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Found 9 results

  1. Hello premeds! Hope you guys are staying well and safe. It's that time of year again. With application season starting, I wanted to offer some support to those getting busy with writing their applications. For some context, I'm a current med student who helped out a few re-applicants last year on their applications and they were accepted to multiple schools this year! Some general tips taken from my last year's post: Verbs > Adverbs: find verbs that highlight your accomplishments and responsibilities. Adverbs don't add much weight to a sentence and they take up your character count. Be specific! Use numbers, names, places - anything that solidifies your experience and provides some context. Specifics stick in the reviewer's brain more than vague and wishy-washy statements. Pick your most important responsibilities from each activity - use the characters you have to highlight the most impactful accomplishments rather than making a list of everything you did. If you have room, talk about the impact it had on you or the community (this will depend on what activity you are describing). I'll be offering one-on-one help to a few people over the summer so feel free to reach out. I wish you all the best of luck in coming application year!
  2. Hey guys, I really need some thoughts here. I am a second year UBC premed currently work 5-10 hours at Sportchek on the weekend as a sales person. Will this be a ok EC? The job really brushed up my customer service skills and multi-tasking ( prioritizing customers when the store gets busy, etc) and will this experience look good on the application? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hey everyone, To those with a high NAQ, if you are comfortable with sharing, what did you put in your application? Particularly: -Long-term commitments? -Medical/health-related activities? -High performance activites? -Activites witth impressive results? (e.g. prevented company from losing $916,000,000 like Trump?) -Short but impressive activities? (e.g. 10-hour competition or something) -Research work? -Wording? Did you describe the activity, or build a story about your growth, or talk abotu facts and figures for accomplishments? -Breadth and filling out every section? -Unique activites? (e.g. sailing acorss the globe) I'm having some trouble thinking what to commit to and how to word things in the future. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi! New to this forum so excuse me if I am doing anything wrong! I am finishing up my UBC app, and I am thinking about including my experience with an eating disorder as a non-academic activity under "diversity of experiences." One of the examples listed in the help guide was "intense experience as a patient." My ED dictated my life for 4.5 years... I think experiencing/recovering from it really helped me develop a lot of courage, independence, and perseverance.....I'm from a small town where I would have been highly stigmatized basically ostracized if people knew about it, and there weren't available local treatment options. My parents weren't able to afford psychotherapy and I had to seek/go through treatment on my own when I moved to university. I was in outpatient treatment for ~ 1 year. My verifier would either be an RN, RD, or psychiatrist. I considered myself 100% "recovered" as of ~1.5 years ago, which is why I feel like mentioning this won't mean that they think I'm "mentally unfit" for medicine (I'm still in treatment for other problems, but I won't be mentioning these, haha). Opinions? I've heard mentioning mental health on apps is kind of a faux pas, but I feel like EDs are in a bit of a grey zone?
  5. Hey everyone, just curious about my extra-curriculars and what your opinions are as to how UBC's AdCom might see them. Thanks in advance for the input! Awards: 2 small entrance scholarships 3 high school bursaries research: directed studies (single semester research project, kind of like a half-honours) Honours thesis 3 poster presentations for my honours research, one at national conference, one university level, one department level Volunteering: assistant hockey coach for 10 yr olds for 1 year in gr 12 lab volunteer for 2 years doing genotyping and training new volunteers hospital volunteer for 2 years volunteer with autistic individual helping them with their favourite recreational activities for just under a year member of a club that fundraises and plans for a yearly trip to honduras to bring medical aid to impoverished community for 2 years work: science tutor during my last year of university, employed by the faculty of science to assist first year students forest fire fighter for 3 summers gas station for 2 years dairy queen for 1 year minor hockey referee for 4 years in high school other: tutored a girl for 1 year in high school certified as emergency medical responder in BC organized yearly kids day event at the fire fighting base i worked at avid SCUBA diver, hockey player, and backcountry hiker mcat: phys/cars/bio/psych 131/130/131/127 for total of 519 (98th percentile) aGPA ~90% prereq GPA ~82% (had a rough first year, very strong upward trend) IP applicant Thanks again!
  6. For people with two or more applications that did not unfortunately get in, did your NAQ score change significantly (+/- 4) with no change on your part from one cycle to another?
  7. I played Classical Piano for about 12 years before switching to jazz. I play in a quartet now (been doing so for about a year and a half), whereas when I played Classical music it was solo. Does this warrant creating two entries in Diversity of Experience instead of one? That's what I did last cycle, but my NAQ was pretty awful, lol.. so I'm wondering what everyone else thinks?
  8. Hello, I've gotten numerous messages on this topic and it's tough to reply to all of you (I want to, but I just can't, sorry!) Most of them are on the issue of NAQ score and how to improve them. To give a little context, I got rejected last year by UBC as an OOP, but I made the IP cut-off despite an average GPA and MCAT: GPA: 82.88 MCAT: 30 ECs: Lots of research, community work, and leadership AQ: 21.49 NAQ: 33.70 TFR: 55.19 I got a lot of messages as soon as I posted my stats asking what I wrote for my ECs and how I wrote them. Here are a few tips for you guys applying this year: 1: Understand your audience Recognize that you're one of the 1000s of applications reviewers are reading. What are the consequences of that? a. the reviewers can't read every detail you write, b. they won't spend time scrutinizing your ECs, and c. they aren't going to make assumptions and inferences about you, they're going to take everything for its face value. Just from realizing this aspect, you can already start to tailor your application accordingly. You won't waste characters in your app trying to impress with long sophisticated words 2: Understand the purpose of the app This is clearly stated in the app website itself. Read through it and it will tell exactly what they are asking for. Look through their guide at http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/help-guide-2015-2016/ to understand what they want to know about you. It got very easy for me after this point. 3: Approach your app as a holistic entity You want to write a clear and concise story for the reader that they can a. follow through and b. understand what you're all about after reading it. This is was the biggest factor for me. I knew myself. I knew what I was passionate about and what activities I did as resume fillers. Focus on your passion. Develop themes. For me, I focused on photography, research, squash, and youth civic engagement. Within each theme, I had anywhere from 2-4 activities that I worked on because I truly believed in them. What that does is it makes writing for them a lot easier because words literally flow out of your finger trips. You want to speak from your heart keeping in mind what they are asking for. I can truly say it's not about what you did, it's about how you write it. And that is solely based on if you are passionate about what you did. I do think it's possible to weed out applicants who have 4.0 GPAs but never showed any passionate and commitment to their art, and that is exactly what they are looking for. 4. You don't need scholarships and publications. I had 0 scholarships in the awards section. I only had local and very small recognition titles. Nothing fancy. I had 0 research publications, just a couple abstracts at conferences. Again, they are not looking for those things, those sections are there to make the app easier to follow, that is all. I hope that answers some of the questions. As for the rest, please try to post questions here as many of you guys had similar questions. I'll try to answer them here moving forward. Thank you
  9. I'm currently working on my application and I am quickly realizing that I do not have anywhere close to enough Non-Academic Activities to fill out all the spaces for the entire application. So far for Non-Academics I have: - 2/3 Leadership - 2/3 Service Ethic - 2/5 Capacity to Work with Others - 7/12 Diversity of Experience - 2/3 High Performance in an Area of Human Endeavor Are there any applicants from last year that can give some feedback on whether that is even close to enough? I know it also depends on grades, length/responsibility of non-academic commitments, work experience, etc. But it would be good to get a general idea of whether or not I am in trouble for Non-academic. I know they really stress it at UBC. Thanks! =)
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