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Found 8 results

  1. Guys, please take a minute to answer this poll. And yes, I know this has probably been asked many times, but there were so many different opinions that I thought I'd start a new topic for this and see how it goes.
  2. Hello, Has anyone had any experience in the Queen's Health Science program as their undergraduate? If so how do you like it? I was considering this program for a second undergraduate.
  3. Hello everyone! I am re-applying into Pharmacy this year here at the University of Saskatchewan. I don't have the strongest GPA so I'm counting on doing exceptional on the Test of Critical Skills/Personal Profile. If anyone has any tips or resources on how to prepare for the TOCS/PP, please do share! We can also use this to discuss anything related to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan.
  4. Hi everyone, I have been questioning my CEGEP choices recently. I will be a secondary 5 in September, so cégep is approaching very fast. To be honest, I've been looking at cégeps and universities since 6th grade, but I never settled on a cégep. I want to get into honours sciences, more specifically honours health science. Then, I’d like to pursue a career in medicine and for that I will need an R code of 35 and higher. Short academic description : My average is about 91% (not full potential at all : I’m always last minute, I gave up on homework, etc.) in secondary 4 so far (we haven't gotten our final grades yet, it’s probably going to be different then). The thing is, I'm conflicted because I don't know whether I should choose an English CÉGEP or French CEGEP. I go to a French IB school with enriched English courses, in which I have a 92% average. I'm more fluent in French than I am in English, but my strength in both languages is writing. I’m letting you know this because I heard that most works in cégep are written ones. English language choices : My ideal CÉGEP in terms of size, classes and programs is John Abbott, but it’s way too far from my place (1h20+), it's too bad Dawson cégep is super close to my place (10-15min), very accessible, it has a first choice program and it's a good cégep. However, I find that it has way too many students, which will make the student-teacher relationship more difficult I think. It's also a huge cégep, which makes makes me think it will have more strong students. Then comes Vanier college. It’s 45 minutes away from my place, just like my current high school. It’s not the best cégep, but it's not the worst one either. Also, it has a honours health science program. However I don't know if it’s an advantageous cégep for a high R code. Also too many people from my current high school are going there and that throws me off. --------------------------------------------------------------- For French cégeps, I have BdeB, which seems like a really good cégep, but a very competitive one too. It's also kinda far from my place (+- 1h). My ideal CÉGEP would be Brébeuf, but I can't afford it :(. Then there's Maisonneuve, which I only heard of recently. People say it's a good cégep for sciences but I don't know what to think about that. I haven't heard a lot of positive things about this cégep. It's an hour away from my place too. Which cégep should I choose ? There's the whole English French dilemma. I'm mostly worried about the literature course and the humanities course. Do you know if it was hard for French high school students to adapt to English language classes, especially humanities ? Was writing essays hard ? I don't know. I'm sorry if these questions are bothersome. Thank you for reading this and if you have any answer for me please let me know. P.-S.: I don't know if this is important, but I am planning on pursuing my studies in English, at UofT, McGill or a foreign uni.
  5. Premièrement, bonjour à tous et à toutes ! Alors voilà, je suis un élève présentement en secondaire 5, et dans quelque mois, j'aurais la grande opportunité de choisir le CEGEP que j'intégrerais. Pourtant, ce choix s'avère plus difficile que prévu, et ne cesse de me tarauder, dû à mes conditions. Laissez moi rentrer dans le vif du sujet. La seule chose qui m'est assurée est mon l'intention d'entrer en Science de la Santé, peut importe le Cégep. Aussi, puisque je suis à l'aise en anglais, et compte, dans un futur proche, intégrer une Université anglaise, je veux un cégep anglophone. Jusque là, tout va bien. (Il est à aussi à savoir que mes notes se situent vers 85 en montant, et donc l'idée d'un CÉGEP ayant un programme en Science de la Nature enrichi me charme fortement). Il serait aussi agréable pour moi d'avoir un grand cégep avec beaucoup d'activités, de clubs étudiants, bref : beaucoup de manières de s'impliquer. Je crois que c'est important pour ma future entrée à l'Université d'avoir un bon bagage d'expérience extracurriculaires. Alors, si je prend en compte tous ces critères que je viens d'énumérer, Dawson College semble être le CÉGEP de mes rêves. C'est justement là qu'intervient le hic: je suis un joueur de football, et Dawson n'a, malheureusement, pas d'équipe de foot. Inutile donc de vous dire que je suis chagriné à l'idée de devoir abandonner ce sport. Force m'a donc été de considérer un autre CÉGEP que Dawson. J'ai pensé à Vanier, qui répond à toutes mes attentes précédentes, mais perd face à Dawson sur le niveau des opportunités (il me semble). De mêne pour Champlain College (St-Lambert), mais qui perd sans équivoque face à Dawson ou Vanier du côté opportunités, et n'a pas de programme enrichi. Là encore, un autre problème, assez contradictoire, s'ajoute: Serais-je même capable, puisque je compte faire mon CÉGEP en deux ans,(pas de discussion là-dessus) de tenir le coup avec le football et les études ? Est-ce réaliste ? (Et ce, en plus d'habiter sur la Rive-Sud, à plus d'1h de transport en commun de Vanier ?) C'est l'une des nombreuses questions auxquelles je cherche une réponse. Et sur ce même coup de tête, forcé d'envisager d'autres options, mon esprit se dit: Alors, pourquoi ne pas abandonner l'anglais au cégep et aller à un CÉGEP français, avec le football? La même question sur la possibilité du football et les études en 2 ans reviens, mais j'aurais l'opportunité d'avoir des cégeps plus proches, cependant je perdrai alors cet avantage de faire des études en anglais lorsque j'irais à l'université. Le meilleur Cégep pour le football et les études me semble être André-Grasset, mais c'est si loin de chez moi ! Que faire ?! Partout ou je vais, je dois abandonner quelque chose ! Soit le football, soit les opportunités d'un grand cégep (ex: Une chose qui m'intéresse beaucoup chez Dawson est son ''DCMUN'', Dawson College Model United Nations), ou soit le français ( et même là, il se pourrait que j'abandonne le français ET le football, si les études s'avèrent trop difficile. Merci beaucoup d'avoir pris le temps de me lire, et j'espère que vous pourrez m'offrir de judicieux conseils !
  6. Hey everyone, So, I really wanted to do neuroscience at u of c but, my english mark is dragging me down and I'm pretty much giving up on my dream as I've wanted to get into that program as soon as I heard about it. I have no clue what to do. What do I major in? Is there anything close to neuroscience that I could do? I heard the Health Science degrees are very english based so I can't do those. The general Biological Sciences degree are an option but, I hate ecology and you have to take those classes. Ugh, I'm just so stressed and I don't know what to do.
  7. I'm trying to decide between these two types of programs. I am fascinated by the human body and that is why I am interested in Kinesiology, however I am not interested on the sports/coaching aspect of it. Life science would give me a better science background, but I heard it generally looks at biological things from a molecular level.
  8. For the first question on McMaster's Health Science supplementary application - what are they looking for? Passion? Qualities like leadership? Experiences?