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Found 116 results

  1. I'm currently enrolled at Ryerson; however, I was wondering if it would be more beneficial if I were to transfer into Western's or UofT's Biomedical programs. By beneficial I was wondering if completing my undergrad at either of these schools would increase my chances of acceptance as opposed to doing it a Ryerson?
  2. Hello everyone, As title says I wanted to know what are my chances with a 3.83 WGPA and 25 AA 24 RC and 24 PA. to get an interview. I have finished fifth year Undergrad. Thanks a lot for your responses.
  3. On the admission requirements of DDS at UofT it says the following: It should be noted that in the last several years, the minimum GPA for those interviewed was 3.85* (4.0 scale). *Note that courses taken in the academic year, during the proposed year of entry will not be included in the calculation of the applicant's cumulative GPA. Any offer of admission, however, will be contingent upon the successful applicant maintaining an annual GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) for the current academic year.*The worst academic year will be dropped from the calculation of an applicant's undergraduate cumulative grade point average provided that (a) the applicant has completed four or more years of university education by May 31st of the proposed year of entry, and (b) the year with the lowest grades is not the applicant's most recently completed year of study. for those that can speak from experience, was 3.85 actually the cut-off?
  4. Just a little bit about me: Ontario resident WAS planning on applying to UofT and Western... now idk what to do first year gpa: 2.91/4.0 with 5 credits *hard facepalm* (gpa sucks) second year gpa: 3.41/4.0 with 4 credits *less hard facepalm* (but still pretty hard because of having only 4 credits and needing 5 for Western and my gpa not being where it needs to be) going into my third year of studies and planning on writing DAT this November what should I do?! side note: what are some good extracurriculars I can take?
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. I am currently second on the waiting for the DMD program at UofT (was originally number 4 but it moved two spots after the deposit). I was also accepted to UCC in Ireland for their dental program and I have to decide by early next week if I want to pay the deposit (a whopping 10,000 dollars). My top choice is obviously UofT and I know I'm high up on the waiting list, but I'm worried because UofT sent out acceptances so early this year that the waitlist wont move...
  6. Hello, I would really appreciate any advice that anybody could give me I am a student in grade 12 trying to decide where to go for undergrad in order to maximize my chances of getting into medical school and enjoy my experience during the next 4 years. I have offers from UTSG, York, Ryerson, and Waterloo for various programs. I regret not applying to McMaster, and wish I had as I just recently found out that they have the highest matriculation rate into Canadian medical schools. Considering the research I have done on peoples' experiences and perceptions of all these universities, I'm getting more and more weary and anxious of taking my chances and going to UofT in the fall because of the difficulty of maintaining a high GPA. I had initially wanted to go to UofT because it appeals to me the most course and program wise; I'm interested in pursuing a double major in Psych and Developmental Bio there. It also has benefits considering that its an internationally acclaimed research institution, it has affiliations with major hospitals, and would generally benefit me for ECs in my application. But would it be better for me to go to Ryerson, Waterloo, or York to avoid the impossible standards of attaining a high GPA? I also considered switching out to McMaster in second year, but the McMaster program seems to be similar in rigour to UTSG. On the other hand, my parents are urging me to attend an accredited and intensive medical school that accepts students straight out of high school in my home country. It would be beneficial in terms of being with my family, having guaranteed acceptance into medical school if I get in, and the early start on an intensive medical curriculum which would shorten my education. I am apprehensive of doing this for the following reasons: 1. I do not want to give up my experience in terms of extracurriculars, social science courses, and the treasured exploration of identity that Undergrad is known for (only slightly sarcastic) 2. I prefer Canadian society and life much more, as the university is in a conservative country and classes are segregated for the most part 3. I do not want to jeopardize my chances of getting matched into residency as IMG match rates are increasingly low in Canada and the US 4. The university awards an MBBS degree, so I'm not sure if that would dampen my chances of matching in Canada or the US So, I'm completely torn about which decision would be better for me academically and mentally, clueless of what university I'm going to be attending a few months from now. I apologize in advance for any sense of entitlement, errors, or ignorance that might come across from my cry for help :p.
  7. For a university such as UofT which prefers its MD applicants to have research experience, do you think having publications can "make up" for a lower wGPA such as 3.88? I'm worried that I will not be invited for interviews due to my low marks but I have a lot of experience in research and in my opinion, good ECs. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey guys, I am having trouble deciding between the two schools and I would really like so advice from upper years and current students. These are both great schools and I feel so happy to be able to choose from them, but honestly every day I am split. Here is what I have so far: McGill: + cheap tuition + 6 months of pre clinical + from what I heard - easier to get research - less competitive - a lot of patients in french, my french is decent but not the best - uphill battles during winter - I am not made for winter Toronto: + more research + English downtown (more familiar with the location) + better temp. in winter - more competition - all research is competitive to get - tuition and living cost difference (comes to about 70-80K difference when I did the math) I do want to match in UBC or UT. I am most likely not going for a competitive specialty, but I am still interested in EM. (Two+1 is most likely the best option for me) Thank for your help and insights!
  9. Sunnybrook Medical Student, Residency, Fellowship Fully Furnished 1 bedroom flat in triplex Walk to work, shops, subway. Current tenants in complex are fellows at Sunny brook and downtown www.MedsHousing.com Sunnybrook Hospital walk, bike, drive, bus available July 1, 2018 Min 6 months. Currently rented by Sunnybrook Trauma Fellow. Ideal for Sunnybrook medical resident, fellow or new grad. Triplex in Fabulous North Toronto Yonge/Lawrence neighbourhood (Bedford Park, Lawrence Park, Wanless Park) all current tenants in building are fellows @Sunnybrook and MaRS. MODERN DESIGNER FURNISHINGS **Totally RENOVATED 2015** -one outside parking included -WIFI included*** -heating and hot water included*** -tenant pays electricity only
  10. Hey everyone, I just received my invite for the CAP test at UofT for PT. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, and could give their insight into the test! Thank you and have a nice day!
  11. Hey everyone, I just received my invite for the CAP test at UofT for PT. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it, and could give their insight into the test! Thank you and have a nice day!
  12. I've got a question about the Academic Explanations essay at UofT: I'm planning on applying this coming year but am concerned as I am not eligible for wGPA (I never took a full course load and instead took summer courses due to my chronic illness) and my current cGPA is 3.89.... all due to one calculus course I ended with a 70 in due to failing the final exam during an illness flare-up. Without that one course, my cGPA *would* have been 3.95. If I had been eligible for wGPA, I'd have a 4.00. I'm very concerned that despite having an otherwise strong application I will be disadvantaged due to this one course. What should I do? Would you advise I write the Academic Explanations essay? How else can I rectify this awful mistake? Thank you in advance!
  13. MedsHousing.com

    3 bedroom condo Toronto downtown

    Rare 3 bedroom condo downtown Toronto possible to purchase outgoing tenant's furnishings for more information please go to : www.MedsHousing.com Listing #0022770 "We are fellowship family moving out of a 3bedroom, 2bathroom condo on the 30th of June. It's located right downtown. It's located walking distance to Toronto General, Sick Kids, Princess Maragret, Women's, Mount Sinai. This is very handy for on-call especially throughout winter. There are only a few 3br condos right down town. Includes parking space, pool & gym in the building. Cost is $4000p/month. Furniture is separate but happy to do a package deal. " MedsHousing.com Seeking a cure to Medical Housing Stress
  14. According to UofT's OT website, they don't have a "cutoff" for OT besides the general GPA requirement. It also seems that so long as you meet the requirement they review your entire application. Here is the information as it states from the website: Is this new? Or is this always how UofT has processed applications? I thought I remembered in past forums people discussing UofT's cutoffs. Can anyone that has applied in previous years shed some light on this?
  15. FiftyshadesofMD

    UofT Interview

    Anyone else suspects invites would come out by the end of today ? Last year, they said end of of Feb, yet we got the invites on the 10th. This year, they said mid January and it’s either this Friday or next Friday imo, given that invites are traditionally released on a Friday, just minutes before 5 pm ... Any input on this ?
  16. throwawayfrommebaby

    Interview Prep

    Does anyone in the Mississauga area want to form an interview prep group for the March 4th date? PM me if interested. If you aren't from Mississauga, I'd be happy to do skype sessions as well!
  17. The class of 2021 has created this year's interview video which can be viewed here: https://vimeo.com/255087550 Good luck to all candidates who will be interviewing this weekend - we look forward to seeing you there!
  18. So, basically I did a full time summer semester the summer after first year. This moved me up in my course sequence and I took more third year courses in my second year. I am planning to do more 3rd yr/4th yr courses this summer as well. Would I be eligible for the wGPA?? Because I am technically a 3rd year?? And with my summer 2018 courses, I will have completed my programs 3rd year course requirements. Thank you for answering!!
  19. I just read this under Undergraduate Applicants on the Utoronto MD site: "It is recognized that at times, students take courses in lower years for various reasons, such as a change in program or to complete subjects of interest or prerequisites that did not fit the academic schedule previously. If you have information about your academics that you feel is important for the Admissions Committee to know, please use the Academic Explanations Essay within the OMSAS application." http://www.md.utoronto.ca/academic-requirements Since I applied as a Grad student, I didn't read what was written for Undergraduate Applicants. The fact that your courses needs to correspond with the year of study is news to me. I completed a Honours double major at UWO and as a result did not take any 4000 level courses in my fourth year. As a matter of fact, my third year was reserved for additional second year courses and my fourth year with 3000 level (4000 level was reserved for thesis programs). As a result I did not mention it in the Academic Explanations Essay. Do you guys think my application will get thrown out because of this? I'm shocked that this information isn't included in the Grad applicant section as well. Guess time will tell.
  20. universal

    MMI Prep

    Hi everyone, I am a Resident at the University of Toronto. I completed MMI interviews across the country (from BC to Ontario). If anyone would like tips/hints on interviews or like to do a practice session, please let me know. I am open to meeting in person in the Toronto area or via Skype. Feel free to send me a direct message.
  21. Hi All! I am a current Medical Student at the University of Toronto's medical school. I received 3 Canadian and 2 US MD acceptances in 2017. I would like to promote the interview prep company that helped me get over the hump: Medvisors. I was a very poor interviewer and was very nervous about the process but their practice and personalized packages made a huge difference for me. I am now a consultant for them and I help other students with interview preparation. Their most unique and popular (and cost effective) service is the VIRTUAL MMI CIRCUIT that they offer... you have 6 stations with 6 different graders and they give you a personalized feedback form at the end too. As far as I know, no one else offers that kind of seamless online setup where you switch rooms etc. Free prep is also great but sometimes the interviewees are more focused on their own prep rather than giving quality feedback. Also, Medvisors consultants are experts and have interviewed at your school of choice! Visit medvisors.org for more!
  22. Does anyone have a clue about when abouts the interviews will be held this year? I just want to know just so that it will be easier to plan for the upcoming semester. I'm applying to UofT, Western, McGill, and UBC. Thanks everyone in advanced
  23. Worried about your upcoming interviews? Want some extra pointers on presentation, organization, and approach outside of practicing by yourself or with pre-med groups? I am offering online interview prep over Skype and can help identify your strengths and areas of improvement. I am quite honest in my feedback to my students and if I see that we aren't meeting the same progress goals, I am happy to help you find other avenues of help. I am a current medical student and interviewed at schools in both Canada and the US. I am familiar with MMI, MPI, panel, and traditional interviews. Send me a message if you have a quick question or two about interviews in general, would always be happy to answer.