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Found 37 results

  1. I’m an incoming medical student at a top 10 medical school in the US! I applied to both US and Canadian medical schools. I received 11 interviews from US schools, and 5 from Canadian schools (UofT, UBC, Queens, Ottawa, McGill). With extensive experience editing and proofreading university and medical school application essays, I’m happy to extend my services to help aspiring med students. Such services include: - editing personal statements (with detailed explanations and suggestions) and secondaries - editing activity descriptions/OMSAS autobiographical (ABS) sketch My edits involve thorough and detailed comments that will give you concrete advice on how to improve your writing. As I go through your essays line-by-line, I will help with: grammar/syntax, big picture ideas, organization, transitions, and coherency. Importantly, I will help you make sure that your ideas are expressed uniquely (and not in a cliche way), and that your essay clearly highlights your suitability for medicine to the admissions committee! ESSAY EDITING: Please email (medconsulting7@gmail.com) for an affordable rate! Payments will be through e transfer. I've helped several medical school applicants craft strong and memorable essays, and hope to help you do the same Email if interested: medconsulting7@gmail.com
  2. I recently followed this doctor's instagram for the financial tips and saw that she posted some tips from her experience as a file reviewer that differentiated a stellar essay from an average essay. Thought it might be helpful for you guys to check out - link below Good luck guys, be sure take time to relax after you hit the submit button!
  3. For one of my ABS items, I am speaking about my involvement in orchestras. I've participated in a number of different orchestras since I was 12, and there is no one single person who can verify that I've participated in all of them except one of my parents. Would this be acceptable? Western doesn't say anything on their website about who the verifier should be.
  4. Hey guys, I'm working on my ABS and it seems like I might be missing a few things: 1. Personal activities --> I draw a lot and also paint but I don't have anyone other than my family members/friends to verify them. Does anyone have suggestions on who would be able to verify these activities or what else I could do? 2. Medicine related activities --> I volunteer at a hospital and work at a clinic. What other activities could I do to make it seem like I'm interested in medicine? I thought the ABS didn't need to reflect medical experience, just things that I'm passionate about (and demonstrate leadership roles in)? Thanks a lot for your help!
  5. Hi, I'm applying to the French stream at uOttawa this coming semester. Is anyone willing to look over my ABS (in french) in the next few days please? Thank you!
  6. Hey friends! I'm finishing off my ABS, would anyone that has positive experience with the OMSAS apps want to look over mine and give feedback? I'm sending it to a bunch of my friends as well but I thought that asking for more help wouldn't hurt! I have yet to start formally writing my UofT essays/ABS entries but I would love help with that as well :)!
  7. Hi guys, I was wondering whether or not to include the TRAINING I received to become a volunteer as a separate entry in ABS or not. The reason I am asking, is because I have two volunteer positions, one in hospice and one as a research assistant, and both required I complete very lengthy online training and online certifications. For example, for hospice, it was a 13 hour online training that required tests, small essays on a range of topics ranging from palliative care, infectious diseases, caregiver stress, ethics and so on. Likewise for the research assistant position, because it is connected to a long-term care facility, all volunteers had to undergo training on how to care for elderly patients, modules on ethics etc even though my position doesn't have anything to do with that. I am wondering if it's worth making separate entries for these things, or if it is self-explanatory that all volunteer positions must have included training? Thank you!
  8. Hey guys! I'm wondering what I should do about a long-term activity for the ABS. I have been playing two instruments for about 9 years now and I would like to include it on my sketch. My question is since we are only allowed to include activities from the age of 16 and onwards when I tally up the hours for this activity, should I just calculate it from age 16 and on or should I put the actual amount of hours invested in this activity since I was 10 years old? If I do this from age 10, the total amount of hours will be over 2000. Is this fair game for the ABS or will adcoms look at this suspiciously since the number of hours seems (at least to me) unusually high? Thank you SO much to anyone who replies and so sorry if this thread is in the wrong spot (not a frequent poster)! :)
  9. How do we include the numbers for activities in the ABS Statement? The issue I am having is that I am writing about a research experience that involved (1) 8 months volunteer work followed by (2) summer paid employment (3) publication (4) presentation (5) award for presentation I wanted to mention all of these components to cover the "scholar" component of the clusters, but do I have to include the activity number for each? and if the verifier is all the same, do I have to keep putting (1) to show the same verifier? I want it to be clear what I am mentioning, but also don't want so much of my word count to be devoted to numbers in brackets
  10. Hi everyone, currently trudging through the long-winded ABS section and was wondering if anyone has a link to where it says that submitted papers shouldnt be included in the research section (i vaguely remember something to this effect last year). It says that submitted (not accepted or published) publications should be included, on the uottawa page, so I am inclined to report them, but if there is info from OMSAS that says I shouldn't I would like to contact OMSAS for clarification. They cant comment on how to write ABS of course, but if there is a written contradiction between the uottawa site and the OMSAS site then they might be able to help! Thanks!
  11. How should one enter (if at all) a multi-year, discontinuous extra-curricular/job (e.g. summer employment at the same company for 3 summers or sport seasons that span multiple months but aren't connected from year to year)? Enter it as 3 separate entries from May to September for the three years? Or just enter the most recent? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. How many times can you use a verifier for activities? Is there like a limit? Reason I'm asking is that I have about 12 activities since the age of 16 from high school, and it'll probably be easier to use one high school teacher who's known what I've done through out high school (since you know, teachers come and go in the education system).
  13. I'm confused about this. Are we supposed to integrate it into the essay where when we mention activity x we say "activity x (ABS item #3, verifier 2) has..."? Or do we add these things at like the start or end as like a title or footer type thing? Can anyone tell me how they formatted theirs and if that is considered correct? Do these words count towards word count? If so that sucks.... Really stressing because the application is due today.
  14. Hey guys, I recently came to know that given the GPA conversions at UWO, my two best-year GPA is 87%. Given that my AA and RC both are 22 and an above average ABS (IMO though), is there a shot for me to get an interview invite this year ? Thank you guys and good luck Edited: Forgot to add, I've finished my UG.
  15. Hello, Stressing out right now because I can't find my piano teacher's home address for verifier. She came and taught me from my home so I don't have an address. Should I just put my home as the address?
  16. In the ABS research section, how can we enter our publication info so that they know its legit? Like there seems to be no way I can enter a citation or even the full exact title due to the character limits, but I also don't want to sound vague and say: Title: Rat stress tests Type of publication: published in neurocience. Your role: wrote the paper. How can I provide information that actually tells them my paper exists?
  17. So I have 4 certifications I have to keep current (every 2 years ish) for my job as a lifeguard. Would you list these under a single entry, or separate for each? Also should these be listed under 'Other' or 'formal education'? Thanks!
  18. Hi All, I had a question about the 3 ABS statements: For each activity, should I talk about what I did or only talk about what I learned? I know we have to connect to the clusters, so should I specifically mention which clusters I improved in myself and learned about, or should I just state all the things I did in the activity and leave it to the reader to make the connections to the clusters (using the “show don’t tell” approach)? Thank you so much for the help!!!
  19. Hi, I just had a question about the 3 ABS statements for UofT. I was wondering if for just 1 of the statements, I could talk about 2 of my ABS activities (instead of 1). The 2 ABS activities have occurred as part of the same organization and I'm using the same verifier. The difference between the two is my specific roles, so I had 2 roles in the same organization. So, I was wondering if I can speak about both of those activities for just one of the ABS statements (as opposed to having 1 ABS activity for each statement). Thanks for the help!
  20. Are you guys including the dollar amounts of your awards in the ABS? If yes, where are you guys writing it?
  21. Hi guys, I was wondering if people who got an interview/acceptance to UOttawa could share what type of activities they had listed in their ABS. I am worried that I have a pretty average ABS and am wondering if I could still have a shot at an interview this application cycle with my average ABS (and a good Casper score). I currently have 3.94-3.95 wGPA for UOttawa. I have multiple research experiences in the past few years (no pubs yet, 1 paper in progress), volunteering experiences with vulnerable population, a couple leadership experiences, a couple of employment experiences, etc (many of these are long term). However, I have no athletic background, no volunteering abroad experiences and only a couple of ordinary awards (nothing stellar). Could some of you guys who have received acceptance or undergone interview at UOttawa please give some ideas at what your ABS consisted of and what the school looks for in the applicants' ABS? I would be really grateful for any insight and advice. Thank you.
  22. I am aware that Toronto's admissions page says explicitly to pick one activity per ABS essay that outlines one or more of their clusters, but how specific does this one activity have to be? for example: if I picked volunteering in a research lab as my activity, can I include the awards/presentations/publications/whatever else related to that activity as well? or do i just have to talk about what i did in the lab? thank you for all your help! EDIT: also, how bad is it if my essays are no longer than 200 words (both ABS and brief personal essays)?
  23. Hey guys, just finishing up my autobiographical sketch, and I had a few questions: 1. For awards/scholarships, did you put how much money they were for? Is this important? 2. For extracurricular activities, there doesn't seem to be a clear section where you can describe your roles/responsibilities in a club. As of now, I have brief descriptions of my role in the "Type of Activity/Level of Performance" section. Is this okay to do? 3. On some old threads, I've seen a few premeds on here say that in the responsibilities section, in addition to listing responsibilities, they listed what skills they learned/built (as they related to the CanMEDS competencies. What's the consensus on this? Do you think it will hurt or help with an application? 4. For current activities, when listing hours, did you make any statement indicating that they were ongoing or about how many hours you expect to have after this year? Or is it obvious given that it already says "ongoing" in the date section?
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