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Found 11 results

  1. OMSAS states that "At least 1 referee should be a non-academic/character referee." Can anyone elaborate on what "non-academic" means? I was planning on asking the Student Life Advisor at my CÉGEP for a letter of reference (basically, he was in charge of non-academic student activities), but would he count as academic since he is affiliated to a school? Also, if I'm applying to the French stream, does it matter if my reference letters are written in English? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, so I have 2 solid LORs from my research supervisor and the CEO of a physiotherapy clinic at which I volunteered. I am having a bit of trouble finding someone else who I believe can be a good reference. Someone I have in mind is a coach I have for a small cricket league that plays other local teams and stuff (ie. its not something that gets much attention or funding or anything. Mostly just recreational stuff). He has known me for more than 10 years, and can definitely attest to my character. I don't know if it matters for me to use someone like that, as he won't have a letterhead or any sort of position in a company if you will. I am trying to apply to the med schools in Ontario and was wondering if someone can chime in on this. Also, can someone guide me towards other options and who I should contact as my third referee? I am coming up with nothing atm as I already have a prof and a volunteer reference. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. For OMSAS, does anyone think recency matters when picking a referee? Would a high school teacher who both taught me and I did extra-cirriculars with be from too long ago when compared to a undergrad prof who knows me relatively well? I was just thinking that the med schools might be more interested in my more recent qualities.
  4. Hi all, What are your thoughts on having one of my referees be a coordinator for a volunteer activity I am currently enrolled in and have put in about 50 hours for? I would assume it is more ideal to have a referee that has a greater scope of understanding of my community involvement and other activities, but this referee would only really be able to speak to this volunteer activity solely. My other two referees are academics and I could have a third academic who can vouch for my academic endeavors and very minimally touch on my community involvement, or I can have this volunteer coordinator possibly speak extensively about this one activity and my involvement in it. I feel that since I already have two strong academic referees, the third referee should touch on my community/volunteer involvement, even if it just one activity. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, As a non-traditional applicant, I am undecided as to who to choose for my 3 referees. Quick facts about me: After my undergrad and masters (course-based), I worked as a building engineer for 4 years, then last year quit to take pre-requisite courses for med schools to apply for the 2016-17 cycle at UofT Here are the options for referees: 1. Organic Chemistry Professor in a recently taken course with who I interacted frequently and know well 2. Ecology Professor in a recently taken course with who I interacted frequently and know well 3. A spinal surgeon and a renowned researcher - He leads a prominent research on comparative study on animals and I work there observing surgery and analyzing data. I've been working there as a volunteer for the past few months, but I don't frequently get a chance to know him as he is busy with other things although I do talk to him at times. 4. A Canadian Senator with whom I know from volunteering at a local senior's home - I speak with this person at times who know me to a reasonable level, but not as close as the professors mentioned above. I'm not sure if there is any value in the fact that the person is a Senator. 5. Former employer who know me quite well (I worked there for 3 years). I am hesitant about this as this may be a bit too unrelated to the field of medicine. 6. My grad studies supervisor and head of engineering department: I did some research under him and he knows me very well and he would probably write the best reference in this list, but this was a long time ago (5 years ago), and again, not related to medicine. 7. Community Volunteer Coordinator from Canadian Blood Services: She told me she would write a reference, but I'm unsure of how well she would know me as the volunteers work at the clinics and she works in her office (so interaction is rare). I worked there for the past few months but I rarely get to see her. If I get a reference, I feel as though it would be quite generic. Currently I am thinking of 1, 3, and 5. Thanks for reading and help in advance. All helpful comments are greatly appreciated.
  6. For OMSAS and AMCASS, how does the uploading process for letters of recommendation work? Do references upload one letter for all of the schools to see, or do they upload a separate letter for each school? I ask because this year I am planing to apply to a large number of med schools (almost 20) through both OMSAS and AMCAS and will soon be asking for letters of recommendation. Should I tell my references to include the name of the med school in the letter? For example: "I am writing this letter to support (insert my name here) in applying to (insert med school name here)." Is including the name of the med school in the letter something that referees typically do, or do they just leave it generic and use the exact same letter for every school? Please include an answer for both OMSAS and AMCAS
  7. Hi everyone! Given that we have 2 referees, I was wondering if we should try to diversify i.e. have one referee from employment, 1 from volunteer. Or should both referees be of professional status such as a professor or physician status. Second, similar to a question posted earlier, but specifically, if you are holding a VP status in a student group let's say and the president is currently unavailable to give you a reference (moved out of the country/busy with other things) would it be acceptable to ask another VP to be your referee? Thanks guys
  8. Hi everyone, This is mostly out of curiosity...what do medical schools ask when they contact my referees? Do they ask any personal questions or are they more general "how many hours has the individual contributed etc"? If you're not extremely close with your referees (personal level), but have only worked with them for a significant amount of time is that acceptable for a referee? Thanks guys!
  9. Hi guys, Im wondering after the process of submitting our referees on the ORPAS online application. I know most if not all of the Ontario PT schools are only looking for two referees/references but I have a dilemma. I currently have three referees: #1) academic #2) professional #3)practical (someone from a health care setting such as a physiotherapist, or someone who supervised your work with people who have special needs) I am applying for Queens MScPT, which requires one academic and one 'practical' reference ( so want to use reference #1and #3). But then im also applying for UofT PT, which requires one academic and one professional reference ( want to use #1 and #2). My question is can I submit/register all three of my referees on the ORPAS application,and then have the option to choose which two of the three act as my referees for each school? Or does ORPAS not give this option and I have to narrow them down to registering only two, and those two are sent to all of the schools? Hopefully this question makes sense and thanks to everyone in advance!
  10. Hi, Everyone, I'm about to submit my application to Manitoba, I have several referees already wrote reference letters for me for this cycle to other MD schools. Which 3 should I choose for Manitoba? 1. A family friend of my parents, who knew me before I was born, who is a MD in USA and will write me a VERY good letter. 2. A TaeKwonDo assistant instructor will write me a VERY good letter who I learned TaeKwonDo in my university for 2 years, twice a week, 2 hours each course. 3. A hospital volunteering services administrator,I think will write me a good letter, where I volunteered for a year, 2 hours each week. 4. A Ph.D. candidate and an instructor of my social study course for a semester with A- and will write me a VERY good letter. 5. A biology professor and associate dean of department who I have a semester course with A, will write a good letter, I think. 6. A biochemistry professor who I have a semester course with A+, will write a good letter, I think. 7. A horse farm manager, where I worked last summer, two days each week, will write me a good letter, I think. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
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