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Found 13 results

  1. I was just wondering how UWO calculates my grade percentage. My 2 best years are: year 3 : 84% year 4 : 93% do they take both those numbers and divide it by 2? Or do they average all 20 courses? Thank you!
  2. I have been hearing that all U of M looks at is GPA/MCAT/Casper. I have heard that they don't look at your ECs. Is this true?
  3. Hi, I'm still in high school and I'm looking at which "premed" program to apply to next year that focuses on preparing students for medicine. I know that any program is good as long as you can get a good GPA and high MCAT scores, but are they any specific programs (in Canada) that gear specifically towards premed? Thanks in advance!
  4. Is it critical to do research during med school? Are there alternatives to it so that residency application is not disadvantaged? Do particular residency programs care more/less (eg. U of T)? Is there a specific time when it's most preferable to pursue it?
  5. Hey folks, a quick question. Did you check if all of your verifiers received the UofA email for verification? I asked one of my verifiers, and it seems he has not received it anything yet from UofA. Do all activity verifiers get checked? If so, then does it simply mean that this individual who has not received anything yet will be emailed a bit later? I ask this because all the other verifiers got emailed last week, except perhaps this person. So I'm not sure if I should talk to UofA about it and perhaps tell them to resend the email. (Btw, I am an in-province applicant, if that would help with anything) Thanks again.
  6. Does capser send test results straight to McGill after they are done being marked? The reason I am asking is because I wrote my test on Oct 14th, 2018 and my results are still pending which means my online web app still shows they have not received or processed my casper score. Just a little worried since the deadline is tonight, and the casper score is all I'm missing lol
  7. Hey everyone! I know these chance me type posts are pretty looked down upon but I just wanted to get a good sense if I should apply to McGill or not. My CGPA with McGill is 3.83 with my option 2 science prereq at around 3.93. I have pretty great ECs, played american football (team captain) for almost 10 years, played ultimate frisbee, have about 1.5 years of research experience (got an acknowledgement on a paper), research award (basically NSERC but for glycobiology), a lot of volunteer opportunities in my old neighborhood (daycares, clothing drives, teaching STEM to racialized youth of Toronto) I just hear that OOP is pretty competitive since it is only like 10 spots.. lol
  8. Hi all, I am planning out my fall semester and was thinking about taking 3 or 4 online courses to increase my GPA for applications in December. Do you have any recommendations for online courses that are worth considering particularly in the 3rd year or higher? I heard good things about Athabasca courses but cannot find any specific threads. All the best
  9. Hi all, Just wondering about the level of French proficiency needed on day 1. I do understand there is some interaction with francophone patients and staff, and I want to make sure I am ready. I have never officially studied French, and most of my education has been informal - family, tv, books etc. I have decided to put a lot of time improving my French skills this year, and was wondering what goal should I sat for me, to be comfortable at day 1.
  10. Hi all, I just have a question about possibly taking a 5th year in Undergrad at the U of M. Does anyone know how the U of M medical school view this on their application? Do they look down upon this? Does the U of M also consider the grades from the 5th year in their AGPA calculations? I was looking to take a 5th year since my current GPA is waaaay below the minimum requirement (even if AGPA is calculated). Please help! Thank you all!
  11. Hi everyone, I'm new to this website and this is my very first post here. I would just like to ask if anyone has taken a Gap year before they applied to Medical School (more specifically but not limited to, the University of Manitoba). I'm currently a sophomore student and my GPA is not very strong at the moment and I have yet to take the MCAT but I figured that I could just do it during my Gap year if I do decide to take it. I know that they (the UofM) do adjusted gpa but even if my gpa is adjusted, I am really not confident that it will be competitive enough... In fact, I think that by the time I graduate, I might just reach the bare minimum required. I plan on taking two years off just so I can work, volunteer more, improve my CV and also help out my parents a bit. I really want to work on a hospital during my gap years with really any responsibility. I really am not picky. What is the average age for people who goes to medical school and start their journey? I understand that it varies from school to school but I'm just really curious and kinda just want a rough "guess-timate" And does anyone have any suggestions and advice on what else I should so during my gap year to help me stand out a little bit more? Do you recommend taking a Gap year? If you didn't take a Gap year, would you have considered taking one and what would you have done? Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated, Thank you all and Have a great day!
  12. Hi All, I had a question about the 3 ABS statements: For each activity, should I talk about what I did or only talk about what I learned? I know we have to connect to the clusters, so should I specifically mention which clusters I improved in myself and learned about, or should I just state all the things I did in the activity and leave it to the reader to make the connections to the clusters (using the “show don’t tell” approach)? Thank you so much for the help!!!
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