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Found 37 results

  1. Hi everyone, Thought it may be helpful to start a thread for prospective UBC PharmD students applying to start the program in September 2019. The application deadline is January 15, 2019. More info can be found on: https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/programs/entry-practice-pharmd-degree If you have any questions/comments/discussion, please post below!
  2. Hello! Est-ce que quelqu’un a déjà appliqué en médecine, pharmacie, physiothérapie, optométrie ou nutrition à l’UdeM après avoir obtenu un bac en droit de l’UdeM? Quelle était votre cote au BAC? Quelle était votre CRU? J’essaie d’avoir une idée de ce que pourrait être la CRU à l’udem avec 3.7/4.3 dans un bac en droit. Merci!
  3. Hello! I figured a new thread should be started for the 2018 applicants/class of 2022s. Since this is about a month late, I'm sure you all know that the LOI and Pharmacist Consultation Form has been posted for this cycle, but here's the link anyways: https://www.cms.ualberta.ca/pharm/programs/undergraduate-bsc-in-pharmacy/prospective-student/admission-requirements. Best of luck to all, and I (and I'm sure other pharm students will bounce into this thread) am always willing to answer whatever questions I can!
  4. Hello Everyone! Thought it would be ideal to start an official thread for prospective UBC PharmD students! Deadline for application: January 15th, 2018 Application Information: https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/programs/entry-practice-pharmd-degree If you have any questions/comments/discussion, add it below. Plenty of mostly-friendly UBC PharmD students (myself) and prospective PharmD students on this forum Cheers, CDuke93
  5. Hey everyone, I just wanted to start a thread for when interview invites start rolling out around end of march everyone can stay updated! If you get an email/call post below and keep us updated. Or if anyone has questions good luck everyone!
  6. I got accepted for Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Sydney, James Cook University, Curtin University, and University of Newcastle in Australia. I am more towards either for USYD or JCU. I want to hear what others think, please leave your comments down below.
  7. I got accepted for Bachelor of Pharmacy at University of Sydney, James Cook University, Curtin University, and University of Newcastle in Australia. I am more towards either for USYD or JCU. I want to hear what others think, please leave your comments down below.
  8. Hey everyone here is a thread for this year's Pharmacy applicants at the UofS (a tad late, but I had some questions). Just wondering if because of the additional year of pre reqs added on starting this year for the PharmD, if we think our individual chances of getting in will be better? I'm not sure how many first years applied in previous years, but would the lack of first years applying this year mean there is less competition? I am OOP and just wondering what your thoughts were on this. Thanks and goodluck!
  9. Salut! J'ai créé cette zone discussion pour les appliquants universitaires en pharmacie question de se notifier mutuellement sur les offres qu'on reçois etc.. Étant universitaire moi même la plupart des discussions c'est des collégiens qui y participent et vue qu'il reçoivent leur offres avant nous (malgré qu'ils aient effectués leur demande après nous lol) ca a tendance a me stresser donc voila une zone discussion juste à nous les universitaires.
  10. Selling the Dr. Collins package I used to get a 98th percentile just a few months ago (on the 2018 exam!). I will also throw in 3 Pearson PCAT practice exams and my personal notes. Used them all to get the high composite, hopefully they benefit someone here. I rarely check PMs so please email me at tazk201@gmail.com. Selling at a discounted price. I can also answer any questions you have about the PCAT / interview process or pharmacy in general. Thanks!
  11. patient2doctor

    Waterloo Interviews 2018

    As interview invites just went out this week, I figured I'd start a thread for people who want to chat about interview prep! Anyone been through the process within the last few years and have any advice?
  12. Hello everyone, Please allow me to introduce myself. I am an Alberta university student of African descent, and I am obviously as seen with my post interested in applying to pharmacy. I am currently completing my third year of studies in Biological Sciences and I am just wondering out of curiosity what the racial demographics of the U of A pharmacy school are? For instance, have the incoming classes been predominantly white, are there black students, are there Asian students, etc.? Also, I am wondering if there is a relatively even split of male-female students? I don't want to be the sole or one of the few minority students during the time I spend at U of A pharmacy school if I do eventually get accepted. Thank you all who answer for your time. Regards, An inquiring soul
  13. Hi guys, I'm a 4th year Canadian university student graduating this year. I will have a Chemistry degree. I chose Chemistry based on interest but I know that the job prospects in this field is not great (Nursing and Pharmacy are better) and there aren't a lot of demand for chemists. I've also always wanted to work in health care so I kind of regret taking Chemistry in the first place. I've decided to go into either a Pharmacy or Nursing school but I'm having a difficult time choosing between the two. I know I'll have to make the decision but I would love to hear other people's input (I think it would be best to hear from those who were in the same position before or those who have been in Nursing and/or Pharmacy school although anyone may feel free to respond). I would really like a good, stable, and in demand job. Why I'm thinking of choosing pharmacy: 1) If I were to choose between the two based on interest I would pick pharmacy. I've worked at a pharmacy as a pharmacy assistant and I think it's a job that I would enjoy. I am also more interested in Chemistry though I didn't do well in Organic Chemistry. I enjoyed pretty much all Chemistry lectures I had - I liked learning the material and I usually don't find it difficult to pay attention in lecture unlike most of my Biology/ Biochemistry courses. That being said, I think I would also like Nursing but I'd probably like Pharmacy a bit more due to Pharmacy having more Chemistry involved. 2) I've been told pharmacy is better since the work schedules for nurses are all over the place and nurses are often required to work graveyard shifts. A nurse's job is also usually much more physically demanding than a pharmacist's. Why I'm thinking of choosing nursing instead: 1) Pharmacy requires more time and money- it is much more expensive (more than twice the accelerated nursing program) and it would be another 4 years. If I took accelerated nursing instead it would only be 2 years. 2) I was told that pharmacists have more difficulty finding jobs than nurses since there's bigger demand for nurses just about anywhere. 3) Pharmacists don't really advance in their careers unlike nurses who can advance as a nurse practitioner. I think the most practical choice would be accelerated nursing because of the reasons I mentioned above, but I'm worried that I won't like it or I may not be able to keep up with the physical demands of the job. However, I also don't want to go in pharmacy if pharmacists have worse/less job prospects than a nurse. Thanks for your input.
  14. openminded10

    Pharmacie Ulaval

    Bonjour, Sauriez-vous jusqu'à quel rang la liste d'attente des collégiens s'est rendue l'année passée pour pharmacie à ULaval?? (ou les années d'avant, toute information est la bienvenue ) Merci!!
  15. initrams

    What are my chances??

    If anyone could help me out here that'd be awesome. I'm wondering if I should apply to pharm this year or wait another year. My GPA is 3.55, I am going into my fourth year, but will have one more semester left afterward. My last two years GPA is ~3.7. I have shadowed two pharmacists, volunteered in two hospitals, am a varsity track and field athlete, have a variety of other volunteering experience, etc. I also would be considered an IP applicant in both BC and Alberta and as such would like to apply to both UBC and U of A. I am wondering if I should apply this year or wait another year to increase my GPA. Thanks in advance for the help :))
  16. I am planning to apply for MSc pharmacy at memorial university. I had done Bachelor of Pharmacy (75.5%) . What are my chances for admission?
  17. Hello everyone! I am re-applying into Pharmacy this year here at the University of Saskatchewan. I don't have the strongest GPA so I'm counting on doing exceptional on the Test of Critical Skills/Personal Profile. If anyone has any tips or resources on how to prepare for the TOCS/PP, please do share! We can also use this to discuss anything related to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan.
  18. Hi everyone, I just graduated from CEGEP and I got refused to the pharmacy program in Universite de Montreal. My alternative options are Biology in UdeM or Exercise Science in Concordi. I have smart studying partners in both programs but Concordia's program is relatively easier and getting a 4.0 GPA isnt too hard compared to Bo in UdeM., especially because I have all the tests from Concordia. Now since I eventually want to get into pharmacy, which route would be better? Appreciate a lot the help!
  19. I am looking to apply to Pharmacy in 2018, and I was wondering if anyone can give me a bit of insight on what extracurriculars are suitable for pharmacy? I am heading home over the summer and am looking to maybe volunteer at an elders home to obtain some community involvement. Does anyone know if this is or is not "relevant" to my application to pharmacy? Is there anyone thats been accepted in the past two or three years thats willing to share what extracurriculars they had? I know UBC also really looks at involvement. Thank you anything will help!
  20. Je me demandais quelles sont les expériences des étudiants par rapport à ces deux écoles. J'ai entendu dire que à ULaval, les personnes s'entraident plus et l'ambiance est plus amicale car on ne compare pas les gens entre eux et les professeurs sont plus présent tandis que à UdeM, on doit plus apprendre de façon indépendante. J'aimerais aussi connaître la différence coté qualité de vie, partys etc.
  21. Im applying to both schools next year and I am wondering how to prepare what to expect for the critical skills test. The topic is a surprise, how are we to formulate an essay in one hour on it? If anybody has information about their experience and what I can expect from the prompt, I would greatly appreciate it.
  22. Hi, I'm a pharmacist working in Ontario and wish to apply for medicine (it was always the goal -- long story). I've been able to pay off loans and whatnot and now am ready to apply. My stats are: UofT undergrad: 2.68 Pharmacy undergrad (completed in the UK): 3.36 MCAT: 506 (125/127/127/127) Quite extensive EC (sports, arts, dance, community work both within lower-income and new immigrants) No publications/research completed as of yet My gameplan is to do another UG and redo the MCAT. The next UG degree is actually something I'm interested in and was going to do if I didn't get into the pharmacy program in the UK. Anyways, I don't mind the long road (being financially stable and relatively young helps), and am interested to do a masters as well to strengthen my application. There will be research and a publication I will be participating in over the summer of 2017. As for work, I'm working part-time/relief so I can devote all my time to my studies. Just looking for any feedback, guidance, critiques, or suggestions for things that I may have overlooked. Thanks for taking the time to read through this.
  23. qwerty2222

    Help Me Love Pharmacy!

    Ok, so I'm waffling back and fourth about if I would like Pharmacy. It would be super helpful if people who are interested in it would tell me why they want to do pharmacy! Sell me on pharmacy! And go! PS. Thanks in advance
  24. Hey guys, I heard that professional school of a certain institution does not have a preference for students who went to undergrad in that institution, is this true? As an example, if I am currently enrolled as an undergrad at Mcmaster. Will I have an equal chance against everybody else, despite of where they acquired the bachelors? I heard that schools outside Ontario DOES differentiate.. Anybody know why as to why such discrepancy exists?
  25. Hi everyone, What are the differences in terms of duties/responsibilities for both hospital and retail pharmacy? As well, can anyone provide a description of what a day in the life of a hospital pharmacist is like compared to a retail pharmacist? Thanks in advance.