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Found 45 results

  1. Hi I have applied to several private schools Northeastern US schools, U of T and western, and Irish schools. I'm wondering if anyone can comment on my chances. I have not yet received any interviews from US schools and don't know if I have missed the boat. Degree: BScH in Life Sciences with Minor in Computing Academics: cGPA: 3.51/4.0 science GPA: 3.48/4.0 Best two years for western: 90.75% Canadian DAT: AA: 20 BIO: 19 CHEM: 20 PAT: 22 RC: 20 TS: 19 ECs: -100 hours shadowing -1 summer working in dental office -1 summer in neuroscience research -1 summer in human mobility research with computing element -President of club that raises money for children with CHD (started club's first conference) -2 (going on 3) semesters as TA in computing
  2. VictorLin0725

    Med School admission rant

    Just a little rant on med-school admissions. Anyone else frustrated that medicals schools have such vague prerequisites requirements? For a program that is amongst the most competative i'd expect some clear instructions on what marks to get in what specific classes...when I first researched requirements it said that you can be ANY major you want and no required courses...how does that make any sense? A least give prospective students some recommendations on what to take to relate/prepare for medical school material. When I first decided to go the med-school route I was so damn confused on what courses to take. I was certainly determined and didn't want to have a "backup" career like engineering, but also didn't want to over-take too many hard bio/chem courses. Took me such a long time to determine what to take, how many credits they were, and what is related to medicine and mcat preperation without over-doing courses that were too hard. At least give 5-6 required courses (bio/chem/anatomy) and put up a bunch of electives rather than just saying "anything you want." That was quite long but anyone else go through this dilema?
  3. McGillMedAmbassadors

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Hello everyone, Let us present ourselves: we are student ambassadors of McGill Medicine. Not too long ago, we were in the applicant seats and we sympathize with the anxiety that comes along with that role. In fact, some of us roamed the pages here at premed101 and asked questions of our own in the hope of elucidating some of our worries about the application process and student life at McGill Medicine. We are glad to tell you that we are happy with our choice and this has brought us to pilot this Q&A initiative, where we hope to give back some of the good advice we have received along the way. Please do note that although we are affiliated with McGill's admission committee, the opinions we give here represent an honest and subjective view that is independent from the admissions committee. Now that is cleared up...Dear applicants, please ask away! Wishing you the very best during this application session, McGill Med Ambassadors Questions list (updated infrequently, search is your friend!) MMI Tips Could you describe a typical day at McGill medical school? How much "free time" do you have in the program?What is the general atmosphere between students, do you feel some kind of competition? Are you graded, or is the program pass/fail? What are some aspects of McGill and/or the program that you don't like and could be improved? Information about the MD/PhD program (specifically the interview process) Information for applicants who do not speak French, French language requirements How many people from the waiting list are admitted every year for Quebec university level? Does McGill use APP ("apprentissage par problème") like Udem ? or something similar ? What time the interview day usually ends? Which grades are considered by the CaRMS, as some residency programs allow a certain percentage to the grades obtained during the «pré-clinique»? What is the difference between a task oriented station and a simulation station at the MMI? What should we really wear for the MMI? See also: Should I wear a suit for the MMI? Does it look bad if we glimpse at our watch a couple of times during the MMI? Is there a place where you can check-in luggage (for OOP or international students flying in)?  How are the final decisions are made after the interview? Is it possible to apply to both Med and Dent at McGill at the same time? When do we get our McGill email addresses after we are admitted? So do university level in province, NTP in province and CEGEP have different wait lists, or do they all compete under the IP category? What is the immunization process for admitted students? For CEGEP students, would my admission be rescinded if I do not graduate on time (end of May) and take a summer class to graduate before July 1st? How does the admission process works for Ph.D students that are almost done and want to apply to the MD.CM program? Concerning the location of the MMI at McGill - from the information they give, there is a coat check. How secure is this? I have to bring my laptop and school books with me to town... is it safe? What is the everyday academic schedule for a 1st year to 2nd year MD student at McGill? See also: How is the schedule like during FMD? In average, how many hours do you need to study per day? What are the longitudinal family med time requirements? Until which time point in the MD training should you totally forget to hold a part time job? What is the average leisure time you can enjoy per day? Does McGill offer early decision admission? If so, how does it work and when is the application due? Can CEGEP courses count towards Recommended Physiology Courses? Does taking 3 and/or 4 courses per semester lead to an automatic refusal? If an interview is obtained on the basis of a second undergrad, are you required to complete this second degree with a full course load and obtain the diploma? Do you remember completely messing up a station or two but still end up getting in? What role to CEGEP grades play in my Med-P admission process? How many student retake the Med-P year and why? Science GPA vs. Recommended courses ... which are taken into account post interview? How much or how little should I practice for the interview? I applied for extenuating circumstances and I want to know if they will be considered for my admission, should I write to the admission office or should I not ask? Will French affect my learning and interactions with peers? WHY McGill? HOW is the the curriculum structured? Does accepting your McGill Med offer removes you from consideration at Ontario schools? What do they mean by "studies currently in progress must be at a level comparable to past academic performance."? Will my acceptance be revoked?? When are we supposed to send our first tuition payments? Is 26 years old too old to start medical school? How can I join the class of 2021 facebook group? Does the admission committee discriminate against applicants who have a second degree? How does course replacement for science prerequisites work? Will increasing my GPA by retaking courses during fall help me to get an interview? What should I do if my account on Minerva shows that I am supposed to pay international fees even though I am a Qc resident? Are there good study spaces on campus? How many times can I apply to medical school? Does McGill offer public transportation passes? What should I do if my science prerequisites expire soon? How are block exams delivered? Are laptops required? See also: Are there any recommended PC laptops? For those who have two undergraduate degrees: if the first degree had some terms of part-time studying, can we still be considered on the basis of our 2nd degree? Is the exam software compatible with iPads and tablets? How hard is it to get into the program as an NTP? Does the Nutrition and Dietetics program in Toronto registers as a "professional program"? Where can we get some information about reapplication? Is it recommended to do observerships during first year? Does McGill arrange accommodations for rotations outside of Montreal? Can the third-year elective be done outside of Canada? How many weeks of pre-CaRMS electives are there? What does the admission committee mean by "maintaining a comparable academic performance"? How hard is it to match to a US residence if coming from McGill? How does it work when we have to sign a CEQ? When will the FB group of Class of 2022 be created? Is it possible to finish my graduate studies during medical school? Should I expect a formal acceptance letter via snail mail? How are official documents usually delivered? In which building are classes mostly held? Can the science prerequisites be taken at other universities/as online courses? Is the list of reasons for deferral on the McGill Website exhaustive? Do McGill students need to upload a final transcript? When does the security check by CMQ happen? Are classes recorded? Is it possible to re-take on the science prerequisite courses in order to increase my GPA?
  4. Does anyone know anything about admissions to the MDCM program for applicants pursuing a masters degree? Do I need to complete the masters degree PRIOR to entering the MDCM program if admitted? Are graduate courses grades taken into account in the GPA calculation? Can't seem to find any info on graduate applicants. Thanks!
  5. Does anyone know when the admission offers for MOT come out for U of A?
  6. For a university such as UofT which prefers its MD applicants to have research experience, do you think having publications can "make up" for a lower wGPA such as 3.88? I'm worried that I will not be invited for interviews due to my low marks but I have a lot of experience in research and in my opinion, good ECs. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello all! I'm in a bit of a bind. I was perusing the UWO admissions FAQ (for no purpose other than to distract myself) and noticed this fun little line: "Please note, only one full or equivalent Pass/Fail credit will be permissible in each of the two years being considered for GPA." I chose to Credit/no credit 1.5 credits (3 classes) last semester due to personal reasons. To make up for that I am taking 4.0 credits this semester. Has anyone else been in a similar situation and if so what did you do? I was planning to apply to Western next year using this year's GPA and now I'm freaking out. TL;DR I fucked all the way up and CR/NCR 1.5 credits instead of the allowable 1.0. Is there anything I can do to remedy this???
  8. hi guys, was wondering what my chances are of getting into any dental schools in the states with my current gpa and what schools i should apply to.So i graduated from a Canadian university with an average of ~70% (i know it's low ): ). I am currently finishing a dental hygiene program and was wondering if that would help me with my dental application (would dental schools look at that??). I am also doing two extra fourth year level undergrad science courses (getting an 80+ right now). I have some dental experiences and I will be doing my DAT by the end of the year. What are my chances of getting admitted to any american or even australian dental schools? thanks guys! (would help a lot if you can list some schools)
  9. medschoolapp


    Does anyone know if there is a good/bad wait list for the French stream? If so, how much do those wait lists usually move up?
  10. Hi all, Long time lurker, first time poster. Considering putting forward an application to the OT program at Mcmaster for next year. On their admissions page, it says : "Applicants require a four-year baccalaureate degree (120 units/credits or equivalent) with a minimum GPA of 3.30/4.0 (B+ or 77%) in the last two (2) years or 60 units of university academic study" and then later "GPA of all graduate work will be calculated the same as undergraduate work." Does this mean that if the most recent credits you completed were part of your graduate degree, that those are the 60 units considered? Thanks, and good luck to everyone waiting to hear about their applications.
  11. For anyone else out there who obsesses over numbers, I did some statistics based on a 3-year average (2015-2017), with numbers plucked from the official dean's reports (2015) (2016) (2017). Every year on average, there are: 2,577 total applicants ... (2,473 + 2,775 + 2,483) / 3 449 candidates invited to interview ... (457 + 441 + 449) / 3) 171 seats filled (133 in London, 38 in Windsor) - this has been the same for the last 3 years. A first year class with a demograph of 58.3% male and 41.7% female ... Males: (61 + 59 + 55) / 3 ... Females: (39 + 41 + 45) / 3 17.4% of all applicants get an interview ... (449/2,577)*100 6.6% of all applicants get a seat ... (171/2,577) * 100 38.1% of interviewees get a seat ... (171/449) * 100 NOTE: These statistics do not consider waitlist movement, which can actually be huge in some years (e.g. the 2017 Dean's reports suggest that, for applicants from SW Ontario alone, 72 were offered acceptance into the program, while only 42 of those accepted the offer - that's a waitlist movement of 30 people!) Feel free to check the math, add anything I missed, or discuss below.
  12. **ONLY A FEW TICKETS LEFT! / IL NE RESTE QUE QUELQUES BILLETS!** Hello/Bonjour! Thinking of applying to medical school (or know someone who is)? Got two interviews and now you have to prepare for both the MMI and panel interviews? Bamboozled by ethical questions? The second year students of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine are organizing the second annual Med Prep Day, devoted to giving you tools to help you succeed on your interviews. Visit our website for more information: http://candacenayman.wixsite.com/ottawaprepday2018 Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/med-prep-day-journee-de-preparation-a-lentrevue-de-medecine-tickets-42169313552 — Hello/Bonjour! Vous pensez appliquer en médecine (ou vous connaissez quelqu'un qui fera application)? Vous avez reçu deux invitation d’entrevue, l’une pour une mini-entrevue multiple et l’autre pour un panel? Confus par les questions éthiques? Les étudiants de deuxième année de la Faculté de Médecine de l’Université d’Ottawa organisent la deuxième édition de la journée de préparation à l’entrevue, qui cherche à vous équiper avec des outils qui pourront vous être utiles lors de vos entrevues. Visitez notre site web pour plus d’information: http://candacenayman.wixsite.com/ottawaprepday2018 Inscrivez-vous ici: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/med-prep-day-journee-de-preparation-a-lentrevue-de-medecine-tickets-42169313552 Please contact us if you have any questions / N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions! Candace & Alex, Admissions Committee Representatives / Représentants du comité d'admissions
  13. I'm sure some of you have seen this data and I might be too late to the party but in case you haven't I though I share it because it seems like it interests most of us on here. The research study confirms what most of us probably agree with which is most students want to become doctors just to make a living and the hope is that the system can filter them but it turns out the system cannot and it also seems like it's might be causing bias. I think this has a lot of interesting data for you all to take a look at about admissions in Canada. https://sortsmart.io/blog/canadian-medical-school-admissions-study
  14. **Registration now open / Vous pouvez maintenant vous inscrire!** Hello/Bonjour! Thinking of applying to medical school (or know someone who is)? Got two interviews and now you have to prepare for both the MMI and panel interviews? Bamboozled by ethical questions? The second year students of the uOttawa Faculty of Medicine are organizing the second annual Med Prep Day, devoted to giving you tools to help you succeed on your interviews. Visit our website for more information: http://candacenayman.wixsite.com/ottawaprepday2018 Register here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/med-prep-day-journee-de-preparation-a-lentrevue-de-medecine-tickets-42169313552 — Hello/Bonjour! Vous pensez appliquer en médecine (ou vous connaissez quelqu'un qui fera application)? Vous avez reçu deux invitation d’entrevue, l’une pour une mini-entrevue multiple et l’autre pour un panel? Confus par les questions éthiques? Les étudiants de deuxième année de la Faculté de Médecine de l’Université d’Ottawa organisent la deuxième édition de la journée de préparation à l’entrevue, qui cherche à vous équiper avec des outils qui pourront vous être utiles lors de vos entrevues. Visitez notre site web pour plus d’information:http://candacenayman.wixsite.com/ottawaprepday2018 Inscrivez-vous ici: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/med-prep-day-journee-de-preparation-a-lentrevue-de-medecine-tickets-42169313552 Please contact us if you have any questions / N'hésitez pas à nous contacter si vous avez des questions!
  15. Hello! I’m a second year student attending University of Ottawa. My CGPA is an 8 here, which translates to a 3.59 when all my class gpas are averaged. This year is going much better as I should finish with mostly 4s, but since I did poorly in my first year, my average will always be affected and it seems daunting to bring it up to a 3.9+. I have 3 B+’s, and 1 B in organic chemsitry that are really weighing me down. I’m looking for people who have or had been in a similar situation and have had success when applying to medical school in Canada. Is there still hope? Thank you
  16. Hello! I tried to email Queen's Admissions to get a clear and accurate response but however, they were unable to provide me with further clarification. I am hoping that I'll receive some clear answers here! My question is: If I take additional courses (i.e Athabasca University) after the completion of my undergraduate degree, will the courses that I take count towards my 2 Year WGPA EVEN IF these courses are individual undergraduate courses that DO NOT count towards an additional degree or towards my completed degree? As long as these courses: - Fulfill the requirement for full-time study (3-5 courses per semester) - Completed between September to April I plan on taking additional courses according to these guidelines however, because there is no formal term structure to follow, I would plan on simply taking these courses according to the following format: - 3 to 5 courses between September to December - 3 to 5 courses between January to April I apologize if this question has been asked already! I was going through the forum and was unable to find the answer to this specific question. Thank you in advance!
  17. Hi all, I am wondering when U of T will contact me regarding my application and status? I sent my application last week and my transcripts should arrive in the mail in the next few business days. How long did it take for them to contact you after you paid and applied? I'm just nervous because I don't want an incomplete application. As you can tell, I've never done this before haha. Any help is appreciated.
  18. Carmen Escarla

    Nursing (york, ryerson, u of t)

    Im a second year life sciences student at U of T. I have recently become interested in nursing. From my understanding, U of T's BScN program usually gives acceptances to applicants who have already completed a 4 year undergraduate program. However, the minimum requirement to apply for the program is 10 FCE. Ive read other forums and I havent seen anyone in their second year of undergrad who has been accepted or has applied. I was thinking of applying to the program after my second year but after ive done this research is it useless for me to try and apply without a bachelors degree? Has anyone heard of a student w/out a bachelors degree who has been accepted to UofT's BScN program?? I would prefer earning a BScN in the shortest way possible. Ive noticed York has a second entry nursing program too but they explicitly say theres an admission requirement of 9.00 credits in the 300 level. Does York's second entry nursing program also mostly accept people with a bachelors degree? Ryerson has a good nursing program but does not have an accelerated nursing program like york and uoft. Im not sure what to do. I would prefer staying at U of T but I dont want to spend more money on studies and stay in school for 6 years. I would like to imagine I could apply to U of Ts nursing program after my 2nd year but the competitiveness is making me hesitant
  19. Has anyone here done the neuroscience program at the university of calgary? What would be my chances of getting in, my grade 11 average is around 94.6%. How are the research opportunities? How difficult is it? Can anyone compare it to the biomed program at UofC? How are the profs and other students? Also just any general information about Calgary and the university would be helpful!! thank you
  20. Hello, fellow aspiring doctors! I am a 27-year-old mom of two, happily married and going to school full-time... working hard to achieve my goal to become an MD someday. I don't care if it is going to be 5 years from now, 10 years from now or 20 years from now. I am going to be one someday. That being said, I have a question - which school do I have a chance at... at the moment? My cumulative GPA (not weighted) is embarrassing. It is 75.1. However, I have been working hard in my recent years. So my trends are like this: 1st year in undergrad: 71% 2nd: 69% (I really struggled first and second year. I don't know why but I felt completely unmotivated and sluggish..) 3rd: 80.7% 4th: 82.5% most recent year (started second degree in BSN): 90% I haven't wrote a MCAT yet, but I am going to write one in August. I am hoping to apply to med schools this year or next year (haven't decided if I have any chance this year). I am hoping to score high, and I have no doubt I will... if I work extremely hard. I live in BC so UBC is my number one choice. Nonetheless, I am willing to move anywhere that would accept me (and my husband is more than willing to do that for me, fortunately). Is there any school that looks at upward trends in the grades or consider only the recent grades? If so, what is a competitive average? Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I would really appreciate your opinions, Hope you all are having a great summer!
  21. Be a Vivo Mentor ​Vivo Mentor is an online community that connects students interested in medicine with medical students and residents. We are a new venture started by two family medicine residents at the University of Toronto. We have already seen huge success and we would love to build on that with your help! As medical students, you have an inherent sense of what it takes to get into medical school. You already made it! That being said, we provide you with additional resources to support you. We are currently paying $40 per hour as a token of appreciation for your hard work in helping these students. You can contribute ​​through​ any o​​f the following options: Critically review and provide feedback on medical school applications at your convenience from anywhere Conduct mock medical school interviews, including MMI, MPI, and traditional panel interviews. You can choose what you are comfortable with. Write high quality blog posts / articles related to medical school admissions (AND get paid for it!) If you are interested, our sign up process is very easy. Simply go to: https://vivomentor.com/pages/sign-up-to-be-a-mentor We will follow-up with you for any questions you have and we will guide you every step of the way! Best Regards, Cris Administrative Manager https://vivomentor.com/​
  22. Disclaimer: The application cycle opening in 2017 for admission in August 2018 is NOT affected by the following information. As alluded to in a number of threads in this topic, the requirements for admission to the University of Alberta MD Program have been updated. As published in the University of Alberta Calendar1, for the cycle opening in 2018, admission to the MD program will require an undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA for residents of Alberta remains 3.3, with out of province applicants at a minimum of 3.5 on a 4 point scale. Admission decisions will be based on the overall GPA, MCAT Score, Interview Score, Letters of Reference and Personal Activities. The lowest year GPA will be dropped from the GPA calculation, provided it is not the most recent year or the only year in which 30 credits were obtained in a contiguous fall/winter session. There is no information on whether courses in a Spring/Summer term are included in the GPA calculation. In the past, I have been caught by the statement "requirements for admission" at the UofA, as many other schools list "requirements to apply." Therefore, I obtained confirmation from the UME Office, "requirements for admission" means that an individual may apply in the summer between 3rd and 4th year of their undergraduate degree, as at the time of admission an applicant would be reasonably expected to have convocated their degree. Offers of admission to such individuals would remain conditional. I have not seen any information on the breakdown of scoring at the moment, but I would expect it to be released leading up to when the application cycle opens in 2018. This is unconfirmed: there was language described (but not in the calendar) that allowances may be made on a case by case basis for 3-year undergraduate degrees as well as degrees which are completed using credit from a diploma. As a non-traditional applicant who has started from scratch in my undergrad after completing a diploma in health care that is considered ineligible to apply, I was quite upset with these changes. It just puts up more barriers to getting in, and is a further fiscal barrier in the path to physician-hood. The discussion of 3 year and diploma completion degrees is somewhat reassuring, but not having any language in the calendar does not bode well. Thoughts? 1 http://calendar.ualberta.ca/content.php?catoid=20&navoid=5076#doctor_of_medicine_(md)
  23. Hello, I am wondering if someone can shed light on the GPA required to get into med school in Ontario. I know that different medical schools have different GPA requirements and calculate GPAs differently, but what is the general GPA required. Also, I find it difficult to covert GPA into a percentage grade and I am finding various charts online. Can someone please shed light on this. Also, for individuals accepted into medical school, what GPA did you have? I would like to mention that I am a first year pre-med student. Thanks!
  24. Hello Everyone, is there anyone that would like to practice for the McGill interview? if you have been invited and not sure how to practice.. reach thanks