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Found 62 results

  1. I have a question regarding eligibility for Ottawa. Here are my course load/ year so far: Year 1: 8 courses = 4.0 credits/FCE year 2: 9 courses = 4.5 credits/ FCE year 3: 10 courses = 5.0 credits/FCE currently taking a summer course. Will that qualify for 3 years of full time studies or 2? I am planning my courses for my 4th year and am deciding wether or not to overload to make all 4 years count in the event I am not granted an interview invite this cycle. If they do I will not need to over load. Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. Hi all, i'm new to this site so please let me know if should post this elsewhere, here are my stats: - Applied to: McMaster, Western, Queens, UofT and Ottawa - Senior (currently finishing my 4th year) - 3.97 raw cGPA, 3.97 2YGPA (Queens + Western), 3.97 Ottawa GPA, 3.99 UofT weighted GPA - MCAT: 519 (132/125/131/131) - Research: >1000 hours of full-time paid research (2 summers of research, one ended with a poster presentation) - Volunteering: 80 hours of clinical volunteering, 200 hours of volunteering as a research assistant, 60 hours as a math tutor - ECs: tennis and art as long-term hobbies - Awards: x2 NSERC USRA, multiple scholarships based on GPA - CASPer: doing it this saturday - Essays/LORs: not feeling too bad about them, but i'm not expecting them to make up for weaknesses in other parts of my application - In province, non-SWOMEN My main issue is my MCAT score - i realize that a 125 basically put me out of McMaster and Western (I'm not sure about Queens?). if i don't get any interviews this cycle, should i retake the MCAT or focus on applying to US MD schools? I'm just worried of retaking the exam and the result being that my CARS doesn't increase and my other sections decrease. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, While fine-tuning my application, I realized that I may need to write an academic explanations at the last minute. I am hoping to get some opinions from you all before frantically doing so! On my transcript, I have one course withdrawal in the first semester of my first year of undergrad. It was an extra course that I decided add to my schedule and decide whether I wanted to keep it after going to the first few classes. However, as a brand new uni student I was confused about when the add/drop deadline was and dropped the course 1 week after the deadline. I still maintained a full course load during this semester and it was not needed for my degree program. Any advice on whether I should write an academic explanations essay or not? If I do, the one caveat is that I have no receipt to validate the exact day I dropped the course. Please let me know your thoughts ASAP! Thanks in advance
  4. For the letter to the editor essay, do you guys know how much of formatting we are supposed to have in it? Features like name, address, phone, email, date, name of publication...
  5. Hi everyone, Do we have to explicitly mention words from the clusters/attributes in our essays or can we use synonyms/talk about the general ideas? In other words, are they looking for buzzwords or thematic allusion to the clusters/attributes? I.e. talking about how I managed my time but not mentioning "time-management" or talking about accountability without mentioning "responsibility" Thanks!
  6. Hey y'all, can you give me some advice on whether I should finish my omsas application (applying mcmaster, queens, ottawa) or not. 1st year gpa: 3.93 2nd year: 3.00 (wtf?? i think i was depressed or something... asian so i don't know, fam doesn't talk about this) 3rd year: 3.97 (hell yea im back) 4th year: in progress, think i can defo get over 3.9 non-gpa shit: lots of volunteering in hospitals (chemo floor cookie, tea, conversation maker since 1st year. children's hospital emerg + nicu) so prob 400+ hours + some other random volunteer shit lots of clinical research (two summer scholarships in labs, two 3rd author pubs, volunteer in labs during year as well, working on honors project rn trying to get a 1st author in some low tier journal) a bit less leadership stuff but still some mcat 511: 129/127/128/127 (should have done better on cars ugh, gonna write again next summer) my referees are super chill w me and will give great letters but yeah, 2nd year screwed me up a little bit and still trying to recover. should i finish the app or save my 500 bucks? thanks
  7. I am interested in applying to a M.Sc program this year as my alternative plan if I am not accepted into med. I am wondering what is the usually timeline for those that are applying to both med and a M.Sc. I am also interested in getting as much funding as possible for the M.Sc so I would also be looking for CIHR/NSERC for the masters, which I guess means I should be applying earlier. However my friend has also mentioned that some M.Sc programs have late deadlines and that I should apply after interviews have been scheduled for OMSAS. My other question is supposed I have been accepted by both a M.Sc and OMSAS, it is possible to reject a lab's offer right? Would this be frowned upon? Thank you everyone!
  8. So I made a mistake and listed a wrong email for my referee. I requested a change through SAM but I was wondering how long does it take to make it? It's kinda last moment...
  9. Is it possible to use an official co-curricular record (issued by the university and stamped by the dean) as a verifier for extra-curricular activities listed? Is it possible to upload such a document to OMSAS? If not, is there really any point in getting one? Other grad school apps? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I've just been accepted to be a volunteer for an organization. I will start the trainings in october. Should I put it in my sketch or not? thanks
  11. Hey guys, so I have 2 solid LORs from my research supervisor and the CEO of a physiotherapy clinic at which I volunteered. I am having a bit of trouble finding someone else who I believe can be a good reference. Someone I have in mind is a coach I have for a small cricket league that plays other local teams and stuff (ie. its not something that gets much attention or funding or anything. Mostly just recreational stuff). He has known me for more than 10 years, and can definitely attest to my character. I don't know if it matters for me to use someone like that, as he won't have a letterhead or any sort of position in a company if you will. I am trying to apply to the med schools in Ontario and was wondering if someone can chime in on this. Also, can someone guide me towards other options and who I should contact as my third referee? I am coming up with nothing atm as I already have a prof and a volunteer reference. Any ideas? Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have 1 solid academic reference (PI in my lab), 1 solid volunteer reference (my supervisor for 4 years at volunteer position) and am trying to choose my 3rd. I worked in a really unique and interesting job throughout the summers of 2013 and 2014. My former boss really liked me and I am certain he would write me a very strong letter. However, I am concerned that since it has been 3 years since I've worked for him, the reference would be considered weak (or in the worst case, would be deemed ineligible). I have a few other choices I could use but none of them know me that well and I don't know for sure whether they would write me a strong letter. Do you think it is risky to use my former boss or am I worrying for nothing? I've called the medical schools directly but they've all been very vague and have not really answered my question. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  13. Hi guys! So to get straight to the point: I've never become buddy buddy or best friends with a prof. Sure there's profs I've sat near the front for or talked to a bunch of times after class, or had convo with them in a lab setting etc. But I don't think there's any profs that will have remembered me fully by name or have amazing things to say about things I've done. However, for a lab course, there is a TA that supervised two of my research projects in the course and I had a great relationship with. With the prof, I've known her for 2 years but I fear the letter would be very general (with maybe a few specific points), if they're writing many med school letters (which they likely are) I doubt I am the person they most want to succeed. With the TA, I think the letter would be more specific and hopefully more positive as I believe she genuinely liked me and we were friends in the lab course, but I've known only her half a year and they're a masters student. So, What's the say about having a TA as your academic reference rather than a prof? Pros/Cons? Which should I go with?
  14. Hello everyone, Does anyone know whether co-op terms are considered to be full time or part time studies? I worked full time and for each term of co-op, my school enrolled me in a course with 3 credits per term and was pass/fail. Thanks in advance!
  15. I have to provide 3 references for OMSAS and I have 4 to choose from: 1. A professor I published a paper with, over 2 weeks of 12-hour days of field and lab research in undergrad, who likes me but had admittedly little face to face time. Fish physiological research, 3rd author. 2. My volunteer coordinator at the local hospital, 140 hours, 2 years, just loves me, and has very high praise from the head nurses of the wards I've volunteered in. 3. A program coordinator and technician who teaches an entomology field research course I attended. Field research, 2 weeks, 2 other courses with him. Easily my #1 fan, would be a spectacular reference with high praise, but not a professor. 4. My graduate thesis supervisor. Medical science, diabetes and atherosclerosis. Just an amazing guy but I don't think he likes me very much. Its been an unusually hard year, I've struggled with family issues, anxiety and depression and as a result I've performed uncharacteristically poorly. Missing days without notice, coming in late, slow pace of research. He has every right to be annoyed. The lab, colleagues and supervisor have all been spectacular, but I've just really struggled to make a good impression with everything going on. I've spoken to him several times to check in and while he was pleased with my progress until recently, in the last two months he's seemed pretty frustrated. I've proactively apologized for missing days but haven't told him about the anxiety and depression. Anyway, TLDR: my supervisor and I have a complicated relationship. Would it be better to use references 1,2, and 3? Would it hurt if I didn't include him? (I know UofT required him as a reference, but I'm asking mostly for other schools)
  16. So I took a class at George Brown College this summer, a community college. It was culinary arts I, and it was a fail/pass credit. I took it purely for interest, and I don't intend on doing any more classes at George Brown. Do i need to add this to my OMSAS? and if so where? and will adcoms care at all?
  17. There is such limited space in the sketch to write about your responsibilities. Do you just write a line summarizing everything? There is no room to say what you even gained from the experience. Also, how many sketches are appropriate? Should you just list your most meaningful experiences or pretty much everything you did even if you volunteered at an annual marathon for 3 hours every year? haha.
  18. How many times can you use a verifier for activities? Is there like a limit? Reason I'm asking is that I have about 12 activities since the age of 16 from high school, and it'll probably be easier to use one high school teacher who's known what I've done through out high school (since you know, teachers come and go in the education system).
  19. Hello, Hoping we can use this thread to support each other with our essay questions. I am currently working on this question: "Describe an incident in your adult life when you had to deal with failure or error and what you learned from the experience." What would be the best way to target this question? I am a mature applicant and have a few example of failures. But I am not sure if I should use one that is academic in nature or personal (financial, professional, relationship, etc...)? Or do you think we should keep it closely related to health care? Thanks
  20. Hey all! The person I was hoping to get my character reference from was asking like what kind of things are expected, or if I could give him some sort of outline as to what areas need to be talked about. And I was wondering, what exactly is stuff you should include for a successful character reference letter? Is there anything they look for or like 'key words' to add in? Any info would be helpful! i.e. formatting the letter, what areas he should discuss, specific characteristics or things to include, etc.??
  21. Going into 3rd year and am planning on applying to both the US and Canada next cycle. I am considering opening an Interfolio account for the US to start collecting their required science reference letters. Just confused on how OMSAS works in comparison and when I should start asking for them. When should I start asking for reference letters from professors for OMSAS? Do you only request letters through OMSAS when the application opens for the cycle, meaning that you should be in touch with professors and other writers then? Thanks!
  22. A lot of prep companies advertise services to review your applications for med school. Typically, the price that these companies charge for a 1 hour session can run above $100. However, the service that I'm offering to review + help brainstorm your application for medical school is much more reasonably priced. For only $50/hr, which is half (or even less than half) of the typical price you can expect to pay for a typical application review, you can have an experienced applicant evaluate your application and tailor feedback according to your profile. My qualifications: 4/6 interviews last cycle (the 2 pre-interview rejections were because I was OOP) + 6 schools applied to this year (in ON and out of province), 6/6 interviews. I can help with your essays for U of T, with the CASPER for Ottawa and Mac, and with the ABS for all of Ontario. With my extensive knowledge of the medical school application process and insight into what makes a successful application, I can provide invaluable advice to improve your application and help you realize your dream of becoming a physician! Contact me (by PM) now to get started! I understand that money might still be an issue, so I will make the first session a free 30-minute trial run, so if you don't like me after 30 minutes, you don't have to pay anything! If you do like me after 30 minutes, you get $25 off (i.e. you only start paying after the first half hour)!
  23. Hi everyone, I've been hearing some mixed things on how YorkU grades are being converted for American Med Schools. I've always heard that an A at York (3.8 OMSAS) is a 4.0 when converted to AMCAS. I've also heard that a B+ (3.3 at York) is a 3.5 when converted. I've read both of these things on these forums. However, when checking the AMCAS site, although, nothing perfectly fits York's Grade Scale, I think an A may actually be a 3.7. Can a recent applicant from YorkU please comment on how their grades were converted when applying? Please and thank you!