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Found 33 results

  1. In case you didn't see it yet, here is the UofA mmi video for 2020 As you can see in this video, we work hard but we also like to have a lot of fun too. I can tell you from personal experience that if you are lucky enough to get a spot in the next little while, you will have an awesome time here. The classes feel like one big family and close knit community where we all help each other out..professors I have had, have been knowledgeable, kind and genuinely want to help you succeed. There are so so so many extracurricular, shadowing, and research opportunities no matter what your interests are. Hang in there guys!
  2. Hello! My name is Herbert and I have a MMI coming up for March 7th for Dental Hygiene at the U of A and I am looking for some new people to practice with! Thanks!
  3. Hello! I saw a lot of discussions about previous years for the new applicants and couldn’t find one for the upcoming cycle so thought I would make one to try and keep updated! I’m a new applicant myself and have a couple questions if anyone would know any answers to I would be really greatful! Mostly I’m looking for recommendations on how to succeed in the application, whether that be in the interview, the letter of intent or just preparing in general! If anyone has any thoughts let me know! Otherwise goodluck to everyone who is applying
  4. I will be starting my MPH in September 2019 - it is a 16 month program. Is it possible to get an admission if I have not yet completed my program? I understand that I will not receive extra points for a Masters degree as some med schools offer, but I just wanted to make sure my chances are not hindered if my course-based Masters program is in progress.
  5. Hi there, I am starting at the University of Alberta in the fall to study Occupational Therapy. I am from Ontario and won't know anyone when I move to Edmonton at the end of August, so I have been looking for a somewhere that current OT students at UofA could tell me what the program is like, or where would be a good area to live in Edmonton - and where other new students looking for roommates could connect. Please comment if you have any advice, or if you will be joining me at the University of Alberta for occupational therapy!
  6. This question is for all current physio students- I have applied to quite a few physio programs this year and wanted to know how possible it is to qualify for a scholarship set aside for PT students? I have gone through a couple of websites and the number of scholarships available is pretty good when looking at the class-size. But I feel like current students would have a better idea of what it actually looks like. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, As the MMI comes nearer I was wondering if people who have given it in the past or who are planning to give it can share what their experience was like and what kind of mindset helped them to approach it. Also what makes Alberta's program unique? Why have you applied there (Apart from convenience of location) Andddd... which location have you applied to and why? I look forward to hearing from and engaging with all of you <3 Thanks
  8. I was wondering if anyone was still experiencing issues with their referees not being contacted yet? I know its late in the process and interview decisions will be made really soon but it's stressing me out that my verifiers were contacted but my references never were. Does this mean I just did not make it to a stage where U of A even bothered contacting them because I was already rejected?
  9. APPLYING TO: U of C, U of A (and wherever else I meet the requirements) Forgive me for sounding clueless (I am). I’m a second year NESA (bachelor of nursing) student through the University of Lethbridge. I started clinicals in the hospital this year and the more I worked around doctors and surgeons, the more I realized how much more attracted to medicine I was than nursing. I started researching med and realized it wasn’t AS daunting as I always believed it to be, and now I have decided to *attempt* to get in to med school. My first year GPA was 3.78, my second year GPA is not as important because I am not a full time student this year. Next year will be the year I try to get my GPA as high as possible. It’s been hard to navigate the premed process in nursing as I appear to be the only student in my year that is planning to go to med school. Please help me! I volunteer for Canadian Blood Services 1x/week, planning on volunteering for another organization as soon as I can (either emergency room or safe consumption site). In nursing school, most of the classes are nursing specific. Outside of my core nursing classes I have taken a full year of Anatomy + physiology with a lab, a semester of microbiology with a lab, multiple psychology, sociology and ethics classes. Next year I will also be taking statistics. I have been getting a lot of mixed advice about the MCAT/admissions process. I realize nursing is not the best premed but I am almost halfway through so I am not switching now. My biggest concern is that I will struggle with the MCAT prep/test as I have not taken many of the general science courses recommended by AAMC. I have ordered ExamKrackers books and I use the Khan academy app, and I plan on doing the 10 week prep101 course in Calgary next year. I have always considered myself an independent learner. I am very good at teaching myself. Is it absolutely asinine to teach myself courses like chem, physics, biology, genetics etc over the course of 1.5yrs (part time when in school, full time when not)? I plan on taking the MCAT for real summer of 2020, so any courses I should be taking additionally I will need to have completed this spring/summer (2019). As much as I don’t want to take additional summer courses, I will do whatever it takes to up my chances of getting into med. Any advice would be much appreciated. I am meeting with an academic consultant at the U of L this week to discuss my options. Please tell me: if you believe I should take additional courses this spring/summer to prepare, and which ones would benefit me most. Also, any advice on research opportunities through the u of L when I am not taking a traditional science degree would be appreciated. Like I said I am completely clueless so any advice is welcome.
  10. Hey folks, a quick question. Did you check if all of your verifiers received the UofA email for verification? I asked one of my verifiers, and it seems he has not received it anything yet from UofA. Do all activity verifiers get checked? If so, then does it simply mean that this individual who has not received anything yet will be emailed a bit later? I ask this because all the other verifiers got emailed last week, except perhaps this person. So I'm not sure if I should talk to UofA about it and perhaps tell them to resend the email. (Btw, I am an in-province applicant, if that would help with anything) Thanks again.
  11. Ok so I'm new to this stuff and this may sound stupid but do med schools drop your worst year or I've even heard they only count only your last two? Sorry for sounding kinda useless I'm just a first year still a baby trying to get used to uni any response is appreciated and good luck everyone!!
  12. Can someone please help me! What are the U of A equivalents of UBC courses for the DMD program? I can't figure out 100% and I don't want to accidentally put a wrong course especially if I have the course they accept. Thanks a million!
  13. So I worked in the lab for 4 months this summer, and its the same lab that I've been volunteering at for over a year now. Can I put the four months under work experience, and then put the >1 year volunteering under the volunteer experiences or is would it be not okay to repeat involvement in the same lab in two places on my application? Thanks for any help!
  14. Well everybody, early acceptances for the UofA DDS 2021 class should be coming out pretty soon. For all those accepted here is the class fb page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1514349881908667/ Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't hear back for early acceptances in May, there are still the general acceptances and waitlist which come out in the first few weeks of July. As in previous years feel free to use this thread to post stats, ect... PS. Congratulations to all those who are accepted can't wait to meet you all!!
  15. Hey everyone on Premed101. I'm a member of the UofA DDS 2020 orientation week committee. Just heard the invites for interviews have started to go out, so we thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for all the interviewees to set up rides, get information about the interview and maybe (because I know its what this page is for) compare scores. Good luck to all those invited, the class of 2020 will be helping at the interviews so I hope to see you all in March.
  16. I'm currently in grade 11, wanting to go into sciences (specifically bio/biochem) in university, and hopefully med school afterwards. I'm mainly looking at UBC, Uvic, UofA, McGill, McMaster, UofT, and Western. I'm really undecided and just want to know what your experiences are at your universities. Not just the academics, but the social life and your thoughts on the city and dorms. Also any cool classes that you enjoyed. Basically just what you love and hate about uni to help me decide lol. Sorry if this kind of thing is already somewhere in the forum, I just joined Thank you!!
  17. Disclaimer: The application cycle opening in 2017 for admission in August 2018 is NOT affected by the following information. As alluded to in a number of threads in this topic, the requirements for admission to the University of Alberta MD Program have been updated. As published in the University of Alberta Calendar1, for the cycle opening in 2018, admission to the MD program will require an undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA for residents of Alberta remains 3.3, with out of province applicants at a minimum of 3.5 on a 4 point scale. Admission decisions will be based on the overall GPA, MCAT Score, Interview Score, Letters of Reference and Personal Activities. The lowest year GPA will be dropped from the GPA calculation, provided it is not the most recent year or the only year in which 30 credits were obtained in a contiguous fall/winter session. There is no information on whether courses in a Spring/Summer term are included in the GPA calculation. In the past, I have been caught by the statement "requirements for admission" at the UofA, as many other schools list "requirements to apply." Therefore, I obtained confirmation from the UME Office, "requirements for admission" means that an individual may apply in the summer between 3rd and 4th year of their undergraduate degree, as at the time of admission an applicant would be reasonably expected to have convocated their degree. Offers of admission to such individuals would remain conditional. I have not seen any information on the breakdown of scoring at the moment, but I would expect it to be released leading up to when the application cycle opens in 2018. This is unconfirmed: there was language described (but not in the calendar) that allowances may be made on a case by case basis for 3-year undergraduate degrees as well as degrees which are completed using credit from a diploma. As a non-traditional applicant who has started from scratch in my undergrad after completing a diploma in health care that is considered ineligible to apply, I was quite upset with these changes. It just puts up more barriers to getting in, and is a further fiscal barrier in the path to physician-hood. The discussion of 3 year and diploma completion degrees is somewhat reassuring, but not having any language in the calendar does not bode well. Thoughts? 1 http://calendar.ualberta.ca/content.php?catoid=20&navoid=5076#doctor_of_medicine_(md)
  18. Please be nice, I am not looking for ridicule. I know my GPA is not stellar. I would just like some real life experience advice from previous candidates rejected and accepted to interviews. IP 4th year GPA: 3.62, hopefully 3.7 after this semester DAT: 70 (RC: 25, PAT: 22, MDT: 23) I'm not concerned about the interview as I feel I will do well. I am just wondering what sort of scores they give interviews to. 2015 stats for U of A: OGPA: 3.7-4.0 mean 3.91 DAT RC: 18-30 mean 23.67-----> I'm over average DAT PAT: 17-23 mean 20.86----> I'm over average DAT MDT: 17-29 mean 23.81-----> I'm on average
  19. according to the pinned post by 'cleanup' in the dent discussions, I'm allowed to post here (delete if that's not the case)! Hey guys, If you're from Calgary or Edmonton, and are prepping for the DAT, consider taking Rock the DAT to help your preparations! 65% of our class (2019s) took Rock the DAT, so it's definitely worth a look if you're applying to the UofA! Quick TL;DR: DAT Prep course put on by UofA dental students. Full weekend - 16 total hours over two 8-hour days, including a full length mock DAT Cost is $400 Soaps will be provided 1on1 carving instructions and feedback from dental students, including a live carving demo If you like or join the UofA pre-dental society Facebook page, get $50 off the regular price! Link to the page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/UAPreDentSociety/ Lastly, if you guys have any questions or suggestions, please visit the website http://www.rockthedat.com/dates-location/ or shoot an email to info@rockthedat.com (you guys can also sign up at the website). Rock the DAT facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rock-the-DAT-159741197376499/
  20. Hi UofA PT/OT students. It is not secret that accommodation is expensive in Edmonton. So I thought I could start a topic to share tips about renting and to look for roommates since most of us will probably be sharing. Do not hesitate to let us know if you find an affordable place. Plus it would be nice to get to know one another before school starts. .
  21. Where are all the UofA PT students. I am an OOP student coming from Manitoba. I am excited to meet my new classmates in July. Post on here if you are attending UofA. Looking forward to meeting you all. I thought we could share tips on preps for PT school here. Congrats to us all.
  22. Hi Friends, I am a 4th year student at the U of A hoping to go to into Med either here at the U of A or in Calgary in the next couple of years. Last semester I participated on an Exchange through Education Abroad to the University of Sydney in Australia. I completed 4 courses while I was there and have been approved for transfer credit for all 4 courses. I was wondering if anyone has any sort of idea how my Australian grades will transfer for my cGPA for my application to U of A Med, because my exchange classes were only counted as pass/fail for my undergrad, but I am almost certain they will count towards my med application. Even if you don't have information for Australia, information from exchanges to other countries would be mucho appreciated! I've emailed both the Faculty of Medicine and the Registrars Office with this question, and they have both basically just referred me to the other! Here is how the Australian grades are broken down at the University of Sydney: High Distinction - 85-100% Distinction - 75-84% Credit 65-74% Pass 50-64% Thanks for your help!
  23. Hey future PT's! Here is a link to a video that features Mark Hall, the UofA Physio Associate Chair. He gives advice on how to get into PT and talks about what it's like once you're in. He also talks about how he got into physio himself and how he ended up where he is today. It's kinda long but there are time shortcuts in the description box you can use to skip to the parts you are interested in. I'm currently in the program and my friends who I show it to find it helpful. I hope you find it helpful as well. Link here: How to Become a Physiotherapist Enjoy!
  24. I'm hoping to get some advice for those of you that applied for U of A med school as a 2nd year applicant. How difficult is the process? What do you think made you stand out? Best potatoinalberta
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