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Found 24 results

  1. Hi! I'm looking for some advice on the confidential assessment form and choosing references for OMSAS. I'm a Quebec applicant and QC schools don't ask for reference forms/letters so I don't know too much about this. I saw on the OMSAS and Ontario med school websites that we're asked to provide one academic- or employment reference and one personal (non-academic) reference. I've been able to get a professor of mine and my research supervisor to be my academic references (they both know me pretty well). I've also asked my manager of 2 years (I work in retail) who I'm really close to to also be my reference, and I feel she's able to speak about my personal qualities as well as professional. My only concern is that my manager can fit in both categories (employment/personal-character) and I don't know how strict Ontario med schools are about the two categories of references and wouldn't want my application to get rejected for such a small technicality. If anyone can clear this up and let me know if my references are okay, it would be great! Also, are references for Ontario med schools part of the selection process (for example, McMaster is 32% GPA, 32% CARS, and 32% Casper) or are they used just to make sure the applicant is not a red flag? thanks
  2. Hi, I have a referee filling out the CAF (OMSAS reference form) and I need help with this one question on "are of improvement". Does anyone have good suggestions or examples of what profs usually put for that category? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thank you
  3. Hey guys, I really need some help with the following: I had a prof filling out the confidential assessment form for me. They did and OMSAS received it but the prof didn’t tell me they’ve completed it (I guess they don’t have to as I can see that they did). I will send a thank you note but should I ask them how it was? It’s confidential so I’m hesitating and feel like I should just leave it alone. Also, How bas is it to ask if they would be my reference next year if I apply again? And finally, referees are only filling out the CAF this year right? Thanks so much, I’m just really lost
  4. Hi! I recently asked a prof (by email) to write me a reference letter for my med school application. They agreed but also asked what aspects I wanted them to emphasize in the letter. It’s my first time applying and I have no clue what that means. I thought the prof would know better than me what to focus on (because they can tell what I’m good at?). I don’t want to say « i don’t know » because that sounds bad to me. Does anyone know how to respond to them? Any advice is greatly appreciated. —— Also, for the reference letter, do I just contact the referee through OMSAS (once they agree)? Is It an actual letter or just a form they have to fill in? Thanks!
  5. Hello Guys! I was wondering if someone could helped me regarding letters of recommendation. I volunteered for a doctor who is also a professor and a research at sick kids and he asked me to write a draft for my letter of recommendation which is something I have never done before. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out. Also, Do you guys think is it okay to use outside sources as letter of recommendation rather than asking professor. For instance, I used to be a writer for a newspaper (health section specifically) at my university. Can I use that? I don't want to beg professor. I volunteered at developmental neuroscience lab and pediatric research lab at my university and both professors expect to do summer research with them to get the letter. Also, I am into clinical research and I feel discussing my work as health editor and volunteered with a doc will allow me to elaborate more. Please let me know what you guys think. Thank you.
  6. If I apply for both PT and OT programs, do I need 2 sets of letter of reference (2 LOR for PT program and another 2 LOR for OT program)? Thanks in advance.
  7. As a recent grad newly starting off in the professional world (~3 months in), I'm in a bit of an awkward situation with this year's medical school applications. My position is ongoing - full training for this position takes about a year. While I am not on any sort of contract, the unspoken expectation is that this is a long term position (at least 2-3 years?). As many schools ask you to have your direct supervisor/boss listed as a verifier for paid job positions, I'm wondering what options I have here. Would it be too much of a stretch to list a senior coworker who is involved in training me (and more sympathetic to my situation) rather than my supervisor, as doing so could possibly compromise my work environment/relationships? I was not completely forthcoming during the interview process about my future plans (as they were not concrete - I was considering skipping an application cycle) and if I am not accepted this year (or perhaps ever..), I hope to continue working at this job. Any advice?
  8. Hi, I have 1 solid academic reference (PI in my lab), 1 solid volunteer reference (my supervisor for 4 years at volunteer position) and am trying to choose my 3rd. I worked in a really unique and interesting job throughout the summers of 2013 and 2014. My former boss really liked me and I am certain he would write me a very strong letter. However, I am concerned that since it has been 3 years since I've worked for him, the reference would be considered weak (or in the worst case, would be deemed ineligible). I have a few other choices I could use but none of them know me that well and I don't know for sure whether they would write me a strong letter. Do you think it is risky to use my former boss or am I worrying for nothing? I've called the medical schools directly but they've all been very vague and have not really answered my question. Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  9. Hi guys! So to get straight to the point: I've never become buddy buddy or best friends with a prof. Sure there's profs I've sat near the front for or talked to a bunch of times after class, or had convo with them in a lab setting etc. But I don't think there's any profs that will have remembered me fully by name or have amazing things to say about things I've done. However, for a lab course, there is a TA that supervised two of my research projects in the course and I had a great relationship with. With the prof, I've known her for 2 years but I fear the letter would be very general (with maybe a few specific points), if they're writing many med school letters (which they likely are) I doubt I am the person they most want to succeed. With the TA, I think the letter would be more specific and hopefully more positive as I believe she genuinely liked me and we were friends in the lab course, but I've known only her half a year and they're a masters student. So, What's the say about having a TA as your academic reference rather than a prof? Pros/Cons? Which should I go with?
  10. Hi, When you type in your referee information, there is an area that says personal comments (750 characters). How important is this? Is it considered as important for any of the schools?
  11. Hey all! The person I was hoping to get my character reference from was asking like what kind of things are expected, or if I could give him some sort of outline as to what areas need to be talked about. And I was wondering, what exactly is stuff you should include for a successful character reference letter? Is there anything they look for or like 'key words' to add in? Any info would be helpful! i.e. formatting the letter, what areas he should discuss, specific characteristics or things to include, etc.??
  12. Hi all, Does anyone know what is the format for OMSAS references (formal letter or a set of questions)?
  13. Hey all! The person I was hoping to get my character reference from was asking like what kind of things are expected, or if I could give him some sort of outline as to what areas need to be talked about. And I was wondering, what exactly is stuff you should include for a successful character reference letter? Is there anything they look for or like 'key words' to add in? Any info would be helpful! i.e. formatting the letter, what areas he should discuss, specific characteristics or things to include, etc.??
  14. Will there be a message confirming submission of letters by your referees on OMSAS?
  15. Hi all, What are your thoughts on having one of my referees be a coordinator for a volunteer activity I am currently enrolled in and have put in about 50 hours for? I would assume it is more ideal to have a referee that has a greater scope of understanding of my community involvement and other activities, but this referee would only really be able to speak to this volunteer activity solely. My other two referees are academics and I could have a third academic who can vouch for my academic endeavors and very minimally touch on my community involvement, or I can have this volunteer coordinator possibly speak extensively about this one activity and my involvement in it. I feel that since I already have two strong academic referees, the third referee should touch on my community/volunteer involvement, even if it just one activity. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi everyone I'm immensely unsure who to select as my second reference and I know this section carries considerable weight for interviews and offers. My first referee is my supervisor in a health care setting, where she's known me for two years and seen me progress from a Hospital Patient Attendant to a licensed and practicing PSW, and i feel confident she could write great things about my professional and personal qualities. For the final reference, I've got two referees to choose between, both with strengths and weaknesses in the sense of how they know me and how current the reference would be. Referee "A" was a professor I knew well in two advanced 4th year courses, I scored top marks in my class for one of them, doing very well in both. However this was roughly 3 years ago. The following is an excerpt from a reference letter she wrote for me previously. "Overall, (Name) was a very motivated, rigorous, conscientious and hard working student. During both courses (Name) has been one of the most engaged students, asking questions and participating in class discussions. He appears as a mature person with good work ethics. He is also very enthusiastic and good-natured, and seems to be a very active and involved person, interested in various things." She also mentions a fair bit how I led the class in discussions and also demonstrated leadership in project groups. Referee "B" is my volunteer supervisor at Habitat for Humanity, where I volunteer primarily. We have a solid professional relationship from my two years working there. I know he could speak to my dependability, adaptability, maturity, attitudes towards society etc. Most of what i do is help collect donations of furniture or building supplies by loading it onto trucks to be re-sold to help fund build projects for the unfortunate (which i participated in on a few occasions). I know I'm closer to this referee than Referee "A", and also this referee is much more current since it's been 3 years since I've met with Referee "A". I guess what it boils down to is whether a previous, but more academically oriented person would be more or less desirable as a referee than a current volunteer supervisor who knows me more and routinely sees what I do. I get that sense that MUN favors well-rounded applicants, which I hope I am, but I know on the website they indicate preference for academic referees. I promise in my writing I don't mean to sound self-absorbed or boastful (I really hate writing about myself haha), i just mean to try and draw out whatever qualities i think MUN would see on my application. Any advice is very very much appreciated as it will be my first application to MUN. I can provide more background info on me or my references if that would help too. Thank you!
  17. The uOttawa med site isn't totally clear on this - if you are currently completing a MSc or PhD, does one of your three referees HAVE TO be your current graduate supervisor? Thanks, DrTO
  18. Hi, So say I had the opportunity to spend the summer doing research, but the PI just happens to be married to a distant family member. UofT is really strict about family friends/family being references. Should I avoid using this reference even though they are no where near being an immediate family member? Thanks!
  19. On OMSAS are you allowed to submit you letters of reference after you submit your application? I know you can do this for AAMC (AMCAS). It's so I can still submit my application as early as possible even if I don't have all my letters yet.
  20. For OMSAS and AMCASS, how does the uploading process for letters of recommendation work? Do references upload one letter for all of the schools to see, or do they upload a separate letter for each school? I ask because this year I am planing to apply to a large number of med schools (almost 20) through both OMSAS and AMCAS and will soon be asking for letters of recommendation. Should I tell my references to include the name of the med school in the letter? For example: "I am writing this letter to support (insert my name here) in applying to (insert med school name here)." Is including the name of the med school in the letter something that referees typically do, or do they just leave it generic and use the exact same letter for every school? Please include an answer for both OMSAS and AMCAS
  21. Long story here but I'm in serious need of advice so please give it a read. My first year I was a directionless student finishing with poor grades. Early second year I decided to work towards a future in medicine and improved my grades considerably. Took my MCAT after second year and got PS 12 VR 10 BS 14. Moving forward I really picked it up in my third year. My fourth year was marred by some fairly serious personal issues and my marks fell in between those of my second and third year marks. My first application cycle I only applied to Ontario schools and received an interview at Queen’s. I was waitlisted and was never taken off the list. Since graduating, I reapplied and took on some new ECs but didn’t return to school. I applied to Ontario schools again, and added dal, and memorial to the list. I got no interviews outside of Ontario and long story short was informed that OMSAS never got one of my reference letters even though I had confirmations from out of province schools that the same letter had been received. I got a new reference in asap but was informed by most Ontario schools that it was too late (it was after the deadline). Queens told me my new letter had been attached to my application but couldn't confirm that my application would be valid for this cycle. I have received rejections from every Ontario school so far except for U of T who had assured me that my application would not be considered. So as of now I am out of luck and extremely unsure of how to proceed. Let me summarize my relevant information: MCAT: PS-12/VR-10/BS-14 (written in July 2012) First Application (September 2013) GPA: 3.677/4.0 wGPA (Queens): 3.805/4.0 wGPA (Toronto): 3.888/4.0 wGPA (Ottawa): 3.758/4.0 ECs: Provincial athlete until 2nd year and intramural sports. Executive for large university charity organization. Volunteer tutoring for Aboriginal students society. Professional teaching (GChem portion of MCAT course for the Princeton Review). Various customer service jobs. Shadowed a family doctor in August 2012. Applied to Ontario Schools. Very late rejection from Toronto. Interviewed at Queens then waitlisted. Second Application (September 2014) GPA: 3.7/4.0 wGPA (Queens): 3.840/4.0 wGPA (Toronto): 3.875/4.0 wGPA (Ottawa): 3.763/4.0 ECs: (In addition to everything the previous year). Clinical volunteer work at Princess Margaret Hospital. Volunteer research assistant at Baycrest Hospital. Professional tutoring. Men’s league athletics. Applied to Ontario Schools, dal, and memorial. Although references were confirmed by out of province schools, OMSAS did not receive one of my references and a new reference was submitted after the deadline. No interviews. Now I am extremely conflicted. I don’t know if the lack of positive responses from Ontario can be attributed to the situation with the reference letter or to my merit as an applicant. I do not know if I should keep working to significantly improve my EC’s or if I should pursue some sort of graduate work (I’ve found some programs with open applications for this fall). I also don’t know if I should be thinking about rewriting my MCAT in order to become eligible at western, calgary, and alberta. The way I see it I have two options. I can apply for grad work right now (there is a 16 month program I am considering, which is not research based). Or I could continue with my various volunteer roles, add even more ECs to them, and then apply to med schools and grad programs for 2016 admission. Basically I am asking which path you think I should take and whether or not you think I should rewrite my MCAT. I don’t have a ton of interest in the masters, but worry that I need it. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions so please let me know what you think! And please feel free to ask any questions.
  22. Hi, Everyone, I'm about to submit my application to Manitoba, I have several referees already wrote reference letters for me for this cycle to other MD schools. Which 3 should I choose for Manitoba? 1. A family friend of my parents, who knew me before I was born, who is a MD in USA and will write me a VERY good letter. 2. A TaeKwonDo assistant instructor will write me a VERY good letter who I learned TaeKwonDo in my university for 2 years, twice a week, 2 hours each course. 3. A hospital volunteering services administrator,I think will write me a good letter, where I volunteered for a year, 2 hours each week. 4. A Ph.D. candidate and an instructor of my social study course for a semester with A- and will write me a VERY good letter. 5. A biology professor and associate dean of department who I have a semester course with A, will write a good letter, I think. 6. A biochemistry professor who I have a semester course with A+, will write a good letter, I think. 7. A horse farm manager, where I worked last summer, two days each week, will write me a good letter, I think. Any feedback is welcome. Thanks.
  23. Hey! Just had a quick question and wanted to get some opinions. One of my referees contacted me and was stuck on writing about my weaknesses. They asked me if I could help out on this. What should I say? Do they HAVE to write about your weaknesses? Thanks!!!
  24. Hey folks, I have a few questions regarding the selection of referees, particularly the character/non-academic reference, for McMaster and NOSM (although insight on how any of the Ontario schools evaluate referees is welcome). Some of these q's have been pseudo-answered on the board but please let me know if you guys have any suggestions for my specific situation (or post a link if any of these can be answered on another thread). Apologies in advance for the lengthy post! A bit of background: I just finished my second UG degree and feel confident with my main academic referee. For the character reference however, I'm a little concerned about who I should select. My high school guidance counsellor, who supervised me in numerous activities in HS, and knows me relatively well, was the first person I thought of to write the character LOR. I've contacted him already, (but haven't put his name in the system yet) and I'm confident that this would be a strong LOR and that he could comment on my character/personal development from high school up to now (range of 10 years). However, as I'm a Non-trad and in my mid-twenties age wise, i'm wondering how Mac, NOSM and the rest of the Ontario schools would judge a LOR coming from someone who supervised activities I was associated with in HS (ie. 10 years ago). I was under the impression that DEPTH/Length of the referee knowing you would be a good thing, especially if he can comment on my development from HS until my 2nd degree completion. But after speaking to a couple of friends in the med field, it's come to my attention that having a referee from my HS days and being an older applicant may actually look bad (because I've been out of HS for so long, and should therefore have a character referee from a more recent experience), and that instead I should get a referee from an employer/volunteer setting. Although I could ask for referees from an employer/volunteer position, I don't think they could write a LOR as strong as my HS supervisor. The gist (or..MAPing ) of this question is: will a character referee from my high school days, with the position title along the lines of "Former High School Guidance Counsellor/Supervisor" on my online application be a hindrance to my app, even though this ref would likely write a stronger LOR than my employers (most of which would be summer employers, thus less depth/shorter time knowing me)? Or should I stick to asking an employer who knew me for a shorter amount of time but is from a more recent experience? Thanks!
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