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Found 12 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am a Canadian applicant who graduated in 2018 with a 3.69 cGPA/3.8 GPA to Western/Queen's & 3.7 GPA to US schools. My MCAT is 516 (129/127/130/130) (2019) (Past: 509, 512) and I have a very strong EC and research experience with no publications. I had no interview invites the last 2 years (Canada & US) and I'm afraid it was due to my low GPA for Canadian schools. For US schools, my options were very limited as I did not meet some course pre-reqs, and I understand space is limited for Canadian applicants. I feel like I'm getting no where in my 3rd application cycle and I thought of some future plans, but not sure if these would be helpful 1) Should I retake the MCAT (Feb/Mar) and aim for a CARS 128+ (Would open up Western) 2) Should I go to Grad School (2yrs) would this investment be worth it (Would make it easier for UofT & Queen's). Also wondering if there is a disadvantage to a course-based grad program. 3) Instead of Grad, should I go back to school to meet pre-reqs for US schools? Even with them would it really increase my chances? 4) Should I apply abroad (Ireland, Australia, etc)? I heard there are 6 year programs which would take the same amount of time as going to grad school here + 4 yrs med. I'm also afraid of the debt I'll be in as well as having to live in extremely rural areas. I know this is what I really want, but I feel like I'm spending too much time stuck in the application cycles and want to find a way to be more beneficial to my application. I'm wondering if there are truly no options for a student who is stuck with their GPA. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  2. I'm trying to decide between 2 schools for a MSc thesis based program. One is larger, in a much more scenic location, more institutional funding, and has a better global reputation. The other is much smaller. I am doing my masters because I enjoy the topic I'm studying, hoping a masters will help with my application and at the same time, give me training needed to prepare for an alternative career. Everyone is telling me to go to the one with a better reputation because they think better reputation = better faculty = more diverse class = better educational training = better job prospects in case med doesn't work out and the location will make my experience more pleasant. Even I agree with these points. Despite everything though, I am STILL leaning towards the smaller school because I think it'll mean a more close-knit and supportive community. More faculty attention means possibly more support to publish (isn't research productivity the main benefits of a masters?), and securing stronger reference letters in the end. If my end goal is medicine, what ultimately matters when choosing a grad program? How likely you will publish, and the fit (regardless of reputation)?
  3. Hi everyone, I have been seeing a lot of mixed answers to what cGPA a second undergrad would be considered necessary/highly recommended. So according to your opinion, what is the cGPA that work experience/grad school can't really make up for? This is assuming that the applicant would only want to go to medicine, nothing else as a career choice, but is flexible enough to like research/work.
  4. So I am a BC resident with some GPA issues. I applied to UBC this cycle with an aGPA of. I think my ECs are good but I do realize I need basically a miracle to get an interview and I have yet to have my ECs judged by UBC anyway so who knows. I've already done 5.5 years of an undergrad degree and am now done the requirements to graduate. My grades show an extreme upward trend with a competitive >3.8 wGPA for Queens, so I applied there as well (however it seems theres a lot of luck to get a Queens interview so while I am hopeful I'm also pretty realistic.) ALSO I'm not full course load so Western is a no go. Assuming I get 0 interviews, I'm thinking of doing a Master's degree. I noticed there are some course-based program which offer around 50 credits worth of courses. Considering UBC considers grad and undergrad courses equal this might be a feasible way to bring up my GPA. Does anybody have experience with this? Specifically an MPH? I am also interested in some thesis-based programs however they seem to only have about 12 credits of courses. This is like 1 semester which I feel like wouldn't do much... Does anyone know if its possible to do more courses in a thesis based masters?
  5. So my undergrad GPA has not been the best and to top that off I am from a school where most people do not take 5 courses/semester so recently realizing that this is the norm across Canada has been unfortunate. I applied to Queens (high wGPA&MCAT) and UBC (IP) this year but for UBC my GPA is on the lower end of the bell curve. Anyway, I am wanting to apply to grad school to start Fall 2017 in case I get rejected at both schools. I am very interested in research (have a good amount of research experience) and would want to use this to increase my GPA. As well as the trend it seems (at least for UBC given the new stats) and quite obviously at Queens is an increase of applicants with at least a Master's getting accepted. Does anyone have experience with this (applying to med & grad school in the same year)? I know grad school applications are due ~January. Will there be a conflict with dates in case I do interview? Thanks!!
  6. Hey guys, Anyone know for sure what OT schools use grad school grades when calculating your GPA? Thanks1
  7. Hey everyone, I've sort of hit a bit of a roadblock in terms of decision-making moving forward. After a very poor first UG (2.8 GPA), I decided to do a 2nd UG in order to pursue my dream of becoming a physician. I did reasonably well (GPA = 3.7) but I realize that for med school GPAs, this may definitely not be competitive enough. My second undergrad was a full BA in Psychology completed in 2 years with full 30-credit course loads at UBC. Currently, my MCAT scores are (I am registered for a re-write in May and am absolutely confident I can do better than this): CPFBS: 126 CARS: 128 BBFLS: 125 PSBFB: 128 Total: 507 My ECs include: Volunteering/working as a Research Assistant (2 years: 1 abstract, 1 poster, 1 second author publication, another publication in the works) clinical: Hospital Patient Visiting for 2 years Hospital short term care assistant (6 months) community: Peer Counselling/Mental Health Wellness Service (2 years) Alumni Coordinator for my undergraduate society (1 year) Worked as a legal assistant for 1 year Volunteered as a admin assistant for the Cancer Society for 1 year Manager for a contracting firm (work) (1 year) athletics: Captain and Coaching Soccer for 3 years indoor soccer, outdoor soccer, etc. At this point, I was hoping for some advice. I could apply to some schools and take my (slim) chances getting an interview. Or I could go into grad school and complete my MSc in Neuroscience. I already have an amazing supervisor lined up who is begging me to do my grad degree with the lab, but I really want to go into medicine. I enjoy research, but I really miss being able to interact with patients when I'm doing the desk work. Based on my stats, can anyone provide me any insight? Would I be better off doing my Masters and then applying or should I just try my hand at applications with my current background. Any tips are appreciated!
  8. Hi everyone! Sorry for the long post, but just looking for some quick advice on grad school/applying! I'm currently finishing my first year of grad school in a 2 year thesis-based MSc in epidemiology. After a lot of discussion and contemplation, I've decided that I really want to apply to med school once I'm finished. However in a recent conversation with my supervisor, he suggested that my project was coming along really well and that if I transferred to the PhD stream this summer I could probably finish it in an extra year and a half (so 3.5 total, as opposed to 2 years for the Masters). I am enjoying the project, however given the timing of admissions (I'd probably finish in Dec 2017), I'm a bit torn on whether to delay applying for another 2 years to transfer. I am interested in pursuing research as a clinician, so that's why I'm drawn to getting the PhD as opposed to simply sticking with the MSc. However, I'm a bit unclear as to whether there would be a significant benefit to having a PhD vs MSc, especially since this will be before I start medical school and decide what to specialize in (for instance, my project is examining lung cancer outcomes, however I don't know at this point if oncology is what I'll end up in). I know I could apply for MD/PhD programs, however that would be an extra 3-4 years (vs 1.5) at this point, and since you typically start your research only a year into medical school, I think I might have the same problem about the focus of my research. Alternatively, I know if I apply now and decide later that I really do want to pursue the PhD, I could do so after medical school part-time or through one of the clinician-scientist training programs, so I'm not sure if that's a better option, especially considering the difference in funding/salary at that point. I think another issue that's drawing me to the PhD is that this would be my first time applying (if I applied this Oct, assuming I stick with the MSc), so I don't have the best idea what my chances of getting in this year are. My undergrad GPA is decent (3.88/4), and I do have a number of ECs and a couple of publications (not first author), but unfortunately most of my research activities (conferences, first-author publications) will be done this year after the October application deadline. I'll be writing my MCAT in late August, so I'd have to decide before I get those results. Thanks for any and all advice! TL;DR Applying to med school and want to do clinical research. Trying to decide whether it is worth it to delay applying for 2 years to transfer from MSc to PhD
  9. Hey all, Has anyone written the DAT while they were in grad school/working full/over-time? I'm finishing up the first year of my Master's and am thinking of studying for the November DAT beginning of May. Sounds pretty early, but my program is so demanding that I think I'll really need it. I'll be taking a first-year English course May-August and then hopefully TAing starting September, so scheduling everything well and ahead of time will be a top priority. If anyone can give their input with regards to scheduling and materials they used (I already have a bunch from the first time I wrote the DAT, but will really have to prioritize this second time around), then that would be greatly appreciated!
  10. Hi everyone, So I am an IP applicant, who studied a year in physiology, switched into Eng (both at McGill) and about to finish. I applied to Ont, and Quebec schools this year for med was rejected from McGill (after interview), Ont (low MCAT), and UdeM (low TFI) and still waiting to hear from UdeS and UdeL. After my interview at McGill, I convinced myself that I didn't need to look into grad school/work, but now I do. So my question is for those who did not get into med school the first time, what did you do? How did it help your profile? Were you able to continue it during med school? For those in med school, what would you have liked to do before med? work experience? travel? volunteer? grad school/research? Your opinions/advice is greatly appreciated!
  11. So as everyone probably knows, my school's TAs went on strike. UTSC, my campus, has said that this semester, we can credit/no credit any courses we want, even course requirements. I should be doing fairly well in all my courses (minimum 3.7GPA) except for math, (MATA30). This course I'm probably going to get a seventy something and was wondering if I should credit no credit this math course. A page dedicated to this stuff said that the Registrar will send letters upon request to grad schools explaining this stuff and why people took credit no credit. The site and the details are here: http://www.utsc.utoronto.ca/~registrar/general/faq My question is, will grad schools care about thus letter or anything at all? I heard some places look at courses with CR/N and assume it's a 50% if they see it. However this is no ordinary credit/no credit, it's under special circumstances due to the strike. So what do I do? I organized my schedule all 4 years so that I have the pre requisites to apply to dentistry, med, pharmacy, and law school and I plan to apply pretty much everywhere, all over Canada and US schools as well. So, does anyone know what I should do?? I feel like in an interview i could easily explain and get away with the credit no credit by just talking about how bug UofT is and how critical the small tutorials are for math etc.
  12. I'm currently a fourth year in neuroscience at DAL. I'm not sure if I should do a 5th year and try to apply to grad school or graduate this year and start a degree in nursing or health promotions before applying to Dal med. I know I will have to work harder and that even having the grades might not get me in, but I'm willing to try. Here are my stats: Grades based on OMSAS: 1st Year: 3.8 2nd Year: 3.58 3rd Year: 2.56 (failed course) I plan on writing the 2015 MCAT. ECs: 2 years of hospital volunteering, 1 year volunteer tutor, work during the year, leadership positions worked at camps. Here are my questions: 1. If I do a second undergrad degree does Dal look at grades from the first one? 2. I have taken quite a few classes in health promotions, so assuming I finish my second degree in two years. Will I be able to apply after the first year of the degree or will I have to wait until I graduate from that degree considering Dal looks at the last 2 years (assuming they only look at my second degree). 3. Am I lacking ECs? If so what specifically and what do you recommend? 4. Has anyone ever been accepted with a second UG degree? Sorry for the long post. Any guidance will be appreciated.
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