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Found 10 results

  1. I am a UBC Medical School (Doctor of Medicine) graduate and experienced tutor offering tutoring as well as application review and interview preparation services. All ages welcome. --Services offered--High school: English/Math/Science/Calculus/Biology/Chemistry/PhysicsCollege/University:Calculus/English/Biology/Chemistry/Physics/Anatomy/Physiology/Psychology/PharmacologyPCAT (Pharmacy College Admission Test) preparation - all subjectsMCAT (Medical College Admission Test) preparation - all subjectsInterview Preparation - Panel/Traditional and Multiple Mini Interview (MMI)Application Review - Academic and Non-academic/Extracurricular/Personal Statement ReviewResidency Interview (CaRMS and NRMP) application and interview preparationBase rates:$50/45min - high school level$75/45min - college/university level$90/45min - application review + interview preparation Summary of Qualifications: 1. Experienced tutor/coach2. UBC MD graduate3. Over $75000 in scholarships4. A+ average throughout university5. Stellar PCAT and MCAT scores6. Got into pharmacy school age 197. Got into medical school age 22 Able to provide service in-person and virtually. Flexible scheduling. Group discounts available. Please PM with contact number and basic information regarding desired services. Alternatively, you can email me by visiting my CL ad: https://vancouver.craigslist.org/van/lss/d/ubc-md-graduate-offering-tutoring-and/6988648830.htmlHave a nice day!
  2. Hi everyone, I am an Ontario Ph.D. student deferring an acceptance to Medicine in Ontario to complete my Doctorate. I am offering cheap proofreading/feedback services for medical school applicants who would like some help polishing their essays/ABS or focusing their ideas. I applied in last year’s cycle and was accepted to Queen’s, McMaster, Western, Dalhousie, and Calgary with otherwise average stats (MCAT 511, cGPA 3.75) and pretty typical ECs. I spent a great deal of time on my written submissions and I believe they truly set me apart from other candidates with higher stats. This year I’m offering brutally honest feedback and guidance for applicants who would like me to review their written work. I can promise extensive, thoughtful comments within a week (rush services for a fee), and I have full availability by email to answers questions as needed. I have also been a TA for an essay-heavy course for the last four years, so I have a lot of experience with critiquing written work. Please direct any and all inquiries to medschoolproofreading@gmail.com - even if you have questions about the med application process in general! Thanks sincerely for your consideration, everyone. Best of luck with this year’s cycle!
  3. Hello! I am an incoming medical student able to provide: -application review (OMSAS autobiographical sketch and more) -application essays help (UofT, Western, Alberta) -Interview prep (panel, MMI, and MPI) -CASPer prep -CARS tutoring About me (happy to provide proof regarding any of my stats): -incoming medical student attending an Ontario med school in September -received interviews at UofT, Western, McMaster, and Alberta -scored 99th percentile on the MCAT (522) I am charging $30/hr, but it is negotiable depending on what services you require. Please reach out if you think I might be able to help you or if you have any questions! Good luck everyone
  4. Our Team consist of PharmD/MBA, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, and MLS experienced individuals, who can offer their insight into the above health Care related applications. Some of them have also sat on Admission Committees by volunteering for their respective faculties, so we should definitely be your first choice! We have extensive experience in reviewing and editing application packages and our success rate has been 100% so far. First Consultation is Free!!! Advisory 20$/30 min · One-on-one session to generate ideas for your essay(s). · Suggestions on what to exactly include based on your specific past experiences. · Current Job Market and Income · In-depth analysis of program environment and keys for success · Profession requirement review Application Review $60/Hr · Reviews of your essay · Suggestions on what to highlight and what to exclude from your essay. · Recommendations on the use of alternative words and grammar styles. · Advice on the flow of ideas and organization of your essay. Comprehensive Application review and editing $90/Hr · Extensive editing, revising, restructuring. · Provide detailed feedback for difficult areas. · Proofread for grammar, punctuation, and provide basic suggestions for improvement Resume and Cover Letter Review by an MBA $40/Hr Interview/MMI Practice $60/Hr Feel free to PM me or email me at pharmily101@gmail.com
  5. About me I’m an Ontario resident with extensive experience in CASPER prep, personal statements, essays (UofT, Calgary, Dalhousie, Memorial, AMCAS), and ABS statements. I will teach you how to best highlight your experiences/activities to make it memorable for reviewers. What I can do for you Application Review Writing your ABS statements and essays is like playing a game. Those who understand the rules of the game receive interviews. I will help you highlight the important aspects of your experiences to make your application memorable to the reviewer. You need to tell your unique story and I will guide you through this process. Cost: $70/hour. $55/hour for long-term package. CASPER Prep Many students need to practice typing and responding to questions using simulated CASPER examinations. Major companies (Astroff, Bemo) offer these simulations. I will evaluate the quality of your responses to determine if you were successful in showcasing your experiences and thought process. Cost: $70/hour. $55/hour for long-term package. Interview Prep There are three elements to a great interview: 1. Content 2. Structure and Organization 3. Personality Once you have a sufficient knowledge base, you need to organize your responses to ensure clarity. Then, despite having organization you need to come off personable in your voice, posture, and facial expression. I will assist you in each of the three interview elements: 1. Content: I will provide you with the resources you need to build a solid foundation base for which to draw your responses on. 2. Organization: I will teach you my own strategies for organizing a response. 3. Personality: I will evaluate your body language and intonation. I am familiar with the MMI, MPI, and traditional/panel. Cost $85/hour. $70 for long-term package. If you are interested in my services, feel free to message me. I can meet with students through Skype or in-person. Note: I am responsible for adhering to professional standards and WILL NOT write your application for you or share any interview questions I encountered during my own interviews.
  6. Hello, I am in the process of ironing out the details of my UBC application. Are any existing med students willing to arrange a meeting to review my NAQ entries? I just need another pair of eyes to glance at it. I'm willing to compensate you for your time. Let me know if you're interested ASAP!
  7. Hello, I am in the process of ironing out the details of my UBC application. Are any existing med students willing to arrange a meeting to review my NAQ entries? I just need another pair of eyes to glance at it. I'm willing to compensate you for your time. Let me know if you're interested ASAP!
  8. A lot of prep companies advertise services to review your applications for med school. Typically, the price that these companies charge for a 1 hour session can run above $100. However, the service that I'm offering to review + help brainstorm your application for medical school is much more reasonably priced. For only $50/hr, which is half (or even less than half) of the typical price you can expect to pay for a typical application review, you can have an experienced applicant evaluate your application and tailor feedback according to your profile. My qualifications: 4/6 interviews last cycle (the 2 pre-interview rejections were because I was OOP) + 6 schools applied to this year (in ON and out of province), 6/6 interviews. I can help with your essays for U of T, with the CASPER for Ottawa and Mac, and with the ABS for all of Ontario. With my extensive knowledge of the medical school application process and insight into what makes a successful application, I can provide invaluable advice to improve your application and help you realize your dream of becoming a physician! Contact me (by PM) now to get started! I understand that money might still be an issue, so I will make the first session a free 30-minute trial run, so if you don't like me after 30 minutes, you don't have to pay anything! If you do like me after 30 minutes, you get $25 off (i.e. you only start paying after the first half hour)!
  9. One month left until OMSAS application deadlines! If anyone needs any parts of their application reviewed - or if you're just starting and need advice on where and how to apply, check out MD Consultants. MD Consultants has a team of over 40 consultants, medical students with applications knowledge and admissions committee experience at med schools all over Canada and the US, who can help you with all aspects of the applications process. Right now we have a special promotion going on - comment on this thread with your name and email address, and 2 posters will be randomly chosen to get a free 60 minute consult. No strings attached. Message me directly if you have any questions!
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