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Found 23 results

  1. Bonjour, Je suis présentement en 4ᵉ année du secondaire en mathématiques SN (séquence naturelle) avec l'année prochaine les cours de chimie et de physique. Au cégep, J'aimerais entrer dans le programme de sciences de la nature, idéalement au Collège de Maisonneuve qui offre un parcours enrichi. J'aimerais connaître les moyennes requises, notamment en mathématiques et en sciences (chimie et physique) pour y être admis. Évidemment, je ne m'attends pas à avoir comme réponse une moyenne précise et concrète à partir de laquelle ont est admis ou l'on ne l'est pas; je sais qu'il y a plusieurs autres facteurs qui entrent en compte. Cest pour ça que je ne souhaite avoir qu'une approximation de la moyenne requise. Faut-il par exemple simplement passer avec plus de 60% ou faut-il avoir des résultats atteignant les 90% et plus? Si d'une façon ou d'une autre vous connaissez la réponse ou que vous êtes (ou avez été) vous-même un(e) étudiant(e) (pas forcément de Maisonneuve) de ce programme et que vous vous souvenez à peu près des moyennes que vous aviez obtenues en 4ᵉ et 5ᵉ années du secondaire en mathématiques SN et en sciences (chimie et physisque), je serais intéressé à les connaître pour me faire une idée du niveau requis pour enter dans le programme de sciences de la nature. Merci.
  2. Hi, I am a high school student who wants to go to med school (yes, I know how corny this sounds), and I LIKE BOTH OF THESE COURSES EQUALLY and can't choose between them. So, I would like to know which course is easier to get a high GPA in, while also having time for ECs and completing prerequisites for med school. I have heard that in health sci you have to take med prerequisites as your electives (is that a hassle?), and you might not be as prepared for the MCAT as a biomed student (is this true?). Also, I have heard that biomedical science is harder, so to make it easier you can take health science electives. Out of both of these routes which one is better.
  3. I’m worried that I won’t get into university, I want to got to Queen’s science program and to get in the average is 82+ and right now with my first semester marks my average is an 86, I had to redo advanced functions and I had a 57 in that course and ended up with a 90 after, I got an 87 in bio, and 80 in English. Second semester I have calculus, chemistry, kinesiology. I’m hoping to get 80-83 in calc 93 in chem and 96-97 in kinesiology. Has anyone gotten into Queen’s science program yet? And if so what was your average? Can I get in? I’m really worried that I won’t!! Thank you!
  4. Hello people of the forum! I was just curious to know if all Bachelor of Science degrees are viewed as equal by medical schools. I'm in Medical Science but, wouldn't say it really interest me that much as its mostly pure sciences. I've been browsing other programs and whether its marine biology, pharmacology, or enviormental science, they all seem to fall under "bachelor of science". Does that inheritly mean these degrees are basically the same? Alternatively from a (HIGH GPA) perspective, if they are all the same why would anyone pick MedSci over something easier like enviormental science? Love to get your thoughts on this. Cheers, Victor
  5. Hi, I'm currently in my 3rd year of an undergraduate science degree, and I am having trouble with my study techniques. The majority of my classes are heavily information based powerpoint style lectures with many facts and concepts (immunology, pharmacology, biochem, etc). I have always written out entire lectures straight from the powerpoint onto looseleaf after class and it is extremely time consuming. I feel like I am spending more time writing out lectures than actually "studying". It is now becoming way too time consuming and when exams come around I spend the time that I would be normally writing out lectures, studying and rereading notes, which puts me even further behind. In high school I never really studied except for my mom quizzing me the night before (funny I know, but god bless her as I finished 2nd in my graduating class) and I always did well. Does anyone find re reading ppt slides to be just effective and more efficient than writing them out. Any input would be helpful!!
  6. Hi all! I have a question about the science prerequisites for McGill. I will be applying this coming year (for Fall 2019 admission) and I'm trying to get all the prerequisites completed. I will, however, only be able to take the second physics course next winter term (i.e. winter 2019) and I was wondering if that means I'm ineligible to apply? I know by then they will have sent invites for the interview. Since I will be enrolled in the course at the time, does that mean I can't even apply? Or is there a way they give conditional offers? Thank you!!
  7. What company has the best science prep (ie. most representative passages) for C/P and Bio section? I'd like to purchase their workbooks. I used to have TPR materials, but it expired and I can't afford to get them back (as it's going to cost over 2k!). Any advice will help. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hello everyone! I am re-applying into Pharmacy this year here at the University of Saskatchewan. I don't have the strongest GPA so I'm counting on doing exceptional on the Test of Critical Skills/Personal Profile. If anyone has any tips or resources on how to prepare for the TOCS/PP, please do share! We can also use this to discuss anything related to the College of Pharmacy at the University of Saskatchewan.
  9. Hi everyone, I have been questioning my CEGEP choices recently. I will be a secondary 5 in September, so cégep is approaching very fast. To be honest, I've been looking at cégeps and universities since 6th grade, but I never settled on a cégep. I want to get into honours sciences, more specifically honours health science. Then, I’d like to pursue a career in medicine and for that I will need an R code of 35 and higher. Short academic description : My average is about 91% (not full potential at all : I’m always last minute, I gave up on homework, etc.) in secondary 4 so far (we haven't gotten our final grades yet, it’s probably going to be different then). The thing is, I'm conflicted because I don't know whether I should choose an English CÉGEP or French CEGEP. I go to a French IB school with enriched English courses, in which I have a 92% average. I'm more fluent in French than I am in English, but my strength in both languages is writing. I’m letting you know this because I heard that most works in cégep are written ones. English language choices : My ideal CÉGEP in terms of size, classes and programs is John Abbott, but it’s way too far from my place (1h20+), it's too bad Dawson cégep is super close to my place (10-15min), very accessible, it has a first choice program and it's a good cégep. However, I find that it has way too many students, which will make the student-teacher relationship more difficult I think. It's also a huge cégep, which makes makes me think it will have more strong students. Then comes Vanier college. It’s 45 minutes away from my place, just like my current high school. It’s not the best cégep, but it's not the worst one either. Also, it has a honours health science program. However I don't know if it’s an advantageous cégep for a high R code. Also too many people from my current high school are going there and that throws me off. --------------------------------------------------------------- For French cégeps, I have BdeB, which seems like a really good cégep, but a very competitive one too. It's also kinda far from my place (+- 1h). My ideal CÉGEP would be Brébeuf, but I can't afford it :(. Then there's Maisonneuve, which I only heard of recently. People say it's a good cégep for sciences but I don't know what to think about that. I haven't heard a lot of positive things about this cégep. It's an hour away from my place too. Which cégep should I choose ? There's the whole English French dilemma. I'm mostly worried about the literature course and the humanities course. Do you know if it was hard for French high school students to adapt to English language classes, especially humanities ? Was writing essays hard ? I don't know. I'm sorry if these questions are bothersome. Thank you for reading this and if you have any answer for me please let me know. P.-S.: I don't know if this is important, but I am planning on pursuing my studies in English, at UofT, McGill or a foreign uni.
  10. I am student who has just finished second year and would like to keep the possibility of a Masters in mind. I am doing 110% to get into Med school after Undegrad, but understand that not everyone gets in the first time around. However, I am completely lost on where to start. Do I approach professors personally and start volunteering/ working for them if I am really interested in their research? Or is it more of a set path, in which I apply for a certain Masters program (similar to Undergrad). I am guessing it varies across different universities? Any help would be great!
  11. Hi there, I am a grade 11 honours/AP student who has a passion for sciences and medicine. Recently I've been browsing these forms and I've seen that this site is generally a good place to gain advice from former students about University and post graduate endeavours, so I thought, 'hey, why not give it a try'. I am here to ask if anyone knows of any successful and fulfilling (financial and personally fulfilling) fields to go into after an undergraduate program such as Biomedical Sciences, Health Sciences and/or Biochemistry. I am also open to taking/planning on attending graduate school after undergrad if needed. I, of course, know that I can go to medical school and become a doctor (which in and of itself features a wide variety of specialities). However, I want to keep my options open. I really enjoy biology, chemistry and mathematics. I also love researching and working hands on in labs to find solutions to problems (so I looked into working in a hospital laboratory but the income wasn't too appealing). I just feel like the only medical career that will allow someone to be fulfilled (and financially successful), is a doctor [re-reading that statement I realize that it makes me seem very closed minded, which is why I need help]. Hopefully someone on here can shed some light on careers that are often over looked when choosing a career in Science and Medicine. Thank you for your help.
  12. Salut, je change de bac cette annee pour art et science pour monter mon gpa, quel cour sont plus facile pour avoir des A+ ? Merci
  13. Salut, je change de bac cette annee pour art et science pour monter mon gpa, quel cour sont plus facile pour avoir des A+ ?? Merci
  14. Bonjour, Je suis un étudiant qui va commencer son Mineur en art et science la session prochaine. J'ai une cote r de 24 et je voudrais savoir si c'est envisageable de changer pour un programme de microbiologie ou de kinésiologie après un ans. Puis éventuellement changer en DMD après. Merci
  15. Hey guys! I'm currently in the process of planning my courses for my first year at Queen's. Since I'm considering to major or specialize in life sciences later on, I already know that I'll be talking CHEM 112, BIOL 102/103, MATH 121, and PHYS 117. I have space for an elective. I'm thinking about PSYC 100, which I heard is a very popular choice, plus I really enjoy studying psychology. However, I would like to apply to medical schools in the future, so I don't know if it would be a better idea to take English during first year to fill that specific prerequisite and not have to worry about it later on? Or is it common for people to take in the summer, since it's probably a challenge to get a high mark in English? The other elective that I'm also considering is French. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me! Thank you!
  16. For those who have studied or are studying science at Queen's, can you share your experiences about your program?
  17. Hello, Would anyone happen to know how much the content varies yearly in the MCAT review books? I'm planning on writing my MCAT next year, but I'd like to buy prep books (Kaplan 2015) now to start reviewing; is that alright or would I be better off waiting for the 2016 review? Thanks in advance.
  18. Hello Everyone, This is my first post here although I have read through many of the posts and have appreciated all of the great advice and insight so many of you have to offer. I applied to University for the first time this year and got wait-listed .....Reason being basically because I applied really late (Past deadlines). I suppose there is still some hope but lets be realistic here. I am currently on the waiting list for a Bachelor of Arts program in Sociology at Ryerson. My plan is to apply to Medical school and I have a few questions as to which route I should take to insure the best chances of getting in. My high school grades were not great (85 avg.), because I really didn't try and I didn't have a goal. I actually took some time off between high scool and applying to University because my mom has been very sick and we have been in and out of hospitals (a total of 9 admissions) over the past year. I pretty much care for her full time and I spend SO much time in the hospitals I finally realised what I am interested in and it is Medicine. I don't have the prereq's to go straight into a Bsc program and since most Ontario Med. Schools dont require a science degree I didn't think it was a big deal until recently when I started looking at med schools in other provinces and the US. SO I gather these are my options: A. If I do happen to get in for this fall, go into the Sociology program and take science courses as electives (which I think I can do at Ryerson, because I looked at the course calender and course tables ect.). If I do this I am pretty sure I could get a really high GPA. Plus, taking the science courses as electives will help me to prepare for the MCAT. Even if I dont get in this fall I can take pretty much the equivalent courses I would need for first year through Ryerson's Chang School and since I am pretty confident I can get a high GPA I will likely be able to get in for fall 2016 "Advance Standing", which is essentially year 2. However, if I take this route I will likely not have enough science credits to fulfill US med school requirements.... B. Spend this year taking taking the prereq. science courses through Ryerson Chang school then apply for either Biology or Biomedical Sciences for fall 2016. I got 90's in Grade 11 biology but I know it will be really challenging for me in chem. and math....So I am not as confident in how high of a GPA I can achieve in this program and I want to have a 4.0 GPA to apply to med. school. I also will lose a whole year because most of the intro. science/math/chem courses that Chang. school offers will not transfer over to a Bsc degree program, or at least not as much as I would get in a social science degree. Does anyone have any advice as to which route I should take? There are some med. schools in Ontario that only require 3 years of undergrad. does that mean I would apply at the end of my second year/beginning of third year?
  19. Does anyone have any advice on how to answer MCAT science based passages? They are so lengthy filled with crazy scientific vocabulary and I am really struggling with answering them. Any techniques or methods that anyone could share? Thanks
  20. Hey there, does anyone know if UBC uses all your credits from the winter session to determine if you have 90%+ for the Science Scholar designation or if they use the top 27 credits like for the Trek Excellence Scholarship? Also if you have like 89.7% counting all credits, would they bump that up to 90%? Any help is appreciated!
  21. First post here! I am finishing a bachelor of science in Kinesiology, BUT, the degree is within the faculty of education. Logically, I thought that Kinesiology courses would be science, but its not in the faculty of science. This is also a completely different degree to recreation and health education, which is also at our school, where students would take a bunch of sport courses like "Badminton" and they receive a bachelor of arts. In Kinesiology, we take cellular physiology, systemic physiology, exercise physiology, motor learning, motor control, functional anatomy, etc. In addition, it is a requirement to get into the Kinesiology program through completion of a year of chemistry, year of biology, and half a year of physics. So, if I were to get LORs from professors in Kinesiology, would this count towards the science letters since it is obviously science-intensive and is a bachelor of science, despite being in the faculty of education?
  22. I am kind of at the cross road with where the heck I should aim my course selections for graduate studies. I am doing a biology degree with a minor in neuro at the moment. I heard molecular biology has a lot of flexibility and a good salary. Does anybody have insight on good science fields to get into?
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