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Found 14 results

  1. Hi everybody, So I'm in my last semester of my BBA undergrad and I've decided to switch to medicine. I'm looking at Ontario med schools in particular. I didn't take any science classes during my degree so I'm going back in the fall to get the right prerequisites. (bonus function of these courses: my GPA is a 3.6 or [9.7 on 12 pt. scale] and this could be a way to focus on my grades and boost it) I've got my humanities credits covered with econ, languages, and other random electives but I have about 6-8 science courses I'll need (depending on if they're lab based or not) and some of them are prerequisites for one another. (ex. I'll need an organic chem credit, which requires Intro Chem 2, which requires Intro Chem 1). This isn't a big deal for me, I could focus on my MCAT studying or strengthening extracurriculars during this time. I think I'll need at least 3 semesters to complete the credits I need. What I'm concerned about is that some med schools want to see a full course load of 5 classes/semester and two full semesters per year (ex. Western for their GPA calculation). I'd rather not spend too much time with electives that aren't going to give me the pre-reqs I need but I also don't want to rush difficult science classes (like biochem, org chem, etc.) at the same time and let my GPA fall any more. Is there a creative way to work around these variables? Maybe there's a compromise I can get away with? Or am I just going to have to buckle down and take a full two years, electives and all? Thank you!! -Aaron
  2. Hello, on the McGill site it states that you can be admitted on the basis of your second degree GPA if you have completed 45 credits by the Nov 1 deadline. Say I start a 2 year after degree this September. How would I be able to meet the 45 credits by Nov of next year? (nov 2021?) Thanks Policy: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements/requirements-edu/degree-requirements
  3. TL;DR: Addiction fxcked my undergraduate degree making my 4yr degree an 8 yr one. I have a decent 2yr gpa (3.88). Is it even worth it to apply to Western and Queens? Before I begin, I want to make it clear that I'm not looking for anyone's sympathy. I just want guidance on how to move forwards! I started my undergraduate degree in 2012. I had a 3.0ish cGPA (I was not thinking about applying to med school at this time) going into my spring semester of 3rd year when I developed a drug addiction. I ended up ruining my aGPA for the year. I failed even further in 4th year (<2.0 cgpa). I ended up abandoning my degree in 5th year by October leaving me with a very low cGPA (<2.0) as I didn't have the wherewithal to drop out of my classes (yikes). Thankfully, my family got me the help I needed soon after and I'm happy to say I've been sober since December of 2017 (not yikes). After a lot of reflecting, I made it my goal to complete my degree, and reenrolled in Sept of 2018. I've now graduated and my 2yr GPA is a 3.88 (not yikes)! I want to apply to schools that look at 2yr GPAs (Western and Queens) but I'm worried that the admissions committees won't take too kindly to how long it took for me to complete my degree. Should I apply during the upcoming cycle or should I do a 2nd degree? If anyone has interviewed and/or received an offer of admissions with a lengthy undergard degree please let me know! Thank you in advanced!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum so I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right spot, but I'm currently entering my third year at Western and have only now realized I really want to pursue medicine. That said, my first two years were pretty bad, and I'm not sure what to do or how to improve my chances. I have pretty solid extracurriculars and work experience, so my main concern is having a GPA that's competitive enough for an interview, because I was uninformed and didn't realize that GPA was king and I focused so heavily on bolstering my non-academics. My first semester of first year wasn't bad (I had a 3.9)– it was my second semester that tanked because of a 56 in physics 2. Then, the summer after first year, I decided to try and fast-track but due to personal reasons, I also tanked those courses, obtaining a 56 and 64 in the two 0.5 credit classes I took. Upon entering second year, I retook one of the summer courses and physics 2, getting a new grade of 76 in the summer course (it was orgo so definitely not my strong suit), and getting a 92 when I took physics 2 again. I've been super confused with how each different med school in Canada calculates their respective adjusted GPAs (if applicable), but so far my first year GPA including the 56 in physics is a 3.44 on the 4.0 OMSAS scale (would be a 3.71 without physics). Those two second year courses I took in the summer after first year have also tanked my GPA, but I'm not sure if they'd be considered part of my first year or second year GPA (if someone could help me out with this I would appreciate it). I took a full 5.0 courses in first year, and in second year, I took 5.0 courses as well (but repeated 2 half courses). I'll give a summary/breakdown here: Year 1 GPA: 3.44 (with physics), 3.71 (without) Year 1 SUMMER GPA: 1.65 (not sure if this is separate or gets tacked on to the GPA of a full year) Year 2 GPA: 3.53 (did pretty bad first semester due to personal issues that continued from the summer, but I had managed to 3.9 second semester after working on tackling my personal issues) What's clear here is that my current grades and GPA are not by any means competitive for medical school, or even close to many cutoff requirements. However, given that I started university with the necessary grades and made improvements after getting hit with personal issues, I know I have the capability of obtaining 3.85 to 4.0 in each of the next three years (I am planning on doing a fifth year to raise my cGPA). I've learned that many medical schools are not so forgiving of hiccups like mine, and my main worry is that the 3 terrible courses I've mentioned might really ruin my chances at med, because a majority of my other courses were 80s and 90s with few high 70s. I know I still have a shot at Western med, but I'm not too sure about other med schools. I'm also willing to take 1.5 courses for each of the next two summers if necessary to raise my GPA and/or overload during the year. At this point I've considered a sixth year or a second undergrad, because I know I want med and I know I can get the grades in the NEXT three years, but I really messed up the first two. I have not written the MCAT yet (currently studying for it), but my main concern is meeting GPA cutoffs with my first two years dragging me down. If anyone has insight on what to do in this situation, or strategies to get my GPA up to a competitive level (ex: second undergrad or master's), or info on schools I might be eligible for, please let me know.
  5. Hey all, I am a non-science major seeking some advice/opinions about my current situation about increasing my chances in getting into medical school. I originally graduated with a BA in Psychology and Visual Art, and did some soul searching after that. I recently went back to uni in the Fall 2019, and I am currently enrolled in a BA Honours Psychology program. I'm taking extra courses to upgrade my former GPA of 3.0. I know its not great, but coming back as a mature student (I'm 27 years old), I know what direction I want to take in my life. I've also been volunteering at my local hospital for nearly 3 years and for hospice centres for about 1 year with medical school in mind. I'm not sure how to pick up my academic record though. I've been told that the best thing for me to do is another undergrad degree or a masters degree, but I'm not sure if doing that is feasible. Another option I have is going overseas, but I do not want to risk not having opportunities here down the road. I also don't have any science pre-requisites, but I am considering starting by taking grade 12 science credits online in the next month, as a way to get into university level science courses in the Fall this year. That is my short-term plan so far. I would prefer to stay in Canada, but I feel like I have zero chances in getting into a Canadian medical school, even after upgrading my current academic record. I hear that it is easier to get into medical school in USA, but I am aware it is very expensive, which I do not have the funds for (but I'm still considering my chances). Is anyone aware of any programs or routs I should consider for boosting my GPA, other than starting all over with a new degree? Also, has anyone with a non-science background had success in getting into medical school in Canada or at least in USA? I appreciate any constructive feedback, but I ask kindly not to be rude or make fun of my previous life choices that affected my low GPA. I've been seeing that quite a bit on these forums and I don't think its helpful or fair to anyone. Thanks :)
  6. Hey everyone! I recently graduated from a nursing program in Ontario and have decided that I want to write the MCAT this August. The problem is that my nursing program barely covered any of the prerequisite courses that are important for the MCAT - I have two sems of psych/soc, one sem of human biochemistry, and perhaps some physiology- and microbiology-related stuff covered by a couple of my other classes. But I have zero chem, organic chem and physics prereqs. I really can’t afford to take these courses and am hoping I can self study this info with Khan Academy and Kaplan. Just wondering if anyone has done something similar or has any advice for going this route? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi Everyone, In brief, I am a PhD student studying medicine in Canada. My biggest hurdle as I apply to medical schools is most definitely my GPA. >undergrad GPA: 2.8 >graduate GPA: 3.9 (Though this is a thesis-based degree, I have taken a course (or two) every single semester over my 5 year PhD) [Based off of this year's entry statistics for almost all Canadian and US schools, my MCAT score is competitive. I have hundreds of hours of extracurricular activities ranging from volunteering, community service, student groups, leadership, etc. I have 100+ hours of shadowing in different clinics/services. 10+ pubs in mid-high tier journals (4 first author), various long-term employment experiences, etc etc.] At this time, it seems very unlikely that I'll make it past the GPA cutoffs for all Canadian schools based off of conversations with advisers, weighted GPA calculations, etc. This has pushed me to look in the direction of US schools. Are there any US MD schools (not DO) that look favorably to PhD students? And a step-further: Canadian PhD students? I have zero intention of changing my career path, so I have also entertained the idea of EU or AUS schools, though I am very aware of the obstacles, costs, and residency challenges associated. Eager to gather some input from this forum! Some guidance would be appreciated.
  8. I'm going into grade 12 next year and I have the possibility of becoming an EU student. I was thinking of going to a university in the EU (France, Ireland, or Germany) so that I can save a lot of money on tuition. Plus in Ireland undergrad degrees are only 3 years so I could take a gap year without feeling like I "missed out" (which isn't really something I feel anyways). I was wondering if this would harm my chances of getting into a medical school in Canada? I am an Ontario resident and my place of residency would mostly likely not change due to healthcare (I am type 1 diabetic and probably won't transfer my doctors over to wherever I am studying). Would I still be able to apply to Canadian schools as a Canadian resident or would I be considered an international applicant? Thank you.
  9. Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here! My UG is Psychology and my schools of interest don’t require prerequisites, has anyone been in a similar situation and self studied for the MCAT? how long did you give yourself? Did you study while in school? TIA
  10. Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here! My UG is Psychology and my schools of interest don’t require prerequisites, has anyone been in a similar situation and self studied for the MCAT? how long did you give yourself? Did you study while in school?
  11. Okay I know 6 is a lot but please read.I started a degree online back in 2013 and hated it. I pretty much neglected it because my parents borderline forced me (as I had a good job in a small town without a Uni). It was in HR and after i just didn't bother with the first semester but said I would give it a second go - same outcome. Not one ounce of me took it seriously nor thought about long term outcome.ANYWAYS, since then i've been doing my psychology degree, full course load and in class (I relocated). I have a 3.8 GPA and have been volunteering for 3 years now. I've submerged myself in the "premed" lifestyle and course load, EC's, etc. Until the other day I realized that my online FAIL is now haunting me.So my question is. Has anyone ever omitted transcripts from their application and if I submit them will they even CONSIDER having me in for an interview? My cumulative GPA with 6 fails seems like something I can't make a come back from.Please don't judge I'm in a pretty deep mental rut about this already.
  12. Hello all, I just finished my 2nd UG degree (which was 2 years) last month and was hoping that some of the fine folk on this forum can provide me with some help on what I should do next and realistically where am I competitive. There is a wealth of information on this forum and I have been scouring it but I feel awfully confused. Any who... here are my OMSAS GPA stats from my 2nd UG: Year 1 GPA = 3.97 (3.969) Year 2 GPA = 3.94 (3.938) 2YGPA = 3.95 So obviously in my previous degree, my grades are not great, my CGPA for both degrees combined is a 3.51. Also in my last year of my 1st degree I did not take 5 FCE's which I believe disqualifies me from Ottawa. What schools am I realistically competitive for? I am also starting a 1.5 year course based MPH w/ placement this September. My current plan right now is to write my MCAT this summer in August and try to do the best I can. If there are any resources that you would recommend please do let me know, as right now i am using TPR materials. My ECs are ok I think, no hospital volunteering but they are varied otherwise. If you would like to know I can list them. As I mentioned above, when I read the forum I do feel overwhelmed and at times a little bit down about my chances. So here is to staying positive! Thanks!!
  13. Hello Guys, do you know how is taking Organic Chem online with UWaterloo for Summer? The duration of the course is just two months with Prof. Forsey
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