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Found 38 results

  1. Hi all, I got accepted to med school in Canada this year first time applying, and since then I've been working on a massive premed package that includes all the Khan Academy (KA) notes (complete), supplemented with a personal spin to make things easy. The package also includes my schedule, my activity log, a score predictor, 100 helpful reference documents with mnemonics and graphics of common topics, formulas, interview prep, cars tips ethics... everything that got me from premed to admitted, and now I'm passing it on to you. You can find the post here on Reddit Wordpress (easy link is tinyurl.com/MCATguide) I hope this is helpful for you all! Please let me know if you have any questions or queries.
  2. Has anyone taken MCAT prep course with 99point9? 99point9 is a prep course company based in Toronto. you pay a one time fee of about $1000 and you can keep on retaking the course until you get your desired mark
  3. Hello, I am hoping to apply to dentistry next year, and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good books/materials that helped them prepare for MMI style interviews. Thanks!!
  4. Title pretty much says it all. I'm a MS1 at Schulich, and last year I made a website with all my MCAT resources and all my interview resources too. I'm guessing if you're reading this you've already done the MCAT, but you might find my interview prep materials useful. You can find it all here - https://ultimatepremedpackage.wordpress.com/interviewing/ Please let me know if you have any questions! Of course, I can't tell you what questions they asked me, etc., but I can give general information about the day or whatever. I might see some of you for your interview day, but if not - good luck! You'll do great!
  5. Hello hopeful MDs, I am a 1st year UBC family med resident who just graduated from the UBC MD program this year. I will be holding some mock MMI prep sessions over skype, or can meet downtown. Shoot me a message if you're interested!
  6. Sooo now that CASPER is finished (and miraculously seemed to go ok for someone like me whose French was quite rusty...) would anyone be interested in prepping for a potential French interview in Toronto or online? Also, could previous applicants or current students in the French Stream kindly give suggestions on the best ways to prepare for the interview? Any specific prep companies or resources? I think I will need a lot of prep and help to express myself well during the interview if I am lucky enough to receive one. Merci!
  7. Hey everyone, I know UOFA hasn't sent out their offers yet but I wanted to know if anyone wanted to start practicing for the MMI early. If anyone is interested PM me! Thanks
  8. ****UPDATES**** Bonjour tout le monde! Avec le début des entrevues simulées qui s’approche (ce lundi), nous avons une annonce excitante. Vous pouvez maintenant vous inscrire à une deuxième entrevue simulée! Il n’y reste quelques places, et suivra le principe du premier arrivé, premier servi. Hi everyone! With the first day of mock interviews approaching (this Monday) we have an exciting announcement. You can now sign up for a second interview slot! There are only a limited number of spots left, and its on a first come, first serve basis. ENGLISH FOLLOWS Bonjour à tous! Encore une fois cette année, les étudiants de médecine de première année de l’Université d’Ottawa, sont fiers de vous offrir des séances d’entrevues simulées pour vous permettre de vous familiariser avec le déroulement de la vraie entrevue! L’entrevue vous coûtera 12$ et tous les fonds seront versés à l'oeuvre de bienfaisance choisie par la classe de 2021: Pancreatic Cancer Canada. Le paiement se fera à l’aide de Paypal pendant votre inscription en ligne. Le lien ci-joint vous dirigera vers la page d’inscription. La période d’inscription débutera dimanche le 4 février à 17h00. Les séances sont offertes de façon premier arrivé, premier servi donc ne tardez pas! Pour toutes questions, contactez-nous au admissionsmd2021@gmail.com. *Ces entrevues simulées sont réservées aux candidats d'entrevue de l'Université d'Ottawa.* PARTAGEZ CE MESSAGE SVP! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094ea5af2ba6fc1-mock1 — Hi! Once again this year, the first year students of the University of Ottawa - Faculty of Medicine are proud to offer mock interviews, which aim to give you a practice run before your real interview. Interviews will be $12, and the money will go towards our class charity, Pancreatic Cancer Canada. The payment will be processed online through Paypal along with your registration. The link below will bring you to the registration page. The registration period will begin on Sunday, February 4th at 5:00 p.m. The sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis, so please don’t wait! If you have any questions, contact us at admissionsmd2021@gmail.com. *These mock interviews are reserved for interview candidates of the University of Ottawa.* PLEASE SHARE THIS MESSAGE! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094ea5af2ba6fc1-mock1 Merci & thank you! Christopher & Nicole Représentants du comité des admissions | Admissions Committee Representatives
  9. Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone could shine some light onto some good MMI interview prep companies that prepare well for interviews? Looking to get some professional help but with an abundance of companies, I don't know which would be best. Personal experience with different companies (the good and bad) would be extremely valuable. Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey If anyone is looking to prep for MMI i would l am forming a group at York. Meet times will preferable be Monday and Wednesdays after 5 pm. It is a great way to utilize each other's feedback. Message me if interested. Cheers
  11. Hi everyone, I am a Resident at the University of Toronto. I completed medical school at UBC and MMI interviews across the country (from BC to Ontario). If anyone would like tips/hints on interviews or like to do a practice session, please let me know. I am open to meeting in person in the Toronto area or via Skype. Feel free to send me a direct message.
  12. Hi everyone, I am a Resident at the University of Toronto. I completed MMI interviews across the country (from BC to Ontario). If anyone would like tips/hints on interviews or like to do a practice session, please let me know. I am open to meeting in person in the Toronto area or via Skype. Feel free to send me a direct message.
  13. Hi All! I am a current Medical Student at the University of Toronto's medical school. I received 3 Canadian and 2 US MD acceptances in 2017. I would like to promote the interview prep company that helped me get over the hump: Medvisors. I was a very poor interviewer and was very nervous about the process but their practice and personalized packages made a huge difference for me. I am now a consultant for them and I help other students with interview preparation. Their most unique and popular (and cost effective) service is the VIRTUAL MMI CIRCUIT that they offer... you have 6 stations with 6 different graders and they give you a personalized feedback form at the end too. As far as I know, no one else offers that kind of seamless online setup where you switch rooms etc. Free prep is also great but sometimes the interviewees are more focused on their own prep rather than giving quality feedback. Also, Medvisors consultants are experts and have interviewed at your school of choice! Visit medvisors.org for more!
  14. Please PM me if you are interested in doing MMI prep via skype!
  15. Hey, If anyone is looking to practice for the MMI in Edmonton Alberta then let me know and we can meet up and practice together. My email is jsg@ualberta.ca or just PM me. Hope to hear from you guys soon! Thanks
  16. Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here! My UG is Psychology and my schools of interest don’t require prerequisites, has anyone been in a similar situation and self studied for the MCAT? how long did you give yourself? Did you study while in school?
  17. Hi Students - For anyone who is prepping to take the USMLE exam, Becker’s recently came out with a USMLE GuideMD and QMD Native App. This app makes it possible to take your studies on-the-go via Android and iOS mobile devices to continue your studies anywhere, any time. Along with the app, international students who are interested in a U.S. residency and focusing their studies on the U.S. approach to medicine can now do so with Becker’s new International Student Visa program. The curriculum of the program includes a workshop about medical residency admission, American diversity and healthcare in the United States. International students also can take Step 1 and Step 2 CK of the USMLE in the U.S. Also, in case you need new regulatory or compliance certifications, Becker also added a new 4MedPlus Compliance iBookPlus+ for their students. It’s an online course tool that provides access to required and recommended compliance learning for students and it’s compatible with PC, MAC/iPad and Android on all browsers. The iBookPlus+ features an online interactive educational hub where students can earn six certificates of proficiency: · Understanding HIPAA for the Workforce Professional NYS Mandated Infection Control and Barrier Protection Bloodborne Pathogens Protection Needlesticks and Sharps Safety OSHA/PPE Basics for Healthcare Workers (OSHA/PPE) Comprehensive Tuberculosis Prevention (TB) If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions, feel free to send us a reply below – we are happy to chat! Thanks! The Becker USMLE Team
  18. Hey there, I have my mcat in a few days and I'm really anxious. I'm worried that'll make me perform worse on the actual day of. However, I just did AAMC FL 1 and 2 and I did better than I thought (521 and 520, 130 cars in both). I was wondering how representative these scores are of the actual thing? Do people usually do worse or better or around the same? I heard anecdotes that the test is getting harder... and I suppose the curve should account for this... Thoughts?
  19. A lot of prep companies advertise services to review your applications for med school. Typically, the price that these companies charge for a 1 hour session can run above $100. However, the service that I'm offering to review + help brainstorm your application for medical school is much more reasonably priced. For only $50/hr, which is half (or even less than half) of the typical price you can expect to pay for a typical application review, you can have an experienced applicant evaluate your application and tailor feedback according to your profile. My qualifications: 4/6 interviews last cycle (the 2 pre-interview rejections were because I was OOP) + 6 schools applied to this year (in ON and out of province), 6/6 interviews. I can help with your essays for U of T, with the CASPER for Ottawa and Mac, and with the ABS for all of Ontario. With my extensive knowledge of the medical school application process and insight into what makes a successful application, I can provide invaluable advice to improve your application and help you realize your dream of becoming a physician! Contact me (by PM) now to get started! I understand that money might still be an issue, so I will make the first session a free 30-minute trial run, so if you don't like me after 30 minutes, you don't have to pay anything! If you do like me after 30 minutes, you get $25 off (i.e. you only start paying after the first half hour)!
  20. Hello! I'm new here so be gentle with me. I don't have many friends to talk to so I thought I could ask you guys. 1. I was wondering when I should take the MCATs. I heard from a friend that she's taking it in July because everybody will take it in August and that will result in more competition. I'm a second year student who wants to apply to Canadian schools like UofT, so I'm hoping to take it once this summer and be able to have the option of retaking it next summer in case I don't do as well as I could've. Is this a common choice? Would it look bad? 2. There is a Prep course I was looking at that is about $2300 for 3 months. It is PREP101. Has anybody taken this before and would you recommend it? Would you recommend other prepcourses besides this. I would like to note that I would like to take a prepcourse, and would prefer not to study the MCATS by myself. 3. I've been diagnosed with ADHD and been on vyvanse. It has work wonders for me, and I don't think I need accommodations - but I just wanted to hear overall thoughts of what people with ADHD recommend. Just the intense length of the MCATS might be stressful, but hey, that's everybody! Would med schools be biased (negatively) towards people who have untimed exams? Thank you for taking the time to read this
  21. Hey if anyone wants to practice for the MMI on the uofa campus please send me a message.
  22. Hey if anyone wants to practice for the MMI on the uofa campus please send me a message.
  23. Hello all: I was wondering if anyone would like to get together to practice MMI structure and content?? I'm looking for a few people out in Durham Region if possible! Regards and best of luck to everyone.
  24. Hey guys, I'm selling the following books, all in good shape with no markings. They were all helpful! 1. The Medical School Interview: Secrets and a System for Success, First Edition - $10 2. So, you want to be a doctor, eh? - $15 3. Medical School Interviews (with MMI), Second Edition, Picard & Lee - $25 (the best, hands down) 4. Doing Right, Second Edition - $40 5. Skills for communicating with patients - $40 (amazing book) Price for all five - $110 Pick up is in the GTA (Mississauga or downtown) or I can ship.
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