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Found 12 results

  1. Since professors have to maintain their class average around 60%, would programs with a high cut-off from high school be harder since the professor's will need to make assessments more difficult because all of the students will be high achievers. I'm asking this because I want to go to medical school and need a high GPA which is why I am conflicted between a program like western med sci which is full of keeners vs something like York Kinesiology. I know you probably see many annoying people like me on this website but please bear with me.
  2. I know that there is Western Medical Science which sends a lot of students to med other than health science, are there any other programs like these? I want to know this because I am in grade 12 and want to be a doctor. I want to take a bachelor's program which is science oriented while also giving me the best shot possible for med school. Most of time what I hear is that if you don't get into the two courses I mentioned your best choice will be to go to an easy university so you can still get a high GPA (rather than a life science program which are generally tough), like you would in health sci due to grade inflation, is all of this true? Finally, if it is true, what are some science based programs I can take at one of these easy universities like Guelph and York, while also having opportunities for extracurriculars and research at the university. I live in the GTA by the way.
  3. Hello, I would really appreciate any advice that anybody could give me I am a student in grade 12 trying to decide where to go for undergrad in order to maximize my chances of getting into medical school and enjoy my experience during the next 4 years. I have offers from UTSG, York, Ryerson, and Waterloo for various programs. I regret not applying to McMaster, and wish I had as I just recently found out that they have the highest matriculation rate into Canadian medical schools. Considering the research I have done on peoples' experiences and perceptions of all these universities, I'm getting more and more weary and anxious of taking my chances and going to UofT in the fall because of the difficulty of maintaining a high GPA. I had initially wanted to go to UofT because it appeals to me the most course and program wise; I'm interested in pursuing a double major in Psych and Developmental Bio there. It also has benefits considering that its an internationally acclaimed research institution, it has affiliations with major hospitals, and would generally benefit me for ECs in my application. But would it be better for me to go to Ryerson, Waterloo, or York to avoid the impossible standards of attaining a high GPA? I also considered switching out to McMaster in second year, but the McMaster program seems to be similar in rigour to UTSG. On the other hand, my parents are urging me to attend an accredited and intensive medical school that accepts students straight out of high school in my home country. It would be beneficial in terms of being with my family, having guaranteed acceptance into medical school if I get in, and the early start on an intensive medical curriculum which would shorten my education. I am apprehensive of doing this for the following reasons: 1. I do not want to give up my experience in terms of extracurriculars, social science courses, and the treasured exploration of identity that Undergrad is known for (only slightly sarcastic) 2. I prefer Canadian society and life much more, as the university is in a conservative country and classes are segregated for the most part 3. I do not want to jeopardize my chances of getting matched into residency as IMG match rates are increasingly low in Canada and the US 4. The university awards an MBBS degree, so I'm not sure if that would dampen my chances of matching in Canada or the US So, I'm completely torn about which decision would be better for me academically and mentally, clueless of what university I'm going to be attending a few months from now. I apologize in advance for any sense of entitlement, errors, or ignorance that might come across from my cry for help :p.
  4. Hi. I have a number of questions about York U. 1. Past tests and exams I graduated U of T this year (Human Bio, 2014), and I'm going to pursue the 2nd undergraduate degree at York (Kinesiology). When I was studying at UT, I could get the past tests from ASSU & Oxdia and the exams from the library website. However, it looks like that there is no official method to get those at York (except for math & stat + Schulich tests, which are provided by their own club & the department). I have searched OneClass, locazu, CourseHero, and kijiji, but very limited tests and exams are available at those sites. I usually study the lecture materials (lec notes, texts, recordings) at first and then finished up by solving the pasts tests before the actual tests or the exam. Can anyone explain me how to prepare for the tests and the exams at York? Are professors at York usually provide the practice/past tests or the exam for their students? 2. Course Evaluation At UofT, course evaluations are available for students at Portal (it was provided as Anticalendar from ASSU a few years ago). However, I can't find this type of system at York. I've actually consulted ratemyprofessor.com, but the information is not as comprehensive as course evalutation system at UT portal site. Can anyone explain me how to choose the course more effectively? 3. Tests Unlike UT, it looks like professors in the same course (e.g. CHEM 1000) are making their own exams and students are taking their tests at different days at York. is it true? For example, when I was taking CHM 139, two professors were teaching the course at the same time because the class size of the first year is fairly big. However, the tests and the exams were held at the same day and the format of the tests and the exams were also same (of course, there were different versions according to the sections where students were belong to).
  5. Im a second year life sciences student at U of T. I have recently become interested in nursing. From my understanding, U of T's BScN program usually gives acceptances to applicants who have already completed a 4 year undergraduate program. However, the minimum requirement to apply for the program is 10 FCE. Ive read other forums and I havent seen anyone in their second year of undergrad who has been accepted or has applied. I was thinking of applying to the program after my second year but after ive done this research is it useless for me to try and apply without a bachelors degree? Has anyone heard of a student w/out a bachelors degree who has been accepted to UofT's BScN program?? I would prefer earning a BScN in the shortest way possible. Ive noticed York has a second entry nursing program too but they explicitly say theres an admission requirement of 9.00 credits in the 300 level. Does York's second entry nursing program also mostly accept people with a bachelors degree? Ryerson has a good nursing program but does not have an accelerated nursing program like york and uoft. Im not sure what to do. I would prefer staying at U of T but I dont want to spend more money on studies and stay in school for 6 years. I would like to imagine I could apply to U of Ts nursing program after my 2nd year but the competitiveness is making me hesitant
  6. Hi everyone, I'm currently doing first year life sciences at UofT. I did pretty bad first semester due to personal/medical reasons (2.3 gpa) but I'm doing a lot better this semester (~3.8 so far) and I know I can pull my gpa up but It wouldn't be possible to get more than ~3.7 by the time I graduate (even if I took a 5th year) which is not very competitive for most med schools. I've been thinking of transferring to York just so I can start over again. I love my program right now and I wish there was a way to revert my gpa back, but I'd rather get my undergrad elsewhere if that meant I could get into a better grad school. On the other hand, I would be going into kinesiology or biomedical sciences at york, neither of which I love too much, although I'd probably have a better chance at getting research opportunities in kin than at uoft. And the med school acceptance rate for york grads is very low, which makes me even more reluctant. I can't make a decision so if anyone has any advice, I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks
  7. Hi, I'm sorry if this is the wrong section of the forums but I wanted ask about the Biomedical Science program (specifically at York) I've been looking around a lot and noticed that Biomedical science seems to be a good choice for a "pre-med" undergrad but I wanted to get some more information. I have read previous discussions about the topic but can't find anything as recent or that answer the questions I have. My initial question is with a degree from the Biomedical program at York what else can I do with this degree; as in what other fields of medicine can this go to - dentistry, pharmacy, nursing, etc. What are some programs similar to the biomed program at York? Is there any problems with attending York when applying for medical school? I spoke to my Family Doctor and he said that at U of T (where he is a professor at the medical school) they look at a degree from York and dislike it - so what I'm asking is will me going to York have any problem with my ultimate plan to apply to medical school? Thanks, any information you give me will help because I'm the first person in my family to attend university so the resources I have are not very large.
  8. Hello! I am a high school student and I have an interest to pursue medical school. (Its not an absolute must for me, but something I do want to consider). I'm having difficulty with chemistry (although, it may just be my teacher, my class had 22 students, and now theres only 6), and I've grown to sadly have a dislike for the subject. I had this same teacher for gr 11 chemistry too, (also gr 10, and gr 9, yay me!!). I don't want to rule out chemistry completely, because I've only had this one teacher for all of high school, but I feel like its been enough to put me off completely. With that being said, are there any biology fields with minimal chemistry? I've only completed gr 11 biology so far, and as far as I remember, it wasn't chemistry extensive. However, it may not be a good representation of relevant biology fields, because gr 11 was mostly evolution, and animal diversity. I did enjoy studying about viruses, and I think genetics is also something I may be interested; although grade 11 was mostly just punnet squares and mendelian genetics, so I'm not sure what more advanced genetics are like. Please let me know your thoughts! BTW I specifically hated the calculation aspects in thermochemistry and equilibrium, which is unfortunate, because i would assume alot of that would be relevant in biological systems and processes. one last thing: I am also applying to university, your thoughts on Uoft life science?? Thanks everyone!
  9. I'll be starting my second UG in kinesiology at York this fall, and one of my priorities (besides GPA) is securing some references from some faculty members. This isn't strictly for med, but also because the master's program I'm considering as an alternative specifically requires the references to be from faculty members. I have one potential prof I could ask from my original degree, from having produced some biomedical artwork and animations for some of the courses he teaches, but I need at least two more. While I'm aware of the traditional pathways to obtaining references (research assistant, being a standout student), I feel that this will be trickier as a 2nd degree student as I technically don't have a York GPA yet to meet the requirements for working in labs (first UG cGPA won't help me), and some of the classes I'm in seem rather large. tl;dr : what are some activities/professors/courses (especially at York), that I could consider if I need faculty references during a condensed degree? I'd ideally like to have it figured out by next fall, in case I opt to apply for my alternative program instead.
  10. Hi everybody, Could anybody provide me on any feedback on 3rd and 4th year biology courses at York? How difficult are they? Thanks in advance!
  11. Hi, Thanks for spending your time to read my post. I am a Canadian high school student hoping to start university in 2016 September. I'm going to apply for admission in universities starting this October 2015. I'm still completing my high school courses and I'm sure I complete my high school with an average of 90-94%. I want to become a doctor in the future and I am interested in the sciences. I just can't figure out which university to choose for my undergraduate that will be best for applying into medical school in Canada later on. I live in Ontario so I prefer staying in Ontario for my university and staying in residence at the university will not be a problem anywhere in Ontario. I have heard people and my friends say that medical schools in Canada don't care which university you come from only the GPA and MCAT scores matter. I am really confused first I was thinking of going into Guelph or York for biomedical sciences or psychology. But as soon as I saw the statistics everywhere the most students who got accepted into medical schools were from McMaster, then UofT, and the Western. Guelph and York admissions into MD were very few. Now I can't decide whether I should go to McMaster, UofT, or Western rather than Guelph and York. I personally want to go to McMaster or UofT because of its reputation. My father says that University of Toronto won't kill you if you study hard over there you will succeed. He says you just gotta work hard and it will also prepare you for medical school. This is a great problem for me. If you guys can give me some advice or suggestion it will be appreciated. I am not scared of studying. And I did not study that hard in high school otherwise I could pull of a 95-97% too. So guys studying in university of Toronto please share your experience what's so hard over there why people are so scared. And I think that these top universities will provide me with more learning as they will have better professors who are more experienced. Please all suggest if I should take life sciences/biomedical or psychology. Thanks, Aanish http://www.md.utoronto.ca/admissions/statistics.htm.
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