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Found 43 results

  1. Hello, I know everyone must be tired of seeing these types of "what are my chances" posts but I could really use some advice. I am currently in my last year of my undergrad at UofC and eligible to graduate this spring. Unfortunately, med school has only become a dream of mine in the last year or so and my first two years GPA does not reflect this desire at all. Here is a breakdown: I have taken 5 courses each semester for my entire degree. GPA: 1st year: 2.73 2nd year: 3.02 3rd year: 3.61 4th year: 4.00 EC's Do pracitucms count for this? If so, I done extensive work in my community with local organizations working with individuals with disabilities. I have spent time at The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured and done an internship at Emily follensbee (a school for children with multiple and complex learning needs). I have spent the last year working with the Government of Alberta creating and delivering a prevention presentation on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that I have delivered to grade 8 and 11 classrooms as well as university classrooms. I have been lucky enough to have done a lot of traveling over the course of my degree (20 countries in three years), and I am in the process of planning a trip to Peru with a previous professor of mine to assist her with research as well as doing some volunteering. I have also been doing volunteering within the university and external organizations on my own time. I have been working one job for the past 4 years (just serving at a restaurant, so not very relevant). I do not have any publications at this point. My understanding is that UofC will use your three best years to count your GPA but even with dropping my first year that would leave me with a 3.54 which is not competitive. Any advice going forward? As I see it I have three options: 1. take a 5th or 6th year of my current degree 2. take a second undergrad 3. apply for grad school (although I feel like this would be the least useful) Any recommendations going forward would be very much appreciated!!! Thank you!
  2. Hello, I was wondering how important it is to do a thesis in my senior year of undergrad (my program doesn't require it for graduation). I have no research experience and I am going into my 4th year this fall. Would it be better for me to start looking for volunteer positions in labs and then do a small independent study rather than doing a thesis? I'm also very discouraged at this point to find a supervisor as it is fairly late in the year. Any advice would be appreciated!! Thank you!!
  3. Hi All, So I've been accepted into physio at Ottawa U. However I was wondering if there were any anglophone Physio students out there who could sort of give me an idea of how hard the french is. I have a working knowledge of french and can speak well enough, however I am just really unsure about the course content and style of teaching and if I would be able to keep up with it all. I have never taken a university level course in french and have not been in a french class in 4 years. Just looking for some advice! Thanks
  4. I completed by BSc in bio at ubc last year. I applied to ubc med school (just ubc...yeah that was stupid I know) and didn't get in. As a back-up I also applied to ubc pharmacy which I am currently waiting to see if I got in. I'm torn between whether I should do a year of pharmacy and boost my gpa a bit, or continue to build my extracurriculars. I'm aware my activities are seriously lacking and my grades aren't good either, but my NAQ is the reason I'm contemplating just staying out of school and focusing on my jobs and volunteering. Any advice would be appreciated!
  5. Hi all, Long time lurker of the forums as I gave serious thought to medicine, but finally recently decided to pull the trigger on it for real, as I've decided it's where I'd ultimately like to end up in life. I've applied (unsuccessfully) before, but was ambivalent about my intentions, so I don't think my heart was in it and I didn't do all I could to give myself the best shot. This time I'd like to do all I can to get it right. I've just finished a PhD in immunology in Toronto (Ontario's also my province of origin) and am pursuing the PhD to MD path, but seeing as how I wasn't always set on pursuing med, and considering the previously unsuccessful app, I feel there may be some holes in my profile, and am basically looking for some advice from the more seasoned people around the forums on how to best use my time to strengthen the app as best I can for the next cycle or two. So without further ado: GPA Undergrad cGPA: 3.86 Year 1: 3.64 Year 2: 3.96 Year 3: 3.95 Year 4: 3.92 Grad cGPA: 3.97 MCAT 517 (127/128/131/131) ECs -Lots of research things (17 papers, 5 first authored in pretty good journals, 2 national conferences including 1 oral talk, doctoral NSERC funding, student mentor-ship/supervision experience) -Long-term volunteer tutor in math & science (~5 years at the high school level and 1 year as part of a non-profit HIV support group, though hours were pretty sporadic, maybe 100 overall) -Soup kitchen-type work (~2 years, once a week, ~100 hours so far) -Science rendezvous volunteer (but just started this year, so like 10 hours) -E-sports tournament organizer (~7 years of this from small casual events through to very large ones with hundreds of people, from non-profit to charity tournaments, from small roles to a lead organizer role. As a side-note I also competed in these tournaments for 4-5 years at a fairly competitive level, was ranked, etc, but have been on the fence about including this part in the app). -Some other fairly old, small commitments (helped out annually at the CNIB X-mas party, etc, but fairly few hours and sporadically) LORs Have 2 very strong ones from my research days (one from my PhD supervisor, and one from a clinician who we collaborated with frequently and closely), and another from the kitchen lead of the soup kitchen I've been at for a couple years which I am confident is also strong. Didn't pursue one from the E-sports days as it seemed out of touch with med, but moreover iirc the letters can't be from peers, and in the lead organizer role I wasn't sure who I could choose that didn't qualify as a peer. Having it all on paper, I feel as though the biggest weaknesses are a lack of direct clinical exposure (had some from the research end during the PhD, but not much), and a lack of leadership roles in the ECs, with the exception of event organizing, as I mainly participated in these events out of personal interest, so never sought the more time-consuming leadership positions which I thought would take time away from my studies/research through undergrad and grad school. I'm locked out of Ottawa, UBC & McGill due to missing prerequisites (Orgo/biochem, English, & Orgo/Physics respectively), and Saskatchewan due to the MCAT, but good to go & willing to apply everywhere else (barring potentially those who don't have current, posted minimums like Queens or Western). Any and all thoughts or comments you all might have would be really, greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  6. I wanted some peoples opinions on a situation that I am in. I've applied to medical school twice in Canada and have never gotten an interview. I have a cGPA of 3.90, an MCAT score of 515, I am a Canadian citizen and I have recently finished my Bachelor's at McGill University. I have recently been accepted to a British MBBS program at Newcastle University Medicine (Malaysia). I wanted to ask people's opinions on whether it would be more beneficial for me me to get started with medicine in Malaysia now and eventually go through equivalencies and work in Canada or should I find a job or apply for a masters in Canada and re-apply to medicine here? My life is here in Canada, but I also want to be a physician. Staying here will not guarantee that I get a place in a Canadian Medical school later on, but going to Malaysia doesn't guarantee I'll be able to come back either. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  7. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in university, not particularly part of any groups outside of school other than rec sports - No other parts of application started yet: personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc. an individual told me about a 'post bacc' school in toronto called medical education programs (MEP) (https://www.medschoolimg.com/) ... apparently you can take courses at this school to improve your gpa/mcat prep and subsequently apply to the school's partner medical schools (schools that accept their courses/credits). **I would 100% like to get into a US med school vs. going to the Caribbean and would also like to start in the next 1 to 2 years. Obviously my gpa is beyond rough so that doesn’t give me leeway to have a choice but just stating this so readers are aware** plan (current ideas): - Caribbean: looking at particularly Ross university or SGU (or any of the big 4)…. take pre-req courses at MEP to increase my GPA/MCAT prep with self MCAT prep/prep course and apply to both schools for September 2019 or January 2020 start. *Note*: Ross utilizes a program called medical education readiness program (MERP) in which if admissions thinks you could benefit from the 15 week MERP to prep for med school success by learning better learning strategies and more prep in science coursework then your conditional Ross acceptance will be granted to you upon your completion of MERP (which may be a possibility for me if I can I boost my GPA with the MEP courses??) - Canada: I understand Ontario schools currently out of the question for me… unless I do another undergrad and kill it, which I don’t want to do at this point. not sure about any other options for me in Canada nor did I do further research on this - USA: explained my situation to an admissions advisor and she said even if I excel in the MEP course and kill the MCAT, I would possibly have to do another 2 years at uni to up my GPA to be able to be even slightly competitive to apply to US schools. Please give your thoughts/ideas on routes for me to get into US schools - UK/ Australia/ Ireland/ Israel/ elsewhere: ?
  8. Hello everyone, I wanted to start a new topic about your experience at CEGEP because I would like to have a better idea of this whole new world. Please tell me which CEGEP you went to, how you managed to get through it and if you have any tips (schedule, courses, extracurricular). Also, I heard that it's possible to take some courses during the summer or even during another semester. The thing is, I heard that it is not recommended to take your CEGEP courses in more than 4 semesters, otherwise some med universities will refuse your application. Could you please give me more details about it? Thank you very much everyone.
  9. Hi guys, I have made a new blog post on interview advice I highly recommend you check it out if you have interviews coming up! https://medstudentgunner.wordpress.com/2019/01/29/medical-interview-preparation/ Feel free to contact me through my blog if you have any questions or want personalized advice!! Best of luck, Med Student Gunner
  10. I'm new here and would appreciate any advice on whether I'd be better off doing a 5th year or a research focused masters program. Currently in my 4th year of undergrad. Ontario resident. Very low cGPA: ~ 3.32 (3.35/2.83/3.8) on the OMSAS scale. I'm confident going into this year and am aiming for 3.95+. On the right track so far. I wrote the MCAT this August and got a 516 (131/127/128/130). I'm likely going to retake to try and get a 129+ CARS. I applied to Western and McMaster this year but am not expecting anything. Will be applying to Queens, McMaster, Western and Dalhousie next year and potentially some USMD's. I was wondering what would be best to do next year to improve my chances. Thanks
  11. I love you all in advance for your honest feedback, albeit it be as harsh as Canada’s winters or as sweet as the peach drink from Timmies. Enough with the bad analogies, here’s the summary: 24 years old. Currently in 2nd gap year Ontarian post grad, working to reduce that $30k debt. Fluent, not native, in French. Native in Russian, basic Italian GPA: 4.0 after McGills conversion. 3.95 otherwise. ECs: -honours thesis in a molec/biochem lab (results credited during supervisor’s conference presentation; he also happens to be a past department head, univ prof emeritus and the coordinator for Gairdner at York- does any of that matter??); lead to abstract publication and oral presentation (on my behalf) at a conference. -~100 hours as an exec on mental health club (organized a couple of big projects and conferences) - ~100 hours as a research assistant in clinical research (VOLUNTEER) -~200 hours hospice doing home visits for the same patient in palliative care -part time job at a small business/local salon I’ve had since 2013 and haven’t quit yet because I’ve built a very close relationship w the owner and it’s a minute from my house. I’m also currently an assistant manager there -another recent job I’ve taken up at a medical assistant, so far at 75 hours and counting -over 400 hours shadowing family doctor and surgeries at Sunnybrook -started my own catering company I run part/full time dep. on demand. I carve literal flowers out of any fruit you want, it’s been my artistic channel for over a year. -full time caretaker of my ill grandma whom I live with (not sure if worth mentioning that but that has been a big reason it’s been difficult to find a full-time ‘real job’) -every month, I try to get some ppl from my neighbourhood together to pick up garbage around the mailboxes and to offer to put up “slow down, kids at play” signs on ppls front lawns bc it’s a residential area yet ppl speed 70+. I’ve been doing this for over 3 years and I don’t know if it’s worth mentioning since most of the time I just end up going alone -some hospital and clinic volunteering when I was 18 -participated in sanofi aventis biotech challenge when I was 17 - did research in a cancer lab for an entire school year; poster presentation and a paper at the end -not many awards except for scholarship, deans list and first class w distinction grad -hobbies include: regularly attending the francophone community meetings (cafe conversation style) and organizing some myself; an avid gym goer (swimmer) -let’s talk science community outreach but only 20 hours under my wing - I do it from time to time -written mcat twice if that matters -during my second gap year, I went back to take a full year prereq physics course which ran 4 days a week 11-12 which also limited some of the full-time job searching I really want to attend McGill. Not only am I in love with the city and would love to move there in a heartbeat, but going there for medical school would mean my family isn’t far from me (were first gen. immigrants and it’s been tough getting everyone together finally and ideally I don’t want to leave by moving too, too far). Please provide me with any feedback, that will preferably not crush my fragile heart. Thank you.
  12. Hi all, I am planning out my fall semester and was thinking about taking 3 or 4 online courses to increase my GPA for applications in December. Do you have any recommendations for online courses that are worth considering particularly in the 3rd year or higher? I heard good things about Athabasca courses but cannot find any specific threads. All the best
  13. Hey everyone, I was recently admitted into 2 medical schools after 3rd year of undergrad and I started a blog to help other students out and provide advice about the MCAT and med school process. I recently made a blog post about MCAT preparation material, and will be making more MCAT posts until the summer is closing, and then will get onto OMSAS and CASPer advice. Check it out and feel free to contact me from the site if you want certain topics covered in future posts! https://medstudentgunner.wordpress.com/2018/07/21/mcat-how-to-study-for-it/
  14. I'm a bachelor of science student in my third year of my degree in Alberta, Canada majoring in biology. These are my stats:GPA: 3.704CDAT: 19 AA19 BIO19 CHEM19 TS20 RC16 PATI've got more than 100 hours of shadowing. I've done a lot of volunteering and for long periods of time, I've also started my own club in my university and am an executive for my universities Golden Key Chapter club and have been for two years now. By the time I finish my GPA should be around a 3.75-3.8 I hope. Obviously my scores are average and my PAT is quite low. What are my chances realistically of getting into dental school in the USA or Australia? Should I even bother applying or just retake the DAT? Thank you.
  15. hi im new here and i just made an account, so in case im posting in the wrong section i apologize ahead of time. so i am the first in my family (divorced) to go to university and i ended my first year with an amcas gpa of 3.0 (3.09 omsas). yes i know, not good. second year began very well however, half way through first semester my father was going through serious financial issues and my mother was mislead to of had ovarian cancer. having no other family in the country, the emotional stress just threw my mind off school and i fell into a deep depression finishing with a 2.75 (2.7 omsas) in that year. however, since then i finished my third year with a 3.71 amcas gpa (3.66 omsas) and currently in my fourth year i have a 4.0 amcas (3.92 omsas). i do know the MCAT will be a big factor especially for someone with my earlier poor performance. while i do realize my cumm.GPA wont be high, but will this sharp incline in grades have an effect? i appreciate any feedback. thank you -Country/state of residence: canada -Schools to which you are applying: mcmaster, michigan state, central michigan and others (still not determined) -MCAT Scores: writing in the summer -Research – ~330 hours, no publications, volunteer based -Volunteering (clinical) – 2 months at medical centre which led to my employment -Physician shadowing – 200 hours/8 months, family dr -Non-clinical volunteering: 60 hours internship at cardiac rehab centre working with elders in a fitness centre. ethnic community: as music set-up, cook, party set up, watched kids -Extracurricular activities: music production, carpentry, men's hairstyling/beard grooming, provide free haircuts to elders and youth in cultural community and residential community, tutor highschool and university students. -Employment history:2 months(summer job) metal fabrication factory, 4 months(summer job) subway, 2.5-3 years medical centre, 4 months (to this day) pharm assistant/tech in shoppers pharmacy. -Immediate family members in medicine? non -Specialty of interest: family medicine -Shadowing experience: 150 hours shadowing pharmacist, 70 hours DDS. not exactly medical drs, but i believe that health must be learned from all angles to really work to better it. -Graduate degrees: will be obtaining b.sc honors in medical sciences -Interest in rural health Yes
  16. Hi everyone, i recently considered going to all saints school of medicine in the Caribbean. I just wanted to know if this would be a good move? Also anyone who has been here, could you please tell me how your experience was?
  17. I have a Bachelors of Business Administration and have worked in accounting for three years. I really want to make a change and found OT/PT as potential areas that interest me: I get to help people better the quality of their lives. I get to move around during the day instead of sitting in a cubicle. I get to enjoy talking to new people on a regular basis. I have marketable and applicable skills outside of the corporate institution. What I'm concerned about is that I may not have academic reference since it's been three years and I haven't been in touch with any of my professors. Has anyone attempted to get an academic reference from a professor who they haven't really been in touch with? Would you recommend that I go back to a college and take a course to be more vigilant in connecting with my instructors/professors this time? Or is it worth a shot to email/contact my old professors to ask if they'd be willing to give a reference? The downside is that I likely was an average and forgettable student throughout the years of classes since. I'm seeking clarity on what I can do next to take steps towards having a reasonable shot at getting into the OT/PT program. What I may need to sacrifice or challenges I will need to go through to get there. Thanks for your thoughts and help.
  18. Hi everyone, My friend suggested I join and look around on the forums here and it's been a great help. I was just wondering if anyone could give me a rough idea about what my chances are for getting into anything. I'm applying under the EDP for Tulane, and hoping to complete an MD/MBA program there. I also wanted to get an opinion on the best school for me to apply through the EDP. In terms of numbers my GPA is a 3.71/4.0, I'm doing my 5th year of Biological Sciences (honours program) at the University of Calgary. MCAT was a 513 (first year of new exam), wrote it once, 130 on both sciences, 127 cars and 126 psych. Others: I've been volunteering in a lab since Sept 2016, now doing research in that lab under a studentship. More research for my honours project for my fifth year. As for EC, I've got about 350+ hours at a senior home, 350 at a hospital (gift store), 7 years of karate. Two years of tutoring 1st year stats. On another note, I've been on a student exchange, the Korean government gave me a pretty nice scholarship. I'm pretty confident in my LOR writers. My writing is pretty decent, won a scholarship from our local union through an essay competition. Still, the personal comments and activities scare the crap outta me. I'm on a time crunch and the EDP deadline is in 4 days, haven't been able to get any consultants review my writing. I was thinking of applying to these schools (includes Canadian schools): Tulane University School of Medicine 08/01/17 Central Michigan University College of Medicine 11/30/17 Chicago Medical School at Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine & Science 11/01/17 Michigan State University College of Human Medicine 11/01/17 New York Medical College 12/15/17 Sidney Kimmel Medical College at Thomas Jefferson University 11/15/2017 University of California, Davis, School of Medicine 10/01/2017 University of California, Los Angeles David Geffen School of Medicine 10/16/2017 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine 10/15/2017 Wayne State University School of Medicine 12/31/2017 McGill University Faculty of Medicine 11/01/2017 Queen's University Faculty of Health Sciences 09/15/2017 University of Alberta Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry 10/01/2017 University of Toronto Faculty of Medicine 09/15/2017 University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine 10/01/2017 The University of Western Ontario - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry 09/15/2017 University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine 09/15/2017 McMaster University Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine 10/01/2017 University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine 10/01/2017 Can't say much about what the MSAR says about these schools (don't want to get my butt kicked) but I'm pretty sure I sit on the median for all the American schools here. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I feel pretty anxious without having some numbers out other, even with the MSAR, it doesn't tell me much about how us Canadian applicants fare in the other playground. If someone would like to review my essays, or vice-versa (would like someone to review yours, I'll do it for free, not $300 and a huge chunk of your soul), fire me a message! Thanks in advance!
  19. As a recent grad newly starting off in the professional world (~3 months in), I'm in a bit of an awkward situation with this year's medical school applications. My position is ongoing - full training for this position takes about a year. While I am not on any sort of contract, the unspoken expectation is that this is a long term position (at least 2-3 years?). As many schools ask you to have your direct supervisor/boss listed as a verifier for paid job positions, I'm wondering what options I have here. Would it be too much of a stretch to list a senior coworker who is involved in training me (and more sympathetic to my situation) rather than my supervisor, as doing so could possibly compromise my work environment/relationships? I was not completely forthcoming during the interview process about my future plans (as they were not concrete - I was considering skipping an application cycle) and if I am not accepted this year (or perhaps ever..), I hope to continue working at this job. Any advice?
  20. Folks, I'm in a state of crisis right now and not sure whether to proceed or not with my plans for career in medicine. A little background first to let you know where I'm coming from. I have two degrees from UofT, BA and BSc. I performed appallingly bad in my first few years at university and finished BA with a GPA of 1.82! I had no idea what to do with myself and had no discipline. That was some years ago. Since then I worked abroad and volunteered in the slums of eastern Africa. It's there that I found a passion for working with individuals on the edges of society and decided to pursue further education in mental health and eventually a career in psychiatry. So I came back to Canada and completed a BSc with GPA of 3.62 on 4.0 scale. A substantial improvement. Recently I wrote MCAT with little preparation and scored 504 (CP 125, CARS 129, BB 122, PSB 128). Feeling that I could score substantially higher with proper preparation, I scheduled another MCAT for September and been studying for it for it this summer. My plan was to score as high as possible and apply to Canadian-friendly American DO and MD schools since competition in Ontario is too stiff for somebody with my stats. But a couple of days ago I downloaded AMCAS GPA excel calculator and discovered to my shock and horror that since my BA took over four years to complete, some of those atrocious grades would end up being lumped together with my BSc grades in one post-bacc section and if that is the case, then the evidence of vast improvement between the first degree and the second degree would be diminished. However, since I never took any science before doing BSc, my overall sGPA is still around 3.61 and this includes grades for all the so-called pre-med courses that I took including physics, calculus, chemistry, bio, etc. So now I do not know what to do. Do I have any chance at American DO schools? I lost all motivation to study for MCAT since I now feel like, what's the point? If my only shot at medicine is some Caribbean school then my current MCAT score would probably suffice. Speaking of Caribbean schools, I wouldn't mind doing residency in FM in the sticks somewhere in the US but I know this path is very risky. Guys, any advice? Thank you so much for reading this.
  21. Hey guys So currently, I've completed high school, moving on to McMaster university in the fall. I'm going into the chemical and physical sciences, hoping to major in medical physics. I've already picked out my courses for first year, which includes physics, chemistry, biology, and calculus courses. I was wondering, what can I start doing now (or this fall) to make my self a strong candidate for med schools? Whether it'd be advice for what I should be doing on my spare time, or what kind of things I should be involved in, I'd appreciate any helpful tips. thanks
  22. Hello to anyone who reads this, as you can see from the title of this conversation I'm seeking advice about my current situation.It has always been my dream to become a doctor, this is one of the earliest memories I have from growing up. This is something I've always wanted and have always imagined myself doing. I can honestly say that I can't see myself being anything else besides a doctor. However right now I'm in a tough situation...I was former running start student, for those who don't know what that is that's basically when you take college classes while still in high school. I was doing quite well, I was getting 4.0s in the courses I took however that began to slowly change. After graduating high school with a 4.0 gpa everything pretty much went down hill for me. I started getting distracted from my goals and not taking college seriously, I started losing motivation in wanting to be in school and eventually my 4.0 gpa dropped to what is now a 2.5.At this point I do realize that I've dug myself into a very deep hole and I know that I haven't displayed the characteristics of someone who's passionate about Med school but becoming a doctor is still a dream for me. I still don't see myself being anything else besides a doctor. I just turned 20 years old and I really want to start doing things right.Iv'e completed the general chem series and biology, and was planning on taking O.chem and Physics this coming year at the college. I'm pretty much aware that regardless of whether I get a 4.0 in the classes it isn't going to raise my gpa much, however my goal is to at least show an upward trend on my transcript.What I want to know is what else I should be doing so I can raise my chances of getting into medical school with my current situation? And what should I do when I transfer to a university? I would like to believe that I still have a chance of proving myself, I know it may not be easy but I believe that I can do it.
  23. cGPA: 3.67 I took a few semesters with 3-4 courses. Last 2 semester GPA is about 3.9. ECs: Volunteer/research at labs, computer science instructor, hospital paediatrics volunteer, doctors without border head office volunteer, president/founder of school club In my 3rd year of undergrad at the University of Toronto. I have yet to write my MCAT, thinking of applying in the 2018/2019 cycle. Any advice on what I should do next? What can I do to become a better applicant? Should I focus on more ECs? What schools should I focus on and what schools should I not look at? I would really appreciate any feedback or suggestions. Thank you so much!
  24. Hey, I'm a secondary 3 student at a French school in Quebec, and medicine is the career that i'm aiming for. This year for a science project I had the chance to shadow/talk with a willing doctor, since I did my project on ECMO I had the opportunity to, and I absolutely loved my time in the hospital, I would like to pursue medicine as a career now. However, it seems that it's impossible to get accepted these days, and i'm concerned about that, especially since the R score is going steadily up and the competition is getting harder every year, I guess I just wanted some advice from people who were once at my place. I get good grades, but nothing exceptional, I go to an IB school and got a 95% average last term, but my first term I only got a 93%, I tend to do well in classes with loads of theory (science/math) and do worse in the arts and gym. I do volunteer work that I enjoy, i'm part of a reading circle, I've been involved in some youth politics, I dance and i've participated in a science fair, I'm not an exceptional student. I go to a really competitive high school and at least 5% of the student body wants to become a doctor, and it's pretty much the top 5% of the school, I just don't know what I should be aiming for (academically/extracurricular) in order to give me a good chance once I get to cégep. (My dream school is Mcgill) What advice do you guys have for me? Thank you!
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