountains. Calgary/Edmonton is really cold and is more of a small city pretty far from everything but also has nice mountain ranges but nightlife is questionable, Toronto is just a big city great nightlife but with really small parks uncomparable to the others). Cheers, Richard
  3. Hey there, Just wanted a little insight on Alberta/Edmonton/Calgary as a whole. Being from Toronto, don't have much experience about it other than the fact that its freezing cold lol. How do you like the cities? How is the cost of living, weather, social life/people, activities, enviorment, etc. compared to Toronto/Vancouver. Cheers, Richard
  4. Edmonton electives? Feb 9-24, 2018 Studio apt steps from University is Alberta Hospital www.MedsHousing.com Listing# 20882 Available Feb 9-24 2018. Studio apartment available steps from the University of Alberta Hospital and LRT. $300 per week. Includes a queen bed, futon, tv, full kitchen and bathroom. Laundry is located on the same floor.
  5. Edmonton-Shared-Large bedroom in a town house for rent 17058 67 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada As seen on : MedsHousing.com Listing ID #0012043 Large bedroom with deep closet. Private half bath with shared access to shower. Friendly household home to two kittens.
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to say that I am a non-traditional student but then again, it's complicated. I am an RN in Saskatchewan and I want to go to med school. It has always been my dream to be a Dr. but as an immigrant, I had to get my PR one way or the other to qualify so I decided to study nursing as it a great career that I loved to get into and it was going to help me get my PR faster. After becoming a nurse, i feel like i need to do more which made me start researching med schools in Canada as it was my initial goal. Thing is, I do not have any premed courses (biochem, chem, organic chem, physics, etc) that will prepare me for the MCAT but someone told me that I don't have to take those courses but I should take prep courses like Kaplan or Prep101 which is what I intend to do. Can someone please advise or give me tips on what to do and anyone else in my current situation? I plan to go to Calgary or Edmonton in May or June for one of the prep courses when I decide which one to take. I know i have a lot of questions and I might not seem straight forward, so just let me know of any clarifications you might need.
  7. Edmonton-Large 2 bedroom furnished downtown condo for rent 10403 98 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada Posted on August 30, 2016 www.MedsHousing.com Listing ID #0009403 Large furnished downtown condo for rent, available immediately. 1254 sq feet including 2 bedrooms, 2 full bathrooms, and a den Located on 4th (top) floor of a quiet building Condo features include in-suite laundry, 9-ft vaulted ceilings, galley-style kitchen with dishwasher, west-facing balcony, and one underground parking stalls (extra parking stall available for an additional monthly fee)! The building features a car wash in the parkade plus a small gym. Monthly fee is $1800 and includes condo fees, heat, water, parking and electricity. Condo furnishings included: Office – desk, lazy-boy recliner, small table Living room – couches, coffee and side tables, tv stand (sorry, no TV) Bedrooms – beds, small dresser and side tables (no bedding unless specifically requested) Kitchen – basic cookware/dishware, dining room table, dining room ‘hutch’/shelving unit Miscellaneous décor Available immediately 6 or 12 month lease Security deposit $1800 Please contact through MedsHousing.com for any questions!
  8. Hi UofA PT/OT students. It is not secret that accommodation is expensive in Edmonton. So I thought I could start a topic to share tips about renting and to look for roommates since most of us will probably be sharing. Do not hesitate to let us know if you find an affordable place. Plus it would be nice to get to know one another before school starts. .
  9. Edmonton-Downtown 2 bedroom condo -3.6 km to U of A Hospital. on the bike path. 10909 103 Avenue Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada find this fabulous condo on www.MEDShousing.com Listing ID #0007562 https://medshousing.com/properties/great-downtown-edmonton-highrise-for-rent/ This spacious, condo is perfect for young professionals looking for a central urban living. Medical Residents/Students are preferred. It’s located in a great area (on 104 ave and 109 st) in a steel and concrete high-rise on the 12th floor. It’s a block from groceries, and more importantly, it’s 11 mins bike ride (3.6km) to the University of Alberta Hospital, and an 11 drive to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. It’s right on a bike path and super close to restaurants, bars etc on Jasper ave. The neighbourhood is great (lots of residents/docs also live in the area/building) I loved living there, and had I not moved to Calgary for the mountains, I would have stayed there. It’s about 1200sq ft. 2 bed, 2 bath, with tile and engineered hardwood flooring in an open concept main living area. It comes with an underground parking stall and an extra storage unit on the deck (I have a lot of gear – I had no problem storing everything, AND winter tires). It is partially furnished with a couch, TV hutch and stand, bookshelf, side table, BBQ, dining table, bar and all the usual kitchen appliances, washer/dryer. I’m sure the current tenant would be amenable to negotiate selling some of his stuff. This condo is available July 1, with earlier move-in likely available. Not what you are looking for? lots more to see on www.MEDshousing.com
  10. EXAMKRACKERS STUDY PACKAGE (8th Edition)Verbal/CARS $15 Chemistry $30 Biology $40 (originally $51.99 USD) Physics $35 Chemistry $30 Whole package $115 (costed over $250 USD) NEWEST 2015 EXAMKRACKERS STUDY PACKAGE (9th Edition) $215 KAPLAN MCAT PREMIER $39 ($150 value!!) KAPLAN ADVANCED PREP FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS $39Very helpful book with tips and tricks on how to get a TOP SCORE on the MCAT! Aimed specifically at those who wish to score 90+ percentile. Examkrackers Organic Chemistry MCAT Flashcards $5
  11. EXAMKRACKERS STUDY PACKAGE (8th Edition)Verbal/CARS $15 Chemistry $30 Biology $40 (originally $51.99 USD) Physics $35 Chemistry $30 Whole package $115 (costed over $250 USD) NEWEST 2015 EXAMKRACKERS STUDY PACKAGE (9th Edition) $215 KAPLAN MCAT PREMIER $39 ($150 value!!) KAPLAN ADVANCED PREP FOR ADVANCED STUDENTS $39Very helpful book with tips and tricks on how to get a TOP SCORE on the MCAT! Aimed specifically at those who wish to score 90+ percentile. Examkrackers Organic Chemistry MCAT Flashcards $5
  12. Hey everyone, Wasn't able to find a post about in-person practice in Edmonton, but would anyone be interested in getting together to practice a little bit before heading down? I'm free almost every day at any time between now and Friday. Thanks, Jack
  13. Hey everyone! I must apologize for asking these nebulous questions. To give some brief context, I am a 4th year student (2012-6), spending two years in open studies (2010-2012). My life got derailed by a severe illness in January 2011, which made required treatment over that summer and the fall term of 2012 (which I couldn't attend classes for) and winter term of 2013. I've been working hard since then to do research and obtain the necessary pre-requisites, and subsequently my volunteering hours are not superb. However, where I really suffer is in Extra-curricular activities. To be honest, I haven't done structured athletic activities (I work out by myself). Nor have I attended anything that would be a 'cultural event'. Therefore I'm thinking about including Drumming, which I did from 2006-2010, as well as a rock climbing group I attended from 2006-9. If desperate I might include family vacations (this would be much more recent). Would going back that far be appropriate? Are family vacations actually appropriate? I guess another question would be does anyone know if I can list my research experience both as employment (I was paid, though admittedly by scholarship) and describe it as diversity of experience (for the Edmonton application)? Could I add my upcoming research I'm doing for credit this term as diversity of experience? Sorry for rambling on about this and thanks for your opinions/help. Note: I know for OSMAS the cutoff is at 16 (which fits for drumming, and may count for climbing); this mainly focuses on the Edmonton & Calgary applications.
  14. Hello, I have an MCAT seat in Edmonton for August 22, 2015. I would be willing to give to someone in need for only $90 (since I do need to pay cancellation fees) since I know there are very few spots (none) left in August! I will give the seat to the first person who contacts me and who lives in Edmonton or can meet me in Edmonton. SO MESSAGE ME ASAP!
  15. I am looking to form a study group. If you're interested please reply here or PM me!
  16. Hello, I have an MCAT seat in Edmonton for August 22, 2015 up for grabs!!!!! Hurry up I would be willing to give to someone if they're willing to trade for a seat in September OR pay $70 USD (for my cancellation fees) I will give the seat to the first person who contacts me and who lives in Edmonton or can meet me in Edmonton. SO MESSAGE ME ASAP!
  17. Hello, I have an MCAT seat in Edmonton for August 22, 2015. I will give the seat to the first person who contacts me and who lives in Edmonton or can meet me in Edmonton. SO MESSAGE ME ASAP!
  18. Congrats to the new students! My parents bought a condo for me when I was in Edmonton for med school, and now they are looking to rent it out. One bedroom, 10-15min walk to campus, amazing views of downtown, super trendy area close to all the good restaurants and coffee shops, 1 parking stall. 15min drive to the other hospitals in the city. Lots of other med students/residents and law students in the building. They are asking 1250/month - can negotiate partially furnished or unfurnished. Building also has a small pool and gym. PM me if you are interested/need more info and I can put you in touch with them
  19. If you are reading this, CONGRATULATIONS! It means you likely got into meds/dents/residency program at U of A! Now it's time to look for a great place to call home for the next 4 years + ! My wife and I are relocating back to Calgary, so we are selling our condo. Before we bring on board a realtor, I thought I'll throw a post here. Let me tell you a little more about our condo first and see if it's something you are interested in: Address: 9917 - 110 Street. A concrete apartment building called Rosedale Place. Adult only. It's on 11th floor (out of 13), corner unit. 2 bed 1 bath, 775 sq ft, 1 heated underground parking spot included. Recently ungraded Kitchen and bath with Quartz countertops, under-mount sinks, SS appliances; new laminate flooring. Great location (please check it on Google Map), very safe and convenient. Basically downtown / university living without paying the premium of university real estate. Just to list a few: across the river from U of A; 1 block from transit station with 1 stop to U of A, 2 stops to Health Sciences/University Hospital; 3.6km/10 min drive to Royal Alex Hospital; 2 blocks to grocery store (Save-On-Foods); tons of restaurants within walking distance (Jasper Ave); walk to river valley/running trails... Available July 1st. My wife has been living there during her med school and residency, we can't say enough about the location. Please feel free to let me know if any questions. Pictures available soon. Cheers!
  20. I was so upset to see that there were no more Alberta seats left for writing the MCAT. If anyone is looking to reschedule their dates, has received an offer to a med school, or is unable to write in August for any reason, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE message me. I do not want to have to leave the country to write because I just can't afford the added costs! I would really appreciate it
  21. Hi everyone! My friend and I are starting an(other) MMI practice group here in Edmonton, as the other groups seem to have filled up. We plan to make this group meet regularly and continuously until early March next year in order to prepare as much as possible for the upcoming MMIs. We don't plan on setting a limit to how many people can join, as we anticipate that people will come and go. If you are interested, just send me a PM with your email and I'll send you more details. Thanks!
  22. Does anyone have any MMI practice sessions running or would like to run some at UofA or in Edmonton? Please PM me. Thanks!
  23. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in forming a group to practice and prepare for the multiple mini interview?
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