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Found 17 results

  1. Hi there, I'm in a unique academic situation ... A couple of years ago when I attended Ontario Tech University (formally known as UOIT), I had some low grades permanently removed from my academic record (I know it sounds improbable, but it's true; special circumstances permitted it). My cGPA increased after it was recalculated and then I transferred to Laurier where I am finishing my undergrad. My question is... since I had grades wiped from my record, would those grades by any chance show up when my cGPA is calculated by medical school admissions? The removed classes no longer appear on my official transcript but some of them were prereq classes for the upper year courses that still remain. Would admissions look at the specific classes or just the grades? Because I don't want them to think my transcript was doctored in anyway.
  2. hey everyone! wondering if anyone has any insight on what grades or averages are required by any of the ontario schools for the final semester of undergrad. I see that final transcripts aren't required until June 30th, so does that mean that this semester of grades doesn't really count? I'm wondering if there is a minimum that must be achieved to keep acceptance? I've looked but I don't see any specifics. Appreciate any info!
  3. Just wanted some input on my chances of getting into Queens, Toronto, Western and McMaster. I've had a hard time trying to gauge my GPA as I have gone to two different schools over my last 2 years, and both of them have different ways of calculating GPA, and one of them doesn't include a grade % in their transcripts, only letter grades. Here is a table of my last 20 classes with the suspected GPA correlating with the letter grade. School #1 A 3.9 A 3.9 B- 2.7 A- 3.7 A- 3.7 A- 3.7 B+ 3.3 A 3.9 B 3.0 A 3.9 B 3.0 A 3.9 GPA at school #1 = 3.55 School #2 92% A+ 4.0 72% B 3.0 79% B+ 3.3 92% A+ 4.0 91% A+ 4.0 93% A+ 4.0 76% B+ 3.3 81% A- 3.7 84.3% total =3.66 Average % at school #2 – 84.3% Total average GPA of the 2 schools using letter grades = 3.6 using whatsmygpa One question I have is using school #2 for calculating my GPA, I have an 84% which correlates to 3.66 using whatsmygpa, but when looking at ORPAS table, grade percentage of 84+ is >3.7gpa. Are there any other ways to determine what my GPA is over my last 20 courses? If I did add everything correctly, and my GPA is 3.6, are there any schools that would actually consider me? Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, I hope that I am posting on a correct forum. I don't really know of any other forums out there for U of C. I want to get into U of C for their biomedical program. I currently have low and high 70's in my grade 12 classes. Is this high enough to get into U of C for any science programs? I'm scared that it's not, but at the same time it's not terrible either. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, I have been questioning my CEGEP choices recently. I will be a secondary 5 in September, so cégep is approaching very fast. To be honest, I've been looking at cégeps and universities since 6th grade, but I never settled on a cégep. I want to get into honours sciences, more specifically honours health science. Then, I’d like to pursue a career in medicine and for that I will need an R code of 35 and higher. Short academic description : My average is about 91% (not full potential at all : I’m always last minute, I gave up on homework, etc.) in secondary 4 so far (we haven't gotten our final grades yet, it’s probably going to be different then). The thing is, I'm conflicted because I don't know whether I should choose an English CÉGEP or French CEGEP. I go to a French IB school with enriched English courses, in which I have a 92% average. I'm more fluent in French than I am in English, but my strength in both languages is writing. I’m letting you know this because I heard that most works in cégep are written ones. English language choices : My ideal CÉGEP in terms of size, classes and programs is John Abbott, but it’s way too far from my place (1h20+), it's too bad Dawson cégep is super close to my place (10-15min), very accessible, it has a first choice program and it's a good cégep. However, I find that it has way too many students, which will make the student-teacher relationship more difficult I think. It's also a huge cégep, which makes makes me think it will have more strong students. Then comes Vanier college. It’s 45 minutes away from my place, just like my current high school. It’s not the best cégep, but it's not the worst one either. Also, it has a honours health science program. However I don't know if it’s an advantageous cégep for a high R code. Also too many people from my current high school are going there and that throws me off. --------------------------------------------------------------- For French cégeps, I have BdeB, which seems like a really good cégep, but a very competitive one too. It's also kinda far from my place (+- 1h). My ideal CÉGEP would be Brébeuf, but I can't afford it :(. Then there's Maisonneuve, which I only heard of recently. People say it's a good cégep for sciences but I don't know what to think about that. I haven't heard a lot of positive things about this cégep. It's an hour away from my place too. Which cégep should I choose ? There's the whole English French dilemma. I'm mostly worried about the literature course and the humanities course. Do you know if it was hard for French high school students to adapt to English language classes, especially humanities ? Was writing essays hard ? I don't know. I'm sorry if these questions are bothersome. Thank you for reading this and if you have any answer for me please let me know. P.-S.: I don't know if this is important, but I am planning on pursuing my studies in English, at UofT, McGill or a foreign uni.
  6. Hey guys, I'm going into Second year at UBC and I'm just concerned about my grades at this point... wondering if I can make a come back. At the end of first year I got a 67.6 avg ..are there anyone with this experience?? Did you make a comeback ? If I can make a comeback which schools would I be exempted from ? And which schools i have hope for assuming I will do way way way better in future years. Also I'm in this new program B+MM where I have a master's management (business) degree at the end of 5 years at ubc. Would this benefit me for Med school ? And I know I really sucked for 1st year, I had a cancer scare and that just messed me up. It's my fault ik.. I will work better..
  7. Hi all, I just have a question about possibly taking a 5th year in Undergrad at the U of M. Does anyone know how the U of M medical school view this on their application? Do they look down upon this? Does the U of M also consider the grades from the 5th year in their AGPA calculations? I was looking to take a 5th year since my current GPA is waaaay below the minimum requirement (even if AGPA is calculated). Please help! Thank you all!
  8. Hey guys, Anyone know for sure what OT schools use grad school grades when calculating your GPA? Thanks1
  9. Hi everyone. I still have 4 schools left to hear from and I'm starting to get antsy. I'm mostly concerned because the school I want to go to the most looks at a "total cumulative GPA". My last 2 years (2nd undergraduate degree) is sitting at 3.92 I believe, but that first degree was 2.88... I'm sitting here freaking out because if they're going to look at that, I feel like I'm screwed. Anybody know how much stock they put in that cumulative GPA or if it's just there to see if there's an upward trend as you get through your degree??? Sorry for the rambles, thanks for listening.
  10. Do I do anything special to courses that were repeated but not failed when entering in the course work section of post-secondary education? I had some D's and C's in first year, but my particular major required an average of A- or better to graduate so I ended up having to re-take these classes (or change majors i guess). On my transcript GPA the old grades aren't factored in to the calculation and I am awarded my degree (yay), but on OMSA there isn't a way to indicate that, so my GPA ends up being significantly less than my transcript GPA... is this just sorta the way it works and they will figure out the repeated courses and which one is higher when they get my transcripts, or will they use my lower GPA to determine cut offs cause that could hurt me. Only applying to Ottawa and McMaster in Ontario.
  11. Hi Everyone, So, I have recently come to realize that becoming a physican is what I want to do. I did my undergrad at McMaster and completed a degree in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering (B.Eng), and now I am doing a thesis-based Master's in Biomedical Engineering at University of Toronto. Now, I realized that OMSAS does not evaluate grades the same way McMaster did, for example, it dosen't matter if you took a 4 credit or 5 credit course, the course is given the same weighting as a 3 unit course. This seems really unfair because the reason those courses were 4 or 5 unit courses was to motivate people to take harder courses that required a lot more effort then a 3 unit course, and the extra units were a means of compensating for the very likely lower grades one would get, and the time, and effort one would have put into those difficult courses. Upon conferring my degree, I got a commulative average of 10.2 equivalent to a 3.7 something on the 4.0 scale. But, because omsas dosen't take into account the weighting of the courses, my total OMSAS gpa is around a 3.54 which is very low Has anyone else had this issue with this part of omsas? Is this different weighting something only engineering program do? I have no idea what I can do at this point. I know some school look at your last 2 years and for those schools i have a 3.75 Gpa which is okay (I guess), but this really narrows down my options. In case this will help you understand my situation, I have listed my GPA's for each year according to OMSAS's grading scheme, then the grades listed my transcript below: OMSAS 1st Year: 3.36 2nd Year: 3.32 3rd Year: 3.63 4th Year: 3.86 I actually have on my transcript: 1st Year: ~ 3.3 (9.2/12) 2nd Year:~3.3 (8.9/12) 3rd Year: ~3.7 (10.2/12) 4th Year: ~3.9 (11.2/12) Do you guys think I have a chance in Ontario at all? Has anyone been in my situation, and if so did you get in? Or any tips would be helpful at this point. I am definitely pursuing medicine because that's what I really want to do. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Hey everyone! I hope everyone is on the final parts of their OMSAS applications. Best of luck to everyone As you see in the picture below, I having trouble inputting the weight of some of my classes. I took a few year long courses and I cannot select their weight under the Credit Value/Weight tab. I've attempted to do this on Firefox and IE11. Should I leave it and hope that they'll reconcile any differences with my transcripts? Does anyone have any ideas? Cheers! Mark
  13. Hello fellow non-trads, I have a question about entering grades into OMSAS. Maybe some of you older applicants have faced this issue. As I understand it I'm obligated to included all courses ever taken at a post secondary institute. I have courses from an unfinished UG 17 years ago. Those classes were 'set aside' when I returned to school this time around, meaning I was unable to use the credits or have any of the marks affect my current standing. My question is, when I enter these classes into the OMSAS form there is no place to indicate the course value/weight as zero. I also have withdrawn and incomplete courses from that time period, how should those be entered? I'm a little confused as to how all this will affect my application or how to communicate the situation correctly !! Anyone have any advice?
  14. Hello, I am a bit confused by the "Yearly Progress" portion of the application. Under number of courses, I'm wondering if year-long (6 credit) courses should be counted as 2 courses, because they count for more in average computation? I realize I'm probably overthinking this, but putting them as 1 course also downplays the number of courses taken in a year. Ideas? Thank you!
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