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Found 72 results

  1. I am considering going through Western's Science Internship program. I was just wondering if it was possible to get some clinical experience through it. Was anyone been through the process before?
  2. My top choice is UofT Epi ut its sorta more important for me to get into school next Sept than it is to land my dream school- but then Im also worried about selling myself too short. Is Guelph MSc epi worth it? Any current grads in Epi from there or Western/Queens/UofT able to throw in a dime? Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone, Hope everyone is doing great. I was wondering if Western has a cutoff for the PAT score since in their released stats they only talk about SNS and RC average scores. Thanks a lot in advance.
  4. Guys, please take a minute to answer this poll. And yes, I know this has probably been asked many times, but there were so many different opinions that I thought I'd start a new topic for this and see how it goes.
  5. Hey friends! I was just wondering if anyone else was having issues with the "Abbreviated Autobiographical Sketch" for Western? I'm having issues with the PDF on my mac, maybe I'm just not as computer literate as i thought, but when I fill in the text boxes, save the pdf, and send it, the text boxes are no longer able to be scrolled through, so about half of my essays are unable to be seen. This might be more of a question for a PDF formatting forum, but if anyone has any ideas that'd be cool! xoxo gossip girl (more info, friend of mine is having issues, working with OMSAS, scared I will have the same issue though as they didn't do anything different than me)
  6. I'm currently enrolled at Ryerson; however, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial if I were to transfer into Western's or UofT's Biomedical programs. By beneficial I was wondering if completing my undergrad at either of these schools would increase my chances of acceptance as opposed to doing it a Ryerson?
  7. Good/regular/bad waitlisted by Western? Want to discuss chances/look for reassurance/rant/chat with other waitlisted applicants? This is the thread for you!
  8. I just finished my 3rd year, and had a relatively strong year compared to my others that would make me competitive for Western. However, I took 29 credits (I'm at UBC for reference, 5 and 5 for the year), where one of my required lab courses for my degree had only 2 credits leaving me with a total of 29. All of the other requirements are met, but I was wondering if anyone else was in this situation that successfully applied to Western or if I'm just SOL? I heard that OMSAS converts credits for a course differently but I haven't been able to find it. I'm trying to plan if I need to take a 5th year or not so any help would be appreciated! And I did contact Western but they gave me what seems like an automated response so I can't tell since my situation seems a little bit more nuanced than just not reaching the 30 credit limit.
  9. Hey guys! I'm looking to move to London for school in the fall and hoping to find some people in the program that also need roommates! ***Edit*** I have found a girl I will be rooming with next year in a 2 bedroom, but thank you so much for all of your offers! Regardless, feel free to message me and we can exchange contact info if you'd like to connect a bit before September Look forward to meeting all of you, -Megan
  10. Hey friends! I kept seeing things about people wanting/wondering about a Facebook group for the Western's incoming OT class... so I made one for us for now so we can all connect, people can look for roommates, ask questions and such Link to it attached below! https://www.facebook.com/groups/534658843597273/
  11. Hi everyone, I have some concerns regarding my overall application and was hoping for some feedback, insight, & suggestions/advice. My undergrad career has been a mountain climb, which is shown by my annual GPA trend: 1st Year: 1.91 2nd Year: 2.17 3rd Year: 2.82 4th Year: 3.68 5th Year: TBD I will be entering my 5th year and am hoping to score even higher than my 4th year (3.68). For some time I had a misconception that Western looks at your two best years and requires the overall GPA to be 3.7 OVER the 2 years. I recently heard that they require 3.7 in EACH of the two best years. (Depressing discovery). I am a SWOMEN student, therefore I do have some advantage (pretaining to enrolment seats and MCAT cutoffs), but my 4th year 3.68 may not allow me to apply to Western. I am already about to begin my fifth year in September, but that will do no good for Western taking into account that they need 3.7 in EACH of the two best years. Could you provide some insight regarding what I should consider my options? Here are some of my thoughts: I would qualify for Dalhousie medical school assuming I can maintain above 3.65 annual GPA in my fifth year - they require 3.7 but round to the nearest tenth. Therefore I hope to apply there in the 2019 application cycle. For Western, my only option is to do a 6th year and then apply - not sure if anyone has ever done this, or what people's feedback regarding this would be. Over the past couple of years, I have become more determined to pursue medicine and tried my best to cross challenges in my personal life in order to improve my standing, and I do not want to let my past academic record become an absolute barrier during this pursuit. Mentally, I tell myself that I can be prepared to give extra time towards my undergraduate degree. Please let me know what you think. Furthermore, do you have any insight regarding American Medical schools, and Ross University? In regards to residency, I understand that coming back to Canada has very slim chances. However, I currently don't see a personal objection to the idea of matching for a residency spot in the U.S. (and working there) - I just don't know about the exact match rate. I understand I said a lot, but I would appreciate any thought, insight, or advice/recommendation from the PreMed101 community. Thank you!
  12. I am feeling really torn between Western and U of A for OT and I am running out of time to decide. I would love to hear opinions from a number of people in order to get a more representative sample of the student experience.
  13. Hey everyone! I just stumbled onto this forum so bear with me. I'm hoping to get into OT at either Western or McMaster and I am considering moving. Is anyone else considering looking for roommates? Would love to live with someone in the same program! I know it's early but I just thought it would be nice to have some sort of plan since may is really late to be scrambling for leases. Thanks friends!
  14. Hello Premed 101, im new! I'm seeking some guidance from more knowledgeable people who may see my situation from a different perspective than me. To cut to the chase, I'm accepted to Life sci and Kinesiology at McMaster, and expecting acceptances from Western for Medical Sciences and McGill for Biological, Biomedical and Life sciences (95.5% overall). I've taken the time to develop good and persistent study habits in an effort to make the transition to university a little bit better. All of these programs seem to present different strengths to me, like how kin offers an anatomy & physiology course the first two years, and I love Mac's cadaver lab and LOVE studying the human body. With that, I also take a lot of time studying physics and calculus because I love developing better critical thinking. I'm just looking for the best program that I can take my physics, calculus, bio and chem in order to prepare for MCAT (ik theres no calc on MCAT), but want to specialize in something that mainly focuses on the human body in upper years (little to no interest in plant biology)? I know life sciences has a physiology specialization, but does that mainly look at human physiology? Either way I'm looking to work my tail off, but if anyone knows how these compare in difficulty, curved grades, etc for attaining a high GPA (not looking for spoon-fed GPA), a comparison would help. Thanks!!
  15. Hi, I was accepted to several undergraduate life science/medical science programs, but I am unsure about where I should go. If anyone has attended the following programs listed below, could you tell me about your experience? (e.g. quality of education, competition, bell curve, academic or extracurricular opportunites, atmosphere of the university/campus, etc.) For me, I feel like there are several pros/cons for each program/university, and I just don't know where I should go. McGill Life Sciences, Western Medical Sciences, uOttawa Biomedical Science, Queen's Science, Waterloo Biomedical Sciences, McMaster Life Science, McMaster Integrated Science. Thanks!
  16. Hello everyone! Just decided to start up another thread as I'm sure a few of you have some decisions to make over the next few weeks. If you've got any questions regarding the program that we've got here at Western, student life in London, or absolutely anything else, fire away and I'll do my best to answer them! We also have a facebook group that's getting started up by our PT student council, once that's up you guys can also post some question there!
  17. Is anyone else (unreasonably) worried about how they performed on the written component of the interview? I have read/heard on these forums and from some current students that it is not supposed to be a BIG DEAL and that it is likely(?) a pass/fail component, but I find myself worried about it nonetheless.
  18. For anyone else out there who obsesses over numbers, I did some statistics based on a 3-year average (2015-2017), with numbers plucked from the official dean's reports (2015) (2016) (2017). Every year on average, there are: 2,577 total applicants ... (2,473 + 2,775 + 2,483) / 3 449 candidates invited to interview ... (457 + 441 + 449) / 3) 171 seats filled (133 in London, 38 in Windsor) - this has been the same for the last 3 years. A first year class with a demograph of 58.3% male and 41.7% female ... Males: (61 + 59 + 55) / 3 ... Females: (39 + 41 + 45) / 3 17.4% of all applicants get an interview ... (449/2,577)*100 6.6% of all applicants get a seat ... (171/2,577) * 100 38.1% of interviewees get a seat ... (171/449) * 100 NOTE: These statistics do not consider waitlist movement, which can actually be huge in some years (e.g. the 2017 Dean's reports suggest that, for applicants from SW Ontario alone, 72 were offered acceptance into the program, while only 42 of those accepted the offer - that's a waitlist movement of 30 people!) Feel free to check the math, add anything I missed, or discuss below.
  19. Hi All! I am a current Medical Student at the University of Toronto's medical school. I received 3 Canadian and 2 US MD acceptances in 2017. I would like to promote the interview prep company that helped me get over the hump: Medvisors. I was a very poor interviewer and was very nervous about the process but their practice and personalized packages made a huge difference for me. I am now a consultant for them and I help other students with interview preparation. Their most unique and popular (and cost effective) service is the VIRTUAL MMI CIRCUIT that they offer... you have 6 stations with 6 different graders and they give you a personalized feedback form at the end too. As far as I know, no one else offers that kind of seamless online setup where you switch rooms etc. Free prep is also great but sometimes the interviewees are more focused on their own prep rather than giving quality feedback. Also, Medvisors consultants are experts and have interviewed at your school of choice! Visit medvisors.org for more!
  20. Hey guys, I currently am a second year Western Medical Science student and I know you guys may see a lot of posts about lack of gpa but I really need advice on how to prepare. In high school I never really had to study and I would pull easy 90s. After going into first year, I still had the same mentality and bad habits which only led me an 80 average. I pulled a few 70s but still had some 90s and high 80s in some courses. I told myself going into second year that I would put in a lot of effort and hard work to get a 4.0 and I did; however my marks were still low. For example, after writing the organic chemistry final exam, I felt pretty good about it. I understood everything and everything seemed easy. When I got my marks back I received I got a 70 on it and I was shocked. This keeps happening a lot, I usually think that an exam was pretty good after writing it but when I get my mark back I am surprised. I guess I wanna ask is how do you guys do it. How do you make yourself feel normal when writing an exam. When I am writing an exam I feel like my brain switches to a weird mode that keeps forgetting the little details I already knew when doing practice exams. When I do practice exams, I guess I feel a little more relaxed because I know the outcome won't affect anything so I remember everything but come exam time, I just happen to forget little details. What do I do? This is a common problem for courses such as biochem, bio and chem, but for math courses I can pull 90s easily because it doesn't require memorization of a lot of small details. Please help me out. I am hoping I can score a really high GPA my last 2 years and get into Western med school. My chances for U of T or any other school is pretty much done.
  21. Does anyone have a clue about when abouts the interviews will be held this year? I just want to know just so that it will be easier to plan for the upcoming semester. I'm applying to UofT, Western, McGill, and UBC. Thanks everyone in advanced
  22. Hey I was wondering if anyone has taken either of these courses recently and could recommend one over the other. I'm first year med sci and I'm decent at physics if that helps. Thanks!
  23. I am an OOP applicant for Western Schulich dental school What are my chances?? Has anyone been interviewed with such stats? I have a pretty good amount of EC's as well. I have tried to look at every thread, but I am still very unsure.
  24. I am currently in my 2nd year of MedSci at Western. I was looking at some of the courses for the 3rd year physiology module. Other than the required courses, I have to take Classics to meet degree requirements. Are there any benefits to taking Classics 2200 or 2300? Also, I could use some advice or insight as to some of the courses available in the physiology module. I was particularly looking at Histo 3309 and Anatcell 3319. The schedule I have made so far for 3rd year includes Physiol 3140A, Physiol 3120, Physphrm 3000E. Any help on what other courses I could take would be appreciated!
  25. Hi all, My MCAT scores are as follows: Chem/Physics - 127 CARS - 129 Bio/Biochem - 127 Psych/Soc - 131 And Western's official cutoffs are: BBFLS 128 CPFBS 126 CARS 129 Am I actually ineligible because of my 127 BBFLS score, or do you think that the 128 cutoff can be "relaxed?" I was under impression that CARs is the real killer for Western... Thanks in advance!