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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys! I'm an Ontario student applying for the first time applying to AMCAS. I know that it says you can add reference letters after you submit your AMCAS application. So, if I wanted to submit my primary application so that it can get verified (because I know I'm a bit late to the game and July is the busy season), am I able to just select "I have no letters to add" and then submit my application and add my letter entries afterwards. Or, is it best to add at least one or two of my references in now, before I submit.
  2. If I apply for both PT and OT programs, do I need 2 sets of letter of reference (2 LOR for PT program and another 2 LOR for OT program)? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hey everyone, I've submitted my primary and have gotten it verified, and also have my letters of recommendation marked as received. However, what I realized later is that these LORs explicitly need signatures and letter heads (some thing I did not mention to my writers). While some of them have experience using AMCAS, I don't think they all do. My question is, will I get a notification from AMCAS/any particular medical school when I attempt to submit my secondaries, that my letter of reference does not meet the requirements. At this point, I'm just assuming that one of my referees missed one of these requirements. Thanks
  4. First post here! I am finishing a bachelor of science in Kinesiology, BUT, the degree is within the faculty of education. Logically, I thought that Kinesiology courses would be science, but its not in the faculty of science. This is also a completely different degree to recreation and health education, which is also at our school, where students would take a bunch of sport courses like "Badminton" and they receive a bachelor of arts. In Kinesiology, we take cellular physiology, systemic physiology, exercise physiology, motor learning, motor control, functional anatomy, etc. In addition, it is a requirement to get into the Kinesiology program through completion of a year of chemistry, year of biology, and half a year of physics. So, if I were to get LORs from professors in Kinesiology, would this count towards the science letters since it is obviously science-intensive and is a bachelor of science, despite being in the faculty of education?
  5. Hi all, Applying to Western this year and am a little worried about my LORs. I have two solid ones - one from my supervisor at the Public Health Agency of Canada and one from a professor I have now done two thesis projects with, both of whom I know intimately. However, I`m at a loss for a third reference letter. I have a couple people who are willing to write me a letter but have basically stated that they wouldn`t be able to give me a super good reference because they don`t know me very well. I have heard that the LOR process is more of a red flag at some other schools, but is this the same at Western? Would the two strong reference letters be able to make up for a comparatively week third? Thanks in advance!
  6. Just wondering what your thoughts are on reference letter length, font, size? Is a good target 1 page, 12 font?
  7. Hey folks, I have a few questions regarding the selection of referees, particularly the character/non-academic reference, for McMaster and NOSM (although insight on how any of the Ontario schools evaluate referees is welcome). Some of these q's have been pseudo-answered on the board but please let me know if you guys have any suggestions for my specific situation (or post a link if any of these can be answered on another thread). Apologies in advance for the lengthy post! A bit of background: I just finished my second UG degree and feel confident with my main academic referee. For the character reference however, I'm a little concerned about who I should select. My high school guidance counsellor, who supervised me in numerous activities in HS, and knows me relatively well, was the first person I thought of to write the character LOR. I've contacted him already, (but haven't put his name in the system yet) and I'm confident that this would be a strong LOR and that he could comment on my character/personal development from high school up to now (range of 10 years). However, as I'm a Non-trad and in my mid-twenties age wise, i'm wondering how Mac, NOSM and the rest of the Ontario schools would judge a LOR coming from someone who supervised activities I was associated with in HS (ie. 10 years ago). I was under the impression that DEPTH/Length of the referee knowing you would be a good thing, especially if he can comment on my development from HS until my 2nd degree completion. But after speaking to a couple of friends in the med field, it's come to my attention that having a referee from my HS days and being an older applicant may actually look bad (because I've been out of HS for so long, and should therefore have a character referee from a more recent experience), and that instead I should get a referee from an employer/volunteer setting. Although I could ask for referees from an employer/volunteer position, I don't think they could write a LOR as strong as my HS supervisor. The gist (or..MAPing ) of this question is: will a character referee from my high school days, with the position title along the lines of "Former High School Guidance Counsellor/Supervisor" on my online application be a hindrance to my app, even though this ref would likely write a stronger LOR than my employers (most of which would be summer employers, thus less depth/shorter time knowing me)? Or should I stick to asking an employer who knew me for a shorter amount of time but is from a more recent experience? Thanks!
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