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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! I'm debating whether if I should take the MCAT this summer (I just finished my first year of undergrad). My reasons are: 1) I'm mostly free during this summer and I'm not planning on taking any summer courses (since I have credits from AP). 2) I have a research position at a lab and currently part of a project (spending at least 30+ hours a week) and I don't think this will take most of my time during the summer. 3) I'm planning on using the MCAT for preparation for my second year courses. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The reasons why I'm not going ahead with this at the moment is because I heard: a) It's way too early for me to take the MCAT + it'll be an absolute waste of my time to spend the summer studying for it because by next year I'll with a more concrete understanding of ochem, biochem, etc to study for it. b) It will lower my gpa?? (saw multiple comments alluding to this but I really don't see how studying for the MCAT earlier over the summer will impede me from doing better in second year courses). c) I can be doing paid work (paid work as in like an internship or a job where your work is impactful to the community). ---- I can see how this is a better use of my time, but I am 100% sure I don't have any chance in getting into an internship because I'm pretty sure the deadline for most was in January. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN SUMMARY, I want to study for the MCAT to prepare for my second year courses since I'm not doing anything special this summer and I don't know if this is a smart idea. Thoughts?
  2. Subletting my place at prime location in downtown Toronto. Have your own private bachelor apartment (kitchen, full bath, storage room), furnished. 1800/month, subletting from mid June-mid-August. 10-15 min walk from all downtown hospitals. Start date negotiable, PM me if interested!
  3. I applied for research positions in the summer and I still haven't received any updates. I went in for interviews to a couple of places. I recently emailed the researchers and was told I would be contacted shortly with updates. I still haven't received a reply. Do you think it's good news or bad news?
  4. For the University of Ottawa Med, their website says this, The equivalent of two full-year courses (or four semester courses) of the following Chemistry courses: i) General Biochemistry with or without laboratory session; ii) General Chemistry with laboratory session; iii) Organic Chemistry with laboratory session. Does it mean I need 2 full year credits from any of the three (e.g. 1.0 general, 1.0 organic), or 2 full year credits from all 3 (e.g. 1.0 General, 0.5 biochem, 0.5 orgo)? I'm asking this because I have 1 full year chemistry credit already and was wondering if I should take 0.5 distance studies Biochem credit during the summer (which I dont think has a lab) and then a half course some other time or 2 x 0.5 organic chemistry summer credits with labs. Also, what is Ottawa Med policy on summer courses? On their website, it says that "Marks obtained on supplementary courses taken outside the usual academic session or during a summer session will not be included in the WGPA calculation". Since chemistry is one of their pre-reqs, does that mean a summer chem course will count towards their wGPA? My program does not require chemistry so I wanted to plan carefully so I don't need to take any unnecessary L's. Recommendations/tips also much appreciated.
  5. Hey! Does anyone know which Ontario (or Canadian) medical schools take into consideration summer thesis credits and which ones do not? For example, for Queen's, my understanding is that it is only counted towards cGPA, not 2YGPA. Is this also the case for other schools? Thanks in advance.
  6. I didn't take any English courses during my undergrad, because I figured it would tank my GPA for that year (I really really suck at writing essays). However, I didn't get any interviews this round, so I'm looking at applying to pharmacy & optometry schools along with my second round of med applications this year. Unfortunately, these programs all require English Does anyone have a good recommendation (or a grade distribution!) for a first year level English summer course? I've looked into Queen's, but the grade distribution for the past 2 summers has been very discouraging. Thanks!
  7. Anyone here by chance taking the bio 235 at Athabaca the coming summer? Plan on taking it and just wanted to get a study group of some sort going so we can all help each other out
  8. Hi, Just wondering what sections I should include a summer studentship like the NSERC USRA? I was thinking of including it in the 1. employment section to talk about my work experience in the lab/duties, 2. to include it in the awards section to talk about the award and the necessary qualifications/competition involved, and 3. to include it in the research section to specifically talk about what my research was about. Is it okay to mention it in all 3 sections (I will be discussing different pieces of info in each section)? What do you all think? Thanks for the help!!
  9. Okay so I don't know who to talk to about this... I'm currently in my second year of medschool and I have 3 years left until graduation. Now my parents dont really have much money so I'm paying for everything on my own using student loans from the government and the credit line offered to medstudents. The fact that Im accumulating debt makes me feel really uneasy, but I was always able to deal with it by telling myself that I have no choice, its all essential expenses and its okay. I have to live somewhere! I need food to live! But its summer now and there's also the question of time... This is one of my last summers before residency and all that follows. I realize I only have 2 summers left including this one. And I want to travel, I want to travel more than anything... It makes me so incredibly happy. But that means adding more money to the debt and it makes me sososo anxious. Travelling isnt cheap! It actually costs almost as much as a semester here (Quebec). Im so conflicted, What is the right thing to do here?? I know how precious this time is, but Im still so afraid to spend money I dont have right now. Any helpful advice? What do you guys think?
  10. Hey guys, For those of you who have applied to the IMS SURP scholarships in the past, approximately when did you hear back from them? Thanks
  11. Hello! I am a first year pharmacy student and I came across the undergraduate summer research program at the Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Toronto. I was hoping there would be someone here who has participated in this program and could tell me about their experience. I have already gotten in touch with the supervisor I am interested in working with but any other tips on the application process? Letter of intent? How was the research experience?
  12. Hi guys, I don't know what I should do this summer so I'm looking for a little bit of guidance. Stats: -going into 5th year -did MCAT last summer while working (11/10/9) and a worse mcat before that with a summer off - gpa is sitting right now ~3.45. Should be near ~3.5 next year graduation (best/last two year gpa will be ~3.9, but this will only make me competitive for application after I graduate so I'd need a year off) - 1 year research experience (no reference though), 3 years other research experience (well known study, but mostly an administrative position) - 2-3 really strong academic references - average volunteering - potential thesis pub but not taking that into account cause nothing is set in stone Basically, I've been offered two full-time research positions this summer and I've narrowed it down to one. This would be a good reference and it would help me expand into a research role. The work is policy related and seems kind of interesting. No mention of any publication potential but eh, I'm satisfied with the offer. Do I take 2.5 months off to study and do my mcat (and then work full time at current job), or do I accept the new jobs full time offer? I've done mcat with work before and I found it hard to focus. This is most likely my last attempt at writing and I want to give it my all. I think I'm capable of a pretty good score and I've gotten into a good academic mindset this year (mental health/family issues made grades suffer first few years of ugrad). I just feel guilty not taking the research position since my family is in the midst of a divorce and while finances aren't dire, I feel bad not being able to contribute a whole lot. I also have a long distance relationship and would like a week or two of freedom to travel. Basically, I'd like to get into some sort of program right after my fifth year. I've taken my LSAT and will be applying to law, will be looking into grad school, and I'd love to be a good candidate for med school. I think doing well on my mcat gives me a better chance than a new reference. However, I'm afraid that I won't have any chance of getting into medical school until after my graduation so that all of my fifth year marks can be taken into consideration. I understand this, but I'm not sure if I'm happy about a year off after I graduate. I feel as if I'm delaying everything. Plus, if I do wait a year with the intention of getting into med and then don't get it, I'll regret just not going into grad school/law school right way. Should I do a course-based masters during that year off? Again, not financially sound and I don't know how much of an advantage it gives me. Studying for my MCAT while doing this is also not a great option. Going abroad to study is not feasible given my financial situation. I may give cheaper US MD/DO schools a shot this round but I feel as if I'll be late in the process with a late mcat and that it'll be a waste of application money. I'm really scatter-brained. Does anyone even have a career before 30? Even law school is so long. Why did I not go abroad immediately I don't care much about living in Canada. tl;dr: work this summer or take mcat? do fifth year and wait year(s) and then apply until I get in, or go into another program (i.e. law) and stick to that? DO I PURSUE MEDICINE AT ALL? Thanks for parsing through this.
  13. Hello, everyone. So I've just finished my second year of my undergrad. I want to retake three courses in the summer because my school's retake policy is that they replace your first grade with whatever grade you received after the retake (even if it's worse). Now I'm aware that most med schools don't look at summer courses, especially for GPA considerations. I want to retake these courses for my GPA for graduation—I want to graduate with a 90% average, and this is pretty much impossible unless I get rid of some of my lowest grades. So what I'm saying is, I want to retake these three courses during the summer to boost my GPA, but not for med school requirements, just for graduation purposes. What I'm wondering is, do med schools see courses you take during the summer, even if they don't consider them in GPA calculation? And if they do see them, do they think badly of retaken courses in the summer? The courses I'm planning on retaking are: Stats, Anatomy, and Biomolecules (Biochem). I've seen a lot of posts about retakes, and summer courses but not about retaking courses in the summer! Thanks guys!
  14. Hello! I will be working at RGN in May through August. I am looking for a summer residence that is within a 10 minute walk or so to the uOttawa medical school campus. I will be continuing on with completing a research project the following academic term at RGN, and would consider extending my renting period from September-April. However, the main focus right now is getting a spot for the summer months. If you have a place you are trying to sublet over the summer months, please let me know! The room can be furnished or unfurnished. My email is joe_marquis10@hotmail.com Thank you!
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