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Found 49 results

  1. Hi I'm a 13 year old boy and I was recently told that I've got a quite severe dental condition. If anyone knows how to solution to this please reply. I have an: Open bite (8mm gap) and a lower jaw that isn't growing whereas my upper jaw is. The dentist told me that they could have fixed the lower jaw problem if id been bought there at the age of 10. They also told me that they could use drills or something similar to decrease the gap by maybe 5mm. Leaving me with a 3mm gap and a lower jaw problem. I was also told to do an xray. If anyone knows how to solution to this please reply. Thanks and please don't report me. Id just like some help and opinions from others around the world
  2. Hello, I know everyone must be tired of seeing these types of "what are my chances" posts but I could really use some advice. I am currently in my last year of my undergrad at UofC and eligible to graduate this spring. Unfortunately, med school has only become a dream of mine in the last year or so and my first two years GPA does not reflect this desire at all. Here is a breakdown: I have taken 5 courses each semester for my entire degree. GPA: 1st year: 2.73 2nd year: 3.02 3rd year: 3.61 4th year: 4.00 EC's Do pracitucms count for this? If so, I done extensive work in my community with local organizations working with individuals with disabilities. I have spent time at The Association for the Rehabilitation of the Brain Injured and done an internship at Emily follensbee (a school for children with multiple and complex learning needs). I have spent the last year working with the Government of Alberta creating and delivering a prevention presentation on fetal alcohol spectrum disorder that I have delivered to grade 8 and 11 classrooms as well as university classrooms. I have been lucky enough to have done a lot of traveling over the course of my degree (20 countries in three years), and I am in the process of planning a trip to Peru with a previous professor of mine to assist her with research as well as doing some volunteering. I have also been doing volunteering within the university and external organizations on my own time. I have been working one job for the past 4 years (just serving at a restaurant, so not very relevant). I do not have any publications at this point. My understanding is that UofC will use your three best years to count your GPA but even with dropping my first year that would leave me with a 3.54 which is not competitive. Any advice going forward? As I see it I have three options: 1. take a 5th or 6th year of my current degree 2. take a second undergrad 3. apply for grad school (although I feel like this would be the least useful) Any recommendations going forward would be very much appreciated!!! Thank you!
  3. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in university, not particularly part of any groups outside of school other than rec sports - No other parts of application started yet: personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc. an individual told me about a 'post bacc' school in toronto called medical education programs (MEP) (https://www.medschoolimg.com/) ... apparently you can take courses at this school to improve your gpa/mcat prep and subsequently apply to the school's partner medical schools (schools that accept their courses/credits). **I would 100% like to get into a US med school vs. going to the Caribbean and would also like to start in the next 1 to 2 years. Obviously my gpa is beyond rough so that doesn’t give me leeway to have a choice but just stating this so readers are aware** plan (current ideas): - Caribbean: looking at particularly Ross university or SGU (or any of the big 4)…. take pre-req courses at MEP to increase my GPA/MCAT prep with self MCAT prep/prep course and apply to both schools for September 2019 or January 2020 start. *Note*: Ross utilizes a program called medical education readiness program (MERP) in which if admissions thinks you could benefit from the 15 week MERP to prep for med school success by learning better learning strategies and more prep in science coursework then your conditional Ross acceptance will be granted to you upon your completion of MERP (which may be a possibility for me if I can I boost my GPA with the MEP courses??) - Canada: I understand Ontario schools currently out of the question for me… unless I do another undergrad and kill it, which I don’t want to do at this point. not sure about any other options for me in Canada nor did I do further research on this - USA: explained my situation to an admissions advisor and she said even if I excel in the MEP course and kill the MCAT, I would possibly have to do another 2 years at uni to up my GPA to be able to be even slightly competitive to apply to US schools. Please give your thoughts/ideas on routes for me to get into US schools - UK/ Australia/ Ireland/ Israel/ elsewhere: ?
  4. Hi guys, I was wondering whether or not to include the TRAINING I received to become a volunteer as a separate entry in ABS or not. The reason I am asking, is because I have two volunteer positions, one in hospice and one as a research assistant, and both required I complete very lengthy online training and online certifications. For example, for hospice, it was a 13 hour online training that required tests, small essays on a range of topics ranging from palliative care, infectious diseases, caregiver stress, ethics and so on. Likewise for the research assistant position, because it is connected to a long-term care facility, all volunteers had to undergo training on how to care for elderly patients, modules on ethics etc even though my position doesn't have anything to do with that. I am wondering if it's worth making separate entries for these things, or if it is self-explanatory that all volunteer positions must have included training? Thank you!
  5. Hi all, I am planning out my fall semester and was thinking about taking 3 or 4 online courses to increase my GPA for applications in December. Do you have any recommendations for online courses that are worth considering particularly in the 3rd year or higher? I heard good things about Athabasca courses but cannot find any specific threads. All the best
  6. Hiii, I need some advice about writing the MCAT and what worked for people and what did not. First off, does anyone know where to find a test bank of questions for each subject (biology, biochem, etc) or even for each section?? Second, how did you study using books? I bought the princeton book set and I have heard some people recommend skimming through, then read through again taking notes, then attempt questions, etc. But I am not sure how to go about it with the books. Please give me any advice you have and any resources you found helpful!! I appreciate your help in advance.
  7. To obtain my biology major and to graduate this year, I have to take either a heredity course or a molecular genetics course but the problem with that is that it conflicts with another required course for biology majors. Other local universities offer this course but the scheduling also conflicts so the only solution to this problem is to take it online but it HAS to have some sort of a laboratory component (online or in person but it has to be local). I have had no luck finding any of the online classes that have online labs so I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?
  8. [deleted] Thank you for all those that commented. I appreciate all those that took the time to read it through.
  9. Okay I know 6 is a lot but please read.I started a degree online back in 2013 and hated it. I pretty much neglected it because my parents borderline forced me (as I had a good job in a small town without a Uni). It was in HR and after i just didn't bother with the first semester but said I would give it a second go - same outcome. Not one ounce of me took it seriously nor thought about long term outcome.ANYWAYS, since then i've been doing my psychology degree, full course load and in class (I relocated). I have a 3.8 GPA and have been volunteering for 3 years now. I've submerged myself in the "premed" lifestyle and course load, EC's, etc. Until the other day I realized that my online FAIL is now haunting me.So my question is. Has anyone ever omitted transcripts from their application and if I submit them will they even CONSIDER having me in for an interview? My cumulative GPA with 6 fails seems like something I can't make a come back from.Please don't judge I'm in a pretty deep mental rut about this already.
  10. Which Canadian (or US, but Canada is preferred) med school has some kind of forgiveness in their application? I have a very poor GPA from 1 year of a previous unrelated degree and refuse to let it impact my (now) very strong application. I know University of Calgary can "ignore" (for lack of a better term) post-secondary from 10+ years ago. Does anyone else know of anything else similar but not as drastic? Ex. only calculating a cGPA from your best 3 years. Literally anything that doesn't make me wait 4 more years.No way am I going to omit those old transcripts from my application so please don't bother suggesting.Thanks in advance
  11. I've applied to Queen's this admissions cycle and just received my MCAT scores. I was hoping to get some thoughts on possible chances based on past experiences ... honesty or inspiration (lol) appreciated. In province 2nd Year MSc research based 3.85 wGPA ECs: well rounded, some long term and some short term, filled all 48 spots with only meaningful stuff so thats good I think (?) they def show who I am but who knows with med, strong references MCAT: My literal nightmare (as for many people)... I have written it 4x (1 old, 3 new) today: 126/124/127/126 (low due to balancing lab and only 2 months to study) previous: 129/124/128/126 (507 total, my highest score so far) 128/123/127/127 8/8/11 (phys/verbal/bio) Will def be writing again after I finish my MSc and hopefully that will help. Wont give up or anything... but given Queens way of looking at MCAT that is speculated... Im wondering if anyone in a similar situation to me has received an interview? Also does anyone know if Queens look at only your highest MCAT for specific section cut offs... or they look at all the MCATs you've written and take the highest mark for individual sections youve ever gotten from any of the rewrites? Gracias!
  12. Hello, I've applied before but now the contact who I used for the Dean's Honor roll is not returning my emails. Does anyone know who I can use for this verifier? Very desperate here, please help. Thanks in advance!
  13. As a recent grad newly starting off in the professional world (~3 months in), I'm in a bit of an awkward situation with this year's medical school applications. My position is ongoing - full training for this position takes about a year. While I am not on any sort of contract, the unspoken expectation is that this is a long term position (at least 2-3 years?). As many schools ask you to have your direct supervisor/boss listed as a verifier for paid job positions, I'm wondering what options I have here. Would it be too much of a stretch to list a senior coworker who is involved in training me (and more sympathetic to my situation) rather than my supervisor, as doing so could possibly compromise my work environment/relationships? I was not completely forthcoming during the interview process about my future plans (as they were not concrete - I was considering skipping an application cycle) and if I am not accepted this year (or perhaps ever..), I hope to continue working at this job. Any advice?
  14. Hello everyone! (first post aha, long time lurker) I will be writing the MCAT for the first time this year (2nd YR UG) and can't manage to get CARS skills down. I am working full time so it's hard to find time to do passages however on the commute and lunch I usually manage to do some CARS. I think my self-reflection is pretty good as my scores on EK are around 1~3 wrong. However, I feel as if the med school I want to get into won't be happy with a low CARS score (Mac Med). Also, I still feel like I am just reading the passage and not getting the main idea. I started CARS practice around 3 weeks ago. I have been doing the passages untimed, so I am not sure how much time I am taking as I am just trying to understand my own way of approaching a passage. This my technique for practicing right now and was wondering if any of you wonderful people can help me improve or replace it with something better. I usually read the passage (fairly fast as it helps me not get bogged down in detail) When I am finished reading and it is time to answer the questions, I note down what I think of each of the choice (right/wrong) (takes quite sometime, therefore still go untimed). After I do that and finalize my answer for each question, I then check the answers. After this, I review each question, regardless of if I got it right or wrong, comparing my thought process with the books A/E. However, I still feel as if I am guessing on quite some questions, and that I have to soon start working on timing (Exam in 1 month). Also, my concerns are that I can read the passage but I cannot see the connecting arguments and explanations and why the author chose this and here and for what reason. Questions reading least support and most supported are also the ones that I usually get wrong. Also, questions that ask what/who the passage might be useful is one that I 100% almost always get wrong. I will be forever thankful for any help I get in order to help me with CARS. (ARIGATO GOZIMAZZU)
  15. If anyone could help me out here that'd be awesome. I'm wondering if I should apply to pharm this year or wait another year. My GPA is 3.55, I am going into my fourth year, but will have one more semester left afterward. My last two years GPA is ~3.7. I have shadowed two pharmacists, volunteered in two hospitals, am a varsity track and field athlete, have a variety of other volunteering experience, etc. I also would be considered an IP applicant in both BC and Alberta and as such would like to apply to both UBC and U of A. I am wondering if I should apply this year or wait another year to increase my GPA. Thanks in advance for the help :))
  16. Hi all, Couple years back I was trying to get into medical school. I also had a hobby of building websites in my spare time, so even before I found out if I got in, I built a website/blog with the intention of blogging about 1) getting into medical 2) the experience 3) any experiences in the medical profession beyond that ie residency, fellowship, etc etc. Needless to say I have had a bit of a career switch, and wont be entering medical school any time soon. Therefore, I don't have the experience, time, or credibility to write content for the site. I was wondering if one or many of you would be interested in contributing content to the site. It would mainly just be for entertainment/ catharsis/ potentially helping other internet perusers out. I have attached a screenshot of the home page. It is toy story themed :)site still needs lots of work but if I know I have content then I can update it. Let me know, Reed
  17. So all throughout my first two years of undergrad, I have been writing out my notes after lectures to help with retention and then re-reading/ teaching my self out loud while studying before an exam (and using whiteboards). But of course, this was over a longer semester period and with fewer subjects to know. I am writing the MCAT Sep. 1st and was just wondering (because of the vast amount of information we need to know/ understand for one test) would you recommend following my same procedure or using typed notes which I review? *I am also balancing a job on top of this so I do not have the same time/ study schedule as another student devoting their whole summer to this. How did you/ do you study? Thanks in advance!
  18. Just wondering if any Canadians have been accepted/or even interviewed at any top 30 USMD schools in the last cycles??? If so, what was your GPA/MCAT and ECs like? And your experience interviewing? Any reply would be really appreciated..please give me hope lol!!!! Thanks in advance!!
  19. Hello, I'm entering my third year of undergrad and am currently wrestling with course selections. On one hand I can complete an Honors specialization program, or I could just get a major in something (bio) and take fun and easy electives (I'm interested in economics and computer science as well). My main motivation for completing the honors specialization are any possible advantages it gives when applying to grad programs. If I don't get into medschool by the time I'm done undergrad I might pursue a course based masters. Do grad programs care about what degree you have? If I pursue an easier program, I'd have more time to put into my position as a research assistant and other extracurriculars, and I might get better grades as well. My cGPA over first two years is 3.94 (first year 4.0, second year 3.87), so would completing a course-based masters even be beneficial for me? I am also writing my MCAT soon but I think I'll be able to get 128 across all the sections with possibly a 129 in CARS (hopefully).
  20. Hi everyone, Before I start, I would just like to say that I’m posting this question on behalf of my best friend. I told him to join this forum and ask it himself but he was too scared and embarrassed to do it so I’m doing it on his behalf and for his own sake. BEWARE: THIS IS A LONG POST! Sorry in advance, I feel the need to be specific with the details. So, my best friend recently told me that he would like to pursue medicine as a profession and I couldn’t be happier and proud of him. As a current premed myself, it’s nice to have someone to have along on this journey to medicine. He’s a very bright person, extremely hardworking and possibly the most optimistic person that I could have ever met. I really look up to him, respect him and I also consider him to be my friendly rival. We both went to the same high school and he was very active in school and in our community. He was also a straight A student in high school, I’m not sure how relevant that is but I thought that it’s something that I should share. However, he recently dropped a big bomb of news to me. He told me that he had the worst two years of his life as soon as college started. You see, we both just finished our 2nd year this year so we are still fairly new to college. But, he told me that he had been assessed by the counsellor at our school and the assessment proved that he was suffering from mild depression and anxiety for the past two years. This mild depression and anxiety has affected his academic performances during the first two years of college. I felt like such a terrible friend for not noticing his signs and symptoms and that he was suffering from depression and anxiety. He hid it from me so well, too well if you ask me! As I’ve mentioned before, he is a very optimistic person and he showed no sign of change when we were hanging out. He always had a great big smile and we would always work hard and study together. But, it was all a façade, he secluded himself from everyone around him didn’t tell a single soul what he was going through, not even his parents. I felt very hurt that he didn’t tell me, me of all people, his best friend who would do everything to help him out! But I also do understand that he didn’t want me to worry for him and he didn’t want other people to worry for him. Fast forward, I asked him for the truth on what he’s now doing about his depression and anxiety and he told me everything. According to him, he is now getting treatment and he regularly meets up with a counsellor to talk and further help improve his situation. He’s also a part of a group that helps deal with anxiety and he told me that it has been helping him greatly. I genuinely feel like he is now on the right tract of improvment. He’s still very persistent in wanting to go into medicine. Throughout the years that I’ve been friends with him, I’ve never seen him that dedicated on a single goal. Sure, he’s a hardworking student but this type of goal orientation feels very different. Okay, so here are his stats for the first two years of college: cGPA: 1.70 According to him, his academic performances has been very rough. He was only getting Cs, C+s, Bs and B+s from his classes. In addition, he failed 5 of his courses and he planned to retake all of them. MCAT: Hasn’t taken it yet so N/A. ECs: Volunteer in a hospital, holds a leadership position in a science club and volunteer in a lab I know that his stats are extremely low and you [the reader] may think that my best friend is crazy for even thinking about pursuing medicine with these stats but he’s really determined to reach his goal. He’s currently taking summer classes to retake his failed courses and he has been doing amazing in all of them. He just took his midterm and he received an A+ after studying really hard for it. As his best friend, I really want to help him out to the best of my ability but at the same time, I need a realistic opinion from all of you. Please try to avoid any hurtful comments about my friend since he would also be reading this thread. I really need everyone’s opinion and input on what his chances are! Lastly, I’m not sure how relevant this is but he told me that he would like to mainly focus on applying at the University of Manitoba school. We’re both from Manitoba so technically he would be an In Province applicant and I know that they do Adjusted GPA but I’m not really sure how far that can help him. Should he stay for a 5th year? Just give up on medicine? I’m really lost on what I should tell him! Thank you all in advance!
  21. Hello all, I just finished my 2nd UG degree (which was 2 years) last month and was hoping that some of the fine folk on this forum can provide me with some help on what I should do next and realistically where am I competitive. There is a wealth of information on this forum and I have been scouring it but I feel awfully confused. Any who... here are my OMSAS GPA stats from my 2nd UG: Year 1 GPA = 3.97 (3.969) Year 2 GPA = 3.94 (3.938) 2YGPA = 3.95 So obviously in my previous degree, my grades are not great, my CGPA for both degrees combined is a 3.51. Also in my last year of my 1st degree I did not take 5 FCE's which I believe disqualifies me from Ottawa. What schools am I realistically competitive for? I am also starting a 1.5 year course based MPH w/ placement this September. My current plan right now is to write my MCAT this summer in August and try to do the best I can. If there are any resources that you would recommend please do let me know, as right now i am using TPR materials. My ECs are ok I think, no hospital volunteering but they are varied otherwise. If you would like to know I can list them. As I mentioned above, when I read the forum I do feel overwhelmed and at times a little bit down about my chances. So here is to staying positive! Thanks!!
  22. Hey, I'm a secondary 3 student at a French school in Quebec, and medicine is the career that i'm aiming for. This year for a science project I had the chance to shadow/talk with a willing doctor, since I did my project on ECMO I had the opportunity to, and I absolutely loved my time in the hospital, I would like to pursue medicine as a career now. However, it seems that it's impossible to get accepted these days, and i'm concerned about that, especially since the R score is going steadily up and the competition is getting harder every year, I guess I just wanted some advice from people who were once at my place. I get good grades, but nothing exceptional, I go to an IB school and got a 95% average last term, but my first term I only got a 93%, I tend to do well in classes with loads of theory (science/math) and do worse in the arts and gym. I do volunteer work that I enjoy, i'm part of a reading circle, I've been involved in some youth politics, I dance and i've participated in a science fair, I'm not an exceptional student. I go to a really competitive high school and at least 5% of the student body wants to become a doctor, and it's pretty much the top 5% of the school, I just don't know what I should be aiming for (academically/extracurricular) in order to give me a good chance once I get to cégep. (My dream school is Mcgill) What advice do you guys have for me? Thank you!
  23. Hi everyone! I just finished my first year of engineering at uCalgary with a GPA of 3.19. I am volunteering at the hospital, and working part-time as a cashier. Are my chances blown now for medical school anywhere in Canada? Also, do med schools look at your average GPA of all 4 years of undergrad or do they only look at the last two years? Thank you!
  24. IMHO, I have an incredible life journey and whoever I tell my experiences to, they're almost always impressed by the variety. I had thought my Top 10 would be way above average in pre-interview, but I just received my scores and all of them were below <100. Even though I didn't receive an interview invitation, I still felt fine because I guessed my R1-R7 score was probably high, and the application might be weak in another category. I'm devastated and demoralized because I was hoping that my R1-R7 would make-up for my, relatively, low GPA. Please, you guys, can anyone help me in checking my Top 10 this year. I call out to any current uCalgary med students; would really appreciate your time. I followed everyone's advice and made sure to mention all the R1-R7 within each experience. I honestly don't know where I went wrong. P.S. I'm IP.
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