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Found 26 results

  1. Thought I'd start a thread for all things wait list. Anyone know how roughly how many people are on the wait list/how many make it off?
  2. Well my fellow NS applicants, looking unlikely based on my score but hoping this will provide some valuable insight about your chances for those higher up on the waitlist.
  3. Hello! Congratulations to everyone who was accepted! I hope that you have a great first year. The waitlist is a great achievement and so is getting an interview. This year has been pretty crazy and with no interviews And has been very stressful. I thought I’d start this forum to see how everyone is doing and if there is movement on the waitlist. I am OOP waitlisted in the bottom third!
  4. Hey, So I created this thread for med-ps to discuss since I found that there weren't a lot of discussions for our applicants' pool. What do you guys think of the Med-P waitlist @mtl and @outaouais this year? At which rank do u think the waitlist might stop? Is there anyone willing to leave the waitlist? Are you guys waiting for responses from other universities while being accepted at McGill or while being on McGill's waitlist? Admitted med-ps, former med-ps and candidates on the waitlist are more than welcome to share their thoughts. Feel free to do so!
  5. Did you get put on the waitlist today at 7:53? Is McMaster your only hope at becoming an MD? if so, then please join the party. Feel free to discuss anything and everything regarding the waitlist. Here is a link to last year's waitlist thread: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/99542-mcmaster-waitlist-party/ Have fun, keep us updated, and I hope to see you all in August!
  6. Hello all. I applied to Bloomberg Nursing in December, and I am just curious to see when they will start releasing admissions. If you have heard anything, please let us know. If you don't mind, please include your statisitcs for others to see, and whether you were accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone! Does anyone know how many spots the OOP waitlist moved for Fall 2018 admission?
  8. Hello, Does anyone know how many spots the UBC MOT waitlist typically moves? I tried searching this forum for information from past years, but so far no luck. If I find any info I'll be sure to update this post. Also for individuals who were waitlisted for UBC's MOT program in previous years, but then were offered a seat, what was your initial waitlist number? Thanks EDIT: Also, does anyone know if this information means that for 2017 intake, there were 365 applicants for the MOT program, admission offers were given to 66 individuals, and a total of 52 individuals were admitted, so then there was 66-52 = 14 people accepted off the waitlist? https://imgur.com/a/ga5Oa
  9. Hey guys I know it is fairly premature, but lets discuss concerns and questions regarding the waitlist this year.
  10. Good/regular/bad waitlisted by Western? Want to discuss chances/look for reassurance/rant/chat with other waitlisted applicants? This is the thread for you!
  11. Hey guys! I was just wondering if any previous or current students or those who generally know a lot about the two universities could give me some pros and cons of the program, student life, placements etc.? Thanks
  12. Creating this thread for anyone that has been waitlisted at UBC to update us on their status, or for anyone that is planning on dropping their spot to inform us
  13. Hi everyone, I am an OOP waitlisted at McGill and was disappointed with the outcome yesterday. I really thought I had done really well in the interview but again goes to show that doesn't mean much. I fell in love with McGill! and am actually quite excited by the prospect of learning french. I am thankful and grateful for a waitlist position but that brings with it a lot of uncertainty as you can probably imagine. I know I might be jumping the gun here but I have been glued to the waitlist page as well as the stats posted from 2016 by a fellow member - I was wondering if I could ask veterans/ppl with more experience than me could start a discussion about when/how much the waitlist in the OOP category would move? Thanks in advance!
  14. Does anyone know if there is a good/bad wait list for the French stream? If so, how much do those wait lists usually move up?
  15. Hello fellow DAL OT 2018 Prospective Students! Wanted to start a forum to hear about others who are waiting to hear back from DAL OT from the 2018 application process. I did not receive an email of confirming my application was received (dropped off in person), however my DAL online says status incomplete. I'm guessing this is because I am in the process of completing my Anatomy and Physiology prerequisites. Wondering if anyone else is in the same boat or what your status is? Best of luck! Halifax, NS
  16. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted today and best of luck to those in the waitlist pool like me. To those who received regrets, please don't give up and keep trying. Everyone is definitely a qualified candidate for med! I just started this poll for those of us waiting on the waitlist. AFAIK, the waitlist does move quite a bit and according to the AFMC from 2017 and 2016, they usually send about another 90-100 offers to those on the waitlist. https://afmc.ca/publications/admission-requirements-canadian-faculties-medicine This is the same poll as the one created for last year's cycle. You can refer here for information in regards to last year's movement. http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/90395-potential-waitlist-movement/ Good luck!
  17. So from my count, there's at least 11 of us active on this forum. Anyways, I figure since we're all in the same boat, we can pool information and update one another. I know its probably pointless since we can only really wait and hope, but I find it to be a good distraction. Here's my contribution. This was from last years 'Wait list Party', but it looks promising for us. almost 1/2 the class of 2008/2009 declined their offers. http://www.afmc.ca/pdf/2013_ad_bk.pdf
  18. Fellow OoP waitlisters, If you're anything like me you were probably somewhere between hopeful <->bummed<->crushed when you didn't get that dreamed of acceptance on decision day, depending on your ranking of course. After a few days of feeling discouraged I tried to do a little research to see what kind of chances there are. Obviously these numbers will vary from year to year but based on the last few years trends I tried to do a little bit of analysis to calculate the total number of offers to Canadian students there actually are. Note: all my numbers came from "Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine" (https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/en/Publications/AdmissionsBook2016-Final-EN.pdf) So the raw results that are presented here are the total number of offers made to OoP students. They define this as all offers either accepted, declined, or deferred. Looking into the numbers we see that there has been an upward trend of offers from 2011 - 2015 (last data available) from 2% -> 3.5%. Note that these numbers are based on TOTAL applicants. From the available application data, the number of OoP applicants fluctuates between 800-1000 for most years, with this year being a tad low at 715. DISCLAIMER: There are some theory violating assumptions to these calculations but I did them for my own peace of mind and thought I would share them and they are not meant to give you an exact idea of how good your chance to get in is more to give some mild insight to the trend of OoP waitlist movement over the last four years. What can we take from this? Using a little bit of statistics, despite a crappy sample size, we can make an approximation to the amount of offers that usually get made from year to year with a pretty broad confidence interval based on the total numbers each year based on the mean and standard deviation of these last four years. An example calculation follows #OoP-applicants * %applicants admitted = number offers, we can then average these numbers over the last four years and find a weak standard deviation and based on the zscore can define a confidence interval. (you can read more about confidence intervals here if you're interested https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confidence_interval) SO - to get to what you've been waiting for, the 95% confidence interval is [13.7,23.5] or in offer terms, 14-23 offers. That's a lot of offers! There is no guarantee to get there but if you're on the waitlist keep your chin up and hopefully we get one of those offers soon. Finally, after looking at the waitlist page and seeing that they have already moved to position #3 well before Ontario school offers come out there is plenty of hope to be had.
  19. Hi guys (Salut!), I saw that there was a waitlist poll going on but I wanted more accurate data since it's a different waitlist for each stream. Here, you can let us know your situation (anonymously if you want) so we can have as much info as possible for us people on the FRENCH waitlist ( might make more sense of the chaos)! Thanks! ps. This goes without say but, please, people on the english waitlist, don't vote here!
  20. Hey! Was wondering if anyone knew the number of students that are put on an interview waitlist for McMaster? And what are the chances of actually getting off this waitlist?
  21. Congratulations to all who got acceptances. To those who were placed on the waitlist, we're almost there and I wish you all good fortune. I thought it might help put some of our minds at ease if we could try and gauge (as best as we can) waitlist movement for Queen's. Please try and participate to help us waitlisters keep some sort of sanity throughout this agonizing wait. Thanks! Edit: Just a reminder that the poll is not public and will not show who voted for what.
  22. Hi there I just received my letter and I've been waitlisted (Maritime applicant). Is there anyone on the forum knows how the waitlist at Dal works?? how many ppl are on the waitlists and approx. how many gets accepted off of it?? how many were accepted from IP waitlist last year? Dal is not releasing the ranking positions and I am so frustrated with the never-ending wait.... if you are or you know of someone who is declining the offer could you please reply on this post? Thanks in advance!!
  23. Bonjour, Est-ce qu'il y a des candidats universitaires acceptés à McGill (ou qui sont à une très bonne position sur la liste d'attente) croyant laisser leur place pour une autre université? Maintenant que les universités francophones ont sorti leurs réponses et que j'attends toujours désespérément que la liste d'attente de McGill avance, je me suis dit que ça pourrait être une idée de s'écrire ici à ce sujet histoire de garder espoir et rester à jour haha Merci ! ************************* Hi everyone, I was wondering if IP university students that are accepted in McGill (or in a good position in the waitlist) are thinking about accepting another university offer ? I'm still desperately waiting for the waitlist to move and I know that many med schools now gave their answers. I thought it could be a good idea to write to each other here on our decision making so we can stay up to date with the waitlist as much as possible without always waiting on the McGill's website to release their stats hehe Thanks !
  24. How many seats does Queen's 1st year class have? 100 or 90? Also does anyone know if there are different waitlist tiers and if so, roughly how many per each? (based on past posts etc) Thanks!
  25. Hey guys, this thread is for those on the waitlists for all PT schools, post your rank, school, status (accepted or still waiting), and if accepted when you heard the good news, as well as any other comments you have. I'm #26 on Mac's waitlist and still waiting and kind of going crazy, I thought I would have heard some news today but nothing yet. Hopefully a lot of people comment in this thread to give us some more information and allow us to see where we stand, of course it could also serve to stress us out even more .
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