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Found 10 results

  1. Hey everyone, I'm really stressed so I apologize if this sounds very scatter brained. But I'm finishing up my 5th year at Western in Health Sciences and my GPA is just okay, around 3.6-3.7. MCAT is poor, 501 (125/124/126/126). I'm likely going to retake the MCAT this summer though as well as take Organic Chemistry since I currently do not have this prereq for Ottawa and pretty much every med school everywhere else. 1) Is my GPA scored differently to US MD and DO schools compared to Canadian MD schools? (Just wondering if UWO gets weighed differently or anything) 2) Are there any Canadian-friendly US MD and DO schools that do not consider sGPA? I have a total of 4 actual science courses and one of the marks was awful so my sGPA is abysmal. 3) Are there any international options for medical school that consider wGPA and are more lenient on course prequisites? (It's not feasible for me to do a 6th year or second undergrad to get math courses and english) 4) Is a research based masters beneficial to US MD and DO schools or any international schools? I know in Canada it really only makes a difference with U of T and as such, I haven't really considered it but now I'm wondering if that's a good idea Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  2. Hi everyone, I recently applied to the graduate entry medical programs in Ireland through Atlantic Bridge. Please let me know when you hear about invites/regrets. Best of luck!
  3. Hey guys, I'm at a cross-road for where to go if I want to continue the dream of getting into med school. I really goofed up my first couple years leading to an ~3.4 GPA after 6 years (5 years of BioSci and 1 year Psyc minor). The last 2-3 years were decent with a respective 3.6, 3.96, 3.8 GPA. Unfortunately I can't seem to get over the MCAT hump having written 3 times with a 500, 501, and 502 scores. The last one (502) had a 126 in CARS so I decided to apply to UofC and UofA being from Alberta (although definitely not holding my breath). I have very good ECs including fluency in 3 languages, lots of travel experience, and varsity soccer for what it's worth. I've all but given up on the Canadian dream and deciding what my best shot is for med school with hopes of returning back after I'm done. The choice is between USDO, Australia, and Ireland and from the numerous threads I've read so far, it seems like Australia has the slight edge over the others due to the fact that they give MD degrees as well as residency if I am unable to match back to Canada. So I want to get some advice on what you have all found. I'm biased in that I don't want to travel a full day across the world to Australia especially if I'll need to make that commute several times for blocks in order to establish networks here for a possible return. This other thread made USDO sound equivalent to the Australia and Ireland IMG path but that sounds too good to be true. I feel there is bias against USDO degrees rather than USMD or degress from Ireland/Australia. I'd obviously love to stay within North America but I want to maximize my chances of matching. If it helps, I'm aiming for family medicine which is supposedly the least competitive anyways. TLDR: With a 3.4 cGPA and 502 MCAT, what would you do if you were me? USDO/AUS/IRE??? Thanks!
  4. I have been researching applying to Ireland medical schools for their 5/6 year programs such as RCSI and NUIG. Having completed high school in 2016 and not attending university or college I believe they would still accept me as an applicant based on my high school marks? I attended a institution and received my paramedic certificate and have been working but other than that nothing else. Looking back on their requirements I would have to upgrade a couple of my classes and apply based on them. Does anyone know if what I have completed will interfere with my application? Also will they take upgraded marks? - Thanks!
  5. STATS: Age 24 First four years: biological science, did not complete, switched into engineering in fifth year, starting year 2 of engineer in September Cumulative GPA: 3.0, in most recent years 3.8 GPA however not a 5 course workload ECs: volunteering in many university clubs, elementary school in my neighborhood, optometry clinic, started my own successful business I've worked full time at a chiropractic clinic during school years, had 4 summer internships with an Engineering firm I realize I have no chances of getting into a Canadian or US medical school. I'm wondering if going to a Caribbean school or Ireland through Atlantic Bridge would be better. Which school will allow me a higher chance of coming back to Canada, and if both chances are equally as low then which school will allow me to practice in the States at least? I wanted to originally specialize in dermatology but I realize that is highly unlikely, however which one will give me a higher chance of specializing in something other than family medicine here in North America. I desperately want to start my medical school career, circumstances in my life have prevented me from excelling while trying to complete my first degree, however after switching to engineering and the changes I've made in my life, my grades have drastically improved. Finally, if both of these options are poor, do you recommend that I follow through with option C: complete my engineering degree - 3 years left - and try to aim for a higher GPA, in engineering that is likely around a 3.4 (most people fail and all exams get curved due to the intensity). Write my MCATs and attempt to apply to Canadian or US medical school? (am I even competitive if I do that though or will I be wasting my time). Thanks in advance for the advice!
  6. Hello Everyone, Since I've been young I've always dreamed of going to medical school, I've always been at the top of my class, I was IB in high school, pretty strong extra curriculars. I went to university for Biological Sciences, for the first four years of my undergrad I suffered from a chronic and severely debilitating health issue, I was also at the time in an emotionally and physically abusive relationship. Half way through my undergrad I gave up on my dream due poor grades as a result of my circumstances at the time. After my fourth year, I decided to switch into a degree more practical than biological science since medical school was out of the picture- engineering, as I had interned for four years at an oil and gas company (company asked me to return every summer). During the school year I was working at a chiropracter's practice as an office manager/medical assistant. After removing myself from my toxic relationship and getting accommodation for my medical condition, my love of medicine and passion to pursue it returned. I am now 6 years into university, in my second year of engineering, I finished half my biological science degree, completing all med school prerequisites - chem, physics, ochem, bio, and english. My first four years I had a horrible GPA. Once I decided to apply for engineering my GPA went up to a 4.0, and my first year of engineering was a 3.3 (competitive in engineering where most students fail and everything is curved). Unfortunately due to my first few years in bio my cumulative GPA is sitting at a 2.8 which is appalling. I would like to note I never completed my bio degree. Regardless, throughout university I maintained extensive volunteering, and full time jobs (every summer as a student intern with an O&G company and throughout the school year at a clinic). I plan to write my MCATs this following year and hopefully will do well as practice MCATs have indicated a high score. I am 24 years old right now. I am wondering if I have zero chances of applying to medical schools, whether in Canada, the US, or abroad (Caribbean is last resort) or if I should just give up and settle for the Caribbean. If anyone has any recommendations as to what I can do or a plan as to make my resume competitive. I am happy with any medical school that may allow me back into Canada or the US. I'm not sure if I should finish my engineering degree (another 3 years left with my grades having an upward trend) or if I should retake my science courses and apply within the next year. What are my options, all I care about and want is to become a doctor? I truly regret my first few years, I wish I could take them back - this is my dream however, I don't want to give up on it. Any help or advice would be amazing.
  7. Hi there, I'm currently studying medicine in Ireland after not getting into an Ontario school. I applied for the 2014/2015 cycle and I got an interview for UofT and a rejection. Average MCAT - 10s GPA - 3.9 Clinical-heavy work ECs (hospital, clinic, nursing home, pharmacy), some university clubs and leadership positions Casual volunteering - also very clinical in nature No research I decided not to reapply for 2015/2016 and I started my first year in an Irish med school. Just really full of regret and really wanting to re-apply again this year even if it's just for my own peace of mind. (also it'd be great if I got in since I wouldn't be an IMG anymore and wouldn't have to deal with all that ROS stuff) So, my question is: Has anyone been in the same boat as me? I know I have to notify OMSAS about my situation, but if anyone's been through the same thing, any and all insight would be great. Thanks!
  8. So here is a little bit of info about me. 3rd year Bsc Major in Bio, minor chem and diploma in forensic science Current gpa: 3.69/4 Possible gpa after I graduate if everything goes as planned: 3.76/4 (or a bit higher) ECS: 2 research jobs, volunteering at the hospital, coaching, studied abroad (paid by my university), part of a sorority, played varsity sport, etc. So I know I'm not competitive in Canada but I was wondering if it would be better for me to apply to the US or Ireland. I know the application fees for the US accumulate quickly. Basically, would I be competitive in the US and would it be better than Ireland?
  9. Hi guys - here's a blog written by Dr. Jiayi Hu, a plastic surgery resident in Hamilton, about the choice between going the Canadian undergraduate route or applying to Australia/UK medical schools right out of high school. What are your thoughts? http://mdconsultants.ca/should-i-go-to-australia-or-the-uk-for-medical-school-after-high-school/
  10. Hi, I would like to start off by introducing myself - I am a Canadian high school student from Calgary, Alberta, and I would like to study medicine in Ireland or in the UK. (I know the deadline for UK med schools was around 2 months ago but I would still like to know if I had a shot) I have pretty good grades (except my English): English: 85 Math: 95 Chemistry: 93 Biology: 92 Physics: 96 Spanish: (I'm sure they don't care about this mark, but just for the sake of it) 98 Law: (again, just for the sake of it) 92 Also, I have good extra-curriculars as well: Approximately 240 hours of volunteering, including 50 hours at a hospital. I also volunteered as a food distributor to the homeless, a hockey referee, summer camp leader, etc. I'm also part of the First Aid team in my school, where we are "on-call" twice a week to assist in any emergencies (we don't have nurses in our school). I'm a Prefect, and was the captain of the school soccer team in Grade 11. I'm primarily interested in TCD, UCD, NUIG, and UCC, I would like to come back to NA for residency. I know that coming back to Canada is close to impossible, but I'm completely fine with going to the US. I have a few questions: 1) Given that I submit a good personal statement, and I obtain some good reference letters, what are my chances at these schools? 2) If I had applied to UK schools, which ones would've accepted me? (I know I would need to take the UKCAT, but I'm just curious). 3) How is student life at those schools (TCD and UCD specifically)? How are Canadian/American students treated? 4) I know that no medical school is considered easy to get through, but is the courseload at these schools intensive? What's the difference between the 5 and 6 year programs? Thank you so much for your patience! I look forward to hearing back from you! Sofabed
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