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Found 30 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this community, so please, bear with me. I would like to kindly ask you to share your experience and tell me how you overcame some of the challenges to achieve a good score on MCAT CARS? I have taken MCAT twice in the summer of 2017 and summer 2018. I read Kaplan CARS textbook and did a lot of practices. However, both of times my CARS score stayed at 122. Would somebody kindly be able to help me identify my core problem and offer some advice in building a good strategy to prepare for my next MCAT? On my retrospective thinking, I have an impression that my main problem is I do not understand what I am reading. Even when I read some of the passages (like from drama, literature, archeology, history) very slowly I still do not understand all the details (or enough to answer the questions). My background is in general sciences, so I had very limited exposure to arts and humanities. Regarding hiring a tutor, I have been thinking about it a lot. First of all, they are very expensive and way out of my student budget. Second, I am thinking that since I was able to progressively succeed at university (from 2.0 to 4.0), and was able to improve on my other MCAT sections, I have some tools and skills to be an independent learner. Please, do not receive it as if I am bragging. I am just trying to think rationally and reason out if such a big investment is appropriate in my specific situation. I would sincerely appreciate each feedback and it would mean a lot to me.
  2. Hi all, I got accepted to med school in Canada this year first time applying, and since then I've been working on a massive premed package that includes all the Khan Academy (KA) notes (complete), supplemented with a personal spin to make things easy. The package also includes my schedule, my activity log, a score predictor, 100 helpful reference documents with mnemonics and graphics of common topics, formulas, interview prep, cars tips ethics... everything that got me from premed to admitted, and now I'm passing it on to you. You can find the post here on Reddit Wordpress (easy link is tinyurl.com/MCATguide) I hope this is helpful for you all! Please let me know if you have any questions or queries.
  3. Hi, I'm offering some help for students who are looking for advice on CARS, MMI/CASPER and application prep.. I'm a non-traditional applicant (no science background) who gained admission to my top medical school on my first application, with only one write of the MCAT. I'm willing to share some tips & tricks that made me successful in the process in a tutoring session. CASPER/MMI/APPLICATION SUPPORT I had a great CARS score and performed well on CASPER and the MMI.The secret to my success was the training I did to prepare myself psychologically and strategically for the application process. I am sure there are many great premed students who would be wonderful doctors but are failing again and again to be admitted into a program. It's not a lack of brains - it's a lack of strategy. In preparing for the MMI, CARS and CASPER, I developed an effective, efficient and reasonable strategy that allowed me to navigate the process successfully while working full-time. CARS TUTORING The CARS (verbal reasoning) section of the MCAT is a major stumbling block for many premed hopefuls. So many hardworking students find that their efforts are not translating into results and that one section stands between them and their dream of medical school The fact is that mastering CARS is an art and a science. Most students use a brute force approach which involves months of grueling repetition and ends in frustration. With the right strategy, approach and resources I scored a 130 (98th percentile) with only 3 weeks of preparation. I found the right approach and practiced it to perfection. I also used psychological techniques to train myself perform to my fullest on the exam. This is not my first experience with standardized testing. I also performed well enough on the LSAT to gain admission into the University of Toronto Faculty of Law. I spent years in law school and in corporate law refining my verbal reasoning and critical thinking skills under pressure. I understand how frustrating and difficult it can be to look for the right approach to CARS. However, my law training and LSAT work helped me quickly find the formula to ace CARS. Feel free to get in touch by private message if you are interested in help.
  4. flomwa


    Hi there, My apologies if this has been asked before, but what other materials other than the AAMC materials can I use to prepare for the CARS section. Approximately how many passages should I aim to go through? thanks!
  5. Hi all,I'm a 3rd year Ontario non-SWOMEN undergrad student with an MCAT score of 131/127/131/128 (517 total). My GPA is ~3.98 and I have strong non-clinical ECs and clinical research experience. I'll be applying to Canadian med schools this upcoming summer, and if I don't get accepted I'll apply to Canadian and US med schools the following year.I'm concerned that my 127 CARS shuts a lot of doors in Canada - I think I'm really only competitive for U of T, Queens, and Ottawa - so I'm considering re-writing. However, I'm concerned that re-writing will harm my chances at US med schools, as I've heard that US schools in general don't look favorably on re-writing without substantial improvement (I know that some US schools state on their website that they look at the most recent or highest MCAT, but I've seen others recommend interpreting those statements cautiously). I don't think I will be able to 'substantially improve'; realistically, my goal with a re-write would be to get a similar overall score with just a couple points higher in CARS.I plan on submitting a Canadian application this upcoming cycle because Canada does not frown upon re-applicants so the potential of getting rejected this cycle is not a deterrent. However, I would need an additional year to get my US application prepared.TL;DR: Should I re-write my MCAT (517 with 127 CARS) - bolstering my Canadian application if CARS improves (even if total score decreases) but potentially harming my US app - or just apply with my current MCAT score (in the 2017/18 cycle for Canada and in the 2018/19 cycle for US and Canada)?
  6. Hi, I am a BC resident who scored a 129/125/128/130 on the MCAT. I am trying to decide if I want to retake it this summer or not. What Canadian Med schools are options for me (88% average thus far). FYI, I applied to only UBC this year (currently a 3rd year) and missed an interview by 0.6 points.
  7. Captrex_501stlegion


    Hi everyone, I am writing the MCAT for the 4th time and I really want this to be the last. The last time I wrote it I did well on all the sections (128+) except C/P (122). I felt like I understood all the concepts but applying them was challenging especially the biochem. I was wondering if anyone could recommend C/P and CARS practice materials. I considered the examkrackers books but I am a bit reluctant. I am hoping that someone could help me out.
  8. XingWaang

    Chance Me

    Hey guys just got my Mcat results today and was wondering if I have a chance at MAC. omsas GPA = 3.92 CARS = 123 Someone tell me i have a chance pls . Save me my monies already spent on my application
  9. Hi everyone! So quick question, is it worth applying to Western if I am not SWOMEN and have a MCAT score of 128/128/130/130 and a wGPA of 3.93? My only concern is the 128 CARS score. Is it worth a shot to apply?
  10. My cGPA is 3.72 and my CARS is 130. Do you think my cars makes up for my GPA assuming my Casper is competitive?
  11. RadLife:


    Hello, I have a 3.67 GPA currently (2nd year IG going to 3rd) and was wondering what my CARS score would have to be if I want to have a decent shot at McMaster this cycle. Thanks for all your help.
  12. RadLife:

    CARS Help/Tips?

    Hello everyone! (first post aha, long time lurker) I will be writing the MCAT for the first time this year (2nd YR UG) and can't manage to get CARS skills down. I am working full time so it's hard to find time to do passages however on the commute and lunch I usually manage to do some CARS. I think my self-reflection is pretty good as my scores on EK are around 1~3 wrong. However, I feel as if the med school I want to get into won't be happy with a low CARS score (Mac Med). Also, I still feel like I am just reading the passage and not getting the main idea. I started CARS practice around 3 weeks ago. I have been doing the passages untimed, so I am not sure how much time I am taking as I am just trying to understand my own way of approaching a passage. This my technique for practicing right now and was wondering if any of you wonderful people can help me improve or replace it with something better. I usually read the passage (fairly fast as it helps me not get bogged down in detail) When I am finished reading and it is time to answer the questions, I note down what I think of each of the choice (right/wrong) (takes quite sometime, therefore still go untimed). After I do that and finalize my answer for each question, I then check the answers. After this, I review each question, regardless of if I got it right or wrong, comparing my thought process with the books A/E. However, I still feel as if I am guessing on quite some questions, and that I have to soon start working on timing (Exam in 1 month). Also, my concerns are that I can read the passage but I cannot see the connecting arguments and explanations and why the author chose this and here and for what reason. Questions reading least support and most supported are also the ones that I usually get wrong. Also, questions that ask what/who the passage might be useful is one that I 100% almost always get wrong. I will be forever thankful for any help I get in order to help me with CARS. (ARIGATO GOZIMAZZU)
  13. Hey there, I have my mcat in a few days and I'm really anxious. I'm worried that'll make me perform worse on the actual day of. However, I just did AAMC FL 1 and 2 and I did better than I thought (521 and 520, 130 cars in both). I was wondering how representative these scores are of the actual thing? Do people usually do worse or better or around the same? I heard anecdotes that the test is getting harder... and I suppose the curve should account for this... Thoughts?
  14. I know UBC doesn't care as much as Calgary and some Ontario schools, but how much would a low CARS score hurt (125-126)? I believe the mean for entering class was around 127 (??? could be off).
  15. michael.10


    Hi, I am currently reviewing my CARs practice passages right now, but I was hoping I can get some advice on jump starting my score from here on out. I am currently on Day 5 of CARs practice and I have been doing 4 passages TIMED per day. I am consistently getting around 1-3 questions right out of a 6 or 7 question passage. After I completed the time practice, I would reread the passage and write down the main idea again, compared them to my answer choice before I would check the answer key for correct answer and explanation. After checking the answer key, some times I would get the answer wrong because it would turn out did not read enough detail in the passage since the question stems I got wrong seem very specific on a certain part of the passage rather than the main idea (but EK states that most questions can be solved using only the main idea). I have only touched passages from EK CARs 30 mins, EK 101 CARs and NextStep 108 so far. My practice material include: EK 101 CARS, NextStep 108, TPR CARs workbook (2015) and the AAMC stuff. Am I overreacting? Should I hope that deeper into my study plan that my CARS practice scores will unexpectingly shoot up because my brain would be use to expected CARS passage and answer after 100s practice passages? If it matters, my test date is September 1st this year I guess any advice or experiences are appreciated. :'(
  16. gastropoda99

    Princeton Cars Accelerator?

    Has anyone taken this course? Did it help you out?
  17. Hey guys, I really need some help/tips/advice. Ok so, I wrote the MCAT this september, and I did pretty bad. Now with the sciences, I think I can prepare that on my own, but I really need help with the CARS section. My situation: I got 125 in the CARS section. I will be writing the MCAT again in August of next year. I have 1 year essentially, (I am also doing university this year, full-time; but I will also have the 4 months of summer to essentially work on the MCAT). How should I practice/prepare for the CARS, to make it 128+? Should I be reading a lot? What should I read? Should I do practice passages? Thanks
  18. Hi all, so my situation is as follows: cGPA 3.95 for past 3 years since im a 4th year undergrad 512 MCAT with (131,124,129,128) sections are listed in order they appear so 124 is the CARS. I've heard of people getting USMD interviews with scores like 12/7/14 on the old MCAT, just don't know how a 124 in the new MCAT is viewed. decent to average EC's like hospital volunteering, basic research, tutoring etc... Just wondering if I stand a good chance at an interview for USMD even if its a low tier school. Would appreciate any feedback. Also I'm thinking of applying with my score and rewriting the mcat AFTER submitting the AMCAS application to be competitive to Canadian schools. Thoughts on that? Also if my score improves (which I hope to do so especially in the CARS section, can I update the us med schools on my better score?) Thanks again!
  19. I have a CARS score of 125 and on overall MCAT 508. My wGPA will be >3.8 and I have great ECs. I'm applying this year, but juts wanted some input from you guys. Maybe there is other ON schools that are better suited for me who don't take CARS so seriously. I know that Queen's process is relatively a mystery (as far as numbers are concerned). Any input would be great. Unfortunately, this was my 2nd MCAT try and so I think this is my true CARS score and can't improve much on it. Thanks.
  20. silverorlead

    Rewriting Mcat Advice

    I wrote the MCAT this summer and got a 514 (128/128/129/129 -- Chem/CARS/Bio/Psych). Rest of my stats are mid-tier. While I thought this was a decent score, I got no interviews this cycle from applying to Ontario. I am now thinking of rewriting, specifically to improve CARS (preferably 130+). Not really worried about the other stats. ​I know it might be a longshot, but I feel that since I have already gone through the MCAT once I know what to expect and how to study. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding how to improve CARS beyond a 128 (again, 130+ is the goal). I felt like last time I did it my studying was pretty rushed. ​Any specific resources for CARS? Any strategies? ​Any help is appreciated, and thanks so much!
  21. Hey guys, I really need some help/tips/advice. Ok so, I wrote the MCAT this september, and I did pretty bad. Now with the sciences, I think I can prepare that on my own, but I really need help with the CARS section. My situation: I got 125 in the CARS section. I will be writing the MCAT again in August of next year. I have 1 year essentially, (I am also doing university this year, full-time; but I will also have the 4 months of summer to essentially work on the MCAT). How should I practice/prepare for the CARS, to make it 128+? Should I be reading a lot? What should I read? Should I do practice passages? Thanks
  22. Kinda embraced to post this but I just got a 120 on cars..... horrific! I don't even know how that happened honestly. I did decent on the rest of the sections. I just can't do reading comp. My GPA is high and I have tons of ECs. It's too late to redo the mcat this year so should I just save my money? Or gamble applying since it's mcat is only worth 10%?
  23. Was this passage on typhoid Mary complete bs or what? Contrary to popular belief I'm starting to think more and more that EK is really not that great. I completed OG CARS passages and scored around 90%. When doing further practice with EK... I'm scoring around 70%.. anyone feel the same way ?
  24. Hello, I've been working on the EK 101 practise passages for a while now. Initially I would complete 3 timed passages every 2 days and scored 10/11 but once I started completing the full timed 60 minute exams, my score has consistently sunk to a 9 (29/40). Time has been an issue and I feel like I consistently am racing to finish and never have any time to spare at the end. I haven't had to guess my answers so I have been able to at least attempt each passage and question properly. I've tried to us the EK VR strategies (reading in the authors voice, finding the main idea) but it doesn't seem like they made a difference in my case. I've always thought CARS was my area of strength but now I'm finding these scores demotivating all together. Any suggestions/tips/strategies would be appreciated!