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Found 120 results

  1. Hi everyone, Thought it may be helpful to start a thread for prospective UBC PharmD students applying to start the program in September 2019. The application deadline is January 15, 2019. More info can be found on: https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/programs/entry-practice-pharmd-degree If you have any questions/comments/discussion, please post below!
  2. Hey guys, I really need some thoughts here. I am a second year UBC premed currently work 5-10 hours at Sportchek on the weekend as a sales person. Will this be a ok EC? The job really brushed up my customer service skills and multi-tasking ( prioritizing customers when the store gets busy, etc) and will this experience look good on the application? Thank you in advance!
  3. Hi there! I know shadowing is a really common thing to do in the States, but I was wondering if it’s important for Canadians applying in Canada? I know it’s pretty much banned in BC, so I would hope that they don’t expect applicants to go against the rules to get shadowing. Any insight on this? Thanks!
  4. RichardUnderwoodMTB

    Vancouver vs Toronto vs Edmonton???

    What's up people, I know this forum has people from all over Canada and just wanted some opinions on these cities. What are the best / worst things about each. Also some specifics: Cost of living, people/social life, proximity to activities/other cities, enviorment/nature, climate, highlights (parks, resorts, resturants), job oppourtunities, etc. Anything relavent to the living experience. Would love to be in close proximety to both parks and downtown. Love to get away from work and go have a bite to eat and then go hiking. Big fan of nature & nightlife too. Would love any input (even on cities not mentioned here!) would like to get a grasp on the different cities in Canada. If any has an advantage in medical oppourtunities that would be great too, ie: big hospitals, research, etc (from what I gather: vancouver is really expensive and rains a lot but has really nice views, lakes, mountains. Calgary/Edmonton is really cold and is more of a small city pretty far from everything but also has nice mountain ranges but nightlife is questionable, Toronto is just a big city great nightlife but with really small parks uncomparable to the others). Cheers, Richard
  5. Congratulations to all those who received interviews! I was wondering if any had good online resources for both questions for the classic MMI and the written essay component. I know some of the Facebook groups have test bank questions, but I figured we could consolidate these questions into one location.
  6. Hi all, Anyone in the Northern Medical Program or interested in it? I live in North Vancouver and I go to Dalhousie (Halifax) and I don't have any experience living in a rural community, yet I really, really want to. Should I try and spend summers in a rural community working, volunteering or researching? Or am I wasting my time and money because I don't have a chance anyway? I know that big cities are not my thing and I want my career to be as rewarding as possible and rural communities are so desperate for doctors. I would love to help the doctor shortage up north by relocating there permanently after my MD. Has anyone been accepted? Where have you lived and what kind of experience do you have? Any other info on the program is helpful too :) Thank you!
  7. Hey guys and gals. As a pre-med from the east. Just wondering how many UBC med students are from ontario and not BC? I hear they have a really strong in province advantage and only let about 10% of students outside in. Love some insight on where you are all from! (I also gather you need higher marks to be accepted if you're a "foreigner" from outside BC?) Love the school but not sure how my chances are! Cheers, Richard
  8. Premed! Are you struggling with your medical school interviews? Have you been previously rejected after the medical school interviews? Do you want to turn your interview rejections into admissions? I get it. When I applied to medical school the first time around, I had 5 interviews, but was rejected by all 5 schools. Sad ad depressed, I was lost how to to turn that around. However, I came up with a specific approach to interviewing for medical schools. Using that same approach, I again had 5 interviews the following year. The difference is that this time, I got into all 5 medical schools. Since then, I have created the NextMD Community, and the group of medical students and doctors have used this exact same method to help many premed students that have struggled with their interviews turn rejections into admissions, and they are all on their way to become doctors. So if you say YES to any of the questions about, then check out the NextMD Community, check us out on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/978669245641167/ For more information, check us out at: http://www.nextmd.ca/training BOOK: If you are down to learn the system we have come up with RIGHT NOW, and you are someone who loves to learn through reading, access the book here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DFGHZ8S We offer the following programs: A. Self Study: 1. The MMI Mastery Method Online Course: http://www.nextmd.ca/training 2. Master the MMI: Your Key to Success on the Multiple Mini Interview (book): available on Amazon (https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B07DFGHZ8S) B. One-on-One personalized coaching: 3-hour package 5-hour package 10-hour package (includes The MMI Mastery Method Online Course for free) Contact for detail: consultant@nextmd.ca Finally, this is a stressful time. But don't let the INTERVIEW hinder you from your dream of becoming a doctor. Good luck to all the applicants who are interviewing this year. NextMD Turn Rejections into Admissions
  9. Just asking for a friends who's applying to University this year, which university has the best and worse GPA conversions. I know this is a bit of a wierd questions but I've found that UBC has some sort of letter grading system (A+, A-, etc), while some have percentages %. Is one significantly worse than the other? I've hear stories about some universities with great conversions where an 80 is a 4.0 GPA whereas some others you would need a 90 to acheive the same GPA. Any thoughts on this?
  10. Hi All! For those who are at UBC, any recommendation on which program to take to hopefully get into UBC med? I hear a lot of "don't take a hard program like biomed because you'll suffer" but also "take something your intersted in" and "anything that can get you a high GPA" I actually have a great interest in biology/anatomy/chemistry which is why I like medicine so much. Any advice on a BIO related program that is "easier" to get into and also not torturous to get a high GPA while also meeting prerequisites? I know its quite a tall order but any input from med or premed students would be appreciated! Cheers, Victor
  11. Hey guys, I've always had my eye on UBC med and am now close to applying to a few med schools. I hear UBC has a strong in provence preference...is this true? Would I get an advantage if I just change my Ontario staus to BC with some govenerment paperwork lol or do you have to do your undergrad and live there as well? Be great to get some input from people who are from ontario based universities (anything to up my chances). Cheers, Victor
  12. Hi everyone, I am a prospective nursing student interested in applying to UBC's accelerated nursing program, and was wondering what your experiences have been like prior to applying to nursing school. I have been volunteering at a seniors' care home for the past 4.5+ years (it'll be almost 6 years during the time of my application), where I've assisted with feeding residents during mealtimes, help recreation staff with activities/games, and engage in one to one conversations with residents. Because of my extensive volunteer experience, I was able to get a part time job at another seniors' care home as a recreation/activity assistant. Here, I lead exercise programs and lead recreational programs independently. I am currently in the process of applying to become a Big Brother mentor/buddy so that I can expand my experience to children as well. Do you think that my current volunteer/work experience is sufficient and will be seen as "competitive" for admission to UBC's nursing program? Are there other things I should be involving myself with (certain organizations, groups of people, etc.)? Feel free to comment regardless of which university you attend - any and all information is valuable and will be very much appreciated! Thank you everyone!
  13. Hello, Does anyone know how many spots the UBC MOT waitlist typically moves? I tried searching this forum for information from past years, but so far no luck. If I find any info I'll be sure to update this post. Also for individuals who were waitlisted for UBC's MOT program in previous years, but then were offered a seat, what was your initial waitlist number? Thanks EDIT: Also, does anyone know if this information means that for 2017 intake, there were 365 applicants for the MOT program, admission offers were given to 66 individuals, and a total of 52 individuals were admitted, so then there was 66-52 = 14 people accepted off the waitlist? https://imgur.com/a/ga5Oa
  14. Sorry if I’m not supposed to post here! My UG is Psychology and my schools of interest don’t require prerequisites, has anyone been in a similar situation and self studied for the MCAT? how long did you give yourself? Did you study while in school? TIA
  15. Hello Everyone! Thought it would be ideal to start an official thread for prospective UBC PharmD students! Deadline for application: January 15th, 2018 Application Information: https://pharmsci.ubc.ca/programs/entry-practice-pharmd-degree If you have any questions/comments/discussion, add it below. Plenty of mostly-friendly UBC PharmD students (myself) and prospective PharmD students on this forum Cheers, CDuke93
  16. Hi Everyone, I just received my MMI invite for UBC's MPT program! I was wondering if anyone had any advice for UBC's MMI? (best ways to prepare, areas to focus on in preparation, etc.) Thanks in advance!
  17. Hey everyone! Has anyone heard back from UBC MOT yet? Usually, interview invites are sent about a week after MPT, but perhaps we need to wait another week Also, I heard that the interview is not a 3-person panel this year, but rather will be in MMI format. Is this true?
  18. Hey everyone! I have a question for current MPT students at UBC... Is it common for students to live on/near campus or do people typically commute? (it would be 2+ hours each day for me) Any help is greatly appreciated and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in the fall!
  19. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm definitely at a major crossroads... I've applied to UBC twice now and have been rejected both times. Have scored around a 28 NAQ both times, and 12 and 16 on AQ respectively. I knew I had to work on my grades after undergrad and so went back and did a masters and just finished an unclassified term. So now, I just got my grades back from doing the unclassified term at UBC. Even with those courses, and a masters degree (37 credits combined), my overall average minus my lowest year is only 82%. I did my BSc at UBC and unfortunately ended up with a 79% average overall, so that's really dragging me down. I scored 513 on the MCAT (128 CARS) but that doesn't seem to help my chances at any schools as my GPA excludes me from applying to most. I actually didn't apply to any other schools aside from UBC for the past two cycles I've been rejected. I did the math and looks like I'm going to do a whole other undergrad degree (or at least 120 credits at around 90%) in order to pull my grades up high enough to have a competitive AQ for UBC. However, I would not like to end up on the other side of that still being rejected from med school and no real career prospects. Because of this, I'm debating doing an accelerated nursing program at either UBC or U of C. Or, even possibly going to the University of Sydney for med. However, after reading through some of the forums here Australia doesn't seem like a good option. I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me... I'd love to hear from anyone who managed to pull their grades up through nursing and got into med, or even moved to Alberta and got IP status. I'm hoping after nursing I would be competitive enough for IP at U of A or U of C (or maybe even decide to remain a nurse!) and hopefully, my MCAT will not be too old to use. Thanks!
  20. About how much/extensively if Term 1 material is tested on the PCTH 300/305 final exam? Is it memorizing the details from Term 1 again? Or is more about overlapping material between term 1 and 2? I'm willing to study everything to be prepared if needed but don't want to waste too time on term 1 if it's not needed. Thanks so much in advance!
  21. Creating this thread for anyone that has been waitlisted at UBC to update us on their status, or for anyone that is planning on dropping their spot to inform us
  22. My undergrad GPA, though it meets the cut-offs isn't competitive. However I have a very good MCAT (97th percentile). I've been thinking of taking additional undergrad courses to try to boost my GPA. I'm debating between UBC's unclassified courses and TRU-Open Learn. I have some questions. 1. Do you guys know if this is a good way to try to increase GPA or if there's a better way? 2. Does anyone have experience with either for the purpose of increasing GPA? Any specific courses I should take? 3. Would you recommend one over the other? Pros a/o cons of UBC unclassified? Pros a/o cons of TRU Open Learn? 4. General thoughts about either or both methods? Thanks.
  23. My undergrad GPA, though it meets the cut-offs isn't competitive. However I have a very good MCAT (97th percentile). I've been thinking of taking additional undergrad courses to try to boost my GPA. I'm debating between UBC's unclassified courses and TRU-Open Learn. I have some questions. 1. Do you guys know if this is a good way to try to increase GPA or if there's a better way? 2. Does anyone have experience with either for the purpose of increasing GPA? Any specific courses I should take? 3. Would you recommend one over the other? Pros a/o cons of UBC unclassified? Pros a/o cons of TRU Open Learn? 4. General thoughts about either or both methods? Thanks.
  24. My undergrad GPA, though it meets the cut-offs isn't competitive. However I have a very good MCAT (97th percentile). I've been thinking of taking additional undergrad courses to try to boost my GPA. I'm debating between UBC's unclassified courses and TRU-Open Learn. I have some questions. 1. Do you guys know if this is a good way to try to increase GPA or if there's a better way? 2. Does anyone have experience with either for the purpose of increasing GPA? Any specific courses I should take? 3. Would you recommend one over the other? Pros a/o cons of UBC unclassified? Pros a/o cons of TRU Open Learn? 4. General thoughts about either or both methods? Thanks.
  25. Are you interested in a career in medicine, but don't fit the traditional premed mold? Are you curious or confused about the road to applying to medical school? Do you want to hear from medical students who also come from diverse backgrounds? Then this symposium is for you! The UBC Faculty of Medicine invites people of all walks of life to apply to medical school. The Premedical Diversity Symposium is designed to support applicants who identify as “non-traditional” for reasons such as a difficult financial or family background, a non-science degree, indigenous ancestry, rural origin, parenthood, or applying later in life. We invite you to join us at 2018 UBC Premedical Diversity Symposium! ***IMPORTANT*** Please RSVP by February 27 through the Google form below to reserve your spot: http://bit.ly/2FCfJyl ----------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule Saturday, March 3rd, 2018. 9:30 am -3:30pm Registration opens at 9:30 am Symposium programming from 10 am-3:30 pm This full day event will feature sessions on: - The importance of diversity in medicine (Talks from Dr. Shahin Shirzad, Dean of Admissions, UBC medical school and Dr. Tammy Wojcik, Family Physician) - Student stories from current non-traditional medical students - Q&A breakout sessions in small groups with a medical student - A brief overview of the UBC medical school admissions process - How to finance your way through medical school Lunch will be provided! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Where does this event take place? Vancouver: Medical Student Alumni Centre (MSAC) 2750 Heather St, Vancouver, BC Kelowna: TO BE ANNOUNCED, Reichwald Health Sciences Centre 1088 Discovery Ave, Kelowna, BC Victoria: TO BE ANNOUNCED, Royal Jubilee Hospital Coronation Annex 2221-2357 Richmond Rd, Victoria, BC Prince George: TO BE ANNOUNCED, Dr. Donald Rix Northern Health Sciences Centre 3333 University Way, Prince George, BC ----------------------------------------------------------------- Not in town/province but still interested? No worries you can still join us! We will provide VC link for you to dial in! Only a limited spots are available, so make sure you sign up early!!! ----------------------------------------------------------------- Contact us at premed.diversity@gmail.com Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/1002576553227798/ Thank you and we hope to see you there!