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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am applying to university soon and I would like to stay in Toronto as much as possible. For all my life, I have always been considering the traditional route of taking Life sciences to go to Med school, but my options have opened ever since I started to play the harp. I am graduating from the IB program and I want to avoid workload stress however, I do understand that taking music as a major will require a lot of my time, I heard, double the amount as normal undergrads do. Despite that, I also play music as a form of de-stressing and I go to it when I don't want to study. I also heard that there are a lot of advantages with being a music major, with it improving your likelihood in getting into university because of uniqueness, dexterity, reflectivity etc. I want to become a coroner so I definitely have to take Med school. I'm not actual sure how university works with all the majors, minors, specialists, degrees etc. So considering that I want to have the minimum amount of stress while still having the required courses for Med school, what would be the best options for me? Major in music and take bio courses during summer school? (yikes) Take Life sciences and somehow find a way to do music (um?) or are there any options? If I take music as a major, would I have to take a gap year before I get into med school? Thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys! I'm yet another case with a weak cumulative UG gpa. I've just graduated this month (with my B.Sc) and made the decision very late in my UG that I wanted to pursue medicine. I applied to three schools for a second undergrad (knowing that this will probably be the lengthiest route) but did so anyway because my stats are very weak. Although my current GPA is a 3.9, my cGPA is a 2.7 (ah! I know. Working + on a varsity team + confused about career choices = not a good combo). On top of that I don't have any research or volunteer work/experience to have applied to a grad program. Right now YorkU has accepted me to do a second B.Sc in kin and UofT called me to tell me they haven't rejected me yet but although I'm qualified the two science degrees are very similar and might be time consuming (to me it is worth my time.. what's another 2.5 years in the long run?) so they offered me continuing ed instead (still waiting to hear their final decision though if they somehow have a spot open for me). I'm at the point where I'm questioning my next step and if I even have a chance at med in the future. I know that some schools can completely overlook your first degree, given that your second degree stats are competitive. Should I have taken the continuing ed offer at UofT? The problem with continuing ed is I wouldn't receive financial aid and at my recent school priority in course selection is almost never given to continuing ed students. What should I do? I only have one year under my belt with a strong GPA and I'm not qualified for a master's.
  3. Hey all, I’ve been a longtime lurker of these forums for a year now and finally have the courage to seek help. My undergrad has been tumultuous. Ever since first year, my grades have been below sub par, due to self-confidence issues and anxiety. With each C grade I received, the deeper I sunk in depression. Just after this November, I finally faced the reality of my situation and came clean to my parents and peers for support. I have since learned from my mistakes in my past two and half years, regained my self confidence, learned to love myself, adopted good study habits, am able to manage stress, and my grades are improving slowly. I also regained the passion to pursue my dream again, to work in health care. I have interest in pursuing nursing, applying for a masters in physiotherapy, however above all, my main love still is medicine. Based on my research, I know how competitive it is and I realize my grades are poor, and this dream isn't realistic. However I know options such as second undergrads exist, and I was hoping some knowledgeable folks on these forums may be able to offer some guidance. Brace yourselves for my stats: Degree: Current 3rd Year BSc in Biology Province: Alberta cGPA: 2.3 1st Year: 2.5 Summer Term: 2.7 2nd Year: 2.2 3rd Year First Term: 2.2 3rd Year Second Term: Notable increase, on track for a 3.5 MCAT: 504(Bio: 124, Phys: 125, PS: 128, Cars: 128) Extra Curricular: (Cs denote continuing volunteering): - C. 3 years of working in local hospital with Nutrition and Food Services delivering trays for patients - C. 40 Hours as a volunteer of a physiotherapy clinic, educating patients on therapeutic exercise, preparing rooms, sitting in on assessments, and providing modalities using ultrasound and TENS. Loved my time here and will be continuing this summer. - C. 2 years of volunteering for a campus charity organization presenting science demonstrations to kids. Served first year as a presenter, second year as an executive, and next year I will be President. - C. Volunteered as an orientation leader for all summers since first year - C. Volunteer at my local church proclaiming readings - 8 years serving at a soup kitchen What are my options (if I have any)? Unfortunately a 5th year is not a possibility for me, as I go to the UofA and the Faculty of Science does not allow you to pursue additional credits after the 120 needed for graduation. I’m guessing a 2nd undergrad degree will be the most realistic for me, and I’m open to taking on the additional schooling. Would it be possible to take a two year after degree? I’m aware of special criteria such as best two years in schools like Western, and am willing to apply anywhere in Canada. My current plan is to explore my options, continue on with my ECs, get the best grades I can achieve in the rest of my undergrad, and possibly rewrite the MCAT again this summer if there are still options for me to pursue medicine. I’ve been ashamed of my academic performance for years. I am now ready to make steps on achieving my goals. Any help is appreciated, thank you!
  4. I am currently in my first year Master's of Medical Sciences at McMaster. I am doing well (Dean's award, Entrance scholarship, Research scholarship etc) but to be honest I'm just not passionate about research- I'm just doing this to increase my chances for medical school. At this point I'm wondering if withdrawing from my Master's and doing an advanced nursing program (2 years) would be a better option. So confused as to which course would be better. Completing my Master's benefits: 1) Could get another publication under my belt and a better chance at medical schools, especially U of T which has a separate application pool for grad students 2) I wouldn't have to continue to do something I don't actually love. Risks: Withdrawing may be looked down on by reviewers and seen as a commitment issue? Completing Nursing benefits: 1) As a second undergraduate degree, I will get the chance to increase my GPA (which is probably why I didn't get accepted to medical school in the first place) 2) I would get the chance to work directly with patients. Risks: 2) I would have to withdraw from my Master's. Any thoughts? Has anyone been through a similar dilemma?
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