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Found 27 results

  1. Anyone know of any 1-year masters programs, especially in health/sciences, ideally course-based and online (would like to be able to work to pay off student loans and be able to stay at home to save on rent)?
  2. Hi! For all of the other OT QY Applicants who have received interview invitations, would you be willing to meet up to practice going over MMI practice questions?
  3. Hi all, Long story short I'm doing my masters and then trying to apply to apply to med. The two lab I'm debating between are like this: Lab 1 - Super prestigious (better reference letter) but longer projects (with more impact) medically oriented. Super low chance of getting first author, probably get 1 middle author paper. Two middle author papers if lucky. Lab 2 - Solid lab, publishes a ton, not medically oriented but still biology (molec in animals). Students usually get at least 1-2 first author publications and have chances for other pubs. I'm planning on applying to UofT, Western and McMaster, Queens, Calgary I asked UofT and they said that for the graduate route you basically need first author. However I noticed that the other medschools don't really have the option for a graduate stream. So essentially my question is, which lab would increases my chances of getting in? Do publications matter in the other places besides UofT's grad stream? Apologies if these are really dumb questions, I've been stressing uot abot this for 2 weeks =/ no idea where else to go. Thanks!
  4. BipolarBearr

    Masters or 5th Year

    Hi! I'm currently in my 4th year of undergrad in Health Sciences at Western and I was hoping I could get some feedback on how to boost my chances at getting into medical school in Canada (preferably Ontario). I realize my stats are quite terrible compared to many other applicants but I've been hell bent on medicine since I experienced a disability at the age of 4 and any advice would be greatly appreciated. This whole process is confusing and it doesn't help that there aren't really any guidance counselors that will help with this process (for free). Age: 21, M GPA: 3.0 from 1st to 3rd year, although my 4th year so far has been higher than my previous 3 years. MCAT: Abysmal, I'm redoing it this summer and giving myself much more time to prepare for it. ECs: Fairly strong, potentially getting authorship on my first paper, research assistant for a professor, lots of martial arts experience including teaching and participating in various clubs at uwo as well as a residence mentor/volunteer for first year students + Hospital volunteer work back in high school. Some other minor stuff, 3 years doing data analytics and reporting over the summer, working at a tech company, etc. In a previous post I made regarding whether I should go for a masters or a 5th year, nearly every comment said 5th year. I have a couple questions about that: 1) I just recently found out that some medical schools in Ontario weigh masters programs differently and they influence GPA in some cases. (UofT reduces the GPA requirements from 3.6 to 3.0), given my upward trend in GPA, do these considerations for masters make it more likely that a masters could benefit me more than a 5th year? 2) Some med schools look at cGPA exclusively, if I were to take a fifth year would that not just "dilute" my marks and potentially waste another 7k on tuition without significantly improving my grades (even if I did do really well in my 5th year?) 3) While my GPA according to the omsas calculator was 3.0, it was significantly dropped by one course I barely passed (biochem). The rest of my marks rarely went below a 75 (I realize that's still not GREAT, but the point is biochem killed the cGPA there), would this mean that some medical schools view my GPA as higher than 3.0 already? (3.0 is just what OMSAS calculator told me) With these things considered, is a 5th year still the way to go instead of a masters? Admittedly, I would much rather pursue a masters because it feels like progression to me but I'm worried it isn't the best thing for me to do in terms of medical school. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. I have been in the process of finding a supervisor for a research based masters program at uwo but I'm not sure if it's best for me. Thank you very much!
  5. Hey Guys, This is for a friend of mine: She has a GPA of around 3.7+, with the adjustment for the worst year drop and everything. She also has done a course-based masters for two years, at the end of which, she's done her Thesis. Her GPA for the grad school is 3.85. Can anyone shed light on what her chances are for her to get an interview invite from UofT ? Is this 0.2 bonus real ? Any comment would be highly appreciated.
  6. Hi everyone, I took 5 years to complete my undergrad because I switched my major half-way and I also have a masters degree, both from U of C. In some years I didn't take 5/5 courses but never dropped below the 3 that are required to be considered full time. How is UCAN calculating my GPA? My understanding is that the lowest year from undergrad gets dropped, which leaves me with 4 years of undergrad GPA. Then my masters takes over for another year of my undergrad so now I have 2 undergrad years (best ones) and one masters year... but my calculation is showing a different number than UCAN calculator. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  7. Hi everyone, I took 5 years to complete my undergrad because I switched my major half-way and I also have a masters degree, both from U of C. In some years I didn't take 5/5 courses but never dropped below the 3 that are required to be considered full time. How is UCAN calculating my GPA? My understanding is that the lowest year from undergrad gets dropped, which leaves me with 4 years of undergrad GPA. Then my masters takes over for another year of my undergrad so now I have 2 undergrad years (best ones) and one masters year... but my calculation is showing a different number than UCAN calculator. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! I'm currently going into my fourth year with a cGPA of 3.60 mostly due to some fuckups in first year and second year 1st sem. (1st year: 3.44, 2nd year: 3.39: 3rd year: 3.97). I feel strong going into 4th year and can hopefully maintain similar GPA to my third year. My MCAT is 518 (130 ChemPhysics/128 CARS/129 Bio/131 Psych). And for extracurriculars, I've got hospital volunteering, research since May this summer (and hopefully working towards an authored publication this coming year!), a bunch of leadership roles, cultural clubs VP, part-time work experience, etc. I am planning on applying by this October for the 2018 cycle. However, I was wondering in terms of boosting my application for maybe next year (if we're being realistic), I was wondering what the best option would be: a 5th year or maybe a one year masters? Anyone have any successful experience with this? Also, if anyone has any general advice for areas like my EC or other ways to improve myself, that would be definitely welcome!!!
  9. Airaena

    UofT MPH Epidemiology?

    I'm planning to do an MPH before I reapply to medical school. I'm a little nervous about what this MPH will be like. Is there anyone here that can tell me their experiences doing an MPH Epidemiology at UofT? Did you like it? Did it better equip you for med school? What was the course load like? The practicums? Anything would be so helpful, thank you!
  10. Hello, I have just completed my fourth year in Molecular Genetics with a cGPA of 3.37. I had a dismal first year (2.67) but I have somewhat recovered my GPA next three years (3.49, 3.57, 3.8 in summer, 3.77, respectively). My dream goal when I entered the university is to go into medicine, but after the horrible first year I had, I knew that wasn't an option. Only viable choice at this point to have a chance at medical school is going for second undergraduate degree, but I am not ready for another 4 years of study that I feel is wasteful (Also unsure on what to do- I don't really have a passion in any pursuing other degree. Question here: is second undergrad always 4 years? Can it be still in science? if it can, wouldn't a lot of prerequisites overlap?) and I wanted to work/research as soon as possible. Now I am looking to go into research and although I am hesitant to say that I loved research, I did find the the experience in two labs that I had been in as an undergraduate interesting. I applied to three different departments in U of T (Laboratory medicine and pathobiology, molecular genetics, cell system biology) and I have been rejected by the latter two. I doubt I get into the LMP with my GPA. In upcoming fall/winter semester, I am going to take bunch of courses to boost up my gpa, and possibly take some prerequisites for occupational therapy/physiotherapy/nursing program. I am going to try my luck in masters program again, but I will definitely apply to the above three programs as a backup. But then now I realize that even becoming the physiotherapist is a tough road, when I saw that the mean accepted GPA was 3.75 GPA (whopping 1000 applicants!) I'll try to put up a 4.0 this semester and hopefully get in. Anyone have experience in the physiotherapy/occupational therapy program? I have heard quite the same thing from nursing applicants, where you need ~3.7 to have decent chance at getting accepted. I would like to hear from one of you what my chance is. I have over ~500 hours of volunteer experience working in wheelchair escort/ chemo clinic/ symptom screening/ critical care unit at Sunnybrook. Even if I was to get accepted into one of these programs, how is the job market for them? I know there are tons of openings for nursing (Another question for any nurses out there: Do RNs get to coordinate nurses to do bedside work rather than doing those themselves?) but was not sure for PT/OT. Also, If I was to do a degree in one of these, which program would be the most easiest to get good GPA in? (Just curious; I don't want to completely rule out medical school). Thanks for your advice!
  11. Hello, I'm entering my third year of undergrad and am currently wrestling with course selections. On one hand I can complete an Honors specialization program, or I could just get a major in something (bio) and take fun and easy electives (I'm interested in economics and computer science as well). My main motivation for completing the honors specialization are any possible advantages it gives when applying to grad programs. If I don't get into medschool by the time I'm done undergrad I might pursue a course based masters. Do grad programs care about what degree you have? If I pursue an easier program, I'd have more time to put into my position as a research assistant and other extracurriculars, and I might get better grades as well. My cGPA over first two years is 3.94 (first year 4.0, second year 3.87), so would completing a course-based masters even be beneficial for me? I am also writing my MCAT soon but I think I'll be able to get 128 across all the sections with possibly a 129 in CARS (hopefully).
  12. I am student who has just finished second year and would like to keep the possibility of a Masters in mind. I am doing 110% to get into Med school after Undegrad, but understand that not everyone gets in the first time around. However, I am completely lost on where to start. Do I approach professors personally and start volunteering/ working for them if I am really interested in their research? Or is it more of a set path, in which I apply for a certain Masters program (similar to Undergrad). I am guessing it varies across different universities? Any help would be great!
  13. Hi, Apologies in advance for the long post. I'm super confused about what to do and don't know anyone IRL who can help. As the title suggests, I'm currently considering a few options for my application into med school. Here are my stats: UofT - 3.7 OMSAS cGPA, 3.85 Omsas cGPA last 2 years. MCAT:: 130/129/131/128 total= 518 Some Major EC: 2 hospital volunteers (2 years), 5 labs (1 year each), 1 Thesis ( worried about this as my mark was an 83, average for course was 85 - prof is a dick), and 2 publications. 2 bs clubs. Course load was not full, and I don't have prereqs like biochem. As you can see, my GPA is low, and my MCAT scores aren't high, so I didn't apply in September 2016. Current options: - I got into a Master's at UofT in CSB, so I could apply after doing this Master's. But, while in my CSB Master's I can also do the following and switch to 'better' master's programs: - applying to a PA (Phys assist) program, doing 2 years if I get in, and then applying to Med after - applying to a clinical Psych master's, and then applying to med after The reason why I wanna switch from my CSB master's into these is because they offer jobs if I fail to get into med. - I also have an offer for a Master's at LMP at UofT as well, but they need me to do some prereqs before I start but offer 1 more possible publication than my current CSB one, and its more clinical based. This would also waste another year but is a 'better' Master's. So essentially, my series of questions are: 1.) The classic question that triggers everyone: With a Master's from CSB, and my current stats, does it look like I have a shot at UofT med or Western? 2.) The ungrateful question: Would it be beneficial to spend the extra semester (and waste another year) to do the prereqs for the LMP master's at UofT and get better, more clinical based publications? 3.) Anticipating failure question: Would being in a clinical master's like Cpsych or PA be beneficial for applying because I could fall back on a usable degree and have more clinical experience for my med school app? Thanks in advance =D, and again apologies if this was long or if my questions are stupid.
  14. I want to apply to MD schools but i've had an abysmal first 2 years of college and I'm currently in my winter term of 3rd year GPA 1st year: 1.98 (F, Fsummer, 2D+s, Cs, 2Bs) GPA 2nd year: 2.75 (Cs and Ds, As in 2nd term) GPA 3rd year: 3.9 (?) ive had all As so far and 1 A+ MCAT: 518 (best: OrgChem&CriticalAn, worst: Phys/Math) ECs: Im doing 1st year of research (research component) I worked a part time job (first 2 years) I'm trying to get my book published (nonfiction/social-political, this process costs looots of $$$) I volunteered at hospital 3 years I volunteer with my church, public library, teach english etc in my community I've run a health blog for 5 years now (mostly mental, I make a lil cash from it too here and there) I speak 4 languages outside english fluently (? is this even an ec) I'm almost positive I have to do either a post-bacc or a Master's but even then are my chances too dim? Do I need more ECs? Another Bachelor degree? I have retook some of the courses should I retake all? Reasons for my failure is 2015 was a horrible year for me and my family, but I take full responsibility for not dropping those courses Thank you for your time!
  15. I currently just started a Master's program. My stats were good enough to get me an interview last cycle but I unfortunately blew the interview. I am wondering if there are any schools - Canadian (mostly) or American that will defer their acceptances for a year until I finish my Masters? I already know for UWO you must be in your final year but anywhere else I can apply now? Or do I have to wait until my second year for most schools? Thanks!
  16. Hi, I have a BDS degree. I know that to work in Australia, I have to clear the ADC exam but is ADC exam necessary to work even if I get a Masters degree from Australia?
  17. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice about what to do to improve my chances to get into med school in Canada. My OMSAS GPA for my first three undergrad years are as follows: Year 1: 3.40 Year 2: 3.52 (I only took 7 instead of 10 courses because of a health issue) Year 3: 3.60 I've been struggling with time management and test anxiety issues, which is partially what I attribute my low grades to. I know that I am capable of getting better grades, I just have to develop better study skills. I'm finally starting to get treated for the anxiety (I was blanking on tests), but I'm still trying to get better about using my time more effectively. My ECs: -1.5 years as a volunteer writing tutor (5hrs/wk) -2 going on 3 years as a Residence Assistant (~15 hrs/wk) -Will have 1 semester of research experience next year -Recipient of a humanitarian scholarship -Next year, volunteering to support Syrian refugees (5hrs/wk) -Next year, an executive of a campus club, planning volunteer activities in the community (5hrs/wk) I'm obviously not applying for medical school this year because of the low GPA, but I was wondering what advice you guys might have for me for after I finish my undergrad in a year? I can't afford to apply to international med schools, the Caribbean or the U.S., so Canada is pretty much my only option.
  18. Hi guys, So of course I would love to get into medical school on the first try, but to be completely honest with myself, my application is severely lacking. (No ECs, No volunteering, One summer of research, No pubs, No Submissions, Average GPA, writing MCAT next month). I would be devastated if I don't get in, but I wouldn't be all that surprised. I know this is really what I want to do, so even if it takes me 3+ tries, I'll do it. What should I do with my time until reapplying the year after? (Or for the 2-3 years it takes me to get in?) I was thinking about applying to college to get some practical training, or maybe getting a Master's. Does anyone have any input on how much of an asset these would be to my application? Of course, I'll go find a long-term volunteer placement and commit to it. Any suggestions? Anything I can do to improve my GPA despite already finishing undergrad? Should I keep hunting for research ops? (I know that I really don't want to do research my future, though.) Good luck to everyone this coming cycle, and thanks for your input! ♥ (My first choice is UofT, if that matters at all.)
  19. Hey guys, Anyone know for sure what OT schools use grad school grades when calculating your GPA? Thanks1
  20. Hi everyone, This is my first time posting on this site, and I am hoping that the collective wisdom of this forum will be able to give me some feedback and insight into my situation. Thank you in advance! I am graduating from my honours B.Sc program in Neuroscience and I applied to 7 medical schools for the 2016 application cycle. I applied to UofC, UofA(I am an Alberta resident), as well as Queens, McMaster, Western ontario, Northern Ontario, and Ottawa. I did not receive any interview offers from any of these schools and I suspect my GPA and MCAT had something to do with this. My GPA is as follows: Year 1-3.74 Year 2-3.14 Year 3 3.14 Year 4-3.85(projected) My MCAT2015 score:(written June 20th, 2015) CARS-127 Bio/Biochem-124 Chem/Phys-125 Psych-127 Total-503 EC's(1000+ hours combined-summary) ​-Hospital Paediatrics Department Volunteer -Boys and Girls Club Youth Leader -Student Council President -Malawi Global Health Field Study -Air Cadet Flight Commander -Project Homeless Connect Volunteer -Youth Advisory Council Member -Quebec Exchange -Rotary Youth Camp Counsellor -Youth Symphony Orchestra Violinist Additionally, I have won many scholarships and awards, and to summarize this I put down 17 different awards in my application which included volunteer awards, scholarships, and awards related to my extracurricular work. Research -honours thesis, no peer-reviewed publications yet however I hope to have a manuscript or two done by the end of this summer! In light of all of this, I realize that my GPA and MCAT are most in need of work as I've done a lot of work on EC's over the years(and possibly at the expense of my GPA). I will be re-writing the MCAT this July, and I have decided to take on a second undergraduate degree program at my university, of which I will only do 1 year to raise my GPA and hopefully knock out one bad year from my total undergrad GPA. Whereas many people do their worst in their 1st and 2nd year, I seem to have slipped up in my 2nd and 3rd year(way to break tradition, haha!). With this year of raising my GPA, if all goes well my cGPA for UofA and UofC (who drop the worst undergrad year) will be 3.75. Essentially I have three questions for you: 1.General thoughts on my application and any areas that I can improve? and what might the best way to improve those areas be? 2. With my GPA situation as it is, I will be doing a year of upgrading in a second degree program, however would there be any merit to completing that second degree program to raise my GPA more extensively? Would that make sense in my situation? 3. I am also doing research work at my university and I initially was considering doing an MSc as a way to continue my education and improve my application. At the end of this upgrading year starting in September-April 2017, I am struggling to decide whether or not to pursue an research, thesis-based MSc, or whether to pursue a different course-based masters in Counselling Psychology, Social Work, or Public Health. Would that be more beneficial toward my application compared to a second degree? 3.5. In addition, I am also considering forgoing the masters degree and instead going into the field of EMS, and building up my application that way. Would that be a better way of improving my application compared to a masters? My thinking as this is an allied health care field this would be a way to earn a living while continuing to apply. In the end, my goal is to become a physician, and like many of the people on this site who are in the same boat, there is more than one way to get there and I realize this. However, I am greatly appreciative of any feedback and suggestions you may have as to my 3(and a half) questions regarding my application and my "pre-med" situation. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything else that I might have missed and I hope this covers it all! Thank you so much! You guys are the best
  21. Hello all So i am currently enrolled in a course-based graduate program. It is supposed to take me 2 years to finish but I talked to the program director and she said I could finish it in a year if I wanted to. Suppose I find it difficult to take all the courses in one year and I recieve an offer of admission to a medschool. Would medschools allow me to drop out of the masters program or do I have to complete it first?
  22. Hi everyone! Sorry for the long post, but just looking for some quick advice on grad school/applying! I'm currently finishing my first year of grad school in a 2 year thesis-based MSc in epidemiology. After a lot of discussion and contemplation, I've decided that I really want to apply to med school once I'm finished. However in a recent conversation with my supervisor, he suggested that my project was coming along really well and that if I transferred to the PhD stream this summer I could probably finish it in an extra year and a half (so 3.5 total, as opposed to 2 years for the Masters). I am enjoying the project, however given the timing of admissions (I'd probably finish in Dec 2017), I'm a bit torn on whether to delay applying for another 2 years to transfer. I am interested in pursuing research as a clinician, so that's why I'm drawn to getting the PhD as opposed to simply sticking with the MSc. However, I'm a bit unclear as to whether there would be a significant benefit to having a PhD vs MSc, especially since this will be before I start medical school and decide what to specialize in (for instance, my project is examining lung cancer outcomes, however I don't know at this point if oncology is what I'll end up in). I know I could apply for MD/PhD programs, however that would be an extra 3-4 years (vs 1.5) at this point, and since you typically start your research only a year into medical school, I think I might have the same problem about the focus of my research. Alternatively, I know if I apply now and decide later that I really do want to pursue the PhD, I could do so after medical school part-time or through one of the clinician-scientist training programs, so I'm not sure if that's a better option, especially considering the difference in funding/salary at that point. I think another issue that's drawing me to the PhD is that this would be my first time applying (if I applied this Oct, assuming I stick with the MSc), so I don't have the best idea what my chances of getting in this year are. My undergrad GPA is decent (3.88/4), and I do have a number of ECs and a couple of publications (not first author), but unfortunately most of my research activities (conferences, first-author publications) will be done this year after the October application deadline. I'll be writing my MCAT in late August, so I'd have to decide before I get those results. Thanks for any and all advice! TL;DR Applying to med school and want to do clinical research. Trying to decide whether it is worth it to delay applying for 2 years to transfer from MSc to PhD
  23. Hello, this is my first post but I have been a lurker for many years now. I just graduated with an undergrad cGPA of 3.70 (1st year: 3.42, 2nd year: 3.81, 3rd year: 3.62, 4th year: 3.93) and I will be writing the new MCAT this year. My GPA stats based on each medical school are as follows: 3.76 UofT (after weighting) 3.76 Ottawa 3.72 Queens 3.87 Western 3.70 McMaster My EC's are very average: volunteered abroad, many little volunteering events (some lasting a few months, one for ~6 years), shadowed a doctor, member of a few clubs (no exec positions), attended some conferences as part of my thesis I'm sorry to add another thread like this but I've weighed out all my options and would like other opinions, would it be more beneficial to complete a fifth year or pursue a Masters program based on my stats? Any help is appreciated! Thank you.
  24. Hello Everyone! Well I thought since the application for PT opened on November 15, there might be a few of us with some questions. Post them here!
  25. NOTE: I have a lot of questions, so feel free to answer whatever portion you'd like! Thanks in advance! I'm a third year Physiology Major at U of T and I am curious about my chances as is. I feel like I'm a solid applicant, but... generic. First year: 3.83 Second Year: 3.77 Third Year: First semester is a 3.86. Second semester is looking pretty good but it's difficult to tell because of the strike (barely know my marks). So my cGPA, weighing my first semester as a half year, is 3.812. Using the U of T weighting formula (from my understanding, it would be take away 3.0 lowest grades from all of my years, not necessarily 1 from each specific year), I take away 2.5 of my lowest marks (since not accounting for this semester yet) and I have a wGPA of 3.88. I have yet to take the MCAT. My ECs are: - Over 270 hours of hospital volunteering in multiple positions over 3 years. - Over 500 hours of work as a lifeguard/swim instructor over 3 years. - 2 years as an exec for a recreational sports club (don't want to give specifics, but like Biking, recreational and non-competitive). Will likely take a high ranking position next year (perhaps president or VP) and do most of the leg work. - A trip to a third world country where we helped see and diagnose patients in rural areas before calling a doctor over and telling them what we know (obviously doctors made last call). Also helped in a pharmacy. - 1 year as an exec for this previously mentioned volunteer club and am organizing (and will attend) the upcoming trip. - Volunteered for a year and a half at a Diabetes lab, though only 2 hours a week and pretty menial work. - Will be working a lab position over the summer at a Physiology lab (received an award to help fund) and will be working into fourth year for a credit. Now I understand that I have a solid application, though I feel my ECs are relatively by-the-book to a fault and not many awesome letters other than my volunteer coordinator at my hospital and perhaps my professor for my summer position. Questions: 1) Any general impressions of my application? Anything that's lacking? 2) How are my possible letters of recommendation and what would make a solid third letter? Bonus: I've been looking into what I want to do, assuming I don't get in right away. One option is do a Master's degree, which I would basically be doing to gain experience and recommendations and bide time productively. Another option is do a fifth year. I discovered I like computers too late and that it would be such a solid backup. I think I can get a Minor done in time for graduation but a fifth year could potentially be used to try and get a major (with some summer school of course) and bump my GPA. 3) Is a Master's degree a good idea? Do you have to complete your program before moving on to Med school? - As an aside, I'd really like to switch schools as soon as feasible, it's super common to switch schools for a masters right? 4) Is taking a fifth year to complete a computer's major a good idea? Do I have to be concerned about anything in particular (eg. taking too many second year courses, or making sure I don't graduate before doing a fifth year)? 5) Is the States a good option for someone like me (I intend on coming back to Canada)? Thanks for reading this all.