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Found 39 results

  1. Hey guys, I've always had my eye on UBC med and am now close to applying to a few med schools. I hear UBC has a strong in provence preference...is this true? Would I get an advantage if I just change my Ontario staus to BC with some govenerment paperwork lol or do you have to do your undergrad and live there as well? Be great to get some input from people who are from ontario based universities (anything to up my chances). Cheers, Victor
  2. I am an international student with a 4 years Bachelors in Dental Surgery.I have worked in a clinical setting as a dentist for one year and now want to apply for a masters in public health. I feel I need more experience in public health field that would help me get admission in a competitive MPH program. But I am confused as to what kind of work/volunteer experience counts as public health experience and which would be helpful for my admission application. I am in Ontario Canada and would welcome some advice in this regards and also welcome suggestions on how to go about applying for the suggested work.
  3. I have a question regarding eligibility for Ottawa. Here are my course load/ year so far: Year 1: 8 courses = 4.0 credits/FCE year 2: 9 courses = 4.5 credits/ FCE year 3: 10 courses = 5.0 credits/FCE currently taking a summer course. Will that qualify for 3 years of full time studies or 2? I am planning my courses for my 4th year and am deciding wether or not to overload to make all 4 years count in the event I am not granted an interview invite this cycle. If they do I will not need to over load. Thanks in advance for the help!
  4. Hi everyone, I was writing this thread because I was looking for some advice about what I should do next. I am in my 4th year and I applied to all the medical schools in Ontario except NOSM. This past month I found out that I got rejected preinterview from every single medical school in Ontario, except UofT (which I am still waiting to hear from). My OMSAS GPA is: 3.95 (although my weighted will likely be higher depending on the school) My MCAT score: 132/128/132/128 EC: I have volunteered for 6 years in a hospital in an underserved area (where I am originally from), have numerous research experiences (1 publication and multiple posters), I have also won numerous awards (both academic and non-academic), been the president of multiple clubs, and have had life experiences that I would think would make me an interesting applicant at minimum. I would consider myself to be a strong applicant because I also applied to the States and got interviews at 2 top 10 medical schools (which I was not expecting), but was very disheartened to get no interviews this cycle in Ontario. I would appreciate any sincere advice that I can get about whether I should take a gap year and apply again or should I pursue a masters degree. I would also like to note that if I do pursue a masters I would not be doing it solely for the sake of improving my chances of getting into medical school, since I am very much interested in research and inquiry as well and if I do ever become a physician I would certainly be inclined towards the academic side of it, and a masters would definitely let me pursue those interests; however, I am very passionate about medicine as well and I would certainly like to do medical school first so I can learn more about the different areas of medicine and then use that knowledge to inform myself of the kind of academia I want to get involved in. So I guess I would boil down my question to the following two options: Option A: Should I take a gap year, continue my research and perhaps extracurriculars and reapply or Option B: Should I pursue a masters and then apply to medical school after its completion? Thank You.
  5. Hey everyone, I applied to PT schools in Ontario and I was curious to see how many out-of-province applicants they typically accept. I emailed a few schools and they said they do not discriminate based on the applicants home town/province but I'm curious to hear from current PT students. Are there any BC residents (who completed their undergrad in BC) in your cohort? Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi guys, I am a current applicant looking to practice for MMIs in the Brampton/Mississauga/Toronto area. If you're an applicant looking to practice or want someone to meet with, bounce ideas off of, and discuss topics in medicine, message me!
  7. Any elective advice for someone who is looking to match family med at McMaster (or somewhere in Southern Ontario)? I've heard it's good to be diverse, but maybe some electives are better than others? Thanks in advance!
  8. BipolarBearr

    Where to go from here

    Hi everyone, first time posting here and I was hoping I could just get some feedback or opinions. I'm in my 4th year at Western in Health Sciences and my first two years were meh, I just did okay (had a lot of things going on, didn't adapt well), I started to pick it up a bit in my third year and I applied for medical schools in Ontario after writing my MCAT and doing terribly (497), I just wanted to try applying anyway. Now, I was kinda shocked because I thought I had a decent GPA but one low course (It wasn't smart of me to take biochem as an elective) dropped my GPA a ton and I'm sitting at a 3.0. So far, my final year has been going extremely well and I'm hoping it's a strong finish but I need some advice on moving forward from here. I'm looking into a masters program and there's a possibility that I get authorship on a paper I'm helping a professor with and I guess I'm freaking out because I'm not sure where my GPA will be even if I do finish my fourth year on a high note, is it too late? Will a masters program just be a waste of time when it comes to applying to medical schools in Ontario? People have suggested applying to american medical schools to me but I don't know if that's the way to go, I hear it's significantly more difficult to practice in Canada once you graduate there? - Also I plan on rewriting the MCAT this summer and I'm dreading it but it needs to be done Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  9. Hey guys, so I have 2 solid LORs from my research supervisor and the CEO of a physiotherapy clinic at which I volunteered. I am having a bit of trouble finding someone else who I believe can be a good reference. Someone I have in mind is a coach I have for a small cricket league that plays other local teams and stuff (ie. its not something that gets much attention or funding or anything. Mostly just recreational stuff). He has known me for more than 10 years, and can definitely attest to my character. I don't know if it matters for me to use someone like that, as he won't have a letterhead or any sort of position in a company if you will. I am trying to apply to the med schools in Ontario and was wondering if someone can chime in on this. Also, can someone guide me towards other options and who I should contact as my third referee? I am coming up with nothing atm as I already have a prof and a volunteer reference. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. Hi, Does anyone know definitively how UofT Dental determines your province resident status (IP vs OOP)? Do they use an OHIP card (or other official means) or do they base it on your listed address for your application? Based on searching through these forums, it sounds like people are saying that those with an Ontario address are listed as IP (in province resident). If this was the only determinant, wouldn't it be easy to list a family member's or friend's address (whom you visit once or more a year) for your application even though you spend most of your time in another province? It just seems a little wishy-washy. Thanks, M
  11. I'm at a 507 with 127/125/125/130. The CARS really messes me up. Well, the entire score does. I'm from Ontario and eligible for many schools but realistically Mac and Queen's will not accept me thanks to my score. UoT has never accepted anyone even remotely near my score. Ottawa will hate my 3.83 GPA and for McGill, my GPA is shit as well (plus very few spots for ppl from other provinces). Are there literally any success stories of ppl with low mcats getting into Canada after undergrad? No masters, no PhD. UofT has a minimum of 500, but realistically, do they accept anyone near that score? Mac has 123 for cars, but do they accept anyone near that score? All my information is from SDN, and from that, I think I should just give up. Any ray of hope? Note my wGPAs: UofT- 3.88 Ottawa - 3.88 Queen's - 3.92 Thanks!
  12. Hey guys, so I'm IP BC. Wondering if I work for 6-8 months rurally within Ontario or Alberta whether I'd qualify for Ontario or Alberta residency and rural considerations? If I got Ontario/Alberta residency, do I get to keep my BC IP one if I'm back in BC and working by April / May next year? I will simultaneously be doing online schoolwork out of BC universities. What would be decent, competitive IP stats for Ontario and Alberta? How many weeks out of each month, or months out of the year would I be required to live/work in either place in order to get my residency? Am I better off aiming for Alberta residency rather than Ontario? Thanks
  13. gunneriloveottawa

    Chances/ Need Advice

    Hi all, I need a bit of advice on that to do. I have received an interview this year at Ottawa (only one cause i had to rewrite my mcat due to low cars) but am rigorously planning to apply again next year because I dont think my chances are good. I need an opinion on where my highest chances are in Canada / US. My GPA 3.98 MCAT 516- 130/126/130/131 My ECS are above average. this low cars scores has me out of the alberta schools and basically out of mac and queens. But I am afraid of rewriting because i got 123 previously and know I could very well get lower. Do you think I should rewrite for a shot in Canada again next year ? Which US schools should I apply too? and which Canada wide schools should I apply too (I am applying in all of Ontario of course) Thank you in advance
  14. I have a CARS score of 125 and on overall MCAT 508. My wGPA will be >3.8 and I have great ECs. I'm applying this year, but juts wanted some input from you guys. Maybe there is other ON schools that are better suited for me who don't take CARS so seriously. I know that Queen's process is relatively a mystery (as far as numbers are concerned). Any input would be great. Unfortunately, this was my 2nd MCAT try and so I think this is my true CARS score and can't improve much on it. Thanks.
  15. Hey guys, I'm a 4th year student at McMaster uni and was wondering what my chances at ontario med schools might be 1st year gpa: 3.88 (9 courses) 2nd year gpa: 3.88 (9 courses) 3rd year gpa: 3.94 (10 courses) 4th year gpa: 4.00 (halfway through the semester, aimming for 10 courses) I have 3 years of volunteering with an organization, student president of 2 clubs, executive of multiple clubs, research experience/poster awards, volunteered at a hospital, volunteered abroad, many awards and scholarships, intramural sports, McMaster dragonboat team, article publication (not scientific). I'm planning to do a 5th year because I have no clue if I have a chance at med school. I will also be writing MCAT this summer. Please HONESTLY weigh in on my chances.. (savages also welcomed)
  16. Hi, this is my first time posting, just wondering what you think my chances are to get in. i am applying in my third year as well My MCAT score's released today i got 125/128/124/125 (502) / Retake for this summer if i dont get in? for my GPA its at a 3.97 from omsas calculation EC's were average i applied to utoronto (won't take me got 124?) ,ottawa,Mcmaster,Queens
  17. Premedstudent0307

    How Does Casper Work?

    How does Casper work? I tried to sign up for it and it says I have to submit my application first. So I submit my application by Oct 1 and there will be Casper dates to sign up for after that?
  18. Hi, All Was just wondering if fellow Ontario student not make it into PT 2016 cycle in Ontario consider applying to OOP schools such as UBC U of Alberta U of Manitoba and Dalhousie for next 2017 cycle can give some insight as to which Anatomy & Physiology courses to take via Distance Learning that can fulfill the those prerequisite requirements for those schools? Anyone Past Experienced Successful Ontario PT candidate would also like to shed some light? In terms of Anatomy courses, it seems that each school has different views on accepting Distance Learning Credits. Could really use help in choosing an Anatomy course that can be used for all or most the above mentioned schools. For Physiology credits, it seems that previously accepted/pre-approved Physiology courses remain mostly unchanged. Shed some light, y'all!
  19. Like some of you on here, I have been cursed with the Ontario disadvantage. Basically by being born/raised in Ontario, one has one of the worst odds for getting into a medical school since all provinces but Ontario hold seats for residents of their provinces. So this means I'll be looking to applying to a few out of province schools; however, applications are pricey so I would like to apply only to those OOP schools that have decent odds. What I'm asking is: What non-Ontario medical schools do you all think will give one the best (and worst) odds of being accepted as an OOP applicant?
  20. Hey everyone, I had a few lingering questions regarding the process for the MD/PhD programs, specifically Ontario. 1. Can an applicant apply to both the MD program and the MD/PhD option on OMSAS? 2. Can an individual be rejected from an MD/PhD pre-interview but still receive an invite to interview for the MD program only? The reason I ask this question is because I know MD/PhD interviews are usually done a few weeks earlier than MD-only interviews. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks !
  21. Hello, I am currently enrolled in a BSc degree at Queens University (Biology). I will be going into my 3rd year of school. Now, my first two years of undergrad were pretty bad. Due to personal issues, etc. they were both <3.0 gpa. I am determined to do extremely well in my 3rd and 4th year of undergrad. Would taking an additional 5th year of undergrad help my chances? Now keep in mind I am open to all dental schools in Canada. What dental schools count only your best two years of gpa? I browsed the forums and only found Western does this. Also, if I did pursue a 5th year of undergrad, would it still count towards my degree.... i.e. what if I hit all of my courses and pre reqs in 4th year and could graduate at the end of the year. Would that mean i could not continue my degree and take an additional 5th year only to boost my gpa and hopefully have it counted. I'd really appreciate any help from individuals who were in similar situations and if a 5th year is worth it.
  22. LONDON ONTARIO-*2016 AUG 1st* all incl.walk to HULC-SCHULICH, FOWLER’s St Joe’s and downtown across from Gibbon’s Park 70 Victoria St, London, ON, Canada www.MEDShousing.com Listing ID #0002591 https://medshousing.com/properties/london-ontario-walk-to-schulich-fowlers-st-joes-and-downtown-across-from-gibbons-park/ 2 BEDROOM OLD NORTH bungalow cottage across from GIBBONS PARK , with large garden -Fully furnished with kitchen crockery and pots and pans. -short 5 min walk to UWO, SCHULICH school of Medicine, Robarts Research Institute, UH, Fowler, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Ivey Business School. *********************NOW BOOKING FOR 2016 AUGUST***************** Walk downtown to shops, bars, restaurants and bistros. INTERNET, HEATING, ELECTRICITY, HOT WATER, PARKING INCLUDED. -Open concept kitchen living room with fireplace. Large fenced garden. -Carpeted main and hardwood bedrooms. -Parking for one car. Would consider short term electives and rotations. Leafy walking neighbourhood proximal to large park with tennis courts, bike trails, picnic areas, swimming pool, playground and splash pad. Ideal for young family with infant/toddler
  23. Hey Everyone! I'm currently trying to decide between Western University and Queen's for the Medical Science and Life Science programs. I'm stuck between the two schools as I know they are very similar so I'm hoping I can get some feedback from you all that can help make my decision a little easier. Western University: Pros: -The Medical Science program seems rather specialized compared to Queen's -I can graduate with my Bachelor's of Medical Science rather than just a B.Sc -The Medical Science program is ran by Schulich Medical School so I feel like I would be getting the best of the best in terms of academics -Better dorms -They seem to have A LOT of clubs and recreational groups to participate in -Western is ranked higher Cons: -I've heard Western is a huge party school and I think it would be harder to focus if everyone around you is going out all the time -I've been told that first year is very difficult -The campus isn't as close knit as Queen's -I've been told that Western is very much like a high school and can tend to be a little clique-y Queen's University Pros: -I've heard the people at Queen's are a little more academically focused -The more "conservative" school of the two -Kingston -The campus is close knit and so pretty! -Smaller class sizes -I've heard Queen's is fairly generous in terms of bursaries.. Not too sure of this though Cons: -I haven't heard as many things about the Life Science program itself in comparison to the MedSci program.. -Supposedly Queen's sends less people into Medicine than Western -I've heard the science programs can be very competitive My long term goal right now is to get into medicine after undergrad so I'm hoping to attend wherever will best prepare me for the MCAT and my future in general. Also, please correct me if some of my pros or cons are incorrect as a lot of my information was passed down onto me from others. All advice and input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!