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Found 24 results

  1. Hello, are there any USA educated OTs who practice in Canada
  2. Hello everyone, I am a Canadian applicant who graduated in 2018 with a 3.69 cGPA/3.8 GPA to Western/Queen's & 3.7 GPA to US schools. My MCAT is 516 (129/127/130/130) (2019) (Past: 509, 512) and I have a very strong EC and research experience with no publications. I had no interview invites the last 2 years (Canada & US) and I'm afraid it was due to my low GPA for Canadian schools. For US schools, my options were very limited as I did not meet some course pre-reqs, and I understand space is limited for Canadian applicants. I feel like I'm getting no where in my 3rd application cycle and I thought of some future plans, but not sure if these would be helpful 1) Should I retake the MCAT (Feb/Mar) and aim for a CARS 128+ (Would open up Western) 2) Should I go to Grad School (2yrs) would this investment be worth it (Would make it easier for UofT & Queen's). Also wondering if there is a disadvantage to a course-based grad program. 3) Instead of Grad, should I go back to school to meet pre-reqs for US schools? Even with them would it really increase my chances? 4) Should I apply abroad (Ireland, Australia, etc)? I heard there are 6 year programs which would take the same amount of time as going to grad school here + 4 yrs med. I'm also afraid of the debt I'll be in as well as having to live in extremely rural areas. I know this is what I really want, but I feel like I'm spending too much time stuck in the application cycles and want to find a way to be more beneficial to my application. I'm wondering if there are truly no options for a student who is stuck with their GPA. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. I am Canadian. What are my chances for top american med schools? Which american schools would you recommend applying to? What would you recommend improving in my application between now and September? I have a 4.0 cGPA, 521 MCAT (127 CARS), many meaningful extracurriculars (although I am worried because I do not have any meaningful research or shadowing). A few of my major ECAs include: -Student trustee of a major Canadian research university -Member of student government -Youngest board member of a national education advocacy organization - National chair of prestigious political training program (involved for 7 years) -250 hours EMT overseas -Teach sports to children with disabilities for many years -Executive of large cultural club on campus -a ton of intramural high school, sports, high school class president... (good stuff in high school) Thanks!!!
  4. Hi all, The CaRMS province-specific eligibility criteria indicate that Canadian citizens who graduate from an LCME-accredited medical school (i.e a US allopathic medical school, which grants an MD degree) are eligible for CMG-designated residency spots. For instance, the Ontario eligibility criteria webpage says "A Canadian Medical Graduate or U.S. Medical Graduate (CMG/USMG) is an individual who received their medical degree from a medical school accredited by the Committee on Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools (CACMS) or the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME). From here on in this will be referred to as a CMG." However, the R-1 Match report graphs seem to tell a different story, with match results for applicants from US schools not being as favorable as match results for applicants from Canadian schools. For instance, Table 2 shows that only 40 applicants from a US medical school matched into a residency spot in Canada. More troublingly, Table 7 lists the number of CMG participants by school of graduation, and no US medical schools are listed. The provincial eligility criteria webpages seem discordant with the R-1 Match reports. Given this, could anyone tell me: If Canadian citizens who graduate from a US allopathic medical school are eligible for CMG-designated residency spots (Assuming the answer to q1 is yes:) Are there any 'soft barriers' that hinder a Canadian citizen with a US MD degree from matching into a residency spot in Canada? For instance, lack of developing a professional network with Canadian doctors, or something along those lines? Ultimately what I'm interested in knowing is whether going to a US allopathic medical school would impede my chances at getting a residency spot in Canada. Thanks for any help!
  5. Hi all,I'm a 3rd year Ontario non-SWOMEN undergrad student with an MCAT score of 131/127/131/128 (517 total). My GPA is ~3.98 and I have strong non-clinical ECs and clinical research experience. I'll be applying to Canadian med schools this upcoming summer, and if I don't get accepted I'll apply to Canadian and US med schools the following year.I'm concerned that my 127 CARS shuts a lot of doors in Canada - I think I'm really only competitive for U of T, Queens, and Ottawa - so I'm considering re-writing. However, I'm concerned that re-writing will harm my chances at US med schools, as I've heard that US schools in general don't look favorably on re-writing without substantial improvement (I know that some US schools state on their website that they look at the most recent or highest MCAT, but I've seen others recommend interpreting those statements cautiously). I don't think I will be able to 'substantially improve'; realistically, my goal with a re-write would be to get a similar overall score with just a couple points higher in CARS.I plan on submitting a Canadian application this upcoming cycle because Canada does not frown upon re-applicants so the potential of getting rejected this cycle is not a deterrent. However, I would need an additional year to get my US application prepared.TL;DR: Should I re-write my MCAT (517 with 127 CARS) - bolstering my Canadian application if CARS improves (even if total score decreases) but potentially harming my US app - or just apply with my current MCAT score (in the 2017/18 cycle for Canada and in the 2018/19 cycle for US and Canada)?
  6. I'm in the third year in McMaster University and I want to apply to both Canadian and American medical schools this summer. I'm really lost in regards to this process; who should write my LoRs? How would I submit them to both Canadian and American medical schools? When should this submission be done?
  7. I'm in the third year in McMaster University and I want to apply to both Canadian and American medical schools this summer. I'm really lost in regards to this process; who should write my LoRs? How would I submit them to both Canadian and American medical schools? When should this submission be done?
  8. I'm a 3rd year undergraduate student that applied this cycle to 4 universities in Ontario (Toronto Mac Ottawa Queens). I don't have a dual citizenship. I wish to practice in Canada eventually but beggers can't be choosers :/ Does anyone have experience applying to a US MD/DO schools from Canada? Or any advice for how I should begin and the timeline of the process? I plan on applying US MD/DO next cycle (4th year) potentially. Here's some stats (Yes I know they're high, but you guys know how much of a crapshoot it is. I've many friends with good applications that somehow didn't get in) GPA: 4.0 MCAT: 132 129 132 132 (525) SWOMEN
  9. Hey everyone, So it's my first time considering applying to American schools and I was hoping someone would be able to share some info about MSU. From what I can see, it looks as though they are relatively Canadian friendly, as anyone who is a Canadian citizen can apply with full consideration given to degrees obtained in Canada. However based on their admission statistics on MSAR, they only accepted 3 from 500 international applicants. Seeing as how MSU doesn't accept non-US citizens, non-US residents or non-Canadian citizens, does that mean in this case Canadians were considered international? Or were they considered out of state? Just figured I'd post on here before emailing them to see if I could get a quick response. Any info anyone might have would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  10. I have a Science undergrad. My cGPA is 2.95 for american MD schools, but for D.O. (with repeated courses), my undergrad cGPA is 3.03. I have already started an MBA program*. I was wondering: 1. How do I calculate my GPA for american D.O. and MD schools correctly? I can't find a proper source. (I just used the A = 3.9, B+ = 3.3, B = 3.0 , B- = 2.7 ..etc type of method). 2A. Would MBA course grades boost my GPA for D.O. schools? 2B. Would MBA course grades boost my GPA for American M.D. schools? 3. What's the minimum MCAT score you'd say I'd need to give me a fighting chance for a D.O. admission? (from my older research it seems US citizens have gotten accepted with MCATs ranging from 27 to 31 for 2.95-3.00 gpa range) 4. Any other suggestions or comments? (e.g. suggestions for dental or such) Thanks guys.
  11. For those of us applying to both Canadian + American med schools: do we write the CASPER test once, or are there different versions of the CASPER test?
  12. Hey there! I've bought the MSAR, and have looked through it a lot... however I am having some serious struggles with deciding where to apply to. My cGPA is a 3.65 with a strong upward trend (first year GPA was a 3.0), my MCAT score is a 509 (poor CARS score), I am rewriting my MCAT this summer. I have already completed 90% of the AMCAS application, but now I'm questioning if it's even worth to apply.. Literally every school I look into has different course requirements, different letter of reference requirements, and barely matriculate international students. (What even is the point of asking for a LOR from a science/ non-science professor... my classes all had 200+ students, no professor I've taken a SINGLE class with will be able to write anything worthwhile.... damn I wish Canadian Schools weren't so competitive) If anyone has any schools I should look into please let me know! Thanks peeps
  13. Hi Everyone, first time poster here looking for some advice for a unique situation that I'm in. Hopefully some other people out there have been through something similar or might know some information that I don't! I'm planning to apply to medical school this summer but I'm debating if I should apply to American schools for several reasons. First, some facts: I have an undergrad degree from an Ontario university (cGPA = 3.80, sGPA = 3.85, year 2-4 GPA = 3.89) I am currently in my first year of a two year graduate program (Physiotherapy at an Ontario university), which I will finish in Sept 2018 if I stay in I wrote the MCAT for the first time in Aug 2016 and scored a 518 (pretty even across each subject, I studied hard) I decided I wanted to go to med school (and write the MCAT) after applying to PT (long story) but I got into PT so I went with it The dilemma is this: I learned from a grad school adviser that I am unable to apply to most Canadian medical schools while I am enrolled in a graduate program. I have to prove that I will be completing my Master's prior to the summer before entering med school in order for them to even consider my application. I also read most of the Canadian medical school's websites and found various statements which also say something along the same lines. The only schools that I think will actually let me apply this year (that I know of) are McMaster, Ottawa and possibly Alberta. However, I don't like McMaster's PBL style, Ottawa won't look at my MCAT and Alberta is out of province for me (odds are lower). Mainly for this reason I am considering applying to American medical schools this year. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on this? (NOTE: I realize I can wait till I graduate and apply to all Canadian schools but I want to avoid this for several reasons that I won't get into). Some things I'm wondering about: I know it's tough for a Canadian citizen to get admitted to US schools but I think my admission stats are good and my ECs are pretty decent as well. Do I have a good chance at MD schools? Tuition is much higher in the states and obviously OSAP won't help me. Will I be able to get loans from a Canadian bank? Is their financial aid available from the schools for Canadians? Is the amount of debt I'll be in so overwhelming that it's not worth it? Will I have any trouble getting a visa if I get in? What about after the 4 years with finding a residency? Does being a Canadian citizen limit me at all? I wouldn't mind practicing in the states, I've heard the earning potential is higher and the outlook is better for doctors there at the moment. Are these things true? Will I eventually be able to come back to Canada to practice? Are there any other major advantages or disadvantages to going to an American school that I haven't considered? If you've read this far, thank you! I welcome any advice or knowledge anyone can share about these topics. It would be much appreciated! I'd also be happy to return the favour and answer any questions about how I got to where I am
  14. Hi guys, I've tried searching on this but couldn't find anything, so I was hoping someone might be able to comment. For those who have written both the Canadian and American DATs and have/are applying to the States, do schools even bother looking at the Canadian one if you've written the American version? Do you even have to send your Canadian scores to schools if you're sending American ones? (I understand that some schools only accept the American one or prefer it over the Canadian one, but I'm just asking in general) I've scored well (21+) on all parts of the cDAT except for carving, which American schools claim to not look at, but I think my carving score might have put a flag on my application this cycle. It's too late to apply for the February DAT this year, and if I write the November one, the American schools won't get the scores in time. If I were to send aDAT scores and did well, do you think this compensates for my one low mark on the cDAT?
  15. Hi everyone, I am in my third year majoring in civil engineering at UBC and am interested in applying to dental school. I have taken most required bio/chem/biochem courses. My first question is how do you convert your average grade in percentage to GPA? I tried looking on the school websites on their methods since every school is different, but have had no luck so far. Does anyone have links to these pages? FYI my cumulative average is 82% and 85% if you take out my worst year (If you know what GPA this is roughly please let me know!) Next, I know that it is extremely competitive to get into dental school. Looking at just my current GPA alone, do I have any chance of getting into an American/Canadian dental school? And if so, which ones? Lastly, do dental schools take into account how heavy of a course load someone has when looking at GPA? Thanks in advance
  16. Hey guys, I have a friend (from Canada) who applied to the MD/PhD at a bunch of US schools, then opting out of the PhD option when getting accepted. He said the reason for this is a lot of schools do not take Canadian students unless they apply for the MD/PhD. 1. Are you able to bail out without any repercussions? 2. Is this a widespread practice? 3. Does this increase your chances of getting into med school overall? I did a quick search on the forums, but couldn't really find the answer I was looking for (although I might have missed it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. As a Canadian student who has spent all of their time, research and effort applying to medical schools within Canada, I would like to know if anyone here could inform me if it is simply too late to apply within the American system? From what I understand, their system admission has a rolling admissions process beginning during the summer and going until late fall, and that I would be at a significant disadvantage now applying late as an international. Regardless, is it too late to apply within AMCAS now at this point? If anyone has some insight into this system or an answer I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  18. Hey Everyone! I've applied to Canadian Schools twice and American Medical Schools once and have never gotten any interviews. With my GPA and MCAT I think I am going to apply to apply to the Carribean if I dont get any interviews this cycle, but I wanted to maximize my chances, but am unsure of what schools would be the best suit for my stats. cGPA = sGPA = 3.91 MCAT: 1) 24 (10PS/6VR/8BS) 2) 28 (11PS/6VR/11BS) 3) 28 (11PS/8VR/9BS) 4) Awaiting marks, but I suspect around (125 PS/124CARS/124 BS/ 123 PSY) ECs: Long term hospital volunteering, volunteering with for homeless people, overseas medical volunteer trip, student council, started own drama club, VP of a few clubs, founded a volunteer organization, 3 years of research, 2 pubs, 1 poster conference, TA of some courses, a bunch of awards One caveat to applying is that I have all of the necessary courses except Biochemistry. Which American Schools do you think I should focus my application on? I'm a Canadian Citizen btw. Thanks!
  19. Alright so I've completed two years at McGill University.. First year my GPA was a 3.1 (but I really did not work) Second year I tried and got a 4.0. If I continue this trend for the 3rd and 4th year and get straight As again (barring one or two unfortunate classes), how do my chances stand? I do research in History, play a sport at a competitive level and have a good volunteering experience as well as letters of recommendations from doctors. (I plan to give my MCATs next year and lets assume I do well in them too)! Which universities should i be focusing on? Or - which universities drop your worst year, or a few worst courses or have GPA calculations that would benefit me? American and Canadian! Thank you all and goodluck!
  20. Hey all, So I'm applying for US med schools this round and I just realised how important clinical experience is for med school applicants in the states. I have absolutely none - not even volunteering at a hospital. In my hometown, I've worked with the elderly at a long term care home and underprivileged youth, but never in a clinical setting. I have a 3.88 GPA GPA (OMSAS conversion) and 33 MCAT, plenty of research experience and extracurriculars. :S Just wondering how are my chances in the US looking atm and what I can do to compensate for my lack of clinical experience? Thanks in advance!
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