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Found 8 results

  1. Hello all, I was trying to find information about OSAP but the only stuff I could find was from years ago. I did engineering for undergrad so my tuition was relatively high; OSAP would cover all and give approximately half as grants (I think it was called opportunity grants). Is the same sort of thing applicable to med tuition? Or is it they give enough to cover tuition (+ added expenses) and it's all payable. I know that the government has added a lot of grants and incentives recently (for example, I think there are grants for people under a certain income) but I've been out of undergrad for a few years so I'm not current on any of that. If anyone has info about those too it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello, I like many of you have been browsing these threads as my first year came to a finish. I was wondering how people who are just starting med school have already used up their OSAP grants because as far as I have seen, there is no limit listed on the site. I am getting 1k burnouts per semester roughly in grants, so if there is a limit should I not apply during my undergrad and save them for medical school.
  3. I tried searching around for this but beyond what boundary does it count as 'rural site' for the osap loan forgiveness? Does anyone have any suggestions of places they did a rural placement and were able to qualify for the $8000 loan forgiveness?
  4. Hey, does anyone know how OSAP works for med students now? I heard there were some revamps of the system for med students (how they were previously ineligible for 30% off, etc.)? I know OSAP is income-dependent aid so it varies. But, what is the average aid available for med students do you guys don't mind sharing. I am just trying to gauge my finances over the course of med school and see how much loans I need to draw on to complement. Just want to have a rough idea of my finances going in so I can budget myself. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi Everyone, I just graduated medical school this year in 2017 and have started Residency. I am wondering if there was an error with my OSOG I received from OSAP. I didn't receive anything for 4th year. I just received my Third Year OSOG which was one year late because it seemed they combined 3rd and 4th year. Is this normal? My OSAP was maxed out every year as well and had no income. OSOG Grants Received. 2013-2014 - First year - ~$5200 2014-2015 - Second Year ~$5500 2015-2016 - Third Year - $5700 2016-2017 - Fourth Year - Nothing. Thanks for any help.
  6. http://www.omsa.ca/news/2016/3/23/press-release-re-changes-to-postsecondary-student-financial-support-in-ontario "Most problematically, access to the OSG will be limited to 4 years of eligibility. Each year a student has previously received Ontario Tuition Grant support will eliminate one year of OSG eligibility. The 4-year limit will immediately exclude many medical students. Unfortunately, the excluded medical students will be those whose financial situation is dire enough to have required grant funding for their (much cheaper) undergraduate education. These students become the medical students most in need of support. Prohibiting their access to the OSG program may threaten to increase the debt load of this key demographic. " There's no details yet as to how this is exactly going to work. But, from what I read, if you USED the OSG in the past, you may be limited since you can only use it for up to 4 years. However, 30% off tuition, if eligible, makes a big dent in the med school debt ( about 8k a year). Have you guys heard anything about this? What do you guys think?
  7. Question for current US MD candidates: So I've applied to a number of US MD schools and had a few interviews which I felt good about, but now I'm having pretty serious doubts about how paying for all of this is going to go since the current USD/CDN= 1.33. It would just really suck if I were accepted and but then had to be relegated to the Caribbean because US MD was too expensive. Ontario is a possibility where I stand, but I can't depend on it. I understand that Canadian banks can give me LOC up to $275,000 CAD, that OSAP can help a bit (anyone know how much?), and I've got a small parental contribution that's meager in comparison with what I'll need. For instance, one of the schools I interviewed at has listed tuition/fees + living expenses to be $85,000 USD/year. Now this would be okay if we USD/CAN was 1 or lower like during that lovely recession, but the current ratio is really making me worried since, since assuming that $275,000 CAD was the max LOC, my total expenses would far surpass it at $452,000. I've accepted that if I go this route, I'm going to have massive debt, but are there other viable loan options for me to consider? Is multiple LOCs a thing? Is this published LOC limit a hard cut-off under these circumstances? How are current US MDs who don't have large contributions from parents/savings doing it? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys, so due to a number of things that have happened this past year, my savings have been almost completely wiped out. There's no way I'll be able to pay for my second degree which I want to start this fall on my own. I'll have to rely on OSAP and that will include the costs of residence, food, etc because I applied outside of Toronto only. Originally, I was planning on paying for my degree, living (meagerly) off the rest of my savings and quitting my job so I can focus on school full-time. But now if I quit my job and take OSAP, I'll be digging myself into more debt with no income coming in - and that scares me quite a bit. I know that it is what it is, and I'll have to take a risk here either way. But I am trying to think of some other plans so that chasing my dreams doesn't make me completely broke either. The other option is doing an online degree with a full-time course load and carry on working, at least that will give me more flexibility and I'll still have income coming in. The risk with that is burn-out, having less time to focus on grades - and GPA is vital in my second degree of course. OR should I just bite the dust, take the loan and completely turn my focus towards school for the next few years? For those of you who did a second degree and had similar financial issues, what did you do? What would you recommend in this situation? thanks.
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