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Found 14 results

  1. I decided to make this thread for applicants that are thinking of, or have already started, working towards a second degree in the hopes of applying to McGill. I found McGill's website to be quite jumbled regarding this topic, so hopefully that information can be summarized here in a clear and concise way. If you notice any errors, please comment below and I will edit this post accordingly. I would also encourage second degree applicants to ask their questions here, if only for the sake of keeping information in one easily accessible place. Basic Science Prerequisites & the MCAT: The MCAT is not required to apply to McGill, but if you have already completed the basic science prerequisites, it may be in your best interest to write the exam. Every applicant MUST complete the prerequisites by January 15th of the year they plan to start medical school, and a maximum of two prerequisites can still be outstanding by the application deadline (November 1st). However, if your pre-requisite science GPA (sGPA) is significantly below the average of 3.80, then a strong MCAT score can be used in its place. Currently, a competitive MCAT is a 33, and this score should be as close to 'balanced' as possible (11/11/11). *Pre-requisite courses 'expire' after eight years, so make sure to repeat those courses if they will exceed the eight year mark by November 1st. List of Prerequisites: 6 Credits Biology (Introductory) w/ Labs 6 Credits Chemistry (General or Physical) w/ Labs 3 Credits Organic Chemistry w/ Lab 6 Credits Physics (Introductory) w/ Labs GPA: Before we get into GPA, it's important to emphasize that you are NOT a second degree applicant unless you COMPLETED your first degree. For example, if you left your first degree early and pursued another degree, then the following information will not apply to you. Your GPA will instead be calculated based on every course you have completed, in both degrees. Those who have completed a degree, and are now working towards another, will have their GPA calculated differently then applicants in their 'primary' degree. For starters, even if you received transfer credit from your first degree, those courses will NOT be included in the GPA calculation. Only the courses you have completed while enrolled in the second degree will be considered. The year you apply, you must have completed at least 45 credits (15 courses) before the application deadline (November 1st), and at least 60 credits AND your degree by July 1st. This means that your second degree needs to take at least two years to complete, but if you were paying attention to the deadlines, you'll realize that if it only takes you two years, you likely won't be able to apply until after you've graduated. There are ways to get around this (i.e. overloading semesters, spring/summer courses, etc), but keep in mind that you need to maintain a competitive GPA, so don't get overzealous. On that note, a competitive GPA is a 3.80, but if you're an OOP applicant there's a limited number of seats. **Those 60 credits need to be completed in consecutive years or you risk your application being rejected Conclusion: This concludes the second degree specific information. I hope it will provide some insight for future applicants and help you move one step closer to achieving your medical school goals. Good luck! Class Profiles - Admissions - Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted Thread - Admission FAQs - Dark
  2. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know how many spots the OOP waitlist moved for Fall 2018 admission?
  3. I could only find the class statistics, but nothing for OOP specifically.
  4. Hi everyone, I am an OOP waitlisted at McGill and was disappointed with the outcome yesterday. I really thought I had done really well in the interview but again goes to show that doesn't mean much. I fell in love with McGill! and am actually quite excited by the prospect of learning french. I am thankful and grateful for a waitlist position but that brings with it a lot of uncertainty as you can probably imagine. I know I might be jumping the gun here but I have been glued to the waitlist page as well as the stats posted from 2016 by a fellow member - I was wondering if I could ask veterans/ppl with more experience than me could start a discussion about when/how much the waitlist in the OOP category would move? Thanks in advance!
  5. I'm a third year starting to look into the AFMC portal and applying for electives. I'm interested in Emergency and primarily applying for Emerg electives across the country. Can anyone comment on how competitive it is to obtain electives? I've heard of people with strategies where they apply every 2 weeks at the first minute the it opens up, spending $$$ on the same elective because they're applying for different times. Is this a necessary way of securing electives, or do people wait for, say 4 or 6 weeks to pass, then apply for a broader range of times? Thanks for your input!
  6. I am an OOP applicant for Western Schulich dental school What are my chances?? Has anyone been interviewed with such stats? I have a pretty good amount of EC's as well. I have tried to look at every thread, but I am still very unsure.
  7. Hello, Of course there is no official cut-off, but given 10 OOP with historic average of >3.9, should i even consider McGill with GPA below 3.7? i would have a solid EC letter for my low first year GPA, (2nd and 3rd were 3.8-3.9); and my second degree is a professional degree. any thoughts?
  8. Hi all, I am an Ontario student but am interested in applying to UBC next year and I am interested in knowing my chances and for more guidance on the non academic aspect of the application GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 130/126/129/131 ECs: Employment: Teaching Assistant (2 years) Don in residence Research Assistant for 3 years Server Volunteer: volunteer with vunerable populations (2 years) volunteer interview patients for study (1 year) Club/ leadership Research: 3 first author conference presentations, 2 pubs in prep Scholarship: Travel scholarship, academic achievement scholarships This is a very broad overview on my ECs and defs is missing some key info... But in general how do people attain that high score to get in as an OOP applicant
  9. Hi, Just wondering what sort of stats OOP students get admitted with. Wondering if I would have a possible chance at interview and if I should start preparing as I feel Calgary is one of my best shots. Weighted GPA - 3.93 MCAT CARS - 128 EC's - Decently good (equated to 24.5 on UBC's measurements this year) - National sport, research presentations & publication, fundraising, surgical observerships, volunteering, coaching etc. Would I have a good shot at an interview and even post that? Appreciate any Calgary specific tips! Thanks
  10. Hi, All Was just wondering if fellow Ontario student not make it into PT 2016 cycle in Ontario consider applying to OOP schools such as UBC U of Alberta U of Manitoba and Dalhousie for next 2017 cycle can give some insight as to which Anatomy & Physiology courses to take via Distance Learning that can fulfill the those prerequisite requirements for those schools? Anyone Past Experienced Successful Ontario PT candidate would also like to shed some light? In terms of Anatomy courses, it seems that each school has different views on accepting Distance Learning Credits. Could really use help in choosing an Anatomy course that can be used for all or most the above mentioned schools. For Physiology credits, it seems that previously accepted/pre-approved Physiology courses remain mostly unchanged. Shed some light, y'all!
  11. Like some of you on here, I have been cursed with the Ontario disadvantage. Basically by being born/raised in Ontario, one has one of the worst odds for getting into a medical school since all provinces but Ontario hold seats for residents of their provinces. So this means I'll be looking to applying to a few out of province schools; however, applications are pricey so I would like to apply only to those OOP schools that have decent odds. What I'm asking is: What non-Ontario medical schools do you all think will give one the best (and worst) odds of being accepted as an OOP applicant?
  12. As a former premed, I recall sorting out the details and understanding the requirements of different faculties to be a little daunting/intimidating, particularly if coming from a non-traditional background. I've created a two page guide outlining on: page 1 - relative importance/weight and range for (GPA, EC, MCAT); page 2 - details concerning GPA calculations, course loads, second degree policies, summer courses, grad policies, etc.. I've been on premed for some time and notice the same questions come up often, so hopefully the guide will help orient people. A number more details could be added, but this may give a first step in understanding where one's chances are. I haven't included Manitoba, Memorial, NOSM, Saskatchewan, or the francophone Quebec schools, since either I'm not familiar with their policies or they don't tend to admit many out of province or general profile students. The guide is only a first step and doesn't have all details - check the websites, contact the schools, etc.. for final clarifications. Clearly, page 1 is a little subjective, but it seems to be the range that I have observed or seen stats for typical admitted students. Finally, as far as I know the information is accurate, but if there are disagreements or inaccuracies, please let me know. I hope this will prove useful to you as you begin or continue your journey. I received useful advice and found good info here, so hopefully this will help you. Good luck! EDIT: Updated June 5, 2016 (with UOttawa MCAT) MetaPremedvJune2016.pdf
  13. Has anyone on here gotten into Queens that is out of province? And if so, could you share your stats? What is Queens' policy to OOP applicants? And what are the minimums?
  14. I have a 3.89 weighted GPA (3.87 unweighted) and I am out of province. I only have two things for research. Do I have a chance?
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