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Found 16 results

  1. About me: I am 30 years old, have Masters(thesis based) in engineering from India. I had been working for the past 5 years as a Web Developer. I recently moved to Canada (Toronto) as a permanent resident. TL;DR: If I want to apply to med school, how can I go about it? I do not have the pre-reqs (as I did my undergrad and graduation in engineering) or any extra-curricular. I have always loved biology and now want to pursue my interest in that field. It has been 10 years on-off since I have been thinking of switching my field but always got lost in the current situations of education, work and life. Possible path: I am considering doing an undergrad in the field of biology, as I am not too sure about med school at this point. I do not want to make another career switch without being completely sure about it. I am partially eligible to apply to med school right now since I have a Masters, provided I do the pre-reqs 'somehow'. I want to keep my options open in case I want to do something in the field of Biology other than med school (or in case I do not get through med school). I am have done research only with regards to University of Toronto and University of British Columbia's criteria for MD program as of now. I would appreciate anyone who can provide me with inputs. My main concerns at this point is: I plan to align my courses for the first year (undergrad) in such a manner that I complete the pre-reqs for med school in first year, in case I become sure of going to a med school at the end of first year. If I plan to discontinue the undergrad program, will the courses completed count towards my pre-reqs? Does university give credits for the courses completed if a student drops/withdraws from the program? Can I drop the undergraduate program and go to a med school (if accepted) considering I did my pre-reqs in first year of undergrad, do medical schools consider this as valid pre-reqs? If not, would I have to drop college and do pre-reqs as post-bacc or non-degree studies for another year? I also found that some med schools do no have this requirement of pre-reqs, can you please tell me if targeting those would be a better choice? Is there significant difference in the quality of education compared to UofT or UBC? Thank you so much for reading it all I would appreciate any help or suggestions!
  2. Bonjour, je sais que les programmes de génie offrent de bonnes CRU à l'UdeM, mais j'ai cru qu'il serait intéressant de créer une sorte d'étalon, spécifique au génie. Donc, étudiant(e)s en génie (ou ex), veuillez svp publier votre GPA, votre CRU calculée par l'UdeM, et votre université. Merci!!
  3. Hello everyone, it's my first time posting on this forum. I'm currently enrolled in engineering at Ryerson University, but am on medical withdrawal. I have completed two full years at Ryerson but since September of 2017 I have been dealing with a chronic illness that has not allowed me to return. I originally planned to pursue either medicine or pharmacy but couldn't afford med school so opted to go for engineering as I have always been interested in the sciences. I've fallen in love with medicine again in this two year span and I feel miserable in my engineering program. I've had a long time to consider my options and I'm doing a little better financially but I don't know where to go from here. Should I transfer? Complete my degree? Start a new undergraduate? I'm not too sure if GPA is carried over to new schools. My GPA is currently 3.0 if that helps at all. Any help or information would be greatly appreciated. I just want to know where my options lie.
  4. I recently finished my bachelor’s degree in civil engineering at the University of Waterloo and am now working on my master’s degree in the same discipline. I am looking to apply to medical schools in Ontario for 2020 entry and have signed up to write the MCAT on September 19 this year. It’s pretty lonely being a prospective medical student in engineering grad school so I was wondering if there is anyone else in the same boat. If there’s anyone in the Kitchener-Waterloo area, that would be even better.
  5. I am an electrical engineer with seveteen years of power sytem design experience and currently employed as an electrical engineer in USA. I am a Canadian with international education in electrical engineering. My major was power and my experience is all about working with substation design and engineering. I had a very rewarding career throughout my academics as well as through employers. I was 1st class 1st position holder (93% marks) in engineering, gold medal for presenting my final year work, several other awards. I passed my engineering in Sep-1999 and then started my engineering career in Jan-2000 and was named best employee of the year for 2001 and 2002 consecutively. I moved to Canada in 2006 and then got several awards with different engineering employers. Now, I have decided to change my profession and want to go to med school and wish to be a doctor. I don't know how hard it is to get in my foot but need someone to advise me what should be the first step towards that. Also, someone to give me an honest opinion that would it be impossible at the age of 43 to make this transition (considering age and process of med school). Please mention what and how should i proceed for this goal.
  6. Hi all, I am currently an undergrad computer engineering student going into second year. During my first year, my GPA was 3.88 for the first half, but it dropped to 3.5 during the second half due to my health condition. I was unable to have a full course load during that time for the same reason. I am very interested in medical school, however, and I would like to take biomedical engineering for my minor during undergrad. For extracurricular activities, I am currently involved in three different clubs, but they are mostly academic/research oriented. I am also volunteering as an executive at a non-profit student organization, where we run programs at public libraries to teach children from underrepresented communities programming for free. I heard from other people that in order to meet academic prerequisites, I may need to take summer courses in chemistry and biology, given that computer engineering program at my school has a very full course load and I can not take them during fall/winter. During the next few years, I will also try my best to get involved in biomedical engineering related researches. But other than that, I am really lost right now, and do not know where to get started in order to plan for applying to med school. Specifically, I am very confused about a few things: 1) GPA. Given the current GPA I have earned during first year, the best I could do over the next three years would probably be bringing it back up to around 3.7~3.8. If that happens to be the case, do I still have a chance to get into medical school? Also, I am really worried about my not-full course load during the second semester of first year. Would that affect anything? Also, I have heard that first year GPA is not always considered for medical school applications. Is that true? 2) MCAT. I know that in order to get into medical school I need to take it, but I don't know when would be the best time to take it? Given that I have almost no biology/chemistry related courses until the 3rd year in my undergraduate program, how much time should I put into preparing for MCAT? 3) Volunteering/Extracurricular/Research/Employment. Should I focus on activities related to medical field? Or would engineering-related ones be okay? Any advices will be really appreciated! Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone! I just finished my first year of engineering at uCalgary with a GPA of 3.19. I am volunteering at the hospital, and working part-time as a cashier. Are my chances blown now for medical school anywhere in Canada? Also, do med schools look at your average GPA of all 4 years of undergrad or do they only look at the last two years? Thank you!
  8. Hey guys, I am a civil engineering student at UBC in my third year interested in dental school. My question is regarding work/volunteer experience. Since I am in engineering, I do co-op every summer (4-8 month long work terms). Thus, I do not have as much time to do research or volunteer in health science related fields as a science student would. Will this hurt my chances of getting accepted or will my engineering co-op experience be seen as a positive? Should I instead focus my entire summer on volunteering/working in health science related areas? Thanks in advance
  9. Hey everyone, I am a recent grad from engineering and am looking for a change in careers to med. Essentially the question I want to ask is: what should I do in the next year(s) to maximize my chances? Any suggestions/critique is highly welcome! Please excuse me if I include unecessary details below, I am not sure what is eligible for my application and what isn't! Background: I graduated from Engineering Physics at UBC (pretty much a double major of honours physics and electrical/computer engineering) and also minored in honours math. Originally I wanted to go into medical imaging, topological disease modelling, or surgical robotics (i.e. lots of applied math, physics, and engineering) with heavy research but found the physician pathway recently attractive due to being able to mix front end practice and also participate in research projects. Thus I found that the physician path provides rich opportunities to be a leader in both practicing and advancing medical knowledge such as interventional radiology (which I think my applied math/engineering background could contribute to analyzing topological models of NMR/MRI/Ultrasound imaging). So I am keen on pursuing medicine rather than pure engineering. Academic Stuff and Background: Degree in Engineering Physics, minor in honors math, adjusted GPA = 80.2% ( ), upward trend to 85% in last 2 years, total 220 credits in 4 academic years, 2 publications (latter author, not first or second), Employment: Research engineering co-op (4 months), Software devleoper co-op (8 months), Research student (4 months), Data science intern (4 months), Software engineer (full-time) (1 year and counting). Volunteering: Youth Outdoor/Camp/Personal Development Leader (~1200 hours over 10 years, with national awards), sailing instructor (300 hours over 7 years), water rescue pilot/first aid attendant (300 hours over 5 years), quartermaster (200 hours over 3 years), research assistant (50 hours over 1 year), data science software volunteering (30 hours over 6 months and counting), webmaster (100 hours over 1.5 years), tech support (70 hours over 2 years), personal tutor (100 hours over 3 years). Athletics: Sailing (500 hours over 9 years, table tennis on a team (400 hours in 8 years), dragon boating on a team (100 hours over 2 years), UBC REC hockey (50 hours over 2 years - does this even count?), REC volleyball (50 hours 2 years), dodgeball (60 hours over 2 years), canoeing (100 hours over 5 years). (Nothing with distinction at the national level or anything though...) Misc. Volunteering Hobbies (these ones I am super unsure if they are applicable or not): -Captained high school trivia team (100 horus over 2 years) -Won a google software competition -Participated in autonomous robotics competitions (over 300 hours spent) -Built electrocardiogram from scratch (~10 hours) -Built cellphone microscope in collaboration with a company (~120 hours) -Part of student team to build a solar car (~100 hours) -Built own website and various data analytics software projects (~100 hours) -Misc. mechanicall prototyping with 3d printing, laser cutting, and waterjet cutting gifts and statues (~30 hours) -Built a tron video game from scratch using an FPGA board as controls (~10 hours) -Investigated processor algorithms to increase speed of processor branch predictions by 5% (~10 hours) -Played piano, level 8, theory level 3 (1200+ hours over 7 years) -Super casual playing guitar, harmonica, clarinet, ukulele... So anyway, the question I have is: 1. Should I commit to different volunteering activities? I probably have room for a 5 hour comittment a week unless I forgo other commitments. 2. Do personal projects count? What about projects done as part of schoolwork? 3. I have 0 volunteer experience at a medical facility (only remotely close thing I've done is first aid and water rescue...), is this a major problem? 4. Some of my volunteer experiences are extensions of previous employment (i.e. I volunteer my time after my employment ends at a lab) - does this still count as volunteering? 5. Is any extra credit given on my degree that I should emphasize (taking on average 8 engineering/physics/math courses a term)? Or does it simply not matter... 6. What else can I do in the follow year(s) to maximize my chances? Any input is welcome, I know it's a taxing read so thanks in advance!
  10. I am currently in grade 12 and always thought i wanted to be a doctor. But in the last year or so i have gained a interest in engineering. At this point i dont know what i want to do. I got into an engineering program at Carleton and was thinking of accepting that then taking the extra classes required to apply to medical school at university of Ottawa if i decide that's what i want to do. Only thing is that everyone says engineering is very hard to get a good GPA with. I want to take this because i want to have a solid backup if i don't get in. only i worried that by choosing this i am actually completely killing the chance of getting in to med school. any advice would be appreciated especially if anyone who has taken a similar got in and there experience with the whole thing like what there gpa was how difficult the classes in engineering were to get good grades in things that that Also i was reading the requirement page and it said that the MCAT is not required so the applicant academic record will be scrutinized that much more closely. If i take the MCAT does that mean they will go easier on the gpa. thank you in advance
  11. Hey everyone! I'm making the dive into medicine and I just wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas that I may have not considered with regards to which schools to apply to and which I have a shot at for a MD program. My background was in the air force as a pilot. I've had some pretty unique life experiences that came with that and have lived in some pretty isolated places. Lots of leadership examples and various academic and professional awards. I started developing a passion for medicine and I have a fair bit of ER from hospital volunteering to shadowing family practices. I've been strong throughout my career so far but it seems like medicine keeps calling me. Former Resident of BC/ON and currently living in Saskatchewan. I speak English and French. My Academic background Not too much specific Biochem or typical pre-med courses Undergrad: 3.85 (OMSAS) BEng (weighted more like 3.9) Masters- Mechanical Engineering MASc (Thesis) Distance education ongoing- 3.9 (OMSAS) MCAT 12PS/9VR/10BS I hope to hear your comments and your heckles! Anyone have any recommendations? Cheers, Fox
  12. Hey guys, I am in my final year of engineering. I originally had planned to go to medical school after finishing my degree but I couldnt keep my marks up. I found some of the courses quite difficult and also some personal trouble that I feel has affected me. Now , I cant even think of applying for medical school as my average is quite low (60s). Its not consistently 60s. My average in the beginning (1st and 2nd year) was low and hence bringing it up since then has been difficult. But, I have been doing good lately and I feel positive about it but realistically, its not enough for medical school at all. Things are gradually changing with my grades improving and also on the personal front. Being in my final year, even with doing good now will not be enough. So I am considering coming back for a second undergrad degree in science or biochem or something like that which will give me credits from some of the engineering courses that I completed most importantly GPA starting from 0. I am loving engineering and hope to work for a few years (3- 4) before I head back to school. Just wanted to gather some opinion and advice for this route. I am positive and hopeful about my dream to be a doctor. I maybe taking a tougher and long route but my desire and ambition to be a doctor is strong. Not willing to give up.
  13. Hi, I am a 4th year electrical engineering co-op student at the University of Alberta with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 at the moment. I realize that this is barely competitive and would be a bad position from the start if I wanted to change my career path to medicine. In short, I am interested in pursuing medicine so I can be in a work environment where I can be on my feet (rather than in the cube), be around people, and help others and (hopefully) make a difference in their lives. Now, it seems that the only option for change is to take a 2 year second degree. I would preferably go to UBC for med school since it has been my dream to live in Vancouver. My main idea so far is to take a second degree at UBC in biology (for example) and do really well on them. In the meantime, I will become an in-province applicant well before I finish the degree. The most discouraging part of this is that I created an excel spreadsheet that translated my GPA to UBC's grade percentage format. Turns out I am around ~72% which is below the minimum requirement for in-province applicants. Now, I added hypothetical classes for my second degree each at 3 credits. Assuming I get an A+ in all of them, I will end up with a cumulative grade of ~82%. This honestly is disheartening as the change in grades seems so small despite being a really great student in the last few years. UBC seems very unforgiving with marks Thoughts? I am open for other med schools if they are easier to enter. ====== EDIT: Here are my GPAs by year, it's a bit odd (5 years) since I'm a co-op student: 1st: 2.9 2nd: 2.9 3rd: 3.0 4th: 3.2 5th: tbd
  14. I'm a Grade 12 Ontario student who got into Waterloo's BME program and life sci at McGill, along with a few other programs, and am having a tough time choosing. I'm interested in going to medical school in the future but would like to have a backup plan in case I don't get in the first year I apply, as I've heard competition for a spot these days is very stiff. I also have many severe food allergies and would have to cook for myself if I went to McGill. With this in mind, would it be significantly harder to get a high GPA in a Waterloo engineering program? Thank you!
  15. First of all let me say that I'm not sure whether Non-Traditional applicants was the most appropriate place to post this. In my view engineering to medicine is considered "non traditional" from all the science majors that apply. Anyway, now that that is out of the way... I am a first year biomedical engineering student at the University of Guelph that is planning to apply to medical school after my degree. I was wondering if any other engineer doctors could relate their experiences as to how they managed to keep up on ECs while at the same time navigating what I've come to realize is a very difficult curriculum. I am very scared currently because I believe I failed a first year mechanics course.
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