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Found 17 results

  1. Hiii, I can't find any stats on U of A website regarding previous year admission statistics for pharm so I was looking for some insight into my chances. I have my BSc. Last two years GPA- 3.8 Highest year GPA- 3.81 Prereq GPA- 3.4 (yeet) but still have two courses to take next semester which will count towards this GPA. Experience: Shadowed a hospital pharmacist for a month and a half (once a week) in 2016 as well as a retail pharmacist. Lots of health care volunteering and shadowing. Thanks so much in advance!
  2. This question is for all current physio students- I have applied to quite a few physio programs this year and wanted to know how possible it is to qualify for a scholarship set aside for PT students? I have gone through a couple of websites and the number of scholarships available is pretty good when looking at the class-size. But I feel like current students would have a better idea of what it actually looks like. I look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thanks
  3. What's up people, I know this forum has people from all over Canada and just wanted some opinions on these cities. What are the best / worst things about each. Also some specifics: Cost of living, people/social life, proximity to activities/other cities, enviorment/nature, climate, highlights (parks, resorts, resturants), job oppourtunities, etc. Anything relavent to the living experience. Would love to be in close proximety to both parks and downtown. Love to get away from work and go have a bite to eat and then go hiking. Big fan of nature & nightlife too. Would love any input (even on cities not mentioned here!) would like to get a grasp on the different cities in Canada. If any has an advantage in medical oppourtunities that would be great too, ie: big hospitals, research, etc (from what I gather: vancouver is really expensive and rains a lot but has really nice views, lakes, mountains. Calgary/Edmonton is really cold and is more of a small city pretty far from everything but also has nice mountain ranges but nightlife is questionable, Toronto is just a big city great nightlife but with really small parks uncomparable to the others). Cheers, Richard
  4. Hey there, Just wanted a little insight on Alberta/Edmonton/Calgary as a whole. Being from Toronto, don't have much experience about it other than the fact that its freezing cold lol. How do you like the cities? How is the cost of living, weather, social life/people, activities, enviorment, etc. compared to Toronto/Vancouver. Cheers, Richard
  5. I'm currently moving from BC to Calgary to pursue a 2-year nursing program but am thinking about practicing in a different province after I graduate if my IP chances are higher. My current plan is to apply to U of C and U of A while I'm there as soon as I'm eligible, but not sure if I will be competitive or not - thinking I may be more competitive in Saskatchewan or Manitoba. FYI: undergrad 80% average, masters 86% average, decent extracurriculars (30 NAQ at UBC). Any advice is much appreciated
  6. if two siblings apply to med school at the same time and they have similar ECs and same undergraduate degree. will that affect their application.
  7. Hey guys, To register for the CASPer test where do we find our University of Alberta Application ID (a number that starts w/ 160)? I can't seem to find it in any emails I've been sent and only have my CCID.
  8. Does anyone have any experience at the university of alberta for undergrad before applying to Med School? Which programs are most common for "premeds"? And how is the campus, campus life, profs etc? There really isn't that much information on UofA from students, and I just want to hear your opinions!
  9. according to the pinned post by 'cleanup' in the dent discussions, I'm allowed to post here (delete if that's not the case)! Hey guys, If you're from Calgary or Edmonton, and are prepping for the DAT, consider taking Rock the DAT to help your preparations! 65% of our class (2019s) took Rock the DAT, so it's definitely worth a look if you're applying to the UofA! Quick TL;DR: DAT Prep course put on by UofA dental students. Full weekend - 16 total hours over two 8-hour days, including a full length mock DAT Cost is $400 Soaps will be provided 1on1 carving instructions and feedback from dental students, including a live carving demo If you like or join the UofA pre-dental society Facebook page, get $50 off the regular price! Link to the page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/UAPreDentSociety/ Lastly, if you guys have any questions or suggestions, please visit the website http://www.rockthedat.com/dates-location/ or shoot an email to info@rockthedat.com (you guys can also sign up at the website). Rock the DAT facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Rock-the-DAT-159741197376499/
  10. Hello! I’m having a bit of a dilemma and was hoping for some advice. I’d really appreciate any help and your opinions! Basically, I am debating whether I should go back to school in the fall, or take a year (or a semester) off. It may not seem that big of a deal, but it has been driving me nuts because I can’t seem to decide what is the best choice even after talking to friends, teachers, and a dentist I shadowed. Some background information: I have completed my second year of undergrad at the University of Alberta. I will be applying for the Doctor of Dental Surgery program at the UofA, and will be writing the DAT in November. I have completed all of the required courses and the minimum amount of credits, and I am satisfied with my GPA (3.98). My backup plan is the Dental Hygiene program, and I have also completed the prerequisites for that. This is my thought process so far: If I decide to go back to school, I will be investing both time and money in courses I don’t need, and at the same time, I could run the risk of lowering my GPA (and hurting my chances). On the other hand, if I take a year/semester off, I can focus on preparing for the DAT to the best of my abilities, my GPA won’t change, and I will have more time for other activities (such as getting more experience through shadowing, volunteering, and of course picking up more shifts at my part time job to start saving up money). It’s just I have never taken a break from school before and I’m not sure how I’ll handle this drastic change in my routine— so I’m not sure if this is a good idea. I know a lot of people who go for the dental program work towards a science degree (4 years of undergrad) at the same time. However, I’m not sure what I would do with a science degree, nor do I really have an interest in obtaining one, which is why I’m not considering taking 2 more years of undergrad for a degree I don’t want/need. I’m hoping some of you could provide me with perhaps a more sensible perspective. What was your guys’ experiences and path to dentistry like? I am open to anything and would greatly appreciate any suggestions or comments!
  11. Hey future PT's! Here is a link to a video that features Mark Hall, the UofA Physio Associate Chair. He gives advice on how to get into PT and talks about what it's like once you're in. He also talks about how he got into physio himself and how he ended up where he is today. It's kinda long but there are time shortcuts in the description box you can use to skip to the parts you are interested in. I'm currently in the program and my friends who I show it to find it helpful. I hope you find it helpful as well. Link here: How to Become a Physiotherapist Enjoy!
  12. Apparently one of my English courses don't count at UBC?! Anyone else having this issue? Does anyone know where I can take a university junior English course online or by correspondence? I have no time this year to take it during school!
  13. Hi, I am a 4th year electrical engineering co-op student at the University of Alberta with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 at the moment. I realize that this is barely competitive and would be a bad position from the start if I wanted to change my career path to medicine. In short, I am interested in pursuing medicine so I can be in a work environment where I can be on my feet (rather than in the cube), be around people, and help others and (hopefully) make a difference in their lives. Now, it seems that the only option for change is to take a 2 year second degree. I would preferably go to UBC for med school since it has been my dream to live in Vancouver. My main idea so far is to take a second degree at UBC in biology (for example) and do really well on them. In the meantime, I will become an in-province applicant well before I finish the degree. The most discouraging part of this is that I created an excel spreadsheet that translated my GPA to UBC's grade percentage format. Turns out I am around ~72% which is below the minimum requirement for in-province applicants. Now, I added hypothetical classes for my second degree each at 3 credits. Assuming I get an A+ in all of them, I will end up with a cumulative grade of ~82%. This honestly is disheartening as the change in grades seems so small despite being a really great student in the last few years. UBC seems very unforgiving with marks Thoughts? I am open for other med schools if they are easier to enter. ====== EDIT: Here are my GPAs by year, it's a bit odd (5 years) since I'm a co-op student: 1st: 2.9 2nd: 2.9 3rd: 3.0 4th: 3.2 5th: tbd
  14. Hi everyone! I decided to create this post so that anyone applying to the UofA dentistry program this year can share 1) when they hear about interviews (time stamp & date of email), and 2) their stats (DAT scores, GPA). From what I've read, it sounds like interview invites usually come out today or Tuesday, but according to the admissions office, they can be sent out as late as the end of next week. *Fingers crossed* for sooner rather than later.
  15. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone would be interested in forming a group to practice and prepare for the multiple mini interview?
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