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Found 13 results

  1. I've heard that ECs are not really looked at by U of T, but to what degree? I have some community volunteering and am an executive on some clubs, but I have no research nor publications. I don't know what the application process for U of T is like. If their personal essays ask what you've done during undergrad, doesn't that technically mean they count ECs? Do they ask about shadowing? Or, are these all helpful for you at the interview stage? This seems like such an obtuse question but I could really use some guidance.
  2. Hi everyone, I was looking for someone who has second degree experience with applications and tips/info on some of my questions, or knows someone who can help. I have contacted the schools but gotten some vague answers as replies, so I am unsure as to what to do. Essentially, my cGPA from my first degree is pretty awful (6.8/7.4/5.4/7.4/8.4 per year breakdown on uOttawa's scale), okay MCAT (130/125/130/129, likely retake for CARS) and I am looking to do a second degree. I found what I wanted to do later than most others so its my price to pay but I will work on it. Here is the dilemma: first degree was in BCH, second will be in BPS, with the courses carrying over, my second degree will take 2 years to complete. I can keep the 3rd year level or higher reqs for Western. But here is the problem/problems: 1) clearly most of my bad grades are early on, which are also the ones that carry over in terms of degree requirements. UO says on my transcript, a new cGPA will be part of the second degree based on the classes I take. Will schools see these on applications? Will they affect me negatively? 2) Is 2y enough for a second degree? most schools just say "we accept second degrees as long as they are equivalent to a 4y degree", but I am literally cutting it in half and the school will only use grades for 2y to give me a cGPA. This seems... slightly unfair? 3) Can i apply the summer before the second year of my second degree? 4) I am supported financially on this, and really do want this. My only concern is if this is the right way to go about it (ie. this will be ok as an application). I need to do massive GPA repair and this is the fastest, most efficient, and financially smart pathway for me to take, but only if its acceptable. Please let me know and thank you everyone!
  3. Hello! I am in sixth year uni and my cgpa is 3.575, but I need 3 more credits to graduate. I am in specialist Biology Comparative Physiology degree at University of Toronto. I finished my mcat with 520.. I am a 23 years old female who was born and raised in Canada. ( idk if that's important) My first two to three years sucked like my average gpa because I was extremely sick and it turned out I had spinal cancer and had to have surgery to remove it and was not sure if I would be able to walk again, so uni was the last thing on my mind.. However, I did it!! I am healthy and in remission!!!!! I got back to uni finding out i got 0 in 1.5 credits and a 50 in 0.5... so I worked super hard with back to back 4.0s and if i complete the next 3 credits with 4.0 i will be able to graduate with 3.636 gpa... I could just do less classes next sem and take more classes next year to boost gpa more ?? but that would be going into 7th year at uni and idkk?? Extracurriculars: - I have done two research credits at UTM ROP for Bio299y and Bio399y - I have been volunteering at this hospital doing usual basic things for two years. - I am a first aid person at the mississauga campus it is linked with an ambulance in Toronto so i have done that for 2 years. - I even did 4 months research with a prof in the summer I am planning on becoming a research assistant soon and maybe becoming a TA for a class.. I am applying for doing my MD McMaster, BC, Queens, Alberta, Western. Do i have a chance at any of these medical schools?? My number 1 is Mcmaster and I really just want to do good. With my current gpa and mcat score will they even consider me??? should i do another year to boost gpa so when im applying it'll be in the 3.65s rather than 3.575... what chances do i even have??
  4. Hello everyone, I am a Canadian applicant who graduated in 2018 with a 3.69 cGPA/3.8 GPA to Western/Queen's & 3.7 GPA to US schools. My MCAT is 516 (129/127/130/130) (2019) (Past: 509, 512) and I have a very strong EC and research experience with no publications. I had no interview invites the last 2 years (Canada & US) and I'm afraid it was due to my low GPA for Canadian schools. For US schools, my options were very limited as I did not meet some course pre-reqs, and I understand space is limited for Canadian applicants. I feel like I'm getting no where in my 3rd application cycle and I thought of some future plans, but not sure if these would be helpful 1) Should I retake the MCAT (Feb/Mar) and aim for a CARS 128+ (Would open up Western) 2) Should I go to Grad School (2yrs) would this investment be worth it (Would make it easier for UofT & Queen's). Also wondering if there is a disadvantage to a course-based grad program. 3) Instead of Grad, should I go back to school to meet pre-reqs for US schools? Even with them would it really increase my chances? 4) Should I apply abroad (Ireland, Australia, etc)? I heard there are 6 year programs which would take the same amount of time as going to grad school here + 4 yrs med. I'm also afraid of the debt I'll be in as well as having to live in extremely rural areas. I know this is what I really want, but I feel like I'm spending too much time stuck in the application cycles and want to find a way to be more beneficial to my application. I'm wondering if there are truly no options for a student who is stuck with their GPA. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  5. Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an Alberta university student of African descent, and I am obviously as seen with my post interested in applying to pharmacy. I am currently completing my third year of studies in Biological Sciences and I am just wondering out of curiosity what the racial demographics of the U of A pharmacy school are? For instance, have the incoming classes been predominantly white, are there black students, are there Asian students, etc.? Also, I am wondering if there is a relatively even split of male-female students? I don't want to be the sole or one of the few minority students during the time I spend at U of A pharmacy school if I do eventually get accepted. Thank you all who answer for your time. Regards, An inquiring soul
  6. Going into 3rd year and am planning on applying to both the US and Canada next cycle. I am considering opening an Interfolio account for the US to start collecting their required science reference letters. Just confused on how OMSAS works in comparison and when I should start asking for them. When should I start asking for reference letters from professors for OMSAS? Do you only request letters through OMSAS when the application opens for the cycle, meaning that you should be in touch with professors and other writers then? Thanks!
  7. Hey guys, UBC Applications open on June 14th this year!! So soon! I had heard from a relative that there were a number of people who did a lot better on their file review scores from UBC (and managed to get acceptances) and had worked as a group on their applications. This makes sense to me, since the application is LONG, and not that exciting to re-read a million times, so it would definitely help to have a couple pairs of eyes for editing. As well, it is always valuable to have other people to bounce wording off of, so you can have an idea of how you've written about your activities and experiences comes off in writing! If you are interested in getting together to work on/edit applications, reply below or PM me! EDIT: This is open to people outside of Victoria as well, we can correspond as a group online. UPDATE: Hi guys, so I have reached a maximum number of people for this group in order for it to be a manageable size. Thanks for your interest! If you would all like to message each other perhaps I'm sure you would be able to do the same thing together!
  8. Hi Everyone, first time poster here looking for some advice for a unique situation that I'm in. Hopefully some other people out there have been through something similar or might know some information that I don't! I'm planning to apply to medical school this summer but I'm debating if I should apply to American schools for several reasons. First, some facts: I have an undergrad degree from an Ontario university (cGPA = 3.80, sGPA = 3.85, year 2-4 GPA = 3.89) I am currently in my first year of a two year graduate program (Physiotherapy at an Ontario university), which I will finish in Sept 2018 if I stay in I wrote the MCAT for the first time in Aug 2016 and scored a 518 (pretty even across each subject, I studied hard) I decided I wanted to go to med school (and write the MCAT) after applying to PT (long story) but I got into PT so I went with it The dilemma is this: I learned from a grad school adviser that I am unable to apply to most Canadian medical schools while I am enrolled in a graduate program. I have to prove that I will be completing my Master's prior to the summer before entering med school in order for them to even consider my application. I also read most of the Canadian medical school's websites and found various statements which also say something along the same lines. The only schools that I think will actually let me apply this year (that I know of) are McMaster, Ottawa and possibly Alberta. However, I don't like McMaster's PBL style, Ottawa won't look at my MCAT and Alberta is out of province for me (odds are lower). Mainly for this reason I am considering applying to American medical schools this year. I'm wondering if anyone has any opinions on this? (NOTE: I realize I can wait till I graduate and apply to all Canadian schools but I want to avoid this for several reasons that I won't get into). Some things I'm wondering about: I know it's tough for a Canadian citizen to get admitted to US schools but I think my admission stats are good and my ECs are pretty decent as well. Do I have a good chance at MD schools? Tuition is much higher in the states and obviously OSAP won't help me. Will I be able to get loans from a Canadian bank? Is their financial aid available from the schools for Canadians? Is the amount of debt I'll be in so overwhelming that it's not worth it? Will I have any trouble getting a visa if I get in? What about after the 4 years with finding a residency? Does being a Canadian citizen limit me at all? I wouldn't mind practicing in the states, I've heard the earning potential is higher and the outlook is better for doctors there at the moment. Are these things true? Will I eventually be able to come back to Canada to practice? Are there any other major advantages or disadvantages to going to an American school that I haven't considered? If you've read this far, thank you! I welcome any advice or knowledge anyone can share about these topics. It would be much appreciated! I'd also be happy to return the favour and answer any questions about how I got to where I am
  9. Im currently in my 4th year of undergrad at UofT (scarborough). My first two years were horrible in terms of GPA (around 1.8 I'm assuming) but my last two years were relatively higher than 3.0 (depending on which semester, in some semesters I got 3.1 and 3.3 etc) and my overall GPA (cumulate 4 years) would be 2.2 I think atm. However, Ive been searching that they will drop my worse year and that they will consider my best two years (depending on the school). And Ive heard that my courses have to be full course load but my UofT (UTSC) considers 60% full course load (3 per semester) in which I have done, in some semesters I had 4 or 5 courses. So I was planning on taking DENTAL PREP COURSES in the summer (while finishing my last course to graduate) and hopefully apply for November exam or the February exam time. As ive mentioned, my cumulative GPA isn't good looking but my last two years I'm trying really hard to get above 3.5gpa in UofT. I'm trying to apply within Canada dental schools. So what are my chances of getting in? should I do my masters at UofT first and then do the DAT exam or go for it this semester? I feel like its not enough right now cos of my GPA (either my last two years or my cumulative). What are your opinions guys? Really could appreciate the help. Thanks.
  10. Hi! Just starting out exploring my options for medical school. Finished an undergrad in nursing (BScN) at Western University, graduated with a 3.43 GPA (due to very poor marks in 1st year; marks trended up from 2nd - 4th year). Have not completed the required pre-req's for most Canadian schools, and have not yet written the MCAT. Have a wide variety of EC's which may be my only advantage. Wonder if anyone advise's writing the MCAT without the science pre-reqs and just self studying/taking an MCAT course. I worry that if I take the science courses, there is potential for a poor mark to decrease my GPA even further. I am willing to travel/apply anywhere, just hoping to achieve the med school dream from an untraditional background! Any advice would be helpful!
  11. Hi Med students! I am an undergrad applying to medical school in Ontario and i need your help! What are some tips you wish someone would have told you when you applied?? What worked for you?? Applying is super stressful and having someone give you some tips is basically so kind. Good karma also. Really I thank you!
  12. HI! So I need a little guidance with regards to my references. My GPA is not the greatest so I really need to make sure my references are stellar. I understand it is quality over quantity/prestige..which would you recommend?? 1) TA for english related class; known me for 1 year 2) Professor from physiology class, knows a bit of my involvement outside school (extracurriculars); known me for 1 year 3) A doctor I did an observership with 1 summer 4) Previous camp counsellor boss, known me for 3+ years 5) Supervisor of Lab where I volunteer, known me for 1 year Do certain schools look for something in particular? i'm interested in ontario schools. How long should letters be?? For those who have been accepted: Please let me know what worked for you; i would greatly appreciate it! THANK YOU!
  13. Hey everyone! I must apologize for asking these nebulous questions. To give some brief context, I am a 4th year student (2012-6), spending two years in open studies (2010-2012). My life got derailed by a severe illness in January 2011, which made required treatment over that summer and the fall term of 2012 (which I couldn't attend classes for) and winter term of 2013. I've been working hard since then to do research and obtain the necessary pre-requisites, and subsequently my volunteering hours are not superb. However, where I really suffer is in Extra-curricular activities. To be honest, I haven't done structured athletic activities (I work out by myself). Nor have I attended anything that would be a 'cultural event'. Therefore I'm thinking about including Drumming, which I did from 2006-2010, as well as a rock climbing group I attended from 2006-9. If desperate I might include family vacations (this would be much more recent). Would going back that far be appropriate? Are family vacations actually appropriate? I guess another question would be does anyone know if I can list my research experience both as employment (I was paid, though admittedly by scholarship) and describe it as diversity of experience (for the Edmonton application)? Could I add my upcoming research I'm doing for credit this term as diversity of experience? Sorry for rambling on about this and thanks for your opinions/help. Note: I know for OSMAS the cutoff is at 16 (which fits for drumming, and may count for climbing); this mainly focuses on the Edmonton & Calgary applications.
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