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Found 17 results

  1. Hey there, I’m a grade 12 student and I’m indecisive on what program to choose at uOttawa: Biomed or Biopharm. My future aspirations are to have a career in the medical field so maintaining a good GPA would be crucial for me. I feel Biomed would be better for a course for me as it has more prerequisites for med school, but i think that doing COOP would boost my application for med school for the other activities they look at. If biomed had COOP I would have chosen it but the program I applied to didn’t. I was wondering should I take biopharm with coop and do the prerequisites for med school as electives or choose biomed. Also, is it possible to switch into a coop program of the same program? Thank you for any input !
  2. Salut, je viens d'être accepter en nutrition à UdeM. Cependant mon goal ultime serait d'aller en médecine, mais je n'ai pas les notes nécéssaires en ce moment. Est-ce possible d'utiliser ce programme de nutrition comme pont, pour augmenter ses notes et ainsi avoir une meilleur chance d'être accepté en médecine après ?
  3. Salut! Je commence cette session le bacc de biomed à l'udem avec l'intention de changer de programme à dmd à l'udem aussitôt que ma cru me le permettra. Deux questions: quels cours seraient à éviter parmi la liste ci-desous donc à annuler, durant la première session car difficile d'y avoir un A+? 1. Travaux pratiques de biochimie (BCM1521) 2. Introduction à la biochimie (BCM1531A) 3. Biologie cellulaire (BIO1157) 4. Méthodes statistiques en science biomédicale 5. Notions fondamentales d'éthique (PHI1968) 6. Intro à la communication scientifique Et connaissez vous des cours hors programme à 3 crédits qui sont réputés très favorable pour obtenir un A+? Merci
  4. Je suis une étudiante au Cégep et j'envisage de m'inscrire en optométrie pour la session 2019. Par contre, comme je n'ai pas la cote R requise (j'ai 32.5) je ne pense pas être prise même avec un bon Casper. J'envisage donc de faire un an en biomed pour monter mes notes. J'ai entendu dire que c'est un programme où il y a beaucoup de compétition. Est-ce que ça veut dire que c'est un bon programme à choisir ou il y en a des meilleur ? Soit dit en passant le programme m'intéresse même si ce n'est pas mon premier choix. Merci !
  5. Bonjour, je vais finir mon bacc de 3 ans en biomed avec sûrement 3.8 /4.3 (aux alentour de ça) de moyenne. Je suis intéressée par la pharmacie et la médecine partout au Québec (mcgill inclus). Aussi je suis technicienne de labo depuis 4 ans. Pensez-vous que j'aurai mes chances une fois le bacc terminé?
  6. Hello guys I’m an international student and just got my admission from York University in Biomedical Sciences. I’m interested in the medical or dental school for future studies after getting my bachelor degree in Biomed. I’ve heard from many people that York is not a good choice and I won’t have a chance to enter medical school from York, in another hand, many people suggest me to study my health science major in McMaster University. They say I’ll have a better chance to enter medical or dental school after studying in McMaster as it is well-known for its health science programs. McMaster’s deadline for fall is over and if I want to change my university I have to study 1 or 2 semesters in York and then I can transfer to McMaster. What’s your thought about this? Help me plz
  7. Hi, I am a CEGEP student in health science, and I have to apply to university now and I just realized that I really want to go into med, but the problem is that I have an r score of 28. I know really low right!!! But to be honest I didn't put much effort into it and I was in science classes with geniuses (believe me). The thing is that I want to do a bachelor in UDEM now but I am lost between sciences biomedicales & microbiology and immunology. I heard that biomed is better since it is easier to get your grades up quickly, also this program is considered to have a high IFG (not really sure what that means) but also that there is a lot of competition to get into med. So I was wondering if microbiology is better for me. However the min r score for last year is 26, so does that mean that bc I'm in a "not really difficult program" that I have less chance to get accepted? Which one is better in terms of grades & classes (I tend to work better with what I like)? Is it feasible to satisfy the requirements after one year? 3 years? I forgot to mention that I really like bio but not as much as physiology. Also I am really determined and motivated I even changed my studying habits and I am really doing my best now. I would really appreciate it if some of you can help me from your experience or from other people's, and if you have better suggestions about other programs, other universities (even outside of Quebec) please let me know. I am really desperate for help.
  8. Hello, I wanted to know about the program of sciences biomedicales in UdeM. How is the content of the classes? and how are the exams? is it interesting for someone who is interested in physiology? and is it more theory or labs? Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums but I wanted ask about the Biomedical Science program (specifically at York) I've been looking around a lot and noticed that Biomedical science seems to be a good choice for a "pre-med" undergrad but I wanted to get some more information. I have read previous discussions about the topic but can't find anything as recent or that answer the questions I have. My initial question is with a degree from the Biomedical program at York what else can I do with this degree; as in what other fields of medicine can this go to - dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, etc. What are some programs similar to the biomed program at York? Is there any problems with attending York when applying for medical school? I spoke to my Family Doctor and he said that at U of T (where he is a professor at the medical school) they look at a degree from York and dislike it - so what I'm asking is will me going to York have any problem with my ultimate plan to apply to medical school? Thanks, any information you give me will help because I'm the first person in my family to attend university so the resources I have are not very large.
  10. Hello! I am a high school student and I have an interest to pursue medical school. (Its not an absolute must for me, but something I do want to consider). I'm having difficulty with chemistry (although, it may just be my teacher, my class had 22 students, and now theres only 6), and I've grown to sadly have a dislike for the subject. I had this same teacher for gr 11 chemistry too, (also gr 10, and gr 9, yay me!!). I don't want to rule out chemistry completely, because I've only had this one teacher for all of high school, but I feel like its been enough to put me off completely. With that being said, are there any biology fields with minimal chemistry? I've only completed gr 11 biology so far, and as far as I remember, it wasn't chemistry extensive. However, it may not be a good representation of relevant biology fields, because gr 11 was mostly evolution, and animal diversity. I did enjoy studying about viruses, and I think genetics is also something I may be interested; although grade 11 was mostly just punnet squares and mendelian genetics, so I'm not sure what more advanced genetics are like. Please let me know your thoughts! BTW I specifically hated the calculation aspects in thermochemistry and equilibrium, which is unfortunate, because i would assume alot of that would be relevant in biological systems and processes. one last thing: I am also applying to university, your thoughts on Uoft life science?? Thanks everyone!
  11. Hi everybody, Could anybody provide me on any feedback on 3rd and 4th year biology courses at York? How difficult are they? Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey you guys! I'm currently having a very difficult time deciding between the biomed programs at mcgill vs. western and would love to have some of your input. McGill has an amazing reputation worldwide and doing my undergrad there could potentially help me when applying to med schools in the states (if I don't make it into any in Canada). McGill also seems to have more research opportunities available to students, as it seems to be a very research-intense university. The profs there also seem to really love what they teach ( or so they acted like that during the two open houses I went to) and the students there also seem extremely social, but also studious. Montreal and McGill are also stunning places, which are definitely added bonuses. However, I have been told that it (allegedly) might be easier to get a higher GPA at western, and also that more individuals receive 4.0s from western than McGill. U.S. med schools also look at an 80% from western as a 4.0, unlike McGill. Thoughts?
  13. Salut ! Je suis présentement en décision pour la session d'automne 2016. Je veux éventuellement entrer au Pharm. D mais comme plusieurs je n'ai pas la CRC nécessaire. J'aimerais entrer en Sc. Biologiques à l'UdeM, mais selon ce qu'on peut lire sur ce forum, plusieurs personnes le déconseille puisque la cote ne vaut plus ce qu'elle valait autrefois. Cependant il semble y avoir eu un regain récemment depuis 2013 environ ? Est-ce que des gens ont fait Sc. Biologiques et pourrait partager leur cote universitaire ? Je suis limite pour entrer en biopharma et je ne crois pas pouvoir entrer en biomed malheureusement. Des conseils ?
  14. Bonjour, Comment savoir la valeur d'une CRU de 3,3 en biologie médicale? Merci à l'avance et bonne fin de session à tous!
  15. Bonjour ou Bonsoir tout dépendant quand ce topic est consulté, Comme la majorité des utilisateurs de ce forum, j'ai un intérêt pour la médecine. Malgré cela, mon parcours collégial n'était pas des plus sérieux (30 de cote R). Toutefois, j'ai appris de mes erreurs et j'étudie vigoureusement dans le programme de sciences biomédicales à l'UdeM. Puisque j'aime bien être informé et planifié, j'aimerais poser des questions aux âmes charitables qui visitent ce site. En fait, je préfère rentrer en médecine à l'UdeS durant ma 2e année où j'aurai accumulé 43 crédits soit 86% de mon dossier académique. Néanmoins, certains aspects de mon parcours me semblent confus : En considérant que je maintienne une GPA supérieure à 4.1 durant mes 3 sessions universitaires, tout simplement, quelles sont mes chances de renter? Je sais bien que, techniquement, l'UdeM pourrait ouvrir ses portes à moi si jamais mon dossier rentre dans les critères élevés, mais en demandant à la TGDE de mon programme qui s'occupe de ses types de situations pour les 4 dernières années, elle n'a pas pu recenser un seul transfert en cours de bacc. Normalement, avec un contingent collégial, si jamais biomed m'accordait une 38-40 avec l'UdeS, j'ai des grandes chances de rentrer, non? Aussi, comme Artzin l'avait mentionné dans une autre post, et comme 8-10 (moyenne approximative) 2e années en biomed switch vers l'UdeS, j'aimerais rentrer en contact avec quelqu'un connaissant la correspondance en CRU pour le programme de biomed à UdeM. Il faut savoir que le calcul de la CRA (cote de rendement académique = collégial + universitaire pondéré) n'a pas changé durant les dernières années, à mon sens, donc toute info sera utile et très appréciée. En m'informant, j'ai aussi trouvé que l'UdeS propose une première session en med basée sur les sciences biomédicales, donc j'aimerais savoir à quel point mes cours seront crédités. Merci énormément pour votre temps et votre aide en avance! Bonne continuation à tout le monde! EDIT: Pour sauver du temps, j'aimerais savoir : -La CRU correspondante à l'UdeS pour biomed UdeM -Possiblement rentrer en contact avec des personnes ayant fait le parcours biomed 2e année --> UdeS -Cours crédité de biomed 2e année vers UdeS Merci!
  16. I'd like to know if any of you had done an undergrad in biomedical sciences (i.e. Anatomy and cell biology, biochemistry, physiology, microbiology and immunology) prior to nursing school. How did you guys find it to help having such a background? Is that a sure ticket to high grades? I am considering to apply in McGill MScN direct entry program, which if I don't get into (cGPA 3.2), I will get into a BScN. I am considering accelerated programs as well, or going into a french school and start nursing from scratch with no transferred credits (from my McGill biomed program). The goal is to get the best grades, and apply as soon as possible into med-school, from the best position possible. Any advice? Did any of you find yourself in a similar situation [doing a 2nd UG degree in nursing to apply into med]? What was your nursing school experience? Thank you very much.
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