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Found 26 results

  1. Hello people of the forum! I was just curious to know if all Bachelor of Science degrees are viewed as equal by medical schools. I'm in BioMedical science but was also given the chance to specialize into agriculture (I know pretty wierd). I wouldn't say BioMed really interest me that much as its mostly pure sciences. I've been browsing other programs and whether its agriculutre, or marine biology, pharmacology, or enviormental science, they all seem to fall under "bachelor of science". Does that inheritly mean these degrees are basically the same? I'd really love to specialize in agriculture for personal interest but it seems so far off from being anything "medically related" haha. Alternatively from a (HIGH GPA) perspective, if they are all the same why would anyone pick BioMed over something easier like enviormental science? Love to get your thoughts on this. Cheers, Victor
  2. Wondering if anyone received an email from University of Ottawa (French or English stream) acknowledging receipt of their application? It's my first year applying to their medical program, but third year applying via OMSAS (McMaster and NOSM) and I've always received an email from the individual schools acknowledging my application, in addition to the confirmation email from OMSAS. I received emails from McMaster and NOSM in December, but nothing from Ottawa... Is this normal? Do they simply do things differently? Or should I be contacting them to make sure there hasn't been an issue? Thanks in advance!
  3. RichardUnderwoodMTB

    Does Undergraduate school matter?

    Hi there, new to the forum. I'm currently in grade 12 and starting to apply to university. My longterm goal would be to get into University of Toronto or McMaster medical school. So the question is: Does the undergraduate school you do to matter in terms of Medical school acceptance? I know this topic has been discussed before but wanted to know if anything has changed. I currently live in Toronto and want to get away for undergrad and explore somewhere new like Ottawa or Northern Ontario (don't ask me why lol). Would going to schools like Uottawa or Northern Ontario which are ranked 10th or less in Canada hinder my chances in the longrun? I've been browsing through the medical schools websites and the only thing that scares me a little is that very few people from smaller universities get accepted. Lets say I get a 3.8 GPA at UOttawa, would that be "equal" to a 3.8 at McMaster/Western in the eyes of the med school? (given program (biomed), extracirriculars and LORs are the same) Would appreciate any advice on this matter, Thanks!
  4. I am looking to hear reccomendatioms from people with experience with post-bacc programs that guarantee acceptance into medical schools that are either in Canada or located close to the border. I’m a Canadian citizen and a U.S. resident; also currently an undergraduate. Thanks!
  5. RichardUnderwoodMTB

    Uottawa Student life?

    Just wanting some insight on UOttawa as an undergraduate school for BioMed/Health Science. So I've got a few questions for people who have attended: 1. How is the campus? (I've heard people say its really ugly and that lecture halls/equipment are old/poor funding) 2. How good is the medical student community? (Support from people going through premed/mcat/etc) 3. How is it for someone who doesn't speak French? (I've heard it can be a little difficult becuase they focus a lot on French and that some Professors may have heavy french accents lol) 4. Would you suggest BioMed or Health science for undergrad in terms of useful knowledge to build a foundation for Med school or the MCAT (Is Coop any good for these programs?) 5. Why is UOttawa ranked so low in terms of good universities/student satisfaction? For such a big name as "UOttawa" is seems to be hovering at Ryerson/York/Guelph level instead of Queens/Western level) I know thats a lot of questions but would appreciate any input, Thanks in advance!
  6. Does it require the MCAT? Because back in 2016 apparently they brought it back but in their website they say its not required. https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/hidden/does-ottawa-require-mcat
  7. Newbie2

    Very Low GPA

    I am almost done my BSc in Biology however, I have an extremely low GPA around 2.33. Yes, I know that's terrible. I keep telling myself maybe I should choose a different path, but I just can't. I have been volunteering at the hospital for a few years now. I am not athletic and I have not been leading anything in particular. But I still want to be a doctor and now I am more mentally prepared then I was when I began initially. What can I do to increase my chances as an applicant?
  8. Hi, I was accepted to several undergraduate life science/medical science programs, but I am unsure about where I should go. If anyone has attended the following programs listed below, could you tell me about your experience? (e.g. quality of education, competition, bell curve, academic or extracurricular opportunites, atmosphere of the university/campus, etc.) For me, I feel like there are several pros/cons for each program/university, and I just don't know where I should go. McGill Life Sciences, Western Medical Sciences, uOttawa Biomedical Science, Queen's Science, Waterloo Biomedical Sciences, McMaster Life Science, McMaster Integrated Science. Thanks!
  9. I am just curious if there are. I know medical schools do not care where you studied for undergrad, however by looking at UofT's 2016 statistics for med school acceptances and their current student biographies I couldn't find anyone who went to Brock University.
  10. Hi, I'm a high school student applying for university. I am a US citizen and plan to work in the US as a dentist. My question is that if I earn a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) not a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) outside of the US and Canada will I have to attend university for an internationally trained dentist program afterwards, or can I just do the license exam NBDE and immediately work as a dentist in the US? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. I'm aware that NSERC USRA strongly looks at the students' GPA and what year they're in, but are they also looking for students who aren't from a complete science department? I'm double majoring in Biology and Visual Arts and I'm currently in first year. My first semester grade is a around a 3.3 GPA which isn't very high, so does NSERC USRA only look at your first semester grades?
  12. This is a little different question: I am thinking to do complete a BDS as my undergrad instead of a science undergrad before applying for a DDS program in Canada/US. Is there any problems I would face in doing so? Will I have to go through extra license exams and processes? So it would be 5 years of a BDS and doing the DAT then 4 years of a DDS then licensing exam The reason I'm thinking to do a BDS undergrad instead of a science undergrad is because with a BDS degree I can still find employment with better pay outside of US/Canada compared to a job with my science degree anywhere is the world. (This is my backup, because I don't feel like a science degree would be a good backup)
  13. I'm interested in applying for the NSERC USRA program at a few universities (UofWaterloo,Queens, etc..), but I'm just not sure about how students get paid? I'm sure it depends on the university you go to, but the schools I'm applying to aren't my institution so I have to think about living expenses and I'm confused about how they distribute the award. I'm new to this forum and I tried reading on their website, but I still don't understand the financial part, so thank you to those who can answer my question.
  14. My PI and I expect to have my research submitted for publication sometime in the school year (I'm an undergrad student and this isn't a thesis project); I know that there are plenty of undergrads who get their work published in student journals, and that feels blatantly amateurish (it's also something I turned down in favor of being able to publish in a reputable journal). Do med schools care about where your research is published? I'm not asking about fine lines between journals, but do they care about the distinction between an undergraduate journal and an academic journal?
  15. I have been admitted to the following programs, and I'm trying to decide which program to enter: Western Medical Science McGill Life Science/Biomedical McMaster Life Science Queen's Science University of Guelph Biomedical Sciences York U Kin/Life Science I've looked at the courses of all the programs above, and I love them all. I wouldn't mind campus environment, scenery, and location. So I guess I'm just asking which program has the best student to professor ratio and is the easiest to achieve a high GPA. My end goal is med school (LOL, like everyone). Currently, I'm leaning towards Western's Medical Science, but I'm turned off by the extremely large class numbers and high student to professor ratios. I also applied to McMaster Health Science and iSci, but sadly got rejected from both So if there are alumni, current students, or anyone else who knows about the programs, please help me out. THANK YOU FOR HELPING A CONFUSED PRE-PREMED P.S: I understand that you can get into med school from any degree and school, but I would like a low student to professor ratio.
  16. finnatrynabeadoctor

    Mcgill Undergrad Choices?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has some feedback on the following programs at McGill in terms of difficulty/possibility of doing well. I had good grades in Cégep and have a good work ethic, but I hear McGill is "impossible" and am worried about having a high GPA. Here are the programs I'm considering: -Pharmacology -Neuroscience -Kinesiology -Anatomy and Cell Biology -Biology
  17. Hello premed101, I am a student from McMaster University who has yet to declare a major. I have narrowed it down to two subjects, Physiology and Biochemistry, and of course, as with many other students, the goal is medicine. I love anatomy and all the physiological processes, but biochemistry is also high up there in my favourite subjects. I did well in my chemistry and biology courses in 1st year. I know both prepare you good for medical school, but would anyone like to offer any advice as to which major I should study? Thank you for your time.
  18. Disclaimer: The application cycle opening in 2017 for admission in August 2018 is NOT affected by the following information. As alluded to in a number of threads in this topic, the requirements for admission to the University of Alberta MD Program have been updated. As published in the University of Alberta Calendar1, for the cycle opening in 2018, admission to the MD program will require an undergraduate degree. The minimum GPA for residents of Alberta remains 3.3, with out of province applicants at a minimum of 3.5 on a 4 point scale. Admission decisions will be based on the overall GPA, MCAT Score, Interview Score, Letters of Reference and Personal Activities. The lowest year GPA will be dropped from the GPA calculation, provided it is not the most recent year or the only year in which 30 credits were obtained in a contiguous fall/winter session. There is no information on whether courses in a Spring/Summer term are included in the GPA calculation. In the past, I have been caught by the statement "requirements for admission" at the UofA, as many other schools list "requirements to apply." Therefore, I obtained confirmation from the UME Office, "requirements for admission" means that an individual may apply in the summer between 3rd and 4th year of their undergraduate degree, as at the time of admission an applicant would be reasonably expected to have convocated their degree. Offers of admission to such individuals would remain conditional. I have not seen any information on the breakdown of scoring at the moment, but I would expect it to be released leading up to when the application cycle opens in 2018. This is unconfirmed: there was language described (but not in the calendar) that allowances may be made on a case by case basis for 3-year undergraduate degrees as well as degrees which are completed using credit from a diploma. As a non-traditional applicant who has started from scratch in my undergrad after completing a diploma in health care that is considered ineligible to apply, I was quite upset with these changes. It just puts up more barriers to getting in, and is a further fiscal barrier in the path to physician-hood. The discussion of 3 year and diploma completion degrees is somewhat reassuring, but not having any language in the calendar does not bode well. Thoughts? 1 http://calendar.ualberta.ca/content.php?catoid=20&navoid=5076#doctor_of_medicine_(md)
  19. Hey everyone, can anyone please share their any information about the global health undergrad program at York U ? My aim is to get into medical school and the courses seem really interesting in this program but I feel that it will have a lot of essays and I dont think I can get a 3.6+ gpa in that program. Will a biology program be a better choice ? Thank you in advance for your time and guidance in this matter Cheers !
  20. Hey guys, I am in my final year of engineering. I originally had planned to go to medical school after finishing my degree but I couldnt keep my marks up. I found some of the courses quite difficult and also some personal trouble that I feel has affected me. Now , I cant even think of applying for medical school as my average is quite low (60s). Its not consistently 60s. My average in the beginning (1st and 2nd year) was low and hence bringing it up since then has been difficult. But, I have been doing good lately and I feel positive about it but realistically, its not enough for medical school at all. Things are gradually changing with my grades improving and also on the personal front. Being in my final year, even with doing good now will not be enough. So I am considering coming back for a second undergrad degree in science or biochem or something like that which will give me credits from some of the engineering courses that I completed most importantly GPA starting from 0. I am loving engineering and hope to work for a few years (3- 4) before I head back to school. Just wanted to gather some opinion and advice for this route. I am positive and hopeful about my dream to be a doctor. I maybe taking a tougher and long route but my desire and ambition to be a doctor is strong. Not willing to give up.
  21. NursingIntoMed

    Nursing Student Taking The Mcat

    Hello everyone, As a third year UofC nursing student, I have recently started my clinical rotation at the hospital where theory content that focuses on pathophysiology and pharmacology are applied to hands-on practice. However, I have a minimal background in the sciences because I did not take any undergraduate courses related to biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, or physics during my first year. Most of my courses in year 1 were geared toward the social sciences (psychology and sociology), anatomy and physiology, statistics, and an ethics course. Years 2, 3, and 4 are strictly allocated to nursing theory courses and practicums. Therefore, I'm unable to take science courses during the academic year. I am hoping to write the MCAT when I have four months off from school during the summer of 2016. Due to my minimal background in the sciences, I will most likely self-teach. My current plan at the moment: - I will study from the end of April to mid-August. I will take the MCAT at the end of August. - I will most likely be working part time. Therefore, I will allocate 5-6 hours per day, 6-7 days a week, for studying. (I am contemplating taking a prep course to supplement my learning, but I am still unsure as to which prep course I will utilize.) - I will be using the Kaplan prep books that I have already purchased and most likely supplement with EK resources in more difficult areas My questions: - What else can I do to improve my chances at at a competitive MCAT score? - Is taking an extra year, after I graduate, to take science courses a good idea? (I am still weighing the benefits and consequences of this. If I do choose to do this, I will have a wider array of possible medical schools due to completing the pre-requisites.) - Any other advice for a nursing student hoping to attend medical school? If there is anyone in a similar situation, I'd love to hear your story.
  22. Hello, I am a first year undergraduate student with many questions regarding the process of being accepted into medical school. I am currently in first year general science courses and must declare my major next year. I understand that GPA is a major factor in all medical school applications, and that medical schools do not take the difficulty of particular programs into account when comparing the GPAs of applicants. I originally planned on entering life sciences, however, I have been told it will decrease my GPA and thus is not the best route. Is this true? If so, what is the recommended route for students who wish to enter medical school?
  23. Hello everyone here at premed101. I am a grade 12 student who is looking to apply for my undergraduate school very soon. Like most of people on this forum, I am looking to apply for medical school, once I graduate my bachelors. One of the various programs I am applying for is McGill's Anatomy and Cellular Biology due to strong personal interest. Does anyone, especially those who had done this program, have any thoughts (program difficulty, quality of education and professor, admission, etc.) whatsoever on this?
  24. Do you need to have 3.0 courses at the level corresponding to your current year of study? (ex: 3.0, third year courses, in your third year of study) If so, do they have to be courses from your module/ program or can they be outside your module/ program? Which GPA is used? Cumulative, or top 2 years, or most recent 2 years? And exactly how is it weighted/calculated?
  25. Hi, I would like to start off by introducing myself - I am a Canadian high school student from Calgary, Alberta, and I would like to study medicine in Ireland or in the UK. (I know the deadline for UK med schools was around 2 months ago but I would still like to know if I had a shot) I have pretty good grades (except my English): English: 85 Math: 95 Chemistry: 93 Biology: 92 Physics: 96 Spanish: (I'm sure they don't care about this mark, but just for the sake of it) 98 Law: (again, just for the sake of it) 92 Also, I have good extra-curriculars as well: Approximately 240 hours of volunteering, including 50 hours at a hospital. I also volunteered as a food distributor to the homeless, a hockey referee, summer camp leader, etc. I'm also part of the First Aid team in my school, where we are "on-call" twice a week to assist in any emergencies (we don't have nurses in our school). I'm a Prefect, and was the captain of the school soccer team in Grade 11. I'm primarily interested in TCD, UCD, NUIG, and UCC, I would like to come back to NA for residency. I know that coming back to Canada is close to impossible, but I'm completely fine with going to the US. I have a few questions: 1) Given that I submit a good personal statement, and I obtain some good reference letters, what are my chances at these schools? 2) If I had applied to UK schools, which ones would've accepted me? (I know I would need to take the UKCAT, but I'm just curious). 3) How is student life at those schools (TCD and UCD specifically)? How are Canadian/American students treated? 4) I know that no medical school is considered easy to get through, but is the courseload at these schools intensive? What's the difference between the 5 and 6 year programs? Thank you so much for your patience! I look forward to hearing back from you! Sofabed