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Found 33 results

  1. Hi Everyone, As the MMI comes nearer I was wondering if people who have given it in the past or who are planning to give it can share what their experience was like and what kind of mindset helped them to approach it. Also what makes Alberta's program unique? Why have you applied there (Apart from convenience of location) Andddd... which location have you applied to and why? I look forward to hearing from and engaging with all of you <3 Thanks
  2. Hello! Est-ce que quelqu’un a déjà appliqué en médecine, pharmacie, physiothérapie, optométrie ou nutrition à l’UdeM après avoir obtenu un bac en droit de l’UdeM? Quelle était votre cote au BAC? Quelle était votre CRU? J’essaie d’avoir une idée de ce que pourrait être la CRU à l’udem avec 3.7/4.3 dans un bac en droit. Merci!
  3. Hi, Congrats to everyone who received an invite to take part in the Kira online interview today! Can anyone recommend any programs/resources that I can use to prepare for this interview? Thanks so much!
  4. Hi everyone! Congrats on getting a spot for the interview! Just wanted to create a fourm to share sample questions with each other and practice If you've done the Kira interview already, could you also share how was the experience, did you feel ready enough from the practice questions, etc? I'm also curious, are they actual job-like interview interview questions or are they MMI/scenario-based questions? Thanks and good luck!
  5. I currently just completed an undergraduate degree in kinesiology at the University of Calgary and am now exploring physiotherapy program options. My GPA isn't as competitive as it should be for Canadian schools, so I decided to explore my options in the UK. Does anyone have any experience with applying and/or attending UK physiotherapy programs??
  6. Hi All, I am planning to go on exchange if possible for the fall 2019 semester. I have considered universities in Australia, Singapore, UK, and USA (through NSE). However, I am also planning on applying to physiotherapy programs during that cycle. Does anyone have any experience with the process of getting transcripts and inputting grades to ORPAS and the schools themselves? I am just worried that the transcripts won't come in on time. Thanks!!!
  7. Hi. Upon graduating from uni i decided to find employment as a KIN to gain more relevant work experience. I was just wondering if there were others who were also a KIN and got into PT? Or those who were a KIN and did not get in? Thanks!
  8. Hey guys! I was just wondering if any previous or current students or those who generally know a lot about the two universities could give me some pros and cons of the program, student life, placements etc.? Thanks
  9. Hi Everyone, I just received my MMI invite for UBC's MPT program! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for UBC's MMI? (best ways to prepare, areas to focus on in preparation, etc.) Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey everyone! I have a question for current MPT students at UBC... Is it common for students to live on/near campus or do people typically commute? (it would be 2+ hours each day for me) Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall!
  11. Does anyone know when we should expect to hear back from Queens PT for whether or not we got accepted?
  12. Hey everyone, I was just wondering if anyone's encountered a similar problem to mine: I am having an issue with the prerequisite links on my ORPAS application. When I review my application and copy and paste the links into my browser they don't work. However, when I am editing the application, and copy the link in the editable page I am able to open the course description. Do you think my best bet would be to upload pdf copies of the descriptions onto the SAM tool?
  13. I have a quick question, when most of you are saying "sGPA - 3.70 and cGPA - 3.54" how exactly are you calculating your GPA from grade percentages? For example, using the ORPAS conversation table, your average grade percentage would be roughly 80 - 84% for 3.7 and roughly 76 - 82% for the 3.5 gpa. I have roughly an 84% over my last 60 credits, would that put me at a 3.7 GPA? https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/orpas-conversion-table/ Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I have just completed my fourth year in Molecular Genetics with a cGPA of 3.37. I had a dismal first year (2.67) but I have somewhat recovered my GPA next three years (3.49, 3.57, 3.8 in summer, 3.77, respectively). My dream goal when I entered the university is to go into medicine, but after the horrible first year I had, I knew that wasn't an option. Only viable choice at this point to have a chance at medical school is going for second undergraduate degree, but I am not ready for another 4 years of study that I feel is wasteful (Also unsure on what to do- I don't really have a passion in any pursuing other degree. Question here: is second undergrad always 4 years? Can it be still in science? if it can, wouldn't a lot of prerequisites overlap?) and I wanted to work/research as soon as possible. Now I am looking to go into research and although I am hesitant to say that I loved research, I did find the the experience in two labs that I had been in as an undergraduate interesting. I applied to three different departments in U of T (Laboratory medicine and pathobiology, molecular genetics, cell system biology) and I have been rejected by the latter two. I doubt I get into the LMP with my GPA. In upcoming fall/winter semester, I am going to take bunch of courses to boost up my gpa, and possibly take some prerequisites for occupational therapy/physiotherapy/nursing program. I am going to try my luck in masters program again, but I will definitely apply to the above three programs as a backup. But then now I realize that even becoming the physiotherapist is a tough road, when I saw that the mean accepted GPA was 3.75 GPA (whopping 1000 applicants!) I'll try to put up a 4.0 this semester and hopefully get in. Anyone have experience in the physiotherapy/occupational therapy program? I have heard quite the same thing from nursing applicants, where you need ~3.7 to have decent chance at getting accepted. I would like to hear from one of you what my chance is. I have over ~500 hours of volunteer experience working in wheelchair escort/ chemo clinic/ symptom screening/ critical care unit at Sunnybrook. Even if I was to get accepted into one of these programs, how is the job market for them? I know there are tons of openings for nursing (Another question for any nurses out there: Do RNs get to coordinate nurses to do bedside work rather than doing those themselves?) but was not sure for PT/OT. Also, If I was to do a degree in one of these, which program would be the most easiest to get good GPA in? (Just curious; I don't want to completely rule out medical school). Thanks for your advice!
  15. I have a sGPA of 3.6 with a Kinesiology degree from Waterloo, what're the chances of getting into OT at Western, Queens, UoT or PT at Queens? I have some experience and pretty good references (acted as a research assistant in a brain and body lab + volunteering at a physio clinic. Please let me know ASAP, I'm not sure if i should take a couple extra courses or not, I appreciate any help given, cheers.
  16. Hello! I am a undergraduate student at the U of M finishing my bachelors in Kin. I was wondering how the qualifying year works for the Mcgill PT program?. On the site it said that guaranteed spots are available for QY students idk if i understood that right but some help would be nice.
  17. Hey guys! I'm currently in Cegep and did not manage to get into medicine this year (one bad semester for personal reasons brought my R score down). I am thinking of going into physiotherapy next year at mcgill in order to boost my grades/ have a degree that I like as a back-up. Here are my questions: 1) I read for mcgill medicine, I must complete a 90 credit (3 years) program in order to apply. Will my cegep prerequisites still count in my future application? Does physiotherapy include any electives ? (Doesn't seem to have all the prereqs @ university that can be used instead of the prereqs at cegep) 1 Would I have to apply after the three years, or after two (if the third one is in completion). Has anyone managed to get in after three years? From this forum most people seem to get invites during their fourth university year. 2) How quickly can I consider applying to other schools in medicine as well? Must I complete a three-year program for all three (UdeS, UdeM, UdeL)? 3) Can anyone who has done/ is doing physio @ mcgill/ other universities please tell me what to expect and give me suggestions on how to keep a high gpa? For the ones who managed to get into medicine afterwards... any advice? And this might seem really silly but i'd like to partake in research someday but I'm not really sure where to start looking except for the researches conducted at mcgill (which dont interest me all that much). Where can i start looking ? Thank you everyone, any input is really appreciated!
  18. Hello, I am planning on applying to PT at UfoT, McMaster, and Queens for Fall 2017, and just want to know what my chances of getting in are. My subGPA (last 10 undergrad classes?) is ~3.9, and cumulative GPA is ~3.7. This is not including my graduate level courses for which my avg GPA for the 3 courses completed is around a 3.7. I'm currently completing a research-intensive master's program (ending Aug 2017) and was awarded a CIHR scholarship for my Master's thesis (which is highly related to PT). I've got a couple conference presentations/publications under my belt, and have worked a few summers in a PT clinic as well as volunteered plenty of hours in the past. My biggest concern is the fact that I got a really crappy grade in Human Physiology (61%) since it was taken in first year.... I did, however, input my exercise physiology grade (kin physiology course, which I did much better in) on the ORPAS application. I'm not sure how this will be accepted, but I figured I would try my luck with that. Any input is appreciated!!
  19. Hi, I have decided that I will be applying to each physical therapy program in Ontario for 2017 admission. I just want to know the general chances of getting accepted into a physical therapy program with my experience. My undergrad cGPA is 3.54 (however I know this isn't really considered for admission) and my sGPA is 3.94 (Mac and Toronto) or 3.96 (Queen's/Western) depending on the school and if you include graduate courses or not. I am currently in an MSc. of Neuroscience and will have completed my thesis next August (definitely before september start dates for PT). I have won 2 research awards (1 being a prestigious CIHR grant for my research). I work with humans of all ages and my research involves exploring cognitive dysfunction (mild cognitive impairment) at different age points. My references are most likely my thesis supervisor and and PT I volunteer with (hopefully good letters). I have lots of community outreach, teaching assistantships (during undergrad) and mentoring experience (but mainly in Neuroscience, not physical therapy/rehabilitation). I have ~100 hours of volunteering in both in- and out-patient physiotherapy settings. Specifically, I have volunteered in geriatric, musculoskeletal and cardioresp. areas of physio (~40 hours each). I am planning on applying to Queen's, Western, Mac, Toronto, McGill, and Dalhousie (my sGPA would be 4.24/4.3 at Dalhousie since they don't use ORPAS). I was wondering what my chances are like for these schools and what I can do to improve my application come December. Any input would be appreciated!
  20. Hey! Does anyone know how to convert grades from a percentage to a GPA? Also, how do you know which Ontario schools use a 4.0 scale or a 4.33 scale (ex: UofT, McMaster, Queens, Western...) Thank you!
  21. I'm currently a prospective physiotherapy or occupational therapy student in BC (still haven't decided which one I want to pursue). As someone who is pursuing a drastic career change, I don't really know much about these careers in terms of supply, demand, etc. Before I really invest in my decision of wanting to pursue these careers, I'm curious to know what are your guys' opinions on what the job prospects look like for new/recent grads (particularly BC and Canada in general?). Are there any PT's/OT's here that can attest to what the situation is like now and how it may look like in the future? Thanks in advance, your help is really appreciated!
  22. Hey there! So I'm a BC student planning on applying for a bunch of physio schools in canada (a lot of them being in ontario) just to try to increase my chances of getting into a school at all but I dont know if that would be a waste of time if my GPA is low. Since all the schools in ontario look at the last 60 credits (rather than the last 30 credits like UBC), my grades from my study abroad is included that drops my GPA very low. Even if I get do extremely well for the rest of the courses i have left, the highest my GPA will be is 3.6. So my question is whether I should waste my time and money applying for all these schools in ontario or should I just put my hopes into UBC (my classes abroad would not be included)? Any advice would be great, thanks!
  23. Hi, So I messed up the first year of my undergrad pretty hard due to some tough circumstances. I'm doing better now and have lots of volunteer experience, but I know it's not enough to apply to medicine straight out of undergrad. So when I finish my undergrad I will be doing one of 2 things: a) completing a MSc in physical therapy (I have always been very interested in PT so even if medicine were to fail I could be happy doing this) b ) completing a second undergrad which I DON'T screw up. Anyone know if one of these would be a safer bet than the other? Is it better to apply with a 2nd BSc or a MSc? And is physical therapy a good MSc program to be applying to medicine from? Thanks for any help
  24. Hi there whoever can help would be a great help. I'm a fourth year BscKin student at UNB Fredericton but I will be graduating hopefully December of 2016. My main goal/dream job is becoming a sports physiotherapist. Growing up I loved sports,loved playing them and loved watching them. I always felt sorry for when players would get injured because that would either end their career or they would suffer for a very long time. So when I would see these sports physiotherapist helping these athletes I felt that it should be my responsibility to help as well. I just have many questions, with the many forums I've read Physiotherapy is quite difficult to get into in Canada for Canadians but its a little bit easier in Australia hence we become international students and we pay more. So my dilemma are my grades, as of now my CGPA is a 2.55 but I still have one more year left. The thing is at UNB if you fail a class and you re-take it they keep the failed grade on the transcript with the recently passed one so that plays with your GPA quite significantly and I think its quite stupid because you've already paid for the course. I know that my my GPA isn't as high as it should be but I'm trying to get it up to at least a 2.8 by the time I'm finished with my undergrad. I also have experience volunteering at the rehabilitation department at my local hospital with a 128 hours under my belt so maybe that can compensate for my GPA. I have been looking at a couple schools like Dal, Manitoba, Ottawa, Saskatchewan, Alberta, UBC, Melbourne, Queensland and Sydney. If I can't get into Physiotherapy School yet, my plan B is to get my Physical Therapist Assistant Diploma as well as on the side get my CSEP (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology) certificates as personal trainer and exercise physiologist and work a little bit in that field of health then apply again to do my masters in Physical Therapy, but I feel that would be going backwards. Would it be a good idea to go from PTA to PT if your grades aren't high enough? Would love to here from whoever can help Thanks